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  1. Very nice product, currently powering a double headed USB with one, works really well and you can tell they’re made with love. Bargain. GLWTS
  2. Such beautiful amps, will own one one day.
  3. I hear you. Nord acoustics. Utterly gorgeous. I keep a finger on the pulse as my beloved JC1's won't last forever. Or they will and I will be a happy chappy haha. But if they die I certainly wont be lining up for 30k JC1 + et al.
  4. Well the Lavricables Master USB is settling in, almost too much resolution and detail! I believe in burn in/settling/whatever you want to call it, new cables are always glassy sounding in my system and then they become more natural and smooth as time wears on, thats what my ears tell me. Going to have a play for a while with USB cables, got an Anticables 3.3 coming, will see how that goes vs the double headed Lavricables version. I do like silver digital cables. Some interesting options out there too, Gothic Audio, my loom makers Analysis Plus, Tellurium Q to name a few. Yet to hea
  5. These use a Class D platform? This tech is really coming into it's own lately, was reading up on the PS Audio M1200's last night. Your system looks like an absolute ton of grins PP, thank you for sharing, try to keep it this way if you can
  6. My latest fixation, cant get enough of this top shelf industrial metal from Tretrarch-
  7. Chuck some reflectors from the Tubestore at the CDP and oh la laa
  8. Correct, I’m very happy with the Stratos so didn’t need to pay for a dac. I will still try the Lavricable USB, I have a little 5v Teradac PS so will power with that and see how it unfolds. I prefer silver for digital IC’s (dunno if it’s in my head or not, it is what it is lol), till then the trusty Belkin is in place.
  9. It was your comments on the Mini that steered me this way. Will be a very interesting trip to @TerryO s abode to pit it against the mighty Antipodes. Just don’t invest in a double headed USB cable as they don’t work on the U1 lol
  10. Katatonia's 'City Burials' currently rumbling through the new addition in the form of the Lumin U1. It's the best it's ever sounded and I cant stress enough to Nucleus users the benefit of adding a good quality server to your system as opposed as straight to the dac from the Nuc. Just gorgeous. Bass through the big JBL's has me wondering if I still need the subs. They do flood the room with foundation when head banging though...:D Katatonia - Behind The Blood (from City Burials) - YouTube
  11. Ooh I could buy this to run my REL's and help with your MV Augusta funds but I'm saving for the 2021 BMW S1000R Bargain!!! GLWTS.
  12. Utterly gorgeous aren't they? I absolutely love my 4367's, yes an absolute bargain. @:) Go Away (: get a loan, pay it off, live happily ever after.
  13. @mikey d @awayward big renovations over the next few years and then it will be on!
  14. True and fr what you would pay for an OffRamp 5 with a few nice options thrown in, you could get a Lumin U1 mini et al.
  15. I do know that the SoTM 200 Neo was a good improvement over the Off Ramp USB converter direct to the dac from the ROON Nucleus . This then flowed onto the Lumin purchase. So for me, it became more about the management of the signal through a good server/ethernet/LAN than being about connection methods to the dac..or maybe thats exactly what its about LOL...if that makes sense...
  16. Hullo Christosd, I have tried the Off Ramp 4 through an RJ45 I2s cable to the Stratos dac but to my ears a server sending a USB signal to the dac sounds better, hence the sale of the Off Ramp 4 and Revelation Audio I2s 'swizzle' cable (wired to join the Off Ramp and Stratos)...but we are talking very small differences and it would be system dependant no doubt. I have been told in the past that AES is the best connection for the Stratos so there you go...
  17. Lumin U1 on its way, to be connected to the Stratos via double headed Lavricables silver USB (already arrived). Am expecting a big smooth sound, really looking forward to this one! Lavricables | Shop LUMIN U1 (luminmusic.com)
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