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Home system- ROON Nucleus  feeds digital tunes through Belkin USB to an iFi Nano Igalvanic which send them on through a Curious USB to an Empirical Audio Off Ramp 4 then on to an Ayon Stratos dac going to an Ayon Auris II balanced version preamp through Analysis Plus Solo Crystal XLR's. Twin REL S3 subs via NB Speakers RCA from the pre to a DSPeaker Anti Mode 2 feeding Longbow wireless transmitters. Pre also feeds Analysis Plus Solo Crystal XLR's to JC1 monoblocks. Monoblocks go through Analysis Plus Solo Crystal speaker cables to JBL 4367 speakers. Standard powercords. Power regenerated by a PS Audio Perfectwave P3 for front end components only, monoblocks and subs are straight to the wall GPO.


Shed system- Squeezebox Touch through Krispy Mk II RCA's to Sansui integrated then through Chord Silver Screen cables onto a Heco 12in sub and Q Acoustics speakers. Rock on.

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