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  1. Looked for a pair of these a few years back but came up empty handed for the reasons described, just too popular and went with my big JBL's, absolute bargain here.
  2. We have Furi's and they blow our other flash knives away when it comes to holding an edge. We keep them on the wall on a magnet strip, I touch them up occasionally with an electric sharpener until the shave the hairs off my arm and then put them back on the magnet strip (sans arm hair).
  3. No budget at the moment, just after experiences of people who have removed USB connection et-al out of the equation. Currently my Nucleus goes to an Off Ramp 4 and then onto the Ayon Stratos via I2s. It's very nice but wondering if i simply attached the dac to the LAN, would that simplify or improve. Dunno yet, the Stratos is awesome but not a streamer. Hope you are well mate!
  4. Speaker positioning is everything and overlooked a lot of the time. It’s also free. Does the listening position need to be higher? Lower? Further back or closer? Also free. Purchase the ‘Get Better Sound’ book and follow the speaker positioning chapter. You will be very happy at what you can achieve. Have a look at my system thread to see what I have done in the past.
  5. Nothing by the look of it. Except the Wi Fi versions...wouldn't work for me.
  6. Hullo, hope all are well. Anyone had any experiences with such a beast? Heres one I found- https://nadac.merging.com/nadac So RJ45 ethernet goes straight to your dac. Your dac then sits on the LAN.
  7. Oooh thank you 😁Fantastic buy. Would grab them if I lived closer.
  8. My RAL I2s RJ45 version isn't going anywhere, an excellent buy here if you use I2s through HDMI, fantastic cables.
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