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  1. Darren69

    Parasound P5 Preamplifier Price Dropped!

    Fantastic buying for a very respectable and adjustable pre amp, dac is no slouch either.
  2. Darren69

    MOTOGP 2018

    Vale is signed until 2020 I believe, with Yamaha. Marquez is amazing to watch at Austin, much like Chili at Monza or Stoner at Qatar, just fluid and unbreakable, excellent ride on a bloody torturous track. Dovi in a better spot now compared to this time last year but a long way to g yet. Good to see Iannone and Mav up there. Canna remember the turn number but that crested left hander with the big dip hallway through it, oi vey!!!! http://www.motogp.com/en/news/2018/04/22/5-men-in-the-title-fight-the-close-contenders-after-cota/256464?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=AME_TitleContenders_en&utm_campaign=Traffic
  3. Darren69

    SBS On Demand-currently watching

    Have been very much enjoying 'Before we die'. As usual the storyline starts to unravel a bit towards the end but a very good series, worth a look. Great acting.
  4. Darren69

    the Greens go 'green'

    @MusicOne the Australian health system is so overloaded out in the country that usually, seeing a second doctor isn't possible anymore unless you want t try your luck with an also overloaded out-patients at he hospital. Health clinics here in Grafton are not taking any more clients, including the new-ish super health clinic that opened about four years ago, already fully booked.
  5. Darren69

    FS: Quad pre / power amp

    Beautiful little set up these, awesome for a second system somewhere or a very flash shed system with flair! GLWTS Hellzie.
  6. Darren69

    Bluesound Vault 2

    I received no reply to my email query to them.
  7. @Buddy No.3 did you receive my PM reply? My PMs are playing up a bit methinks
  8. Darren69

    Bluesound Vault 2

    Yes, like my old man arguing with the remote, I’ll probably keep trying too, just to prove technology hasn’t beaten me yet 😁
  9. Darren69

    Bluesound Vault 2

    Every time I read posts like Als and Lee’s, I wonder how computer stored electronic music files can be seen as ‘convenient ‘ 😁
  10. Darren69

    the Greens go 'green'

    If it ever did get legs (and I think it’s a long way off going off Profs comments) imagine what the anti vaccination tin foil wearers will make of it 😁
  11. Darren69

    MOTOGP 2018

    I have never seen a rider who can ride completely off the edge of the tyres like Marquez. Just amazing. My only worry is that his Spanish blood might result in a last lap decision that might turn very ugly. I hope I am wrong. His last minute attacks are expected by the riders by now so that’s ok and yeah, I know it’s not a tea party, it’s just...
  12. Darren69

    the Greens go 'green'

    I know it’s easier to get folks to cry laughing at my bad jokes after the lawn clippings have been burnt. @Wongy 😁
  13. Darren69

    Bluesound Vault 2

    Thanks Fluxxy, yes it looks that way to me and I have sent Bluesound an email enquiry about whether the Vaulkt 2 files are ripped in a way that non Bluesound products can still see, I assume they are and I'm over thinking it/second guessing too much, but still worth the question. Shall post the reply if I get one, unless have confused them too, haha. One assumes that as the Node's can see you guys files that you have ripped yourselves, the Vault would rip the same but that's just an assumption. As I am raging and cursing on a computer all day at work, I have left 'computers' at work and all I have at home now is the Surface Pro and my phone which does all I need to do at home. The Vault 2 would perform my ripping, would still need to back up of course, as suggested. For me, the cost of the Vault and a good NAS is comparable to getting the Node and then having to arrange the ripping with more hardware, also to the NAS. Unless Soloos has come down to about 1k, hahaa!!
  14. Darren69

    Currently Spinning

    I thoroughly enjoy the album, it's quite 'contemporary/quiet storm' almost radio friendly stuff but what I very much like about it is the dark edge al the songs have, very beautiful. Maynard is still angry at us from time to time but most of the songs are really very...beautiful. Recording is excellent as usual. People who do not like TOOL or APC's heavier previous efforts should really give this one a go. I very much like it, it tends to keep my attention much more than previous APC efforts as well, with some of their earlier albums coming across to me as very commercial sounding and that's OK if you like that or feel like it at the time. Well worth the wait, I give it four stars. Margaret?
  15. Last price drop! Not selling Valhalla beaters for any less than 700 bucks!