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  1. Utterly gorgeous aren't they? I absolutely love my 4367's, yes an absolute bargain. @:) Go Away (: get a loan, pay it off, live happily ever after.
  2. @mikey d @awayward big renovations over the next few years and then it will be on!
  3. True and fr what you would pay for an OffRamp 5 with a few nice options thrown in, you could get a Lumin U1 mini et al.
  4. I do know that the SoTM 200 Neo was a good improvement over the Off Ramp USB converter direct to the dac from the ROON Nucleus . This then flowed onto the Lumin purchase. So for me, it became more about the management of the signal through a good server/ethernet/LAN than being about connection methods to the dac..or maybe thats exactly what its about LOL...if that makes sense...
  5. Hullo Christosd, I have tried the Off Ramp 4 through an RJ45 I2s cable to the Stratos dac but to my ears a server sending a USB signal to the dac sounds better, hence the sale of the Off Ramp 4 and Revelation Audio I2s 'swizzle' cable (wired to join the Off Ramp and Stratos)...but we are talking very small differences and it would be system dependant no doubt. I have been told in the past that AES is the best connection for the Stratos so there you go...
  6. Lumin U1 on its way, to be connected to the Stratos via double headed Lavricables silver USB (already arrived). Am expecting a big smooth sound, really looking forward to this one! Lavricables | Shop LUMIN U1 (luminmusic.com)
  7. Servers are awesome, Lumin U1 coming from Krispy and will eventually be pitted against the might Antipodes at Gold Coast Hi Fi when I cart the Stratos dac etc up there, will be a fun exercise no doubt. Can anyone help me remember the name of those subs, they fire upwards, 18 in I think? Am wracking my brain but I cant find the name. Very occasionally for sale in the classifieds.
  8. Coherence. One of the freshest science fiction thrillers I have seen in years. Fantastic.
  9. Naughty naughty @Chanh haha!! Now sold, thanks all for the interest, still worth buying new I reckon! Talk to Mr Campbell- PURASOUND Not a bad bloke for a Queenslander and a Campbell...
  10. Anyone dont like their Special 40's after watching this, I'll give you five hundred for them. But be quick!! The arse will drop out of the market very quickly now, by this arvo it will only be three hundred!!
  11. Woofy thats correct, purchased to power the ROON Nucleus. Four now in line for this unit so I think I can say sold pending payment.
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