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  1. I cant believe how cheap the Meridian gear goes for here, absolute top shelf products, CHEAP!!
  2. Go away for five minutes...lovely looking TT, GLWTS.
  3. Seriously great amps, absolute bargain, shouldn't last the night.
  4. Utterly engaging and gritty yet beautiful at the same time, a must see- https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1164999/ I started off watching 'Big Eyes' and it took me 5 minutes to realise I had taken a wrong turn so tried out the above, I was hooked.
  5. Yes, it's what I use to rip. Amazing little device, has never put a foot wrong with a zillion rips.
  6. Love the stuff you dish up mate. Metal is definitely a state of mind. How many Opeth songs are metal and how many are not? Yet we label them metal. Awesome.
  7. Made me clamp my butt cheeks, that's for sure.
  8. My Illuminati comment was a bit of a throw away but it is interesting how many Illuminati symbols are around, if that's what they are. Anyhoo, am still unsure whether they are a good thing or a bad thing. I might join up and find out. Back to life giving METAL!!
  9. Just blasted Fall Of Hearts on the way to work. One of my absolute fave bands everrr. Saw them at The Triffid a few years back, was a fantastic concert.
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