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  1. Will be travelling to Forster on the 20th May for work if anyone down south was wondering abut delivery type stuff. Back home the 21st.
  2. I am in NE NSW and it's the same here re hi fi stuff, you need to go to Brissy. I guess you can still drive there. Family stuff anchors me to where I am, maybe I need to be more self centred. I love the cooler weather as well, the partner doesn't like cold but she knows I would keep a good fire going.
  3. Price drop. Now a saving of $6,600.00 for as new speakers, the best speakers I have heard for good recordings. A saving of $7,800 counting the Townshend bar cost.
  4. One would assume a half decent hi fi salesperson would give excellent advice. Before you all start, they aren’t all bad. You just need to use your own gut feeling to nut out who that is.
  5. Pff, you're in Tassie, A-K-A Gods country. You only have to drive 3 or 400 km's and that's as far as you can go, they can't hide. There are heaps of hi fi types down there, they will find you. Am jealous, have been to Tassie in 2016 and 2018 and my heart stayed there last time, it didn't come back with me. Welcome.
  6. Me too. @AaronD 75kg TB monos...oh la la, congrats and GLWTS of the integrated,
  7. When I was a kid, we thought ourselves lucky to be getting anything in a bad way.
  8. One to the L and one to the R with an Audioquest RCA splitter at the sub end so I can connect to both the L&R 'ins' on the sub. I use Canare cable and connectors. Just a note- remember you can use quite a few combo's on ins and outs but you canna use both XLR and RCA in at the same time. http://www.dspeaker.com/en/technology/anti-mode-technology/anti-mode-20-dual-core-connection-examples.shtml I have heard more than once that I should try the subs in 'mono' which I am also yet to try. All sorts of fun with this stuff, it's a great unit. If you really want excellent integration and room correction, I don't think you can beat the DEQX units but much more $$. As I have already said, I prefer the subs only to be treated and the mains au natural with a bit of room treatment. If one has bass issues in a room then that is very hard to treat with acoustic treatments, I have compromised with my little Anti Mode. Did you see the update there ready to download to the device? Last one my machine had on it was the 2014 version, don't know if it will make any difference to what I use it for but I just uploaded the latest version, was easy following the prompts.
  9. I hook my subs to the DSPeaker through an RCA cable with a splitter at the sub end, I have the same sub as you only twice as many. You can just leave it like Satanica suggests but you will need to tell the unit what configuration you are running during the calibration process. You can run RCA from the integrated to the subs if you have RCA-Outs on the unit. I think this would sound better, I never liked the sound of the Neutrik setup at all but hey, just leaving as is and running the calibration might tie it all in in your system, in your room, who knows, you have a few ideas there to play with. Also looks like there is an upgrade ready to be uploaded t the unit, will do that later on as well (Feb 2019).
  10. My pre amp has all of the 'outs' active at any time. So I can run outs to the mono blocks and to the Anti Mode, simple as that. So depending on the 'outs' available, one can run XLR or RCA to the Antimode and onto the subs. Alternatively, one can run a digital from the DAC to the Antimode as well. Do you have the manual?
  11. Interconnects, no. Speaker cables, no. But the speaker cables I have completely nailed my old Nordost Valhalla, if that means anything.
  12. An excellent little device, mine services my subwoofers only and it works a treat, an absolute keeper. I like to keep my mains away from and DSP, I think it sounds nicer.
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