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  1. Utter bargain!! Excellent entry price into the Ayon world, if you're like me you wont look back. Built like a tank and images don't do these product justice. They look beautiful at night with their red glow. Leave as is and enjoy forever or add some Reflektors and take it to the next level. Shouldn't last long at all! GLWTS.
  2. Yes I really enjoyed it, made me squirm in some parts and was a more complex and 'modernised' joker with a mental health twist, easy to pull off as the mental hospital has always loomed in the Gotham background. I like the more sinister and traditional joker of Ledgers more but as a stand alone story/movie, this was fantastically dark and thoroughly enjoyable for me.
  3. Mine is hooked up to Ethernet, it looks like there is a USB port at the rear so yeah, maybe the dongle thingy? This doesn't come with the unit if that's what you are asking.
  4. Fleabag was too much, even for me, hahaa!!!
  5. https://www.bluesound.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Bluesound-NODE-Quickstartguide.pdf
  6. Well the Ayon Auris II pre in balanced configuration is on it's way, am hugely excited. I never thought I could ever reach to a Stratos dac and Auris II pre but I just, well, did it, haha. My job is pretty full on but decent pay so I thought fuggit. Anyone who has not heard the Ayon product, I thoroughly recommend that you do yourself a favour and get somewhere where you can experience this awesome gear, it goes absolutely positively fantastic with the big JBL's, does all my crappy recordings a lot of justice and the good recordings are mind blowing. Boris or Michael at Absolute High End will point you in the right direction for your state. Both natures gentlemen. https://absolutehiend.com/ End game for me (cue canned laughter). SO now, I believe I am close to the end, I have pretty much got the best of all worlds for a massive metal-hard rock concert, valve front end through SS mono's to big JBL's. Nothing to do with jazz through a 5w push pull and detailed stand mounts (not that there's anything wrong with that). This is about baffling the house by closing all doors and windows, pulling curtains and sitting down with 8 beers and the I Pad and making my ears ring like bastards two to three hours later. The system allows me to ride a tsunami of sound, totally immersed, drowning and loving it. I imagine those who chase the hi fi sound would not be impressed. This stuff is more Marshall than Mozart. Over Chrissy I will re-coat the shelving in fine buffing oil and reconfigure the shelves/computer fans so they cool the pre and dac. The mono's have never caused the fans to come on so they are designed well enough to look after themselves with the clear space around them etc. I suspect the pre and dac are as well but hey, I have to look after the babies the 6H30's can give off some heat after aforementioned head-blast sessions.
  7. Yes we will do Series II soon, very much enjoyed 1. Have been catching up on Bosch but the latest series sorta stops in the middle. Might be more shows loaded soon I guess. Love the Lieutenant in Bosch, he plays a very interesting character.
  8. I like mine, was around this price, I Pad control works well, just have to unplug and plug back in occasionally if it disappears off the LAN but that's it, it appears again and away we go, I use Deezer through mine, works great. Fantastic for finding new stuff. GLWTS to the seller.
  9. @rantan ?? Access to lots of stuff...
  10. Yes, the problem about saying this or that is 'better' sorta kinda implies something else is un-better, maybe even not that good, which isn't the case, they are all good in their own ways.
  11. I have given it a pasting and I think I still prefer 10,000 Days. I like all of their albums but I think 10,000 is still my fave. After blasting the newie I revisited their back catalogue and came to this conclusion. Aenima is awesome too, I have re-discovered.
  12. Massive bargain!!! Shouldn't last the day. Note XLR's used throughout this pre, more info- https://balanced.com/p-vk-20 My (balanced) Ayon is almost here, otherwise I would have grabbed this one, a no brainer.
  13. I use this for my twin subs and leave the mains au natural, works a treat. Wouldn't be without one.
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