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  1. MOTOGP 2017

    Ohhhh yeah. Last guy I saw go at the Hayshed was Aoki way back when and it was spectacular, I do not desire to follow in his kitty litter ruts. Well you lads have six days peace now. Go Rossi for Motegi!! Daz out.
  2. Vikings

    I keep thinking it's going to taper off, original characters get killed off and new ones come in, but the new characters all grab you straight away and it just continues to deliver with that gritty feel. I think the priest-guy at the end of the last show (had his way with the wife when hubby was still warm in the ground, she was noisy too, I needed a cigarette afterwards) will be a hard nut to crack.
  3. Vikings

    http://tvtonight.com.au/2017/09/renewed-vikings-4.html Late Nov, woohoo!! And ANOTHER SEASON AFTER THAT, DOUBLE WOOHOO. Best show ever. The end.
  4. MOTOGP 2017

    I *might* be doing a track day there in Dec. Will see how the access to disposable beer vouchers pans out during this somewhat fiscally tender time of year. Will hire the S1000RR Beemer if I do.
  5. Godammit, that'll teach me, now I have freaking Poo Pourri ads popping up everywhere.
  6. I thought there might be other reasons for you sleeping in the carport, which got me to thinking. Toileting after much beer and awesome food. http://www.myshopping.com.au/ZM--1289524076_Poo_Pourri_Original_Citrus_Toilet_Spray Poo Pourri Original Citrus Toilet Spray is a zesty, uplifting blend of fresh lemon, bergamot and lemongrass. haha!
  7. @frankn and I are sharing digs, I hope for both our sakes we have ensuites. I could bring along a small citrus spray puffer I guess.
  8. Vikings

    Bring it Godammit, BRING IT!!!
  9. Yes and now it is at Che daz, I love it to death and it's going NOWHERE. This is a steal and am surprised it hasn't sold yet. @Hayabusa can this be used as an endpoint for ROON?
  10. It is also effective it the marriage doesn't work out. Not so much gear anymore to gather dust in the first place.
  11. Show your motorcycle ride

    I hear you, it ruins the vanity when they overtake you around the outside. That white looking stone on some sections of the road does my head in, haha, I doubt the grip a bit.
  12. Show your motorcycle ride

    OK thanks for that, I think the only risk of rain we have on the loop is the first morning from Grafton until we ride out of it around Gloucester somewhere methinks. Just in time for the Putty.
  13. @evil c Tasmanians have a long rich record regarding an unhealthy obsession with furs. There's a lot of previously furry animals down there looking at each other and saying '$hit is it cold around here or is it just me?'