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  1. Darren69

    FS: Naim Uniti Atom

    Really good buy and these components are built like a tank whilst being very good to the eye. Spotify eh? Damn the house insurance!! GLWTS.
  2. Darren69

    Darren69's stuff, to date.

    As this is also 'my stuff' I thought this the most appropriate place for such a comment. I find it fascinating how the same product will not be seen in the classifieds for millennia and then three of the same product will pop up for sale at once. It happens all the time. Maybe when my energy goes out into the universe, the flying spaghetti monster will make me wise in it's ways.
  3. Darren69

    Weston Acoustics owners

    You guys are making me really SAD! I may even throw myself from a precipice. Or perhaps just the front patio. @darth vader thank you for the positivity! Deano, the PS Vane go OK once cooked?
  4. Darren69

    Weston Acoustics owners

    Late March start on my Time Machine Pre amp I am told, it will be as follows- Polished copper transformer covers. Figured oak (if available) plinth. XLR inputs on input 1 XLR and RCA outputs RCA subwoofer outputs No headphone output No speaker outputs Brushed stainless base. Coupling caps upgraded to Mundorf silver oil Waiting is killing me, haha. I have the full suite of PS Vane glassware waiting as well, ready to go straight in.
  5. Darren69

    Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    So many 'craft' beers are summed up in this single post, unfortunately.
  6. Bugger, where a lazy 4k when you need it? More info here http://www.am-hiend.com/product/805m.html Beautiful amps, have heard them a few years back through Osborn's. The PS Vane glassware alone would be exxy. GLWTS.
  7. Darren69

    SBS On Demand-currently watching

    It does, doesn't it? Will give that a go after Occupied methinks.
  8. Darren69

    FS: McIntosh 275

    I don't think the displayed image does this baby justice. https://www.mcintoshlabs.com/products/amplifiers/MC275B I first heard on at @Two Flies awesome pad and I fell in love immediately. I hope to own one, one day.
  9. Darren69

    SBS On Demand-currently watching

    Started watching The Returned (France). Infinitely more engaging than the Yank version, surprise surprise. A few disturbing scenes, will be a good series methinks.
  10. Darren69

    FS: McIntosh 275

    Gorgeous amps, GLWTS
  11. Darren69

    Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    I remember a zillion years ago, drinking Lite Ice when it first came out and ended up with a bigger headache than if I had've drank the other crap I used to drink back then, I always wondered what the brewers put in the lighter beers after that, who knows. These days I can have a gutful of regular or high content beers and feel quite good the next day as I assume they only contain your typical ingredients. Not sure if this is an accurate description of todays 'session' ales.
  12. Enjoyed 'The Cry', well worth a look, took a little while to get going but worth the wait. Not strictly Oz (BBC) but made here.
  13. Darren69

    Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    I like the Balter Pale Ale, it's robust enough to escape the 'me too' crowd...just... The Strong Ale has me bawling in the foetal position by 18:00 hrs.