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  1. I wonder how many hi fi lovers started on Realistic? Used to be in Tandy all the time checking it our as a kid, cant believe you still have the equaliser box. This would be an excellent shed system etc, cheap, GLWTS.
  2. Not going out in the boat with you, haha!!
  3. That would be like putting a clapped out Hyundai Excel motor in a Top Fueller. hahaaa!!
  4. This model also has volume control so it can be the heart of your system as a pre. After owning the Sigma dac, I was smitten and now own the Stratos dac and the Auris II balanced version pre, Ayon products are utterly gorgeous. The volume control on these bad boys is analogue so you don't get the strange harshness that other dacs with volume control can impart as the volume goes up. The addition of the Auris pre didn't make a massive difference SQ wise to using the volume control on the Stratos. Just helped my OCD is all So for under 8k you can have a top end pre, dac and streamer here and all upgradeable by Ayon if the urge so takes you. My taste has me swapping out the Sovtek for Reflectors but that's just me, the buyer might prefer Sovtek, both sound beautiful. Might some sellers remorse here methinks. GLWTS.
  5. Wal, very interesting, thanks for the info. Sounds quite the component! Not bad when you consider Klapp have them for $800.
  6. There's no reason why this is turning into a ridiculously cheap bargain but it is, shouldn't last the day at this price.
  7. Hey Wal, are you saying the SQ is better? Have thoroughly enjoyed my trusty litte Node (original version) but am wondering if I might chase a better SQ. Or just bite the bullet and go all Roon Nucleus...
  8. Mine works fantastic and sounds great hooked up to Ethernet with Deezer lossless, quality interconnects also help, I believe these had a beefier power supply than the 2, good price, GLWTS.
  9. If anyone remembers, these are the reason I put my whole system up for sale some years back. It didn't unfold for me so I went another way but if I was to start again knowing what I do now, this is the stuff I would be aiming for with a Meridian front end as well. Amazing vale.
  10. Beautifully made products and not enough of it in Oz.
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