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  1. Darren69

    MOTOGP 2018

    I think he is very similar to Rossi in many ways! When Rossi was at Marquez's stage, I remember lots of riders commenting about how much he saves the bike from a certain crash, Bayliss commented during the PI 2003 MotoGP (yes, the 10 second penalty one) that he should be able to sell tickets to ride behind Rossi as it's amazing to watch how he is almost always falling off but never does. Rossi was also all smiles and full of passion for the sport. He is still as passionate as ever and that why I am such a massive VR fan but of course the grin isn't there quite as much but that happens as we get older and less tolerant. Love him or hate, we can't deny that Vale has lifted the sport to another level of popularity through his earlier antics and continual promotion of the sport and the VR brand and all those afterwards who have had anything to do with the sport have benefitted from this. I believe that Marquez can sail past the achievements of Vale as well as Ago, he also has the passion and like Vale, just seems to absolutely bloody love it at all times. But they still want to win, make no mistake I always find it naïve for people to say 'oh Dovi's a nice guy' or 'Marquez is such a good sport'. All of these guys would sacrifice their Grandmothers to Beelzebul if it guaranteed half second a lap. They all get up to norty things on the track that you don't see on the telly as well. I also believe Marquez will eventually come under the same scrutiny as Rossi as he takes the up-coming challengers head on to keep his spot at the top of the pile, just like Vale did (did someone say Moaner?) and I think he will be a grumpy little Spaniard when that happens, he is always smiling now but I am not sure how resilient that smile is. It is that stage of his career that I really do hope he gets through OK. If he can do that, I am not sure if his resulting records will ever be knocked off. He will still be killing them in 10 years time, it is quite possible. I think we have lived through the golden age of Motorcycle Grands Prix, the American era through the 80's to Gardner and Doohan, then the Rossi era with the 500's moving through to the 990's (my faves by a mile) and the continual 4 stroke based changing formats ever since, Hayden, Stoner, Rossi again, Lorenzo and now well into the Marquez age. Awesome $hit huh? For me, Rossi's sheer passion is what keeps me a loyal fan, he hasn't won much for quite a while but he is always at the pointy end and when people say that he should retire whilst still coming top 5 most races, it only demonstrates the level of excellence that is expected of Rossi due to his past efforts. I believe this is what the foundation of the VR club is about, it has become something more than just winning and all of the fair weather fans have long since moved on to become Jorge and Marquez fans, whoever does well on the day. These days, it's all bright flouro colours, big smiles, living life large and maybe dropping a 200km/h 100m darkie along the way, what's not to love? Old guys rule. ;D
  2. Darren69

    MOTOGP 2018

    Animal Kingdom. We'll be wandering around there Sat-Sun. Daz
  3. Darren69

    MOTOGP 2018

    Ha!! Last I heard he was bag snatching on the Gold Coast. Very sad.
  4. Darren69

    MOTOGP 2018

    It shows how 'on the edge' they always are, every inch of the track. Gobert once said if you aren't almost locking the front or almost spinning the rear up at any given time in a lap, you are being overtaken. or something like that.
  5. Darren69

    MOTOGP 2018

    Big congrats to Marqy Marq. Incredible year. I have always been amazed that Pederosa has continually been signed up year after year with the Repsol Honda team.
  6. @gw1 ?? https://www.whathifi.com/triangle/signature-delta/review
  7. Darren69

    ME Monoblocks

    No headaches from good beer Jakey
  8. Every Triangle speaker I have heard has sounded sublime, bargain alert here. GLWTS. Daz
  9. Hey all, sold pending payment, please no more PM's, my inbox is full, haha but thank you for the contact, I think I have responded to all of them. Huge interest.
  10. Item: Studio Connections Carbon Screen Oz Power Cords Location: Waterview Heights Price: $150 ea, 2 for $250 all inclusive of postage Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup, cash, EFT, Paypal if you want to add 3% for fee's, even if 'to a friend'. Extra Info: Measuring 1.5m from tip to tip inc plugs, so overall 1.5m. More info- http://studioconnections.co.uk/carbonscreenedpower/ Pictures:
  11. Excellent buy for some fantastic speakers, GLWTS.
  12. Hope you all have a great night, wish I was there. Daz hugs. 🙂
  13. Darren69

    Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    Very bloody nice I reckon, very bloody nice. A strong pungent IPA and watch the afternoon rain fall
  14. I voted very satisfied. 😁 am really happy with the state of my system nowadays and anything from now on is just playing around. If I never got another shred of improvement in SQ again, I wouldn’t care.