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  1. Aussie Politics

    God, like 'political conscription'? Terrifying.
  2. Are my speakers 'two way'?
  3. Darren69's stuff, to date.

    That’s the one, it’s what DSpeaker advise to do as a step in the process.
  4. Darren69's stuff, to date.

    Two blissful days off work and have been mucking around some more with the anti mode. Sorry for the screen shot, you can only download lists of numbers from the unit. This was fr the subwoofers only, on '0.2 stereo subwoofer' room correction mode with infrasonic filter enabled to attenuate anything below 20Hz. red before, black after. Tried to do the mains but I didn't like the corrected sound, the mains are more natural and organic without correction methinks and this is a duplication of my previous findings with the DEQX. But the device is absolutely fantastic for subwoofer room correction. Once you get used to less boom and better quality bass it's very very good value. Subs crossovers set to their highest crossover, sub volume set during the pre-measurement set up and the rest sorted through the device. Even then you can still play with treble and bass further if you like and it shows your changes against the above graph as you do this. If nothing else it really helps a measurement duffus like myself understand whats going on with it's simplicity and visuals-as-you-tweak. Tomorrow am thinking of playing around with the Meridian 808.3i pre vs the Parasound JC2 pre, going through the Lenehan gear, have not tried that yet. For now, blasting the debut album way back in 2000 from Tomahawk before the long suffering partner returns from earning the filthy lucre-
  5. SBS On Demand-currently watching

    Whilst at High School we had some medieval geeks (people into medieval stuff, not geeks transported through a time portal from medieval times) visit with all of their medieval stuff. Swords weighed an absolute tonne and the chain mail they wore weighed three tonnes, no wonder they steered well clear of moats. Then you put your armour on. Oh and then jump up on that horse and do try not to get your head chopped off today dear, see you this afternoon, steak and vegies tonight for dinner...
  6. Dangers of cycling

    I hope you have been pronouncing that properly.
  7. SBS On Demand-currently watching

    Knightfall was very bad, complete with an abundance of cliche's, that weird ultra-nobel dialogue they apparently all used and dinky annoying background music and all. A shame, it could have been really good. We are working through Seris 2 of Berlin Station and this also seems to have lost it's way a bit but it's still watchable. Not as 'pure' as season one, storylines swaying around, once-highly-disciplined CIA officers now making very strange decisions etc. Still better than anything most other channels have to offer though.
  8. Spending money on older cars.

    My 2009 Toyota Aurion is going fine @ 150,000km's. Gave everything a good service at 100k, belts, tranny, new fuel filter etc. It has new KYB gas struts and slightly firmer Kings springs, bigger TRD rotors and calipers and that's all. A great car. One dent in the roof and one dent in the boot lid from hail last Friday arvo, grrr.
  9. Spending money on older cars.

    There's always a reason mate, we just forget what it was at the time.
  10. My System this morning

    Handy if required all of sudden!
  11. Aussie Politics

    Those celebrations would be awesome I reckon. This is the sort of thing you don't get in the sticks but ah well, we can still afford a house.
  12. My System this morning

    I think they are motherous big Wilsons Wimby. I have not heard the supertweeters but am familiar with other Townshend products which have all been awesome, mainly cables. I believe the tweeters go uber-high and give more 'air' to the sound. I felt dirty writing that cliché but it's the only way I could put it. MB might add more of course as he actually listens to them.
  13. Spending money on older cars.

    First time I have heard of anyone replacing wheel bearings on a modern car. The Mazda 3 are a great car and should keep going for as long as you want it to if you keep replacing stuff as required, keep fresh fluids and filters up to it and the occasional timing belt and it will just keep going. I cant imagine it uses and oil or water?
  14. Aussie Politics

    But this is my point, no one would touch it with a ten foot pole if they were nominated, why throw yourself at the mercy of a pile of rattling sabres. No one here wants to take up the baton, otherwise we'd be out there doing it. I don't envy them one bit. A guy I know in town was the local mayor for a few years until he ran screaming, he reckoned he lost a few long time friends etc simply because he became a politician. He did nothing different with them, it was they simply stopped liking him because he became a pollie. He eventually let it go and went back to normal life after one person too many tried to blame him for UFO's not emptying their bin properly on bin night or not ensuring drug addict single mothers get their dole amount tripled, just because, or insert any number of federal or state issues that were nothing to do with him here. The recent Lismore floods up here were a clanger, they made a hell of a bloody mess but I remember the look on Turnbulls face on the news as he was next to this big lump of a bloke in a pub, the guys is leaning against the wall with a big cold beer in one hand (a thousand other people outside in the street cleaning up) and telling Turnbull that the government should do more for people who are affected by flood. The death of a thousand cuts.
  15. Aussie Politics

    Yes well, you know our differing views on the populace. I'm not being pessimistic, I simply don't think Australians own their vote. I don't think they are disempowered, I think it is just that they are too lazy in the mind to care, it's all too hard. I come to this conclusion after being around people for nearly 50 years now. Most who do think about voting usually only try to vote themselves richer which is just ridiculous, half the time we would be better off if we paid more tax. If they succeeded it might be worth a few hundred a year, paid for with their other hand somewhere, woohoo. I think this is because we are so very lucky, we are supported when things go bad, we don't have raging civil wars etc. So at the end of the day, what difference does it make? I'm OK Jack, even though I whinge I know deep down that I'm doing OK so who cares what meat puppet is on the telly. Just my take on the situation. And as I have said previously, we no longer attract the right person to politics and this is our own fault. There is no respect for the positions in public office so how will we attract decent candidates? Then other say, why would we respect that mob of grubs and the cycle goes on.