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  1. Not much to review but this is a great [product that does what it says it does- https://www.amazon.com.au/LightDims-Black-Out-Electronics-Appliances/dp/B009WSN8PK/ref=pd_yo_rr_rp_1/357-5417983-9901865?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B009WSN8PK&pd_rd_r=ff1f3efb-b6c2-4366-8f3e-3e702c26b9db&pd_rd_w=DaANN&pd_rd_wg=uTY82&pf_rd_p=7f904336-0e8a-47b7-a68e-fe7b256319fa&pf_rd_r=3VYEK2XXDZYBB0GB9DYM&psc=1&refRID=3VYEK2XXDZYBB0GB9DYM Arrived quickly from the other side of the planet, good product, helps shut up those visually noisy LED's.
  2. Don't spend yet mate, will be offloading whatever doesn't 'win',
  3. @The Fez @rantan http://www.empiricalaudio.com/products/off-ramp-converter http://madscientist-audio.com/presta/interconnects/65-black-magic-usb-cable.html http://www.jenving.com/products/usb-121 https://snakeriveraudio.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=7&products_id=81 https://www.ayonaudio.com/products/dac/stratos/ https://roonlabs.com/nucleus
  4. Haha that’s what I was like when I first joined SNA.
  5. @tri-k edit your number our of the post mate, we have an oversupply of a-holes these days and whilst we are in lockdown, they are probably bored...
  6. Bloody bargain mate! I had the big Studiocraft 1000 for about the same amount of years, blasted them and they delivered constantly, these would still be hammering whilst others worth thousands more would have died in a haze of voice coil smoke great old products, someone has got an absolute bargain.
  7. So, next experiment will be- Supra USB straight to Ayon Stratos dac from ROON Nucleus. Mad Scientist Black Magic USB straight to dac from Nucleus. Nucleus-Belkin USB-Off Ramp4 -Boomslang SPDIF/BNC-dac. (current setup and very nice) Nucleus-Belkin USB- Off Ramp 4- Revelation Audio Labs RJ45 cable to I2s input of dac. Could also play around with different USB's to the Off Ramp I guess but nor sure that would do anything...bets anyone? This one could take a good month methinks.
  8. Going to try a Mad Scientist Black Magic, thanks all.
  9. Very interesting, thank you, am also hearing good things about the Mad Scientist Black Magic.
  10. You likey? What others have you tried?
  11. Edited. Curious cable, Audioquest, Clearer Audio, Wireworld, Supra, Totaldac, Atlas et al.
  12. Did that with the iFi Galvanic 3.0. Didn’t sound as nice as the Belden USB straight to the dac. I think when you have a top end dac, these other bits and pieces don’t bring as much to the table but as always, I like to find out for myself. The Off Ramp is in another league though. Very good.
  13. Not yet. Soon. The I2s cable also on the way. So soon I will compare Off Ramp with Boomslang vs Off Ramp with Revelation Audio RJ45 cable vs Belden USB cable straight from Nucleus to Stratos and hopefully maybe have a Curious cable in the mix, also straight to dac.
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