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  1. Darren69

    Metal meets hi-fi

    Ha!! My newly arrived 'Solstafir' album gets a big bapooow and rightly so, it is a great album but sonically nothing that great.
  2. Darren69

    Metal meets hi-fi

    I bloody love it, thanks for sharing.
  3. Darren69

    Tony Abbott refuses to go gracefully

    Abbott currently strutting around like The Fonz with two broken thumbs (A Pederson- Jack Irish)
  4. Darren69

    Drought crisis

    Farming/food production special on Catalyst tonight 08:30 ABC, might be interesting.
  5. Darren69

    Good Value Wireless Access Point

    I still find Ethernet cables the most reliable connection. Just my 2c. I use a now discontinued Budiilite wi fi set up which works OK but cables work the best at my place. No buffering etc.
  6. Darren69

    New Cables from LenehanAudio

    Me too.
  7. Darren69

    Killing Eve

    Grandpa Simpson in back seat of car- I think I'm sitting in an Apple Pie!! Marge Simpson- There's no Apple Pie back there Grandpa.' Grandpa Simpson- Oh dear...
  8. Darren69

    Killing Eve

    I loved the main actress' Jodie Comer's performance, very good/psychotic with some hilarious moments ('you smell like cabbage!!'...boogly eyes). The relationship with Kim Bodnia's character was also very intriguing, Bodnia at his usual excellence. But agree, Oh's character was at odds with the rest, IMO and the 'I think I just tried to fart and accidently followed through' facial expression actually grates with me, haha. Still very watchable and I assume a second series to come.
  9. Darren69

    Is anyone watching Rake?

    If you can access I-View you might be able to binge on the whole season brother C.
  10. Darren69

    Is anyone watching Rake?

    Off to a cheek aching start, haha, sad to see Barnyard written out of the show though.
  11. Darren69

    Tony Abbott refuses to go gracefully

    Methinks this is a global phenomenon.
  12. Darren69

    China leads the world

    Aren't there other stats where the country where the raw material comes from is the polluter, hence putting Australia up there on that rejigged list. Not that the planet will really care about what arguments the virus has.
  13. Darren69

    Black and Silver mixture?

    Here is my mix but it still has traces of OCD.
  14. Darren69

    YouTube Spinning

    Good to watch even with the sound turned off.
  15. Darren69

    Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    Well, am just saying I feel OK...unless I'm still pi$$ed.