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  1. Hey Mr F, I reckon you need to advertise as an integrated, you might attract a buyer easier. The link takes me to a page about an integrated amp, not a power amp. GLWTS- Daz
  2. After 2020 I doubt I will do the big gigs anymore but will still definitely sneak up to The Tivoli/Triffid/Eatons Hill from time to time. Fitting that the last big gig will be Iron Maiden in May. Then again, another ten years I might be seeing them at the The Tivoli/Triffid/Eatons Hill
  3. Crikey, I need to get me some of that. Didn't know she had a newie out.
  4. Well finally got around to setting these up, they work fantastic, full stop.
  5. Wish you were closer mate, I could rock up with the pre and dac and boom! I love the Ayon sound, there should be more of it out there.
  6. Terrible turn of events, amazing system for sale, Gryphon are the nicest sounding components around, GLWTS.
  7. And two trips to Phillip Island for WSBK and MotoGP. Baked bans aren't THAT bad...
  8. Pre sale for Brissy, 2pm QLD time. Here we come. So for me, I have Opeth in Dec, TOOL in Feb, The Darkness in March and Iron Maiden in May. What? What was that? Hahaa!!
  9. I am bloody loving it. Bring on Feb for Brissy. Who's going? I am moshing it, lets hook up and lose our $hit together
  10. Hey Mark, yes mate, I adore my 4367's more every time I hear them. It was Marcs comments when he moved his pair some time back that swayed me the way of JBL, though I have always had a place for their big old school looks and live concert sound in my heart from many years back. Heard these next to the 4367's back at the 2017 Hi Fi show and oh la la, somehow they capture that JBL heritage like the 4367's and keep it, yet take it way up to the next level. Quite surprised to see these here actually. Such a bargain, I do hope they go to a music lovers home as these things are the real deal. GLWTS Marc. Mark- been going well with the maxi-picks lately and it's Saturday night...I'll shout you the petrol money and Coopers for the GTG if I win tonight
  11. I have twin S/3's and wouldn't be without them, they are perfect for my system. Bargain buying here.
  12. Thank @Tubularbells for that one. Hope you are settling in down south mate
  13. I need different wheels to you guys but I do agree that I prefer serviceable and greasable old school bearings etc. Having said that, looks like I might go with some TWE wheels, TWE hubs, Campy rims and DT competition spokes. Price seems OK @ around $700 delivered.
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