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  1. Open to any other suggestions, no home made jobbies thanks.
  2. Happy Baffurst day to you too my friend, even as a blue oval devotee I am happy to see the roaring lion win in their last year of factory involvement, sad but at 51 I know time marches on. Been loving these guys lately.
  3. Thanks HM will check out the Rendu. Yes LMS is still around, is that through Slim Devices or whatever they are called?
  4. Have gone off experimenting lately, also Coopers aren't stocking their Lager so am quaffing Coopers Dry, it's wet and refreshing and doesn't seem to be full of diswashing liquid and/or ammonia so that's all I'm doing, 4.2 percent and 45 bucks a carton
  5. Will have a read of this later, my dear SBT has just stopped streaming from Tidal, it can see everything but when you press play, it tells me a novel about how it couldn't download each song. Still plays my NAS library etc, I fear it might be on the way out, has been a fantastic little jigger, don't know why they stopped making them. The Pro-Ject streamer looks OK in the classifieds.
  6. Item: Kimber Orchid or Chord Reference AES cable Price Range: Tbd Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: pm me if you have something
  7. Lol doesn’t sound like she’s watching anyhow mate. You need Scandi in your life!
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