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  1. Excellent Gecko rack, I had one myself and pulled it apart and made my new shelving out of the legs, will buy the legs and conncecting rods off you Gryffles if you don't sell it. Daz
  2. Nah, it's drunk Darrens way of saying the MotoGP subscription is good and that's how it works for me, yes the quality is very good though I am not sure if that's MotoGP's fault, the I Pad or the LG telly. Maybe all of them. Jack- yeah but not for lack of trying but yes, testosterone and fearlessness will only get you to that last 95%.
  3. My gut feeling is that anyone that enjoys prog rock and metal might also dabble in dark electronica.
  4. I tell you what, if you have an I Pad and a HDMI/Lightning adaptor, the MotoGP subscription is excellent. Q1 for the Catalan MotoGP shows me this- Morbidelli can tie a Yammie frame in knots, one to watch. Miller is really getting the pig in him these days, I am loving it, go Jack. PETRONAS Yamaha are showing up the factory. No one can hang with Nakagami through the ultra fast corners, no one. The Suzuki chassis is so good they struggle to get heat in the tyres when they are new.
  5. Will be interesting to hear if still need subs with two 15 in woofers now working for me. I think I will as purpose made bass reproduction in corners of a room with some management tacked on would have to beat subs that are not ideally positioned for bass but more for a holistic soundstage effect across all frequencies. However, time will tell. Stratos should be here in a few weeks. Beautiful finish on these JBL's, piccies just don't do them justice. Big old school boxes with some modern finish and tricks. The speaker connection screws are also very good, with a swivelling surface against the spade whilst the rest of the thread tightens down on it, very secure. Mikes speaker cables are on the way, will be bi wiring.
  6. New album out, only in MP3 fuggit. https://www.zdigital.com.au/artist/aurora/release/a-different-kind-of-human-step-ii-9511077?f=4050602
  7. Great news, farked if I know what I was doing, haha!! The Bluesound N100 also works great but 'output' options aren't as good as the Sonos. You might have to discuss your PM-ing probs with the mods? Your messages should be coming through.
  8. It's a business model that would only survive in hi fi land.
  9. Hullo maaate! Did you new toy work? No thanks brother, mine will be here in a week or two but thanks as always J! I don't know why you are getting that message, my inbox has heaps of space.
  10. I don't know, @Johnno2017 got the DAC and @David.Masilamoni got the pre Ayon Stratos on the way. Not sure when the Weston will ever arrive
  11. How I relished Basil as a child. Am worried the sub might be missing in the morning.
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