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  1. Oh I didn’t look after Buzzz, I just went on my own 😁
  2. Saw them in Brissy with Mastodon. Asked @BuzzzFuzzz what he was doing at the time but he was low on available beer vouchers
  3. So pray to your false gods there is no hope our Mother is merciless I will still be here long after you have destroyed yourselves Oh I curse you all
  4. Like my wise muvva says, there’s always a reason we didn’t do something. ML2s might be like ML5s except with that huge stand mount sound stage. The ML5s are just up the road from you in Brissy. Dynaudio are also pretty awesome too mate. Shop down here in Lismore will look after you. Tell the big hipster I sent you and it might cost you a bit more. 😁
  5. So the above are great to work with so far, respond quickly to emails and have done me an excellent price on their Prophecy CryoSilver™ Reference CAT8+/RJ-45 i2s Ethernet Digital Link cable with full money back guarantee if the devices still don't see each other. Have paid up as you cant ask for more than that, will see how it all goes...
  6. So these guys reckon they can make me a cable that joins the dots, watch this space- http://www.revelationaudiolabs.com/
  7. Buffering CDT, take disc out and music still plays for a little while, fantastic components. GLWTS
  8. Wot the big fella said and also an excellent dac. Really enjoyed mine when I had it. Shouldn't last long. GLWTS
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