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  1. Trev, you would need confirmation from the buyer regarding actuals but I found this earlier when looking myself- https://www.artnovion.com/product-categories/9-bass-trap/products/393-bass-trap-wall-range Range | Dimensions: Verona - Bass Trap - Wall - 595x1190x56mm
  2. $800 for a pair of Meridian DSP speakers? I'm a bit lost for words...amazing...GLWTS Cam. Not that you'll need it
  3. The blue reference are beautiful, wish I had never sold mine, GLWTS Sal.
  4. Hey Grant, does it come with a power supply?
  5. Hi Fi on a budget- a fantastic buy, I love my Sansui, this shouldn't last the afternoon. A music lover would enjoy this until one of them died! You would not need anything else.
  6. Beautiful. The only device I would consider replacing my current twin REL S3's with. One day. Amazing price, shouldn't last long, GLWTS.
  7. Mike is a driven man, one of the most passionate men I have ever known, there is always a next level. I am thinking I might try some of this Aurealis product...I like to mix my drugs, you don't want to die wondering... Which doesn't mean anything until I try...
  8. Yes, my other set and the interconnects are going nowhere...unless...
  9. Further information: These are my second set purchased for bi-wiring the JBL's from the JC1 mono's. I think the speakers sound better with their terminal wires in place so these are no longer required. In as new condition, 1.5m or 1500mm long from spade end to spade end, price includes secure boxing and postage to anywhere in Oz. New price is a tad over $1600 AUD, yours for half price and I wont charge you for burn in Utterly gorgeous SC's, more than enough said about them here on SNA, PM me is interested. https://foilflexcables.com/ Photos:
  10. Amazing speakers. Room filling sounds and incredible bass. GLWTS
  11. So as usual, when I make a statement, a hand from the clouds knocks me down 😁. Internet was down today. If I hadn’t had the ripped music on the NAS I would have had no tunes. Looking forward to hearing how you go.
  12. Good Moaning dear Oooghy. I don't know what R2R is sorry. I used the Stratos direct to the JC1's for maybe 6 to 8 months before being lucky enough to be able to lane the Auris II pre in balanced version. Did the pre bring a lot to the table? At first no but as everything settled in I think it brought some more depth of soundstage and a slightly nicer sound but really up there in the realm of diminishing returns by now. The analogue pre section is very very good in their components and your plan will work a treat for you, I believe. BIG tangent- one of the best things I have done is go ROON/Tidal Hi Fi. I ripped all my CD's etc but if the NAS blew up tomorrow, I can't think of a good reason to replace it really. You could strategize all the funds towards a Stratos-ROON set up...ooogh la la!! Ohterwise, as mentioned, using the CD5S as a pre will work just great...assuming it is the same analogue pre setup as what is in the Stratos. Maybe chat to Michael and Boris at Absolute Hi End to confirm? Does that help at all?
  13. We are loving 'Seizure'...got any darker??? https://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/program/seizure also looking forward to watching second series of Tin Star.
  14. My pleasure mate, they can run by USB or USB power adaptor to the wall etc. You'll be impressed methinks.
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