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  1. Eagleeyes may have been thinking about the earlier model Mac Pro Towers which, I have to say, I too immediately thought of when I saw the pic of the internals. I just looked at the Apple site and found a fully loaded Mac Pro Tower costs an eye watering $86,479 - yikes!!!! 😄 Fabulous amps. Wish I had the funds.... GLWTS.......
  2. Focal Clear Promotion - $1399 after "trade in"..... https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/products/focal-clear-open-back-headphones https://www.minidisc.com.au/focal-clear-open-back-circumaural-headphones?_ke=eyJrbF9lbWFpbCI6ICJzdHV3aGl0ZUBtYWMuY29tIiwgImtsX2NvbXBhbnlfaWQiOiAiUFFyUmhIIn0%3D
  3. You could always revert to the last version if that were the case.
  4. Well I can now see that you have not had a bad experience with Chord considering your gear. However, I am still a little confused as to why Chord don't offer firmware upgrades considering that FPGA electronics provided the means to do this. No worries, you have answered my question and thanks for taking the time to do so.
  5. Interesting.... Have you had a bad experience with this brand? Could you please elaborate?
  6. Many FPGA based DACs have the ability to be upgraded by their respective manufacturer. PS Audio is well known for this with their Direct Stream DAC. I am contemplating purchasing a Chord DAC which uses FPGA electronics. Despite trying I have not been able to discover whether Chord offer upgrades to their FPGA DACs like other manufactures. Can anyone on SNA enlighten me? Thanks
  7. Includes postage to east coast (Sydney). Ships Sept, 12. Yes, fair comment about the wait. Still, some may be interested.
  8. Topping D70 DAC now available on Drop (formally Massdrop) for $677AUD delivered to Au. See: www.drop.com
  9. Mate, Sorry to hear of your dilemma. Us MTB riders all come off at some stage but of course there's degrees of injury and yours looks like one at the higher end. FWIW my wife had a petty bad over the bars accident a few years ago when we were out riding together; broken teeth, broken and dislocated knuckle/hand bones, split lip, abrasions, bruises, shock, hospital, operations, doctors, dentists, lots of physio, etc, etc... It happened just before Christmas 2014 and took nearly 2 years to recover to the stage where she could confidently ride again. Physio therapy can work wonders these days so hang in there and try to stay positive. All the best.....
  10. I have had Tinnitus on and off for about 30 years but I can tell you that you can reverse or at least mask its effects. Here are my tips: * Don't listen loud for extended periods. Get a decibel meter and measure the sound pressure levels of your gear. Don't listen to music above 90 dB for extended periods. * Be very careful with headphones. Even more so with IEMs. Again, don't listen loud for extended periods and measure the dBs. * Avoid drugs and medication which aggravate Tinnitus: red wine, aspirin to name a few. (some reds can give me Tinnitus for days!! Oh well, such is life.....) * I got a pair of musician's earplugs custom made for concerts. They reduce the sound pressure level by 15dB. Highly recommended for those who attend concerts or live music venues regularly. * When using machinery around the home use ear plugs. Even a drill can produce Tinnitus inducing noise. I use earplugs or over the head ear muffs when mowing and using power tools. Hammering too can really bring it on! * Tinnitus can be alleviated somewhat by just avoiding loud noises, in my experience. If you cannot avoid loud noise then you need to protect your ears. After reading this thread my Tinnitus (high frequency ringing) has returned! Bugger. There can be lots of triggers. Tinnitus: ignore it and you will go deaf. Cheers everyone...
  11. I basically agree with Zaphod on this. There really is no discernible difference between cheap USB cables and higher priced ones. And I am speaking from experience, unfortunately. I have a great DAC (Auralic Vega) so I thought I might "upgrade" from the USB printer cable I was using. I might add that I need a 3m cable hence my concern about the quality of the cable. Despite my IT background I threw caution to the wind and listened to the snake oil peddlers from the various cable companies and purchased a Chord USB Silver Plus which I think was about $100. Lovely cable - to look at!!! I have done many, many comparisons between the 2 cables (printer cable and Chord) and to my ears there is absolutely no difference between them. I have also compared them using headphones with the same result. Having spent the $$$ I am still using the Chord and it's very well made and looks quite stunning to boot. I didn't spend hundreds of $$$ so am not too concerned about any perceived lack of improvement in SQ but if I had my time over I would have done the comparison before buying the Chord. So my advice to the OP is: do the comparison first between a cheap USB and an "audiophile grade" USB then make up your own mind. At the end of the day if you really must have that "audiophile grade" USB don't buy anything too expensive. I will admit that they do look much better than a cheap grey printer cable but that to me is the only benefit!!! Good luck with your quest.....
  12. Yes, those HD Tracks region restrictions are a real pain especially when most of what is restricted is available in Au on CD, SACD or vinyl. The only way around it if you absolutely must have that digital file is to use a VPN. Although lately I have found that sometimes that process doesn't work so well. Maybe I need to try a different one?? I currently use PIA.
  13. That's it. Nothing to do with the Amp but all tubes are hand made. Always have been. The whole tube manufacturing process is readily viewable or readable on the WWW. For the manufacturer to state on the box that the tubes are hand made is not necessarily misleading but is stating the bleedin' obvious!!!! Once again for the record..... ALL TUBES ARE HAND MADE!!!!! There may be some automation in the process but essentially building a tube involves a human sitting at bench with a magnifying scope or similar and manually putting all the parts together.
  14. Special price for the Yamaha A-S 1100 at Clef HiFi..... $2095.... inc delivery. That's a bargain. https://clefhifi.com.au/catalog/index.php?cPath=34&sort=2a&page=2&osCsid=jsads92orubvflaa4d0b4p12r1 I have no affiliation with the company.
  15. I hate to be pedantic... but... ALL tubes are hand made... It's not possible to make them any other way. GLWTS
  16. Grab this someone... The latest edition of HiFi News and Record Review has a review of the Ferguson CD 01 which was based on the Sony CDP - 101. It gets a glowing review after all these years!!! But they reckon the Sony is even better. So this is a classic bargain waiting for a good home. GLWTS
  17. That @crtexcnndrm99 has sent a personal message to the seller?? I would imagine that he/she is interested in buying the TT. The rules do say that buyers should say something like "PM sent indicating intention to purchase" but I think most members realise that PM'd has the same meaning. To the seller: GLWTS
  18. I ditched vinyl in 1990!!! and I have absolutely no intention of going back to "hiss, click, rumble and pop" any time soon. I love the dynamic range offered by the humble CD but especially the exquisite SACD or DSD recording or archive. There is no way that an LP can match that DR. It's a fad guys. And an expensive one at that. FWIW I still have 400 odd LPs from the 70s and 80s and about every 2 years or so will play one on my Rega Planer 3 just to remind myself why I have gone with and so much enjoy the true Hi Fidelity of Hi Res digital. Don't be fooled by the vinyl hyperbole. Cheers....
  19. Not sure if superseded is entirely the case. The G1 and G2 are streaming DACs while the Vega isn't. So different horses for different courses! The G1 and G2 are also much more expensive than the Vega. The Vega is a great DAC and Jventer and I are not the only ones to say that.... the latest edition of Stereophile (Oct, 2018) gives the Vega a rating of A+ in its buyers' guide. This is the highest rating given by the magazine for HiFi components and puts it in the company of the very best DACs available today. Vegas are still manufactured and are available from various retailers but they occasionally come up here SH. The Vega will definitely not disappoint. Just my 20 cents worth.....
  20. Hi, Gear looks great. Just have to ask why has the serial number been scratched off the 598 unit?
  21. In answer to the OP... no, there are not any HiRes download sites in au. But don't let this deter you. You can easily download from geoblocked HiRes sites world wide using a VPN, as many others here have said. I have been doing this for many, many years without issue. And, I have a very clear conscience as the supplier of the files and the artists get paid! Just one point I would make to add something to this discussion is in relation to VPNs..... not all are created equal. Always try before you buy a subscription (most provide a free trial period) and read some reviews. The cheapest are not necessarily the best.
  22. The 12AX7 is not a substitute for the 12AU7 when dealing with HiFi amps. You will probably cause damage to components such a diodes if you substitute due to the extra gain of the 12AX7. However, the 12AU7 is often used as a substitute for 12AX7 in guitar amps in order to lower the gain to the power tube and therefore create a more mellow sound. Guitar amps are designed with the over driving of power tubes in mind. The classic sound of an over driven Fender valve amp is achieved in part by using a 12AX7 driver tube in many of that brand's amps. You don't want this effect in a HiFi amp. Therefore, you use the lower gain of the 12AU7 to give you a nice clean non distorted signal for the power tube.....
  23. A lot of your joints look a little dodgy. I used a large magnifying glass to check for dry soldered joints and also to check that the copper bus bars on the circuit board have not been shorted by too much solder on any given component. There are 2 components to the Speedball upgrade. The first upgrade circuit board (or in your case 2 small boards) should be installed under the driver tube and the amp run to check if it works. If it does great. You now know that the first circuit board is OK. Only then do you install the second circuit board under the output tube. I did not perform voltage checks - 240V is a bit intimidating. I just made sure all soldered joints were sound. The only comment I would make about soldering is that your iron needs to be at about 350 degrees C to make good joints. I have a Jaycar iron which has a variable temp control which enables you to set the temperature of the iron's tip. It cost about $100 and has been great. You also need to use good quality solder as recommended by Bottlehead. Jaycar's solder is fine. It's been a while since your original post so I hope you have managed to get it all sorted.
  24. I am listening to my Audeze LCD2s through one of these right now..... absolute bliss....... This is a bargain at the price. Grab it while you can... GLWTS
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