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  1. Got "caught" with this same cable locking issue about 10 years ago... I had never heard of locking RCA connectors prior to receiving the RCA custom cable from someone other than Bill. Nearly wrecked my RCA terminals trying to connect them!!! Eventually I realised that you had to unscrew the outer metal casing to enable them to be plugged/unplugged. Would strongly recommend to anyone making cables utilising these connectors that they place A BIG SIGN ON THE CABLE SAYING THAT YOU HAVE TO UNSCREW THE CASING TO PLUG/UNPLUG THE CABLE!!!!! Sorry, but it's not obvious to the uninitiated.
  2. Focal Clear Promotion - $1399 after "trade in"..... https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/products/focal-clear-open-back-headphones https://www.minidisc.com.au/focal-clear-open-back-circumaural-headphones?_ke=eyJrbF9lbWFpbCI6ICJzdHV3aGl0ZUBtYWMuY29tIiwgImtsX2NvbXBhbnlfaWQiOiAiUFFyUmhIIn0%3D
  3. You could always revert to the last version if that were the case.
  4. Well I can now see that you have not had a bad experience with Chord considering your gear. However, I am still a little confused as to why Chord don't offer firmware upgrades considering that FPGA electronics provided the means to do this. No worries, you have answered my question and thanks for taking the time to do so.
  5. Interesting.... Have you had a bad experience with this brand? Could you please elaborate?
  6. Many FPGA based DACs have the ability to be upgraded by their respective manufacturer. PS Audio is well known for this with their Direct Stream DAC. I am contemplating purchasing a Chord DAC which uses FPGA electronics. Despite trying I have not been able to discover whether Chord offer upgrades to their FPGA DACs like other manufactures. Can anyone on SNA enlighten me? Thanks
  7. Includes postage to east coast (Sydney). Ships Sept, 12. Yes, fair comment about the wait. Still, some may be interested.
  8. Topping D70 DAC now available on Drop (formally Massdrop) for $677AUD delivered to Au. See: www.drop.com
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