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  1. This unit can also be used to rip your SACDs (go to Audiophile Style and search). Great price for an excellent piece of kit. Grab it while you can....
  2. Mate, If these are still available I'll take them. PM sent with intent to buy.
  3. Got the silver ICs and I am so impressed with the sound!!! Deep and tight bass, glorious mids and sparkling highs. What can I say? These are truly excellent cables. I bought these specifically to use with headphones - DAC to HP amp. I have some other ICs from DAC to Pre made by a well known Au manufacturer which cost a lot more than Bill's Cables. I've just swapped them out for Bill's and I can tell you that what I am hearing is identical, maybe better - and at one third of the price!!!! These RCA ICs are very good value for money. NSO indeed!!!!! Great product and even greater service... Bill is such a nice bloke to deal with too.....
  4. Got "caught" with this same cable locking issue about 10 years ago... I had never heard of locking RCA connectors prior to receiving the RCA custom cable from someone other than Bill. Nearly wrecked my RCA terminals trying to connect them!!! Eventually I realised that you had to unscrew the outer metal casing to enable them to be plugged/unplugged. Would strongly recommend to anyone making cables utilising these connectors that they place A BIG SIGN ON THE CABLE SAYING THAT YOU HAVE TO UNSCREW THE CASING TO PLUG/UNPLUG THE CABLE!!!!! Sorry, but it's not obvious to the uninitiated.
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