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  1. Amazing stuff! I wonder what are you getting instead? I am sooooo sorry it is on market now - bad timing for me. GLWS KF
  2. Hi I am interested - will send PM with intention to buy both sets. Cheers
  3. Hi I am interested in buying this player. Can I please ask you where are you located in Melbourne? Best regards kresimirfab
  4. Hi This is exactly the combination I am after! Can you please let me know what would be cost of transport to Melbourne (Mount Waverley to be precise)? Kind regards Kresimir Fabijanic
  5. Great seller - I have bought another cartridge from him - I can recommend him without any hesitation! GLWS
  6. What can I say.... Impressive wingspan!!! GLWTS Cheers KF
  7. Beautiful sample - pity you are not in Melbourne - GLWTS!
  8. Wow - I just bought a pair of wilson benesch arcs - otherwise I would snap them in a minute - GLWTS
  9. Great seller - always has the top quality stuff - GLWTS!
  10. Very good amp, particularly at this price - some gems being offered last few days - pity I have no need for amplification at the moment :-( GLWTS BTW good seller too
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