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  1. These are actually pretty good for the money! https://www.swamp.net.au/ave-fusion-4-inch-studio-monitor-pair
  2. sorry bill after 4 months of being jerked around i do not believe a word that comes out of your mouth anymore and I would rather lose the $90 and retain my right to warn other people about your service quite frankly.
  3. if i had used paypal i could have at least gotten my money back!
  4. Yes Bill offered a refund and a cable too. after literally months of being strung along being told cables already shipped, about to be shipped etc etc, I replied that either/or would be just fine, and after more radio silence and coming up to the 4 month mark I simply no longer believe what he is saying or any offers he makes. I realise a lot of people may have had good experiences, I based my trust on those, but this is what happened to me...
  5. I was recently in the market for a balanced cable for my HD600, It was suggested that I ask Bills Cables, a forum vendor and as far as I could tell, a reputable one to boot. So I did indeed get in touch and order such a cable. I paid by bank transfer on the 1st of Jan 2021. Bill did not accept paypal which is usually a red flag, but due to the large amount of positive feedback I went ahead anyway. Well to cut a long story short, I am still waiting, 4 months after paying in full and looks like I have been basically scammed and have given up on getting anything from Bills Cables. It was only $9
  6. Hi, being going crazy trying to find a balanced cable for my hd600 that is not half the cost of the headphones! I dont need diamond studded platinum infused audio jewelry just a decent quality copper cable with a 4 pin xlr... anyone know of a decent reasonably priced option thats preferably (but not essential) from a store within australia? Thanks
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