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  1. Tony B

    new house , new room

    Still have the C5 I see
  2. We expect detailed pics and updates please
  3. My kind of room! GLWS.
  4. Tony B

    $15k floorStanders?

    You'll miss your Confidence 5's.
  5. My Rega squeaks on startup and It's now 10 years old.. I have no issue with it and have never really even thought about it. Once it's at speed all is silent.
  6. I have just picked up and installed a LG 55-inch UK65 4K Ultra HD LED LCD for the wife and kids. What a complete piece of crap! It's one of the cheapest models around so you certainly get what you pay for.
  7. Wait a year and then buy a house. The way Melbourne and Sydney real estate market are looking you'll save 15% on the purchase price and you will still have your speakers!
  8. Tony B

    AFL 2017 & 2018 - In memory of Nude

    Sick of the crap coming out of Melbourne about the umpiring... Eagles won 3 of the 4 quarters. Stop with the BS about the umpires, it makes you all look like bad losers. Collingwood are a fantastic team just like the Eagles but it's the third time the Eagles have beaten them this year. Move on and accept it. I have a lot more respect for Bucks and Eddie and the way they accepted the loss after the game. Both teams were no where to be seen in the top 8 prior to the season starting, such a great season for both clubs.
  9. Tony B

    Going overboard in small room?

    The Special 40s will be perfect for that size room and will out perform the Focus 160. Maybe add a small sub later if you feel you need it, but you may be surprised at the bass response from the 40s. Both PMC and ATC will also work well.
  10. Tony B

    2018 Grand final tickets

    Anyone secured any Grand Final tickets from the ballot system? There seems to be limited information to when they will be issued.
  11. I’m a Dyn fan but the Adam a7x will beat the lot for the price.
  12. Probably the worst part of the new Qutest. Why did they change from the standard power socket? I've damaged a expensive bike torch with the crappy micro USB and rendered it useless and unable to charge the battery.
  13. Tony B

    New Dynaudio Confidence!

    Apart from performance the only thing that is an improvement is the plinth. The old mdf plinths looked great but trying to move them would damage them very easily. Confidence C series have always been my favourite looking speaker. I hope they look better in the flesh.
  14. I wonder what the pro audio industry would think about that comment.
  15. I would take Roon over JRiver. I have both but prefer Roon.