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  1. I have a c900u also and really like it, it's surprising how many are out there.
  2. Here is another review this time from ASR. He slams this product for it's measurements but I'm sure it was intended by the manufacturer.
  3. The Poor measurement of the mid-bass driver is a little disappointing that's for sure, but they do sound very nice and have been very popular, they can't actually keep up with the demand. Hat's off to them I say! As dodgy as a fox in a chook house? that's a bit harsh.
  4. @Ray HThanks for the feedback. I'm very tempted to buy a pair myself as Class A have a pair left in grey oak. I don't need them but at the discounted price it's hard to resist. I'm a sucker for Dynaudio, I must resist!
  5. Keep in mind you wont be able to output SACD to the Dave using the Luxman. Cd no problem.
  6. I think with your Luxman amp and Harbeth speaker the Dave would be hard to beat as a Dac. I’d go for the D06-u that’s advertised here and keep the Dave if possible. You can always sell the Luxman SACD later for a similar price if you need to. I own a Luxman SACD player and absolutely love it, they truely are special. I also own a Chord TT2 and swap between the Chord and the Luxman depending on music styles and my mood. The only thing the D-03x has to offer is MQA and for me that’s not important.
  7. I own a TT2 and for headphones its brilliant. Add the m-scaler and it's right up there and competes with the best. IMO of course.
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