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  1. You can easily replace it yourself. I think the replacement driver is around $1200 and they will take the damaged one back. Nice sounding speaker btw!
  2. No, you should not do that. Just don't use SAM and it will sound great.
  3. Found this guy under our eave sitting on a down pipe.
  4. Adam has D2's and from memory they dip to 2 ohms.
  5. Yes it is and have done just that.
  6. Hi Ray. I have a pair of ls50W that I use mainly for tv work. If you haven't heard them already you may be surprised at the how low they go in the bass compared to the passive model. I personally think you can't go wrong with them at their price point. The only negative that springs to mind is the crappy remote and the lack of a display on the front to show volume level. Oh.. and they are not at all "wireless"
  7. Your speaker play well with class A amps. I've had great success with Plinius Class A and the 5.4's.
  8. Wow! Very nice indeed. Can I ask what percentage you run SAM at with that much grunt?
  9. 120 Volts. Chances are he didn't buy it in Brisbane.
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