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  1. 120 Volts. Chances are he didn't buy it in Brisbane.
  2. Looks like Karri. Longer grain so it may not sand as smooth as you'd expect. Nice wood!
  3. Agreed. I've found no better and at this price point it's a bargain.
  4. Very good! Enjoy guys.
  5. What's the 0-100 spec and q-mile on this car?
  6. You'll miss your Confidence 5's.
  7. My Rega squeaks on startup and It's now 10 years old.. I have no issue with it and have never really even thought about it. Once it's at speed all is silent.
  8. I have just picked up and installed a LG 55-inch UK65 4K Ultra HD LED LCD for the wife and kids. What a complete piece of crap! It's one of the cheapest models around so you certainly get what you pay for.
  9. Wait a year and then buy a house. The way Melbourne and Sydney real estate market are looking you'll save 15% on the purchase price and you will still have your speakers!
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