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  1. Just to throw another one out there.... I have a plinius cd101 for sale, it’s a little higher then your budget, but not much.....
  2. Kef reference model 4 The 90s models that were 4 ohm
  3. Yes it is. I already have one and want a second to vertically biamp.....
  4. Looking for a dead one though. rails for these cost 3 k at least to get them repaired and generally need to be sent to US, hence the lower price. if someone has what I’m looking for, I may well be prepared to pay more, but I know first hand how expensive these things are to service and in comparison how much less they’re worth. mine cost me 3 K in parts to service and fix the issues it had, and that at least worked and made sound!
  5. Item: Krell KSA300S Power amplifier Price Range: up to $3000 Item Condition: preferably non functional but physical condition to be fair or better Extra Info: preferably located in melb, seller needs to be prepared to remove cover and provide detailed pics as there were many revisions of this amplifier and im looking for one to match the one i already have!!
  6. dont be too quick to blame the service centre. its easy to do and its a face to blame but technicians experience the exact same issues from distributors, manufacturers and parts suppliers. it is only their professionalism that prevents them from telling you this and passing the buck. As an ex-bench tech (in melb) i know that it was quite common to get a unit in, on the bench and diagnosed within 48 hrs and parts ordered, only to have to put it back on the shelf for 2-3 months before recieving parts. i will not devulge names of which brands were an issue, but the number is higher than you might think. be sure of all the facts before rubbishing someones business people.
  7. how did you go with this dan? did you pull the trigger?
  8. Item: Plinius cd101 CD player Location: Melbourne south Easter suburbs Price: 1500 ono Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling:no longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Plinius CD player. sold for approximately $6000 when new excellent quality machine with performance to match. balanced and single ended outputs, as well as coaxial digital output burr brown dacs Includes remote and (Double boxed) genuine box (box is from same model unit but different serial number) perfect working order and physical condition is 9.5/10 any questions,please ask. am also contactable on 0413592241. Price includes $50 donation to StereoNET Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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