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  1. In order to replace the B741 in my TV room, I plan to do a pair of loudspeakers, based upon the Revelator 'aluminium" 4886, a pair of midrange Morel TSCM 634 and a pair of bliesma 34 Berylium tweeter. I have to do some test, but based upon current test, my goal is to make a crossover between the woofer and midrange a 700 hz, and between the tweeter and the midrange at 1800 hz
  2. thank you Yes I have much satisfaction The sound is really good, better than my former illumina 66 from Troels.
  3. My electronics are cambridge 851 A , E and W After running it only for a few years, my impressions are : - great and large soundstage - neat attack and extictions of the notes - cristalline trebble - a lot of detail - good and well articulated bass. Right now, the best cabinets I ever heard.
  4. Hello I just finished my B741 sunday. I am really happy The piano black finish was really a pain. Some pics
  5. I have the 851 combo and I am very happy with it. You don't need a DAC with the 851 C , it feature an anagram chip up sampling the signal to 384 kHz 24 bits. I know an another people with the same combo, and he is also very happy. I use XLR connection.
  6. Hello I have also bought this kit from madisound (the crossovers only, the drivers were bought elsewhere) You seems to have done a great job here. I am interested by the mensurations of the midwoofer box, because I don't understand very well the official plans here.
  7. Thanks for the welcome.
  8. Hello, I am Powerdoc from France. I have done some DIY - a small home cinema room , with a 5 coaxial TPX seas 6,5 inch and a 18 inch subwoofer in bass reflex cabinet. - some pairs of cabinets My latest project is an illumina 66 from Troels. My new project is a Scanspeak B741 and my little finger said to me, that maybe I can found some help here
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