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  1. Just stumbled across this thread. My lockdown project. Just finished my first attempt. Not exactly hifi, more like low tech carpentry. Ido love the sound of cigarbox slide. Ironically I can't play a note. Damn arthritis in the fingers is a b!t*h. Had a work mate knock out a tune, sounds great. Next project some transmission line speakers.
  2. The Breeze. A fitting tribute to J J Cale.
  3. Update on my search. I have matched my 555a with Osborn Titans. Very happy with result. Great soundstage and range, amp has no trouble driving them (Sweeter than my Yamaha ca 800) and were well within my budget. Also extremely happy with the recap work carried out. Thanks once again for everyone's input.
  4. They look in great condition. Wondering, what are the physical dimensions please.
  5. Many thanks for everyone's input. I have a list of possibilities but can't audition any till after lockdown. Cheers
  6. The budget is around $1k in view of my investment in the sansui ($350) and other indulgences.
  7. Thanks Luc. To buy might be out of my reach. However I have followed DIY infinite baffle topics here and thought one day I could give them a go. Forgive my ignorance are spatials the same (only different). From memory I thought they were power consuming. On the hand the spatials specs certainly look great Cheers
  8. Thanks Blah Blah, I recall an earlier forum where Snaers commenting on great speakers made by brands more noted for other components. Another for me to look at.
  9. "probably no need to point this out to you though" It took a while but realised from an earlier post my reference to ideal room acoustics. Unfortunately we had to sell that property (at a big $loss) I can only add panels to where we are now living. Cheers
  10. You have all opened my eyes to some fantastic speakers. My total outlay for the sansui was around $300. I should set my budget to around $1K or I might have some explaining which could be costly buying shoes for my dearest. I can retrieve a pair of Jbl's Lx44 given to my son just to try but would have to return, despite the name I'm not an Indian giver.
  11. Many thanks. I appreciate your input. A task for tomorrow evening.
  12. I have started looking at Celestions. Would you suggest any around bookshelf size. Cheers t_mike
  13. Sorry I may have given the wrong impression I have amps to drive the others, just looking for smaller speakers to drive the Sansui as a second system possibly in another smaller room . Thanks for your reply. Cheers.
  14. Thanks for your thoughts Batmaqn. Not familiar with any of these but will do some homework. I should have mentioned my listening includes, Cale, Cooder, Knopfler, Clapton and mainly vinyl. Love the guitar work. Room could be a problem, could be considered on the large side. Cheers
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