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  1. Further information: EOI. I purchased this from a fellow SNAer 8 years ago. Hardly played as I need more power for my speakers and my large listening area. Certainly looks good sitting on the bench. Also have spare valves see pics. The screws holding the valve protection cage were missing when I purchased the amp. All the information you need is here www.customanalogue.com Have original carton, can help with delivery between Echuca and Mornington Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), yo
  2. Any thoughts on the SQ of remastered Beatles albums, in particular the 2009 Remastered Cd set?
  3. Speakers now sold and delivered, from all reports one happy SNAer. I did seek advice from the man himself regarding price. Suffice to say buyer and seller both happy Thanks all for interest and comments. Donation will follow. Hawkeye
  4. Further information: I purchased these about 10 years ago I believe I am the second owner. Had them as rears for home theatre setup for approximately 2 years. Were in storage in between house moves, resurrected them and paired them with my recently recapped au555a and was surprised how good they sounded for two channel stereo. Definitely underused as rears. I now need to fund a power amp and a horn speaker build. These speakers weigh 26kg each and were highly rated in their day. Unfortunately I do not have any specs and they don't appear on Greg's Osborn's current webite I am sure
  5. Thanks for the reminder. I haven't been home much the last two days I will endeavour to do it tomorrow. Cheers
  6. Appreciate the input. I do watch the classifieds but miss a lot due to still working part time. I wouldn't know a Suitable preamp if it was handed to me I would need advice there as well. Had thought I could use the preamp from my au555a. I will definitely pm you for advice should the need it. Thanks.
  7. I think there is one somewhere on the net at the moment I wondered about it when I saw it. Thanks for the input
  8. Agree, upstream could influence the result If you mean am I happy with my tt cart and digital source cables !! Well now there's a minefield, yes I believe I have good upstream at least with respect to the rest of my investment.
  9. Great question. I can't totally forget about my current equipment but do use it to compare mine to others. I guess I want to feel totally immersed in the sounds of the instruments. Hearing all the little details of each instrument, the warmth Clarity, and sound stage etc from uncluttered music. In saying that I am "reasonably" happy with the results I get from my au555a/Osborne Eclipse setup . (I have a good acoustic listening space) I have had the Gales for about 8 years I bought them on a whim, (drove from Vic to Canberra to collect them) having read the hype about them her
  10. Interesting reading here on the class d amps. I am having difficulty contacting March Audio does anyone have recent contact info. Thanks
  11. Hmmm, also just read the SNA Class d March audio thread I will give them a call to get the price on his amps hoping new = reliable. It could be a challenge for me as I have never purchased anything New in my hi fi collection
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