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  1. January Meeting cancelled - the number of persons allowed in the venue means a club meeting is not viable.
  2. We were all set to restart meetings in January albeit with Covid restrictions (More about that below) Unfortunately some Sons of Beaches have put January, and possibly February, in doubt. We have organised a special B&W presentation, at their Sydney premises. (Pictures below) Due to Covid, numbers will be restricted, so we have decided to divide the group into two sessions. Also, this will be financial members only - sorry, no visitors. The bomb run sequence from "Unbroken" is worth the effort on it's own. Covid restrictions for regular meetings
  3. Club Meetings Update The committee feels that the current club venue restrictions make our regular meetings impractical. These are - 22 widely spaced people at a meeting No use of kitchen No close proximity discussion groups, even if informal. Understandably presenters are reluctant to attend under these conditions also. Two of us will be going to the venue for COVID safety procedure instruction, and we are making provisional bookings for 2021. However, the club's Special Interest Group events - SIGs - are possible, and if an official club event, covered by our i
  4. Following the Government Directive on keeping a safe distance between people in enclosed spaces, the Sydney Audio Club Inc. Committee has decided to cancel our public monthly meetings at Dence Park. This decision was actually made before the new advice as we are aware that many of our members are in an age bracket that is deemed to be more at risk. The next meeting by the team at Bowers & Wilkins has been postponed but they are looking forward to presenting to us when it is considered safe to meet again. All SIGs are also cancelled until further notice.
  5. The March meeting was very well attended and another enjoyable and interesting meeting. Cameron Keating from MaxMedia brought a complete system including the Avantgarde Acoustic Uno XD speakers, Lab 12 Integre4 amplifier, Innuos Zen Mini Mk3 music Server, Innuos Zenith Mk3 music server, a COS Engineering D2 DAC and the first Australian demonstration of the Innuos Pheonix reclocker. Horn speakers traditionally can be polarising in terms of their sonic character, but the Avantgarde Acoustic Uno XD speakers do not have the usual characteristics associated with horn speaker
  6. Dear members and friends of Sydney Audio Club, For our March club meeting we are very pleased to have Cameron Keating of MaxMedia <http://www.maxmedia.com.au/> come back to Sydney to present the Avantgarde Acoustic UNO XD horn speakers, driven by the Lab 12 Integre4 power amplifier, COS Engineering d2 DACs and the Innuos Zen Mini MkIII Music Server. He will also be running the Innuos Zen Mini MkIII Music Server with the new Innuos Phoenix USB Reclocker. This would be its first outing here in Australia. Cameron h
  7. Meeting Report - The much welcomed rain unfortunately was particularly heavy on Sunday and correspondingly the attendance at the February meeting was down to about half the usual number. However the members that attended were in for a treat, the Dali Epicon 6 speakers are a beautiful looking speaker and sonically were well paired with the Benchmark AHB2 Power Amplifiers and Benchmark DAC3 HCG DAC. The club President (John) and the clubs technical adviser (Paul) spent a lot of time optimising the speaker position prior to the start of the meeting. The usual room iss
  8. For our February club meeting we are very pleased to have David Corazza of Sound and Music based in Moorabbin, Victoria to present a full Benchmark front end, paired with the Dali EPICON 6 loudspeakers from Amber Technology. In addition this month there will be a separate setup featuring Benchmark's HPA4 headphone amplifier so that you can audition your own headphones. The doors will be open at 12 midday for the headphones. Details of the base system… An Oppo source will be paired with the Benchmark DAC3 HCG – Digital to Analog Audio Converter - https://sound-music.com/produ
  9. The first meeting of the new decade turned out be of a high standard. There was a lot of interest as evident by the high number of members in attendance. Joseph has presented previously at the club but this was the first time with his open baffle speakers. With 2 x 18 inch bass drivers in each speaker they were a very impressive sight and a great point of discussion between the members prior to the start of the meeting, particularly as the open baffle design allows viewing the rear of the drivers and crossover. Of note Joseph also bought his pre and power valve amplifie
  10. For our January club meeting we are very pleased to have club member Joseph Dillon present his own highly modified home system including his DIY loudspeakers. Joseph last presented his system to the club back in January 2018. Details of Joseph’s system (details below were written by Joseph)… Loudspeakers Open Baffle/ Dipole Configuration. Number of Drivers each enclosure : 10 Low Bass: 2 x 18 inch Peavey Bass Drivers Bass: 4 x 6 1/2 inch Peerless Drivers Mid Range: 2 x 4 inch SB Drivers Highs / Tweeters: 2 X 3 inch SB Drivers Enclosure Dimensions:
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