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  1. Stephen Price gives a demonstration of the Vinyl Record Cleaning (VRC) System
  2. Big thank you also to Tony Wong of Magenta Audio.
  3. Dr Rod Crawford and Legend Speakers
  4. New Grover Notting model - Code 201, next to Code 5. Grover Notting 'Power Plant' versions
  5. Some phone camera shots from the meeting - sorry about the quality, hopefully there will be some more competent pictures soon
  6. THE SUNDAY SYDNEY AUDIO CLUB EVENT As you are aware we are presenting an event for the Sydney Audio Club on Sunday the 21st August at the Crows Nest Centre, many have indicated the desire to attend. We are in fact working on ensuring this a standout experience, delving into interesting, new and developing areas that are contentious for some and not understood by others. The event has been receiving much promotion and interest amongst audiophiles and their press (StereoNet etc.), we have a note of who will be attending from this group, but I may need to formalise that, if a ceiling on attendance is required. To recap, there will be two modules the first; Achieving Optimum Linearity and the rare experience of it – presented by Frank Hinton (Grover Notting). Then; High Sample Rate, what is it, how is it produced and experienced – presented by Johan Wadsten (NADAC by Merging), supported by Ross A’hern (Mir Creation). All technology deployed on the day will be installed, interfaced and managed by Conan Tran. ATT AUDIO CONTROLS Pty. Ltd. http://www.attaudiocontrols.com http://www.classicaudiodesigns.com.au http://nadac.merging.com http://www.mircreation.com
  7. DEQX HDP-5 preamp processor, DEQX Integrated Amplifier
  8. DEQX HDP-5 preamp processor, DEQX Integrated Amplifier, Epos ES11 speakers, Rythmik Audio FS12SE Subwoofers,Oppo BDP-105D Universal player.
  9. GoldenEar Triton 1 speakers / Hegel H360 Integrated Amplifier / Oppo BDP-105D Universal player / Nordost Heimdall 2 power cords / Nordost Heimdall 2 speaker cables / Nordost Quantum QX2 power purifier QB8 Mk2 power board, plus QK1 AC Enhancer / QV2 AC Line Harmonizers/ Oppo BDP-105D Universal player