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  1. Cool design. What's the doughnut cabinet? Please share!
  2. Thanks for this snippet! Most interesting. I was wondering how this might work. But as I rarely change cartridges, I do not think this is a must have addition, although the ability to change VTA on the fly is tempting. Paul
  3. The Maggie 2Cs we had were incredible. Driving the room effortlessly. But lacking in dep bass. Now using tbe Aurum Cantus in the same room 20' by 30'. As a floor stander, not much more real estate than a floor stander. But agreed, the physical dominance must be appreciated or not. Paul R
  4. There is no way you can replicate the whole sensory experience of the MSO or any orchestra through a stereo system or headphones. A subscription for your symphony orchestra is the only way. Visual and aural. Especially when the orchestra tunes up! The whole caboodle of a live performance which one will remember for a long long time, at least until the next performance. As a long time subscriber, we just subscribe again and again. Enjoy the music live and learn!
  5. Instead of thinking how ther performance was recorded, do yourself a favour and get yourself tickets to your closest symphony orchestra, in your capital city. Please. Paul [emoji3]
  6. Nothing beats the experience of a live orchestral performance. You can only dream. Or dream again by subscribing to the MSO. I reckon, now one of the better orchestras in the world. Paul R
  7. Also try WiWi Tubes in Hong Kong. Bought some tubes when we were in HK last. Contact them directly as not all their stock is listed on the website methinks. Paul R http://www.wiwitubes.com/en/about.php
  8. Unless you have a dedicated room/space, floor standers (large full range) could be a challenge. But on the other hand, taking the stand into consideration, might it not be better to go for the floor stander in the same floor plant area?
  9. BTW we knewvJon back in the days when he was just developing his kit. Remember sessions at George Secher's in Highfield Road. Days gone bye. Paul
  10. Try before buy? Am in Camberwell. If out of line, delete, please.
  11. Check with VTL if your amps could run KT90s. I had the 300 monoblocks running KT90s in place of 6550s. Had to change the bias resistor only. Good luck!
  12. Now 57, tinnitus since god knows when. High pitch constant hum. Funny thing, I tune out. I can hear sounds softer than the tinnitus ring. One simply compensates, I guess. Paul
  13. A friend in Malaysia has the Mark Levinson ML 23.5 sttereo amplifier and this combo sounds devine. If you could get this amp, I doubt you would be disappointed. Good luck.
  14. I believe the hard wiring of the MC stage was relevant for a much earlier model. I understand that the current edition has a much improved MM and MC. The MC stage is IMHO rather good with a high output MC. I do own the preamp and find it excellent. You would have to spend a whole heap more to get better SQ. Paul
  15. The Doge 8 Clarity is very good but needs careful tube selection. You can voice the preamp through tube rolling. Its lots of fun but can be expensive if you go NOS from Mullard, Haltron, Brimar et al.
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