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  1. You can buy the Doge 8 Clarity (2021) direct from the manufacturer. This will come in probably a bit over $2k. I have the 2019 edition which did not have the HT bypass or the balanced out. The 2021 edition can be bought with these options. I cannot recall if the 2021 has balanced inputs (the 2019 does not). The SQ is exceptional for the price. Tube rolling is a must, though. Good luck with your quest. Paul
  2. Totally system dependent. In my various iterations, bi-wiring has been superior to single wiring. Not sure why, but it does. Currently Elektra Audio Reference HD driving the Aurum Cantus New Grand Supremes. Bi-wire is necessary.
  3. Item: 2 x re-usuable coffee cups, both labelled 'Linn' Price Range: Free Item Condition: New, never used, comes with vintage dust. Extra Info: We were given these at the last Melbourne Hi-Fi show. We do not use these as we tend not to buy takeaway coffees. First in, best dressed. Pickup only, please from 3124.
  4. Item: 4 lanyards labelled 'Dynaudio' Price Range: Free Item Condition: Used Extra Info: A whole lot of people would have received this with their entrance tags to the past Melbourne Hi-Fi Shows, so these are not unique. Too good to go in to the rubbish bin If no takers, will donate to the local op-shop! Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  5. Hi Owen Could you please advise where you source the belts for your Aura? The belts on my daCapo are the original, sondating back to about 1999 or thereabouts. Thanking you in advance. Paul
  6. I found 'The Good Weekend' of 22 June 1991 recently. Some of you will know this is the magazine that comes with The Age on Saturdays. A very sad read, but one that will be of interest of Garrott Bros. aficianados out there in vinyl playback land. Mods, I hope me posting an article from a near 20 year old newspaper is OK. Paul 2098416599_TheAge_Garrott_2021-04-01_111151.pdf
  7. i bought arm without cable. Me dealer made up a cable which I'm still using. I have a CARDAS but the leadout is not useable.. Protractor, I've used the Dennesen Soundtraktor but this is not good with the Morch. I'm using the standard two point protractor. I do have other options, now. The precision arm tube means I can align the 2M Black in less than half an hour. I do not use the damping in the central pillar as yet. Suggestions?
  8. Further information: I've been using the Dynaudio OCOS for 15-20 years and they have been my reference cables, seeing off Transparent and Synergistic Research in our setup. The cables are largely unmarked as they have been under a runner carpet to protect them. There is only ONE blemish. One of the cable ends was the subject of my carelessness and lost a bit of the metal collar (see picture). Apart from this, the cables are in really good condition. I have 8 of the pig-tails. The ends are original, I never soldered the ends. I did though twist th
  9. Speakers are the Aurum Cantus New Grand Supreme. Speaker cable is the ORN Innova TS7 Bi-wire from CD Japan (at a ridiculous price). Amplification is the Doge 8 Clarity 2017 preamplifier and an Elektra Audio Reference HD amplifier. ICs are Anticable Level 6.2. BTW running the K-03XD in balanced mode using the Cardas adaptors. Thanks for your interest. Paul
  10. Further information: I bought this with the good intention of installing a second tonearm on my Aura da Capo, but this never eventuated. I would have bought the tonearm 15-20 years ago and it has been gathering dust (albeit friendly dust) in the shelving in my music/wine room. The bearings are good and I have all the bits except for the tonearm cable. This includes the mounting collar and the circular metal armboard for an Oracle turntable. There is wear on the pillar (see photos, please). I prefer a local pickup but will post at buyers cost. Pl
  11. The importer took the old player (which they had sold me) as a trade in. They have other clients willing to buy superceded technology. Paul
  12. Our unit was delivered this afternoon. We opted for the black livery. Only two brought into the country by the importer, both now sold. The importer/distibutor delivered and installed this afternoon. Same solid double box. Beautifully packaged as is to Esoteric's insanely high standards. Installation was a doddle. Remove and pack the K-03Xs. Unpack the K-03XD and install. Hmmmm. The new remote is a double sided unit. Insane. The black is different to the standard metallic but in a very much nicer way, aesthetically very much nicer. If I could onl
  13. Delivered this afternoon. In black livery, to be different. Cold out of the box, one could say it blows the K-03Xs out of the water. I'll write up thoughts over the next few days and post to the reviews section. Paul, a very much lighter wallet!
  14. Long time user of the DP-6. Blue Dot and Yellow Dot standard arm wands. Recently bought the Ortofon 2M Black. And it was a real bugger to align properly on the standard arm tube. I bought the bullet and ordered the precision Red Dot arm tube. Three months later, the arm tube arrives from Denmark. Aligning the cartridge was a doddle. Less than half an hour. Would have been less if I had first installed the finger lift correctly. Now vinyl sounds like it should. No tracking errors due to cartridge mis-alignment. I am now very happy and feeling a wh
  15. Further information: Sansui DVD player with issues. DV-X2100K with remote control. Early Sansui DVD player in excellent condition. Does nothave HDMI but does have SP/DIF and toslink outlets. As a DVD player, the last time we used it, after 2 dvds the video would go crazy. I think the video cchipswere over heating leading to the video going haywire (seen this before with a PHILIPS dvd player in Malaysia where we had to place a steel pot filled with water over the bit that over heated). Perhaps heatsinks could be added to the culprit chips. Tried t
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