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  1. I own the Doge 8 Clarity preamp (2017). Well built and sounds sublime with the right tubes. Tube rolling is a must. I am using Haltron 12 AX7s in the phono stage and Mullard CV4024s in the line stage. The only caution is that resale value might not be high. They ship using DHL and the packaging is first class.
  2. I went from the K-03 to the K-03 xs and the difference was huge! Every aspect of performance was improved. I bought the demo model after the last Hi-Fi Show at the Pullman from Reference AV. They gave me a good price and even took my K-03 in as a trade in. If you can find one at a good price, good luck.
  3. I have the Aura da Capo which, thankfully, is fully operational. David Whittaker did not like mats and the turntable was designed for the LP to sit on the platter directly. Later on in life, David recommended a soft tacky mat (I believe Andy R had been in discussion with David about this?). I bought one from David and tried it. It was different in a good way so I used it. BUT I hated that it left tacky marks on the LP! The material looked like the drawer liners you could buy in Bunnings and similar. I found the same design material in white which was not tacky and cons
  4. I feel your pain. The primary reason for me selling my pair of VTL Deluxe Monoblocks 300. Eight KT90s per side. I was running the EI KT90s which are no longer available new as the factory had been destroyed by its then owner (?). You are in the better position of using EL34s but even then the choices are huge. New or NOS. Good luck with the tube rolling.
  5. I have used copper, silver plated copper, and now silver-gold alloy from Anticables .Level 6.2. Silver plated copper I found bright and a little harsh in my system. But the proviso is that these were not expensive cables so this may have been more to do with the overall quality of the materials. Copper is nice with warmth IMHO. The Anticables silver-gold alloy is very nice, well balanced with good bass and extended highs. I can recommend Anticables highly. I started with the Level 1 (copper), then progressed to Level 2 or 3 (cannot remember, it was a long
  6. I have a box of TDK SA 90 sealed. Also have 15 Sony UX100 and 10 Sony CD xi II 70. PM me to discuss. I can send pictures. To large to post here, alas.
  7. Item: 9" Red Dot Morch Precision Arm Tube in Chrome Price Range: Negotiable but not exorbitant, please. Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Anyone with a spare arm tube they are willing to let go? Please note, I am only after the arm tube. I have the arm with standard Yellow and Blue Dot arm tubes. May consider a swap? Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  8. Sorry Ugo, I'm crap at following SN. Are you selling the tiny triodes any time soon? Just ask8ng. The DOGE cf VTL Ultimate (unreno'ed) all round a better experience. Against a renowed Ultimate? I do not know. I will, probably buy a 2021 Doge 8. In the mean time sell my Ultimate.
  9. My understanding is not great, but reading the tomes suggest long runs demand balanced. Perhaps a phono stage at the TT end with a balanced run to the remote preamp.
  10. Peter Qvortrup, I recall from the hi-fi press in the day was seen as the utter b*****d, in effect screwing over Kondo San in the UK. NOT VERY NICE.
  11. Posted by Howard Popeck. On a FB Nakamichi page. If Mr Popeck, must be true! https://www.hifianswers.com/2020/05/my-secret-life-part-1-html/ Is true, the resurrection or rebirth! http://www.hifianswers.com/2020/01/nakamichi-the-dragon-cd-replay-system-recent-images/
  12. Help! I have a tri-tracer I'd like to sell but have no idea of value. Last time I used it was about 10 years ago and i tworked well then. Tried it this morning. All seems to be working. All LEDs light up. FF and FR work OK. Playback too. There is some cosmetic damage caused by a protruding screw in a cabinet where the previous owner had kept it. I've seen prices as high as US$1000 but have no idea. Can someone anyone advise?
  13. Why not try adaptors? Cardas XLR to RCA? I use a set with my Esoteric K-03xs SACD player into my single ended input only Doge 8 Clarity pre-amp. And yes, the Esoteric balanced output sounds better than the RCA outputs, even when modified as above. Good luck!
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