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  1. At this price a bargain! I ran one for a few years until a costly upgrade to the Xs edition. GLWTS!
  2. Agreed with Ittakku. Not enough power can manifest itself in nasties. Even without obvious distortion, you could get collapse of soundstage, poorer bass performance, shouty midrange, and so on. As long as the Hegel has sufficient inputs for your needs, go for the Robin Hood! BTW Primare also make nice tasty gear. Paul
  3. Anyone after a Luxman Tuner? T-530? For $140 you can buy one in ok condition. Where? Doncaster, Victoria, Melbourne. The Salvos Store on Doncaster Rd. Jackson Square. I'm happy with my Pioneer TX-9800, so I passed. Get in quick?
  4. For the recent Hi Fi News review of the Dual CS 600 turntable, the effective mass of the tonearm was estimated as between 6-7 gms. Ken Kessler sucessfully used the Eat Glo No 5 MC cartridge. He liked the combination. Just saying.
  5. Worse than bankruptcy. In-fighting. https://metrumacoustics.com/
  6. I had a Lenco amp and replaced the bent metal jumpers with RCA plugs with really short good quality interconnect cables. Difference was HUGE. I'd guess you might or will be disappointed with the degradation in sound quality. Cheers Paul
  7. Can be an expensive proposition when running monoblocks. The VTL Deluxe 300 MBs I used to own had 8 power tubes per side. At the time I was running EI KT90s (probably the best sounding KT90s ever), but replacements were difficult to source as the factory was no more. The MBs could not run KT120s or the KT150s, so it would have been KT88s or 6550s. That is a sizable investment. And what if you hate the resultant sound? Sorry to be so negative, but that is the way the cookie crumbles, sometimes. Paul
  8. It's a bit of a shame really. Another piece of broken equipment destined for landfill. If only we had the EU rule requiring return to manufacturer, which might at least force recycling at a larger scale. Our society is ill, if not terminally. Paul R
  9. I'd previously sought advice about plastic sleeves to protect CDs in digipaks. Swan plastics sells a product at $0.50 each plus GST. Ouch. I have found a solution of sorts at Daiso. For $2.80 you get 40 resealable bags, much like your sandwich bags from glad. The Daiso bags are the perfect size - 160mm (W) x 140mm (H). Problem sorted. Paul R
  10. I bi-wire between Elektra Reference HD and the Aurum Cantus New Grand Supreme. I use Dynaudio OCOS. If you can buy these cheap, it moght be worth a trial. Single wiring simply does not work in my set up. Never has. I use Anticable IC for all of the components plus between preamp (Doge 8 Clarity) and the Elektra. I am considering the Anticable speaker cables, again in bi-wire mode. It works, so why change? Paul
  11. Doge. Case is good, not the best. But innards is well built. And it sounds pretty darned good. Paul
  12. Currently using the Doge 8 which kills the 30 year old VTL. We may consider recapping the old VTL given the telatively low cost. Paul R
  13. Ta! The power supply developed a click from some relay inside so was relegated to the interchange bench. The TLC was relegated to same bench when we upgraded to the Esoteric KX-03 from the Esoteric P-10 and MF TriVista DAC. But heck. Power supply on a reclocker? Paul Miller was big on examining power supply influences on SQ through the 80s and early 90s. It was interesting to read about impacts and non-intended consequences, stuff you do not think about. What I got out of this was high current and absolutely clean ac/dc voltages! Paul
  14. I bought and used the lab power supply from Jaycar to power the Theta TLC reclocker. Overkill, but it made a huge improvement in SQ. High current with 5 amps available on tap. Paul
  15. Thanks for the update. I might consider taking my own preamp to Ross for a checkover. Thankfully I have replacement tubes, so it would be caps and resisters only. Paul.
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