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  1. Paul R

    Lawrence Audio Speakers

    We too have a pair of the Aurum Cantus New Grand Supreme. These need a lot of power and a huge room. The Elektra Reference HD does a great job. Not cheap ($20k) being asked by the distributor based in Melbourne. If you are in Melbourne, PM me. Paul
  2. Paul R


    Not sure. Speakers would have been purchased in Malaysia in the early 80's. Our friend will not know which series, alas. If you are in Melbourne, the drivers are in Endeavour Hills. Or I can arrange inspection in Camberwell. Sorry tobe so bad with information, but when the only person who knew is now in heaven, it is more difficult. Sorry. Paul
  3. Paul R

    Show us your Turntables!!!

    Thanks AndyR! Hmmm. Whole balls may not work between the plates of the Aura Da Capo though! Cheers!
  4. Paul R

    Show us your Turntables!!!

    Have you tried squash balls cut in half? Less noisy than springs![emoji3] PaulR
  5. Paul R


    Hope someone can help. A friend has a box of 10 Bose 901 drivers. All are basically stuffed and will required to be re-foamed. Also, as tgese have been sitting there for about 20 odd years, the spiders may also have stiffened. Can anyone advise if these have any monetary value if any? Also, might anyone out here be interested in them. If the answer to both is in the negative, then the drivers are headed for resource recovery recycling. Thanking you all in advance. Paul
  6. Paul R

    FS: Japan CDs (BULK)

    Oops, should have done a PM. Sorry. Paul
  7. Paul R

    FS: Japan CDs (BULK)

    Hi! I'll take both the m-flo discs. Also, any Home Made Kazuko? Can I pick up? Paul
  8. Paul R

    82kg speakers

    Nah. Moving the sofa was so much easier. Sweet spot achieved after only about 2 years. Dumb I am says Yoda.
  9. Paul R

    82kg speakers

    Will need to look these up. Ta.
  10. Paul R

    82kg speakers

    Aurum Cantus New Grand Supreme. Back not bad, just partial to let me know when to let go from time to time. [emoji16]
  11. Paul R

    82kg speakers

    Absolutely yes. Bass tighter. Imaging better. Needs to be on carpet!
  12. Paul R

    82kg speakers

    2 person job in my house. Me and the missus. Will have to bite the bullet sometime soon. Will be trying other bits and bobs in Jan 2019, so the bad back goes worse. [emoji16] Happy Christmas all.
  13. Paul R

    82kg speakers

    When you cannot be jacked to remove the spikes to change the placement of the speakers, you push the sofa back 10 cm. Yup, that worked.
  14. My current set of wheels circa 2016 has a CD player inbuilt with bluetooth connectivity for the telephone and other music sources. As newer cars are ditching the humble CD player in ever growing numbers, I am thinking I would like to have a CD player still. Are there any HQ portable CD players with bluetooth connectivity that I mignt use in the car? Ta in advance. Paul R
  15. Paul R

    Who would have thought it......fake LPs

    Growing up in Malaysia in the 1960s 1970s, there was a huge trade in pirate LPs and books. Then came casettes. Notbing was sacrosanct. It still boggles my mind how they pirated LPs what with the whole works required.