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  1. Maybe this is something to aspire to? Or maybe buy that Merc withe the Burmester sound system instead! https://www.burmester.de/en/home-audio/phase-3/2-retrostyle.html
  2. Paul R

    Music vs Audio?

    I listen to music. Music that moves me. Music that educates me. Classical, jazz, pop, jpop kpop, svea pop, anything really. Spanish, Portuguese, French, any where we travel to. Greenland rock? I listen through a two channel stereo system. Our system has evolved over the years. Valves, solid state, combination of the two. Bi-polar loudspeakers, or moving coil? Loved the Maggie 2Cs but bass deficient. Many iterations. Still with moving coil. Now a system that fits our needs. Financially and sonically. We can afford lots more but choose not to. The mortal sins of avarice, greed, et al, come to mind. The reality is the pleasure you derive from the listening. Listen to audio quality or the soul of the music? The quality and decay of the cymbal in the nth bar of that song? Or the musicality and spirituality of a particular reading of a specific concerto. Nat King Cole vs Michael Buble? Doris Day? Rosemary Clooney? Dinah Washington? Ella? We attend at the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra as subscribers through each year. We buy lots of CDs. Classical, jazz, pop, et al. Why? Just because we can. So where do we stand today? Sounds or the soul of music? No offence, but this is a discussion that needs to be had? Music or the mechanics there of? Any 2c's worth considered. Lets talk turkey and the cost of the Rolls Royce! Paul R
  3. Horses for courses. Economic decisions will influence outcomes, always. Not to mention the dreaded WAF or S(style) AF. As long as it sounds great, I'm not judging you. [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16][emoji16][emoji16][emoji16][emoji16][emoji16]
  4. Spending time in Japan for first time ever. Soon. Any suggestions for CD shopping in Tokyo? Also any suggestions for audio window shopping? Might look at carts and cables? Thanking all in advance. Paul R
  5. Paul R

    Shipping HiFi Overseas

    Thanks all for the helpful suggestions! Paul
  6. Paul R

    2 Channel Amp for my DALI Rubicon 8

    Before lashing out, try different speaker cables! You may find that cables solve the problem you never had! I'm using Dynaudio OCOS in my set up. I've tried Tansparent ($1k bi wire), synergestic ($8k bi wire) which did no good. Also tried Kimber Bi wire to no avail. The Dynaudio still remains supreme. Try other speaker cables and interconnects first before blowing serious monies. Paul R
  7. Need advice, please. A friend is intending to ship audio stuff (a Linn LP 12 and a pair of speakers, etc) from Melbourne back to the UK. Any suggestions as to a reliable company whom you have used to ship such fragile stuff around the world? Also need recommendations for a service to pack the speakers. All suggestions welcomed. Paul R
  8. Paul R

    FS: Pioneer Rondo 3000 System

    I had the receiver for a brief period. Sounded quite nice for 15 watts per channel. GLWTS!
  9. I'm using Doge 8 Clarity (2018) and an Elektra Reference HD. Former is under A$2000 delivered including GST. The Elektra can be bought new underA$5000(?). A good combination. The Doge is good and lends itself well to tube rolling. The Elektra is a SS amp with a tube like flavour. But with SS bass control. Driving tbe Aurum Cantus New Grand Supremes which are a bugga to drive. My 2c worth! [emoji3] Paul
  10. Paul R

    Halcro MC 20

    Sorry for the piracy on my part. Paul [emoji16]
  11. Paul R

    Halcro MC 20

    Hi! From a fellow owner of the Aurum Cantus New Grand Supreme! Does anyone really need a sub-woofer, let alone two with these? We are driving our pair with an Elektra Reference HD in bi-wire mode (single sucks big time). Regards Paul PS Try the Dynaudio OCOS speaker cables. I'm yet to find better.
  12. Paul R

    Philips CD204 - any interest?

    Hi Graceman The 204 is a keeper. It works. It only needed to warm up so it will be kept and used. Cheers Paul
  13. Paul R

    Philips CD204 - any interest?

    Hi Graceman You wouldn't be in Melbourne by any chance? Optimistically being Paul
  14. Too quick. Player has now decided to quit. Maybe to be consigned to the bin. Now. Paul
  15. Could you please advise the value of this player in working order? All original with usual marks on the case for a p,ayer of this vintage. Regards Paul