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  1. I would prefer also that moderators remove unwarranted apostrophes.
  2. nonsynchro

    guilty pleasures

    I could do with a ciggy. Belinda Carlisle - Leave a Light On
  3. The Guns of Navarone Cockleshell Heroes
  4. Get rid of the apostrophe ffs.
  5. real Damnyouautocorrect
  6. nonsynchro

    FS: Tannoy Definition DC8 Stand-Mount

    its-not-its.info/ Damnyouautocorrect
  7. nonsynchro

    Old faithful or old POS?

    Is brand the brand?
  8. nonsynchro

    Back to vynal. Purchase advice please

    Damn you auto corract!
  9. Not me! Friday night the record spinner played some amazing Talk Talk through them. Woot.
  10. I couldn't work out if Greg were playing those or the monster towers. They sounded that good. And then he connected the towers. They are mental.
  11. nonsynchro

    What's HiFi?

    They put me up against a girl. I may as well take my ppe off, and hold it suavely in my other arm.