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  1. I've done one for my Thorens TD-160 super since 1989. Used a DSE/Digitor 240/115V step down transformer to feed an exact 110V (via a few resistors) to the motor. Lowers the noise floor, as isolates it from mains noise. Also "Lingo'ed" upstream as I use a PS Audio P10 power regenerator for extra benefit.
  2. Thanks for your comment - very true. It has been a valuable partner to my Lyra Helikon & Skala since 2002.
  3. Further information: The Rega RB300 tonearm is well known to members of this group. I have owned this new since 1989, had it mounted on my Thorens TD-160 Super, & have performed the following modifications/upgrades/enhancements on it. - silver internal Litz wiring (from memory Cardas) - Expressimo Audio 115g "full moon" drop counterweight - improved bass reproduction, tracking, musical detail, resolution & shifts tonearm resonance to the "optimum" 10 Hz. (The original drop weight, there have been many copies since) - Expressimo Audio "VTAF" (Vertical Tracking Angle on the Fly) which allows fine VTA adjustment due to the variability of record thicknesses, without compromising stiffness, secured by original nut - Separate ground lead with mini banana plug (original was grounded through the earth of the RCA plugs) - 2 x 1.5 metre lengths of Furutech FR-alpha S22 Oxygen-free Copper (OFC) tonearm lead, which retails for $85 a metre (total value $255) (connected by 15cm of original Chord Chrysalis phono tail, which is hard wired to the internal Litz cables) - Terminated by a pair of locking WBT110 Ag silver plugs, retail AUS $88 each (total value $176) - Last 2 upgrades done in 2018 All working well. My reason for selling is that my Lyra Skala's stylus recently packed it in after 900+ hours, & am planning an upgrade to an Etna, plus a Rega RB2000. Selling price takes into consideration recent upgrades in the phono lead & RCA plugs, however, please feel free to make reasonable offers. I will post anywhere in Australia for a flat $20, on top of the selling price. Overseas customers, please check Australia's Post's website (www.auspost.com.au) for a quote from 2222 to your country. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. Hi, I have such a combination. I have a modified TD-160 Super - armageddon-type step down transformer, plus silver wired Rega RB-300, with Expressimo Audio 115g drop weight; tonearm tail Furutech FR-222. To my ears, in my system, sounds more musical than 2 LP-12s I had in my system in 2018; one Valhalla, one Mose Hercules; with Linn Asak & Denon DL-103 cartridges respectively.
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