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  1. Nord One SE UP NC500 Dual Mono Hypex NCORE Power Amplifier with Nord Rev C Input Buffers & Sonic Imagery 994 Op Amps and SE Deluxe case Much has been written about these amplifiers Huge Power reserves, Non-existent background noise, instrument separation & Bass extension Silver Finish Stereo Case • Two Hypex NCore NC500 Module • Two Hypex SMPS1200A700 Power Supply • Two Nord One UP Input Buffer Board Choice of Sparkos SS3602 or Sonic Imagery 994 Op Amps • Dual Mono Design • SNR 135dB • Distortion: THD+N - - 0.001 % 20Hz
  2. Further information: spl STUDIO Volume 2 Stereo Volume Controller Volume 2 is an active DAW monitoring controller and a puristic high-end preamplifier. Can be used as a very high quality minimalistic pre-amplifier or Buffer stage. Very accurate, natural, detailed sound More than holds its own up against some expensive pre-amps Made in Germany One pair of Balanced Inputs One pair of Balanced Outputs No remote control https://spl.audio/en/spl-produkt/volum
  3. DEQX HDP Express mk1 speaker / room calibration processor *Pre-Amplifier *DAC *Speaker Correction for Passive speakers *Room Correction *Media Correction *Parametric EQ *Subwoofer Integration *HD-Active Linear Phase Cross-over (Most important feature to me) *Full Featured Remote control Standard Calibration Kit -Brand new *Dayton Measurement Microphone *Nine-metre Balanced Microphone cable *Five-metre USB cable *USB with Calibration files I think it's a 2013 model but it was only unboxed and first used thi
  4. Further information: Classic American Powerhouse Ken Rockwell says : "The ADCOM GFA-555 II is among the world's greatest audio power amplifiers of all time. The GFA-555 was designed by the legendary Nelson Pass (interview, chat room), whose amplifiers today sell new for five figure price tags. The GFA-555 II was designed from the ground up, except for the heat sinks and chassis, by Walt Morrey." I've found it's Bass Extension and Slam as good as anything I've heard. Frequency response +-0.5db 10Hz-50kHz It's very neutral with a Flat Frequency response and very
  5. Klipsch Heritage series Heresy 1 12" 3 Way Sealed Box with Horn Tweeter & Horn Midrange Vast amount of info out there about these. Very efficient, Often matched with a subwoofer and Valve amplification as cheap way to get a great Sound system Operating perfectly. Cabinets have some veneer lifting(as per the pictures) & one speaker is missing the badge Tweeter: K-77-M Mid-range: K-55-V Woofer: K-22-E Cross-over: Type E Pick-up only
  6. Hi, I have one in mint condition, Remote, original packaging, manual, cables Let me know if you're still looking Regards David
  7. BURSON CONDUCTOR VIRTUOSO 2+ Pre-Amp / USB Dac (DSD) / Headphone Amp Hand Built, Pure Class A ,High Power Headphone Amp, Made in Australia with Tank like Build Quality. Even the Remote is Hand made out of thick Aluminium This Pre/Dac/Headphone Amp exudes quality and is a joy to use with great power and PRAT Numerous great reviews. Perfect Condition,Box, Remote, Power cable, RCA Cable, USB Cable Measurements Input impedance: 35 KOhms Frequency response: ± 1 dB 0 – 56Khz THD: <0.003% Input impedance: >8K Ohm Output impedance (Headphone Amp): 3 Oh
  8. ELEKTRA HD PYNX Vacuum Tube Pre-Amplifier Highly regarded Hand Built Fully Balanced DC Coupled Tube Pre-Amp Made in Australia 16 Months old. Box, Remote & Power cord Does Not have the optional Phono stage Introduction: The Elektra Pnyx Preamplifier is the product of extensive research and verification through rigorous listening tests. The areas it excels in are: Power Supply: With all audio products the power supply is a significant contributor to the success or failure of sound quality. With valves circuits this is even more so than an
  9. Further information: Extra Info: 2005 Built One Off's by Colin Whatmough Very Solid & heavy 3 Chamber Cabinet, Quality Drivers and Cross-over, Tri-Wire Michell Binding Posts, Spikes Cherry Wood Veener. Pretty Good for age but would benefit from a light sand and re-oiling Grilles are pretty good, no broken pegs but one is faded from sunlight Perfect operating condition Bass Driver: 8" Focal Kevlar (from Signature 505i Flagship} Mid-Range: 3.5" Focal Carbon Fibre Tweeter : Scanspeak Ring radiator Edgar Kramer in his W
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