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  1. Bargain of the year! Wish I could pick them up but am in Melbourne. Darn!
  2. Donations & Classifieds

    I've sold a lot of stuff on here in the last 12 months and bought twice as much for myself in the 2 years previous to that. It's simple - I love trying stuff. A lot of the items I have sold have been for audio buddies that just can't string two words together and for my treasured mate Russ (Krusty) who is with us no more and asked me to look out for vultures so his wife would not get ripped off. After every item sells, and nearly all of them do, I donate every single time. For my donations, the Hensa model is spot on what I use. It's dirt cheap!!! I love the Classifieds! And I like that I can mostly trust the sellers to be honest. And the Buyers too! It's a great Community. God knows I have no savings since I discovered the Classifieds, but it's my drug of choice. And some pretty good items turn up that are suddenly attainable to someone like me that just makes OK wages. Just yesterday I snagged the DAC I have been lusting over for four years. I'm not too sure how I am going to pay for it, - hang on - I might put some more of my audio treasures and trinkets in the Classifieds... I say lets keep it like it is. However, if you become aware a seller is freeloading - tell them to stump up or get lost!
  3. Sold pending payment. Thanks.
  4. Sort of. This is not his personal unit which I returned just last weekend as I was just custodian. This one is another one he had made and I fired it up just two nights ago with the new MAC DIY Phono. I have two arms to go on it, but only one fitted right now - a Continuum Copperhead. The sound is awesome! Best vinyl I have ever had in my room. ...And this Cambridge is still for sale. I will reduce to $120 to help fund a further upgrade.
  5. Sold elsewhere. Thanks.
  6. KT 120

    ...That's pure cruel Duckman!
  7. KT 120

    I agree Andy, but why do so many of them get the balance so wrong when it is such a relatively easy fix? I've got the answer - the Bean Counters are in control. The poor engineer has both his hands tied behind his back.
  8. KT 120

    Not a zobel, I got that wrong. A notch filter is what I meant. It chops the top of a set frequency. You can adjust now much it chops and how wide either side of that frequency. Only to be used sparingly though and as small as possible or it kills your dynamics and overall sound.
  9. KT 120

    I have found that after about 20hr, tubes are as good as they will ever be. Capacitors on the other hand..., especially Blackgates and most teflons, well just hang in there. Most of Earle's components are generic and I'd expect after 50hrs would be settled in just about right. Maybe a zobel might be needed on the Proacs. You need to get them easured to work out if their response is flat first cos as you say, something is out in that one frequency area. My Spendor Preludes have the same problem... Talk with Earle! He is the man.
  10. KT 120

    The @ArtfullDodger is the resident expert on rectifyers in Weston amps! Oz will be able to fill you in far better than me on this.
  11. KT 120

    All good advice above, but I'm 100% with TerryO. Ring Earle, talk with the man. He is a straight shooter. Earle IS the best man to help you here.
  12. The church's new layout

    32 albums! "And he cried, more, more more!!!" You are one sick puppy Doug. It could be worse, a lot worse. I'm thinking Kylie, Madonna, Ric Astley.... Is the Church getting closer to a grand reopening soon? A baptism of death by metal possibly?
  13. SOLD: SOLD: Bricasti M1 DAC

    Can we have a pic of the back please? Thankyou.
  14. You do realise this has the potential to backfire bad! ...With your key taken and no access to the Deathstar till you conform with "She who must be obeyed'" whims and demands... Scarey! You better be a great Daddy.
  15. Oh yes. Togetherness is a RF disaster!