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  1. Item: Audio Note OTO Phono SE Signature AMPLIFIER Location: Box Hill South, VIC Price: $5K ($8.5+K new) Item Condition: MINT! Suit new buyer Reason for selling: selling audio toys of fellow SNAer Molloy, (Peter) who is no longer with us Payment Method: Cash on pickup, DD. Sorry, no Paypal on this. Extra Info: Prefer local pickup of course, but will ship interstate. Can be double boxed etc, but it is quite heavy. What to say here? Audio Note OTO amplifiers rarely come up secondhand. When purchased new, they are usually end game for most buyers. They are beautifully crafted units, nothing cheap, nothing nasty. They ooze 'quality' in spades. The Chassis is solid and beautifully constructed. The casework finish - class! Under the cover, every individual component has been thought about, and the circuit design has been in production and refined for more than 20 years. An example of the sheer quality of product here, is to just behold the beautiful silver rcas connectors and speaker terminals - not just because they look good, but because sonically they are far superior to just about anything available at any price.(imo) And a bonus, ...your wife might look at this elegant piece of kit sitting in 'her' lounge and and come out with something like, "that can stay." OK, so it's time to stop dribbling. (yes, I really do like this unit) This OTO is 6 years old and was purchased new by Peter from Audio Note guru Bryan Fletcher. -It is 10 watts of SE power from a pair of 6BQ5s/ channel. -3 inputs PLUS Phono (to suit MM) -Has a Balance control as well as a Tape Loop circuit -It also comes with a 1M Audio Note ISIS mains cable, fitted with a Furetec IEC and a AU Heavy duty plug on the input end. ($400) -both 4 and 8 ohm taps on output trannies The Phono circuit in this amp is exceptional. It is one of less than a handful that I would recommend. (and I am hard to please!) This OTO has absolutely no marks of blemishes anywhere and would suit a new buyer. Comes with the original box and packaging, as well as the Owners manual. No 3 month waiting time for the purchaser here either, so you will have it for the Christmas break. If purchased by an interstate buyer, I shall double box it to ensure it arrives perfect. Buyer to pay postage. It weighs 20kgs. A demo here at my place for any prospective buyer is welcomed. If you might have any questions - please, just ask.
  2. 6 Head made in Japan! Awesome for someone.
  3. Item: Electrovoice Model T35 tweets (pair) Location: Box Hill South, VIC Price: $200 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: more goodies from the Krusty Cave, (Russell Spokes) selling for his wife. Payment Method: Cash on pickup, DD or Paypal to Friends/ Family Extra Info: Happy to post at buyers cost These tweets were made for over 30 years and they feature in many of the top models for both EV and Klipsch speakers. This particular pair are the more deluxe component version in chrome with alnico magnets. Cosmetically, they are very nice. They have phenolic daphrams and the recommended crossover point is around 3.5kH. Nominally 8 ohms. This pair measure 6.9 and 6.6 ohms. Excellent condition for age. Any questions - please ask.
  4. Item: VITAVOX AK 120, 12" driver pair, 15 ohms Location: Box Hill South, VIC Price: $350 Item Condition: VG Reason for selling: More goodies from the cave of SNAer Krusty (Russell), selling for his wife Payment Method: Cash on pickup, DD or Paypal to Friends/ Family. Extra Info: Pickup preferred, but I can box these to post anywhere in OZ at your cost. I know very little re this pair of drivers. Made in the UK, their vintage at a guess is somewhere in the '60s. Beautiful alnico magnets with blue hammertone duco, the baskets and magnets are in excellent cosmetic condition. Both drivers measure very closely at 12.6 and 12.2 ohms respectively. Sensitivity is unknown, but at a guess it's in the 96dB range. Response is 45Hz - 12K! Add a little tweet on top = happy days. It appears that both cones have had a tear in each repaired at some time in their life. (see pics) This will not impede performance in any way. Otherwise, integrity of cones is very good. Surrounds and spiders are VG too. Any questions - ask.
  5. Item: Bob’s Devices Cinemag Blue Line 1131 SUT Location: Box Hill South, VIC Price: $900 Now $800 - it's here to be sold. Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: deceased estate audio toys of SNAer Molloy, selling for his wife Payment Method: Cash on pickup, DD or Paypal to Friends/Family Extra Info: Happy to post anywhere in OZ. https://www.bobsdevices.com/product-page/sky-cinemag https://www.bobsdevices.com/post/an-analog-twist-bob-s-devices-1131-step-up-transformer-review I am not sure what the new price on this 1131 SUT is, I can't find one anywhere. The new model, the SKY is US$1375, plus shipping, plus GST etc – ends up close to AU$2.4K landed. (Info in links above) This one is in like new condition, with original box and original card. (no extra charge for dust😁) Also included are many research notes by Peter that you may find handy. When tested in a mate’s system this week, (Koetsu Onyx,) it was both very dynamic and absolutely dead quiet! Peter used this SUT with a ZU 103 cart on his Funk Firm TT. This unit has two step up ratios, 20:1 and 40:1, at the flick of a switch. It also has an earth lift switch which can be really handy in difficult systems with earth loop issues. While researching for myself here in the SNA Forums, I found that this unit can be wired for 10:1 as well. A very versatile and handy little unit. 20:1 = 26dB of gain 40:1 = 32dB of gain Also available, a set of Bob’s Devices 1m shielded interconnects, in like new condition too. $300 https://www.bobsdevices.com/product-page/shielded-silver-clad-copper-conductor-interconnect-cables Of course, the buyer of the SUT has first option on these interconnects. Any questions – just ask.
  6. Item: JVC X500 Projector Location: Box Hill South, VIC Price: $1400 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Selling for a retired mate who has upgraded to a JVC DLA - N7 Payment Method: Cash, DD or Paypal to Friends/ Family Strictly - PICKUP only! Due to the fragile components and alignment inside these projectors, sorry, pickup only. Interstate buyers - you may purchase this X500 - but you MUST have someone pick it up for you. Storage and time is not a problem, as long as it is paid in full. I have a X500 to sell for a mate John, recently retired and he decided to treat himself. He has moved to another JVC, the new DLA-N7N7. ($9.5K - yikes!) This X500 has 1259hrs on this genuine JVC replacement bulb. The first bulb was changed at around 2000hrs. In excellent cosmetic and working condition with no faults. It has never had a fault. Always in a smoke free airconditioned room. While this projector is not 4K, it has eShift which will upscale roughly halfway to 4K. (I'm not real sure how that works - but I've seen it, it does) It is one owner and John purchased it new around 5 years ago for $5.75K which included the 3D module and a single pair of 3D glasses. Both these 3D components are NOT included in this sale, as he has kept them for the N7. I have all the original packaging and original box. Both users manuals are included as is the remote which is like new as it has lived in a plastic bag all its life. (John is a hopeless anal audiophile!) I'd love to buy it myself, but I am between jobs right now so that aint about to happen! I will have to be happy with my Panasonic 8000 for a while yet. I have sat it on a box in my music room and fired it up. I have no idea how to calibrate it for my rubbish pull down chino screen, so am not about to try. It works a treat straight out of the box though, with nice detail and the blacks are black. I love it! Happy to demonstrate to potential buyers. There are no funny lines/ colours or whatever. On a white screen - it's all white. Please note the two pictures from Skyfall were taken with my 5S handheld while the film rolled on. They are just to show an overview of contrast/ naturalness of this projector. Pics both done in eco mode. The blue band in the second pic is something to do with the lighting for the 5S, this blue band is not on the screen. Same shot with the Pana 8000 and my 5S nearly couldn't cope! I will be out for most of this Sunday, but will return messages and enquiries asap upon my return. Thanks.
  7. Item: Audioquest Diamond FireWire 72V DBS Cable (0.75M) Location: Box Hill, VIC Price: $250 Item Condition: VG Reason for selling: Sold my Macbook Pro, no longer needed. Payment Method: Cash, DD or Paypal to Friends/Family Extra Info: http://www.ultraaudio.com/index.php/component/content/article?id=223:audioquest-diamond-and-carbon-firewire-800 If you are running any sort of Mac for a server, this is the cable you want! No original box, but I obtained it from Darth Laker who purchased it from an authorised dealer in the US, so definitely genuine! This Diamond is way better than just about any USB cable. It is also a known good practice, to not run more than one USB cable on a server or crosstalk can occur. It's FireWire 800 at both ends and worked beautifully with my Macbook Pro. I just hated the Macbook though and struggled as I am hardwired PC and the mac language was one I just wasn't prepared to spend time to learn. Most likely my loss... Life is too short and I am getting into R2R. No time for streaming! Happy to post anywhere in OZ at cost. Buyer to pay for postage. I am out most of this Sunday, but will get to your messages/ enquiries asap when I get back in. Thanks.
  8. Item: Audioquest Colorado Interconnects, 1m Location: Box Hill VIC Price: $300 Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: NLR, upgraded Payment Method: Cash, DD, Paypal to Friends/Family Extra Info: I purchased these from the Classifieds a while back, but they are no longer needed in my new setup. These I/Cs have the 72V packs and the batteries seem fine in both units. Battery packs are really clean and shiny, like new. All connectors and the weaved cloth covering are excellent too. No original boxes, but they are definitely genuine. Happy to post anywhere in OZ at cost, buyer to pay for postage. Will be packed super safe. I am not around for most of this Sunday, but will reply asap when I get in.
  9. Item: SONORE microRendu streaming package Location: Box Hill South, VIC Price: $550 Item Condition: VG Reason for selling: liquidating hifi toys of deceased SNAer Molloy, on behalf of his wife. Payment Method: Cash on pickup, DD or Paypal to friends/family Extra Info: Happy to post anywhere in OZ, at cost to buyer A complete package ready to get into streaming! You just supply Roon/ whatever and you are away. This is what Peter used in his everyday setup. I have not tested anything, (because I don't know anything about streaming!) but believe it all works perfect. I physically removed this package from the back of his DAC on his hifi stand just this week. The DAC, a METRUM AMETHYST will be available a little later, along with all his other quality items. This package comprises the following quality components:- -Sonore microRendu unit in silver -Audio Quest Jitterbug -Uptone Audio USPCB A>B Adaptor -ifi iPower audio power supply -USB Adaptor -Cord Company C-Stream 3 metre LAN cable All these items are in excellent condition *except* -the microRendu unit is missing a little rubber pad on it's back -the LAN cable has a connector lock missing. Included here are the original boxes for both the Sonore unit and the ifi power supply. I know very little re streaming, so please be patient with any technical questions. I will be out a lot of this weekend, so if I don't answer pronto, that will be the reason. I will get to you asap. Photos:
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