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  1. ...But think of the satisfaction and bragging rights! Awesome job.
  2. Nah, he is obviously no fool and knows what he is doing. Well done. If you or I were doing it Mark - well that would be pure foolish! No, I am not that brave either.
  3. So you didn't last that long without a REL in the Church afterall...
  4. Oldies but goodies these units. And one owner! Awesome.
  5. Where from for the black box Doug? Nice cases are hard to find.
  6. Does he make that available as a seperate item?
  7. Free shipping? Well there is over half the cost saved there! 1kV. Awesome. It's all about current capability... What are you using for a soft start? Thanks to everyone with suggestions. Keep them coming in so everyone can share our options.
  8. I know the feeling here... 6 weeks ago I sent an enquiry to Peter at Harbuchs, nothing. Then two weeks later I rang him and we spoke, I then emailed details again. ...Over a month has passed and I am still waiting. Also 6 weeks ago, I rang RF Waves in Perth enquiring prices on a pair of 600va Noratel trannies. I was soon informed by the gentleman on the other end of the phone that I was conversing with an experienced electrical engineer and that I was wasting my money and only needed 300va trannies, they would be plenty. I was expecting to pay $350ea or whatever for the size I asked for. All that was required was to a quote a price No - not too hard. surely? ...Well, apparently it was. So what is wrong with these people? They don't want to sell product? Is my $700 or so, so small that they don't need it? I was after all asking for a standard product in their range with no time limit specified to supply as I understand I would be a lesser sale in their business. So now I guess I must head overseas to source what I want. A great shame. Toroidy in Poland have a great reputation amongst audio buddies for being totally professional and supplying a great product. Plitron in Canada also come to mind. Any other suggestions?
  9. Yes, this is as cheap as it gets to enter serious vinyl playback.
  10. Jeez - you boys must have extra special eyes to be able to read the record/cover description and prices!
  11. He is looking for interconnects - not speaker cables.
  12. Thanks, but I am looking for a PLUS. More memory, twin lens and BIGGER screen for my eyes and fat fingers. But thanks, and yes - it's appears a super clean unit! I got my old 5S from a SNAer here and it has been fabulous. I go with what works well. Not interested in a fleabay purchase.
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