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  1. James Trannies no more? That's a shame. What are the tubes in your amp?
  2. Just get yourself a pre with tone controls and be done with it. Ideal for the purists? No, but who cares a toss what they think. Had the same problem with my 385HPD Tannoys years back when I removed the dust caps. To the cries of Tannerds everywhere, I simply installed a quality attenuator pot to the tweeter. Problem fixed! Phase issues etc? Maybe - but I didn't care cos I could crank the music to levels to share with the neighbours and tonally it was correct and never cut my ears off. Same problem switching from audio to playing movies in sa
  3. My old 303 200 was a US import, and was a simple rewire of the trannie to suit 240v
  4. Well you asked for the best Peter and the people did not disappoint! Mullard ECC32s - a beautiful tube - good luck finding a single. GEC KT88s - a great tube - good luck again GECTT21s - a better version of a KT88 - rarer than KT88s Mullard fat base Blackburn GZ34s - I have only ever seen one! Brimar 6SN7s with round plates - nice if you can find them Tungsol nos 6SN7 - great tube Be patient - save your US$30 on fast postage and just keep running them in.
  5. ...That's because you are an even bigger troublemaker than me. evilc still tops us but! Much appreciated Marc! A great tool for the Classifieds.
  6. I would prefer to see them stay apart. Playing CDs I couldn't care less - but vinyl is completely different for me and I like to read of the differences in pressings and what is available new and the quality. ie Sade Box Set, new 45rpm MOFIs etc. A big thankyou for asking and not just lumping them together straight up.
  7. This is TL12 +, not a TL12. Looks super clean - with original umbilical and both original tags - darn awesome! This is cheap.
  8. Further information: Love this unit, so a while back I upgraded to a model 17. I really don't need to hang onto this one.... In excellent condition, I am the second owner. It still even has the original plastic cover on the smoked polycarbonate lid. There are no scratches, dings etc anywhere. The original owner fitted an external water bottle to catch all moisture vacced off. Hence, there is zero water damage to the wood case. The motor is in excellent condition, the vacuum tube is in VGC with no cracks etc. The previous owner also fitted a rubbe
  9. Further information: More audio goodies taking up space! These are in like new condition. Sorry, I have no specs. From memory they are around 90 dB sensitivity. Since they are so cheap, would prefer a local sale as packing things properly takes so much time. Any questions - please ask. Photos:
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