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  1. I have a MC50 and all channels in it have plenty of power.
  2. Wish I was in Brissy as this looks really interesting and I'd love to try it!
  3. There is a whisper that this might be a different kind of presentation. The Willis Room might be setup into two semicircles for listening... Come along and have a listen.
  4. Well that is an absolute giveaway! Way underpriced for the elderly gentleman. The 401 is worth $1200 on it's own and mega desireable - it would sell in a flash at that price too. PLUS the Dynavector arm! ...Anyways.
  5. I'll take this if still available thanks.
  6. If these are not taken, I can put them to good use thanks Alistair.
  7. Well there ain't much left now, but I'd like - Sarah McLachlan and the Mary Black please.
  8. If that sale falls through, I will take them. A mate needs two that recently went to tube heaven.
  9. ...There are some really tasty items in this lot. Nice,
  10. Boz Scaggs - Other Roads I'd like this please if still available. Is there anyone from Melbourne who would like to share postage rather than just sending this single album on it's lonesome? I am happy to drive a 20km radius of Box Hill to pickup Boz. Let me know. Regardless, I'd still like Boz if available. Thanks.
  11. I doubt that actually. Most manufacturers here in Melb. I know will tell you that a "one off" is just not worth their time. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to support local, but mostly now it just is not feasible for the manufacturer.
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