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  1. SOLD: FS: NAD M51 DAC

    Sold pending payment. Thanks for the interest.
  2. SOLD: FS: NAD M51 DAC

    Item: NAD M51 DAC Location: Box Hill South, VIC Price: $800 Item Condition: 9/10, mint. Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Cash, DD, Paypal to friends if you must. Extra Info: Selling for a mate, Ivan. He has upgraded to some flash Yamaha SACD all in one m/c. An upgrade I ask??? Well, the yammie certainly cost a lot! Anyway, up for grabs here we have his M51 DAC. These units are well known here on SNA so I don't need to rabbit on too much. It has AES/EBU, coax, optical, USB and two HDMI inputs! Outputs are both RCA single ended and balanced. Remote volume etc. ...And the blue display is just a pleasure for the eyes. Like all of Ivan's gear - it's in mint condition with not a scatch/ mark on it anywhere. It comes with remote, original NAD disc, power cord etc. Also comes with all original packaging and double boxing. Postage is an option, (buyer pays) but much prefer to sell local. I'm out for the day and don't do the internet on the phone thing (I'm old!), so I will respond later. Hang in there. Pictures:
  3. ...If only I had the cash! Yep, a beautiful m/c. I have a mate that has one of these exact units. Previous he had VPIs and he just got sick of replacing stuff that was always breaking, including several vacuum units. Since he purchased his new KM - now he is a very happy man!
  4. FS: Pair of 15" Jaycar drivers

    Beautiful! Many thanks Russelll With an fs of 26Hz and sensitivity of 94dB, they are really useable.
  5. SOLD: FS: Anthem 1225 Stereo Integrated Amp

    Sold. Thanks.
  6. Item: 15" Jaycar drivers (pair), cat. CW-2131 Location: Box Hill South, VIC Price: $150 Item Condition: 9/10, just like new, mint. Reason for selling: Selling for a Melb. mate now living in NZ but soon locating to the UK Payment Method: Cash, DD or PP to friends Pickup highly preferred for these. I will post, but only if you are patient and wait for me to find the right box for safe travel... Extra Info: These belong to my mate Colin who bought them new from Jaycar, around 20 years back at a guess. They have had wires soldered to the spade terminals, (which I have removed) but they have never been used. (sounds too familiar!) There are absolutely no mounting marks anywhere, they are minty virgins. I have no info re specs on them. These old Jaycar units were quite well respected. They were $145ea all those years ago. Maybe someone here might have an old Jaycar catalogue and can help. It would be most appreciated. Polypropylene cones and pressed baskets, 8 ohms, 120w, rubber surrounds with lots of travel (X max). I hooked them up to my amp the other day and was surprised at their output. (Jeez I miss that 15" sound ) They work a treat. Pictures:
  7. SOLD: FS: Anthem 1225 Stereo Integrated Amp

    On hold for someone.
  8. SOLD: FS: Anthem 1225 Stereo Integrated Amp

    ...Um, I have no idea! I will have a read of the manual and see what it says. Remember, it is a stereo amp, just two channels.
  9. Item: LOWTHER PM4 fullrange drivers Location: Box Hill South, VIC Price: $1100 Item Condition: used, see extra info Reason for selling: more treasures from the Krusty Cave, selling on behalf of Russell Spokes wife Payment Method: Cash, DD or Paypal to friends. If required, postage at cost to buyer. Extra Info: These are part of Russell Spokes estate and I will be upfront and say I know very little about Lowthers! (I love Tannoys.) I am presenting them here to you as I find them, but at a bargain price so they find a new home. Inspection by anyone interested in purchasing is most welcome. This pair has consecutive numbers and Russell has had them in his cupboard, hoarding them for many years. (I never do such things! ) Mohan (our local Lowther Overlord) informed me that one of the baskets has suffered damage on these units, though I cannot see which one or where! I also noticed a roll surround on one of the drivers has a slit in it. So yes, they need attn. The enormous magnets look to be both fine. This pair are also fitted with beautifully machined custom phase plugs crafted from solid brass! Extras included in this deal, are one set of original phase plugs, (the black ones,) and a set of broader ones, one white and one a wooden shade. Also extra stainless steel nuts and bolts and an original set of genuine Lowther stands. These drivers come in their original packing boxes and so can be posted just fine if boxed again, though of course local pickup much preferred. More info and specs here:- http://www.lowtherloudspeakers.com/ https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=8&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjYko-1gu3XAhXFsJQKHV4fAQwQFghDMAc&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.lowtherloudspeakers.com%2Fpm4DP.html&usg=AOvVaw0UlHMUyhELYTG2hU4wmjkK ...These have been sitting in my music room for over 6 months and I want my space back! Pictures:
  10. Item: Anthem 1225 Integrated amp with built in phono Location: Box Hill South Price: $1000 Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: NLR. Selling for a fellow SNA buddy who went back to separates Payment Method: Cash, DD, Paypal to friends Extra Info: 225W into 8 ohms with:- - built in phono - one set of balanced inputs - four sets of single ended (rca) inputs - pre/record out circuit - headphone jack - 3.5mm stereo input jack - bass and treble control controls that are defeatable and a balance switch It also has a remote control of course! Weight is a hefty 20kgs. This amp is one owner and was purchased new from Clef HiFi around three years ago. RRP at the time was $2.6K It is in mint condition! Not a scratch or mark anywhere. It's never had the lid off it for any reason and has worked perfect since new. I have had it running here in my system for over a week and it sounds fine with no issues whatsoever. It comes with the original double boxed boxes, packaging and manual. Would prefer local pickup, but am willing to ship interstate. Pictures:
  11. Yep, my mate paid $4.5K and had to drive to Sydney for his pair. ...But they were sure worth it!
  12. I have a mate who has a pair of these speakers - they are the ducks guts when it comes to imaging! Great speakers. I think the amp is a Earle Weston Topaz. Just last Sat. for another good SNA buddy, I had two matched pairs of used GEC KT66 output tubes we tried instead of the EL34s. Man, the amp just opened up to something really special, batting way above it's weight in SQ. We also found that this amp is really picky on valve rectumfryers too. Those potato mashers are total rubbish.
  13. I'm in! Let's see how good this baby projects...
  14. SOLD: Vintage Caravan 1966 Crestline

    Now that's uber cool! Can't say I've seen one in really mint condition as good as this since I was a kid back in the 70s.
  15. SOLD: FREE: Large slate slabs x 3

    I would love these three too. I can pick up.