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  1. Tannoy westminster se build

    Yes, it's hard to believe that the all controlling bean counters at Tannoy (alas, any and every company!) can minimise what could be such a better product to save a few cents per unit. Hats off to the engineers that actually get them to the SQ that they achieve! Just look at that pathetic assembly of 'average' quality components in those above crossovers. And yet they still somehow sound quite good. At least diy gives us the freedom to swap components, in the search of a better sound without selling the Family home (...unless if you insist to use Duelands). Zooty is on the money re bass control. Sure Tannoys sound nice with flea power, but don't listen to the purists here. Where they really shine is with a bit of current to drive them. Audio bliss will await you with the 211s.
  2. Tannoy westminster se build

    Affording any of those Duelands might be out of the league for most of us. The inductor dimensions are rather out of the ordinary with the above lnk from zooty... But I have a friend who plays with big Tannoy, JBL, Yamaha, RCF drivers etc and he believes that the flat foil inductors are the only way to go on a big bass driver. Not on mids, just the bass. Myself, I have not yet tried but I have a pair of 3836 drivers to fire up soon with a Glenair crossover, so I might have a crack with them. Nice job on the speakers! Way beyond what I can do and I think myself quite handy. Well done!
  3. Absolute bargain here! I am curios how you cut the sheets so straight!
  4. FS: 80cm Curious USB Cable

    Not just yet, but yes. I'd love to take you up on that offer. I have a 2m one and I am curious to hear if there is a difference in SQ.
  5. FS: 80cm Curious USB Cable

    OK, I'll wait for the next one to surface. Thanks again.
  6. FS: 80cm Curious USB Cable

    Is this now gone? Thanks.
  7. ...And the lists are where please?
  8. Come on - it's a digital network! I have to connect it all together with something.
  9. Yep, I just need a cheap 2m coax cable...
  10. Looks like I might need to fit some wifi to my wheelbarrow at work, so I don't miss the bargains!
  11. I'll give this a go if it is still available thanks.
  12. Shuguang Black Treasure Z vs Gold Lion

    Yes Runaway, I agree he should crawl before he runs. And yes, NOS can be expensive and they can be fragile. Fakes in KT66s - no. Whether it be a GEC, Mullard, Osram or Marconi, imho a genuine one stands out like dogs nuts. The chinos are becoming great copiers though, I admit that. NOS expensive and wildly varying prices? Oh yeah! We had that here just last week in the Classifieds with someone asking $200 ea for a Phillips GZ32. That's just criminal! They should be around $30ea. I have a box of 2nd hand GEC 66s somewhere. I will get around to sorting/testing/matching them around Christmas and then if the OP likes, I will head over to the OP's place with them and we can give them a run in his amp. I have a swag of rektumfryers I will offer to do the same with too. Nothing happens quickly here though, so best he goes ahead and keeps rolling till then. Grey GEC 66s - correct, not as many watts so not as much spl output. As an indication, lets say 18 watts out of a pair of clear GEC 66s in push pull triode mode, the grey 66s will give you 15 watts. ...But the sound!!! All just imho of course, others milage may vary. Sound is a very personal thing.
  13. Shuguang Black Treasure Z vs Gold Lion

    ...And why would you say this? In my opinion for a KT66, NOTHING beats an original GEC. The clear glass ones have better power and run cooler, but the older grey ones have a holographic magic that I cannot imagine any chino tube could capture! The grey ones are more fragile and they run hotter too. As I said, not as many watts out of these babies either. Yeah sure - it's hard to find NOS matched pairs and they are not cheap, but how do you put a price on thousands of hours of musical bliss. They are like $350- 400 per NOS pair, chump change to the rest of what you have spent. They are super stable too and won't drift like cheapie chinos! They don't need to be NOS either. Look around for some good 2nd hand units, there are plenty around and go for like $75 ea. As Darth mentioned - do not underestimate the recumfryer. Just check that yours is 5V3A with Earle, and then you can roll just about any tube through there that is 5V3A. ie, 5R4, 5UG4, GZ34. I would not recommend a 5AS4 though, as their warm up time is like 1.5 seconds and then they are conducting flat out. A great tube, but must be implimented with care and research first. They can stress the voltage rating on your p/s caps too. Caution Grasshopper... Different brands of the same tube will deliver different results too. And just because a particular tube sounds great in one amp, this is not even a remote guarantee that it will sound good in your amp!!! Tubes are a bit like women - all very individual. Darth's EM 274 is a bit extreme for you as a beginner though. I would not recommend you go there yet. No potato mashers though! They are complete shite for audio. A pity, but that's the reality. Hope that helps. Happy listening.
  14. Price reduced to $810. A new home is required for this lovely amp.
  15. This looks to me like a VW50, (like on the packing box) not a HW50. They are quite different.