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  1. Item: Audio Note OTO Phono SE Signature integrated amplifier Location: Box Hill South, VIC Price: Now $4.5K Item Condition: MINT! Suit new buyer Reason for selling: selling audio toys of fellow SNAer Molloy, (Peter) who is no longer with us Payment Method: Cash on pickup, DD. Sorry, no Paypal on this. Extra Info: Prefer local pickup of course, but will ship interstate. Can be double boxed etc, but it is quite heavy. (20kgs) Audio Note OTO amplifiers rarely come up secondhand. When purchased new, they are usually end game for most buyers. They are a "one box" fix. They are beautifully crafted units, nothing cheap, nothing nasty. They ooze 'quality' in spades. The Chassis is solid and beautifully constructed. The casework finish - class! Under the cover, every individual component has been thought about, and the circuit design has been in production and refined for more than 20 years. An example of the sheer quality of product here, is to just behold the beautiful silver rca connectors and speaker terminals - not just because they look good, but because sonically they are far superior to just about anything available at any price.(imo) And as a bonus, ...your wife might look at this elegant piece of kit sitting in 'her' lounge and and come out with something like, "that can stay." This OTO is 6 years old and was purchased new by Peter from Audio Note guru Bryan Fletcher in Sydney. -It is 10 watts of SE power from a pair of 6BQ5s/ channel -3 inputs PLUS Phono (to suit MM) -Has a Balance control as well as a Tape Loop circuit -both 4 and 8 ohm taps on output trannies -It also comes with a 1M Audio Note ISIS mains cable, fitted with a Furetec IEC and a AU Heavy duty plug on the input end. ($400) The Phono circuit in this amp is exceptional. It is one of less than a handful that I would recommend in any integrated amp. (and I am hard to please!) This OTO has absolutely no marks of blemishes anywhere and would suit a new buyer. Comes with the original box and packaging, as well as the Owners manual. No 3 month waiting time for the purchaser here either. You can start playing straight away. If purchased by an interstate buyer, I shall double box it to ensure it arrives perfect. Buyer to pay postage. It weighs 20kgs. A request for a demo here in Melbourne for any prospective buyer in their own home can be accomodated. If you might have any questions - just ask.
  2. Item: OPPO 95 Blu Ray player Location: Box Hill South, VIC Price: $400 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Have a 105 Payment Method: Cash on pickup, DD, or Paypal to Friends/ Family. Extra Info: I purchased this unit here many years ago. It has only played around 30 movies and 15 SACDs in that time. A couple of months back I used it for about a month as a transport to my DAC to play redbook cds, filling in as my normal transport crapped out. It's in excellent conditon - both electrically and cosmetically. Not a mark on it. It's never missed a beat. Remote works perfect too. I don't have the original box, but I do have the OPPO 105 box that it was sent to me in. A local sale is preferred, but postage should not be a problem anywhere in OZ either. Postage at cost, to be paid for by the buyer. No manual - I never got one with it. Any questions - just ask.
  3. Thanks Marc for the vigilance! 👍 Just a word of advice for sellers: If a buyer pays with paypal but is going to pick up, the seller needs to get either a receipt of pickupsigned by the buyer, or a photo of the buyer with the goods. If not, the buyer can say he never got the goods and put a claim in with Paypal and they WILL give the buyer your money.
  4. Yeah, but ears are all odd shaped and I can't imagine that there is much give in the small amount of foam that there is over the titanium - which leads really quickly to mega sore ears and pain. Just what I have found and I have to wear them nearly 8hrs 5 days a week when I am actually working. Others milage may differ.
  5. Gee, they certainly aint cheap! I agree re concert levels though. My 50 cent foam expandibles worked a treat for the last AC/DC concert I went to.
  6. Item: Dartzeel Chino Clone, NHB-108, 230V Location: Box Hill South, VIC Price: $1150 Item Condition: Mint, like new Reason for selling: Raising funds for R2R m/c Payment Method: Cash on Pickup, DD or Paypal to Friends/ Family Extra Info: 100W into 8 ohms, but seems way gruntier than that. Real Dartzeels bandwidth measure 1Hz to 1Mhz! WOW! Don't know about this one - but it has superb clarity. Completelty dual mono all the way, both RCA and Balanced inputs. Quality speaker outputs that are not those stupid EU unusable things! Spades slide straight in. And yes, clealy marked on the rear 230V. To me, it looks to be full of legit quality parts. The Chinese are getting way better with their build quality and this amp is quite exceptional. Of course, here they have copied almost everything exactly from the legendary original.... Yes, it has a smoked glass lid as well, just like a real Dartzeel. Not a mark on it anywhere, its mint. I purchased this middle of last year from MattyW, who purchased it new. I even drove all the way to Banana Land to pick it up safely. Only selling as I need to raise funds for a R2R m/c and I am not working right now. No original box, so prefer local sale. Any questions - just ask. Here is the link to Matty's Classified.
  7. But Spotify is rubbish - no audio nirvana there.
  8. You have my attention too. I've tried lots of LDRs, TVAs and passives and still am a long way from Nirvana.
  9. I have three "Warpspeed" LDRs and they goto since at zero volume. The designer used a wheatstone bridge to achieve this. Unfortunately though two of these units have ceased to function. Cause unknown. The third - well I have not a clue where that got to as I gave up many years back. They were awesome while they worked though. He also used a three turn pot. From the first rotation through 360 deg. there was zero volume. The next 360 deg turn went from zero vol to max volume. the last 360 deg rotation just maintained max volume. How does it work - not a clue!
  10. George Lazenby - still my favourite ever 007. His performance was real and totally believable.
  11. Well Lads - this is the screaming bargain of the month! Wish I was in Sydney to pick up these babies.
  12. Sold and delivered! I could have sold it 4 times! Thanks everyone for the interest.
  13. Item: 4 Shelf HiFi Rack, SOLID STEEL Series 5.4 in black Price: $375 Item Condition: Mint - like new Reason for selling: Part of the estate of fellow SNAer Malloy, selling for his wife. Payment Method: Pickup only on this due to size - Cash or DD. Happy to deliver anywhere in Melbourne for cost of petrol. Extra Info: This is Peter's hifi rack. It was purchased new from Encels around 10 years ago. This was the top of the range in this product. (retail was $729 at that time) Made in Italy. This is a quality pice of kit! This audio table/ hifi rack is in excellent condition with no damage anywhere - it's mint. Suit a new buyer. This is a four leg table, steel frame with anti resonant finish. All four legs are fitted with adjustable/ removeable spikes. All four MDF shelves are in a matte finish, each supported on 3 duraluminium cones for shelf decoupling/isolation. Dimensions are: 570 wide, 460 deep and 900 high. Spacings are 191, 191 and 240. Any questions - just ask. Photos:
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