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  1. "Sounds better to my ears". Indeed - that is where it is.
  2. An old Telefunken - nice. What - you have had it going for a month - and only now you are telling us! I have a 10Y DHT in my system. I have mine setup to run 5v rectifiers. So I can use 80, GZ30, GZ32, GZ34, 5AS4, 5R4, 5U4G, U52 etc. The two standouts are the 80 and the GZ30. Just this morning I fitted an octal socket with a couple of diodes fitted. Wow - better detail and bass, but after 8hrs of it - it was splitting my head. Of course the volts would have been higher and this might be the reason for the headsplitting as I found around 200v was the sweet spot in this configuration. So back in with the old 80. Ahhh - not as 'clean' and the bass is not so tight, but the music has that beautiful flow again. I have a couple of old globe 80s somewhere - I might see if I can find that and try it.
  3. What are the drivers used here please? That's a lot of hours in those cabinets! Jeez - all these people are gettin stuff built! Here I am in hard lockdown in Olde Melbourne Town and well - I'm getting nothing done... Well Done boys - keep building.
  4. Great stuff Simon! What is the rectifier - some old 5 pin British thing? 4v? Certainly looks the goods! When do we get a report on the sound of a 4P1L DHT pre?
  5. Nope, I have never laid eyes on them, but jeez - they are nice. I had an educated guess at who made them. Just trying to be helpful. 🙂
  6. This is when they just had been finished and were spanking new back in 2007. Beautifully simple! Which translates to beautiful music.
  7. I'm not 100% sure here, but these might have been made by Barry Clarke here in Melbourne for Bill Taylor, who had moved to Queensland in his latter years. It was a Bill Taylor circuit and started life with a 6SN7 as the first driver tube, to drive the EL34. Bill and Barry made preamps and phono amps under the name of Audile. These were sold by George Secher. Barry's build quality is exceptional, rarely seen these days! All point to point etc. Bill might have changed out the 6SN7 for a 6072, a driver tube he was fond of. Very nice... I think you are mad parting with them!
  8. I've never thought of a PX25 instead of the 10Y. More gain would be helpful and I could retain my Tango line out trannies to have the output in phase. So many options, so little knowledge. Darn! (I have an old pair of PX25s, not sure where or what they test like but!)
  9. OK, so I'm a fool! Normally I hide it better, but I am busted bigtime here. Hate that! Apoligies Pico.
  10. As requested? Is there a price - or are they free?
  11. There is an A80 fs in the Blue Mountains. Have a look back through the Classifieds.
  12. And this from Busisoft CEO... "He also said that he would not do anymore Hi Fi trade shows in Australia as they failed to attract the right customer and did not deliver a return on investment." Not very elitist.... Good luck Busisoft, cos with an attitude like that they are sure going to need it.
  13. I can't see any reason why we can't still post stuff, as long as you are inside your 5km radius. Do it on the way to get milk and bread. I'm sure Dan doesn't want to entirely shut down the VIC economy.
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