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  1. Double C cores. Very interesting. Might be a little more than the 10W you are looking for...
  2. Someone out there has to have a pair stashed that they never will use... Keep asking.
  3. I have several nice trannies, but not what DM is looking for.
  4. All items I have purchased from this seller have been mint.
  5. So more accurately - it's 1350w x 4 into 8 ohms. That's still a heap of power for peanuts.
  6. Well you lads all say these things, but my built on a piece of wood 10Y DHT pre has no shielding anywhere and is quiet as! Maybe I just got lucky.
  7. I might not be using my 385HPDs right now, but am only likely to part with them - as they are lowering me in my grave... That pair of 315as above are are really cheap if they are OK. A great way to start into Tannoys.
  8. I've seen and heard this unit. The pics here just don't do it justice! It is the THE best looking Linn I have ever seen. None of that black or dark colour stuff - this is a real honey colour that is gorgeous and your other half will not turn her nose up at. I've never seen another one like this. Everything about it's appearance, the platter and the top plate etc, just shines. I'd describe it's condition as next to mint. I reckon Dave will regret selling it. A screaming bargain!
  9. Looks super clean and with original tags! Rare to find them like this anymore.
  10. This is actually what they call a "rod breakdown" machine. 30 years back when I worked for MM Cables, we used to get our copper from Newcastle (back in the days before we were sold out to Chinoland) on pallets in a continuous 3/8" dia. Those pallets were 2.5t ea. We then ran them through our rod breakdown machine to a 1/8" dia. From there it went into machines that pulled the wire through dies in a solution bath and annealed at the same time. This same operation went through many times to get different wire diameters, the direction changing everytime as the spool was revers
  11. Isn't that what we all did.... Life was much easier back then.
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