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  1. If that sale falls through, I will take them. A mate needs two that recently went to tube heaven.
  2. Red MacKay

    SOLD: FS: 100 Classical LPs $200

    ...There are some really tasty items in this lot. Nice,
  3. Boz Scaggs - Other Roads I'd like this please if still available. Is there anyone from Melbourne who would like to share postage rather than just sending this single album on it's lonesome? I am happy to drive a 20km radius of Box Hill to pickup Boz. Let me know. Regardless, I'd still like Boz if available. Thanks.
  4. Red MacKay

    Isolation Transformer

    I doubt that actually. Most manufacturers here in Melb. I know will tell you that a "one off" is just not worth their time. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to support local, but mostly now it just is not feasible for the manufacturer.
  5. Red MacKay

    SOLD: FS:lp's $5 each plus post

    Can I have the John Schumann, Eric Bogle Live and Glenn Cardier please. Also the blue Peter Allen album. I will send a PM. Ta.
  6. Yes, I was impressed with the FGTH collection too. No - "envy" might be the right word actually!
  7. Red MacKay

    FREE: Sony Seperates

    I'd like the Carousel if still available. Will send PM.
  8. Red MacKay

    Isolation Transformer

    Yep, you are certainly correct there. This is pretty specialist stuff we have been chatting over. I would not expect your normal "wire jerker" registered sparkie to know the detail required here. This is more for the likes of an electrical engineer - eg, Lucas Cant at Black Art and his ilk. But if we plebs all can learn a thing or two here, it's all been worth while.
  9. Red MacKay

    Isolation Transformer

    Sometimes with AU/NZ Standards there are no clear interpretations for every situation. It can be like reading legal mumbo jumbo when you are but a layman. What rmpfyf is talking about now is way past my knowledge, so I am staying silent. Is the trannie you are using a "balanced" unit Cassesman? I know mine isn't, so I don't have this issue.
  10. Red MacKay

    Isolation Transformer

    Perfect! 👍
  11. I would love this pair of sonosubs! Happy to pay something, maybe as donation to SNA.
  12. Red MacKay

    SOLD: FS: Nagra 4.2 reel to reel + accessories

    WOW! That's just beautiful...
  13. Red MacKay

    Isolation Transformer

    Beautiful stuff and I realise you have put a lot of effort in, but here are a few of my observations and suggestions. (I don;t mean to be a killjoy here, but just to offer another opinion) Just to state:- I have been known to do a few shortcuts in my diy past. However, anything less than 100% safe with mains is just inviting trouble. Run with the motto "if it can go wrong it will" and you will be fine. I have to agree with Witchcraft, Blue for Earth hookup is just a BIG NO!!! Get rid of that wooden box!!! Put your hand in your wallet and go buy/ get made a new steel case to fit your beautiful tranny in. Steel will not burn your house down! And make the case bigger so the tranny can breathe. Space the feet of the tranny 25mm off the bottom of the case and have vents on at least all four sides. The lid MUST be screwed on at all times. How would you feel if while you were not at home and someone else's visiting kid died because you had the lid off or not secured? I would put feet on the bottom of the metal case too, so it is clearly 25mm off floorboards and carpet. Someone else suggested the use of a contactor/fuse on the input - a great idea They also suggested an RCD on the secondary - absolutely too. I'd use better mains cable and plugs than what you have found in your scrap box. No, $300/m audiofool cable is not required, but just something a little nicer quality and heavier gauge than what your mate used. I like Clipsal 56Series male plugs and Furutech female units. I have a 13A isolation tranny (weighs 44kgs) similiar to yours that I am keen to get into my system soon and I totally understand your enthusiasm! Alas, I need to do all the above too before I can fire it up, as the prospect of sharing a cell with Big Bubba or the thought of losing my home to lawyers is one I will not make...
  14. Red MacKay

    SOLD: FS: Cds rare, audiophile and boxed sets

    Can I have the Bob Dylan 'Freewheelin Sessions' please?
  15. Yep - it sure does work! Just purchased and paid for using the 20% discount code. Thanks again.