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  1. Red MacKay

    FS: AM RT-2 Silver preamp

    Yep, a superb piece of kit! The new owner loves it I had heard it at Max' a few months previous. Alas, I had no money when it came up for sale...
  2. Red MacKay

    FS: AM RT-2 Silver preamp

    In the absence of any word from Max, I'll chime in here. I know it was sold many weeks back.
  3. These particular box plate AX tubes, I rate very highly for SQ. You get what you pay for here.
  4. But in just a few short months, Darth will be smelling 'life'. And I'm suspecting the Deathstar will be smelling roses in comparison...
  5. Red MacKay

    Melbourne Memories

    A Swingin Safari - by Bert Kempert, not James Last. Still my "go to" test record! However the OZ pressings are poor, look for the early Hamberg pressings. Depth, swing, tonality, pace and all those other audiofool words and FUN.
  6. WOW! They are in spectactular condition. I have never seen a pair as clean as this - ever. And with boxes and manuals...
  7. New room? I remember when I was at Rod's briefly just over a year back and was amazed at the diversity and depth of his vinyl collection! No dross in that lot anywere...
  8. Red MacKay

    KT 120

    I had a quad set of these, and didn't like them as much as blue label GECs. But that is like 25 years back. I didn't realise at the time that they were hand selected etc like you mentioned.
  9. Red MacKay

    KT 120

    Gold Lions are just passe'. What you want are a matched quad of NOS blue label GEC KT88s. Now that will be quite the challenge...
  10. Red MacKay

    SOLD: SOLD: FS: Tannoy HPD385 Arden

    I believe the 8 hole versions were just the left over baskets they had from the previous Golds. All other dimensions are identical otherwise. ...Just a beancounter thing at Tannoy. I am the same as the OP, my old 385 HPDs have me shaking my head in dismay at the noise most other speakers squark out. Now 385s are not perfect, but jeez- you just want to keep listening to the music way into the wee hours of the morning. Yep, the music they make just has a balance, tone and rightness. Anyway, I love mine!
  11. Well I'd love to buy my ticket here, but as much as I try, I just can't get access on my old laptop to get to a checkout window and I have clicked on just about every pixel on the screen trying to find the secret click. I KNOW this has been intentionally done by Marc in a dirty attempt to keep me from this Event. (truth be known, he is possibly not the only one!) Anyways Marc, I'd love a cheparse ticket as offered here. How can we make it happen as I am interstate now and will be for a while longer? Thanks, Red.
  12. I believe it to be a "screaming bargain!" I am really surprised it has not been nailed. GLWTS.
  13. Red MacKay

    Melbourne Memories

    I agree, but Trevor's turn of phrase was amusing in this context. I always found Trevor very sharp, certainly no fool. A complete pita to purchase from - oh yes! But we all knew that before we ever entered the doors of either Oak Tree House or the old Mountford store.
  14. Hey Martyman, you have done such a great job on that armboard, I reckon you should have a crack at doing mine! 5 Audio Verismo turntables exist. Plus there is on in a hundred pieces that is yet to be assembled that Russ left to his youngest son. So total - 6 units. It only took you 12 months to get it going Marty, pretty quick really.