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  1. Hahaha, yeah - I find I have had the tubes on for the whole time. Share the love!!
  2. It is a little bit sad seeing him all in the dark whilst all his mates are glowing away cheerily!
  3. I am not sure exactly who did what, but whoever did whatever, whenever was spot on! 🙂
  4. I went from an all in one Pathos Classic Remix Hybrid amp with DAC to now having an amp with DAC ( Quad Vena ) pre outs to the Minute SACThailand TVC to the Cymer tube power amp. The Quad Vena is actually surprisingly good. It is the main amp for the wife and kids, then when they go to bed or I find some time I switch the speaker wire flip the Cymer on and I am in music heaven!!!
  5. It came with Electroharmonix 6922EH tubes. The Rectifier doesn't light up. It is 'in circut' but the rectification is solid state.
  6. Ding ding! We have a winner. Although not early. Only ten years old at the most. Was a built by request. Was heavily modded by Joe Rasmusen. That is about all I know.
  7. Will give it sometime to see if anyone can figure it out.
  8. Curious as to whether anyone can guess the pedigree of this amp... looking forward to picking this up Friday!!!!...
  9. Hi All, Anybody have any experiences or opinions on ASRs latest darling the Soncoz SGD1? Thanks, Adam
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