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  1. Hi All, Just received Bill's handmade pure solid silver 75ohm digital cable locking termination and they certain look and feel the part!!! Really great looking and feeling. Oozes quality. Now I am replacing some 25 year old Monster interconnects that were pretty cheap ( I think 15 or 20 bucks a pair back in the day ), so you might not get the same results as me, but the improvement for me is pretty dramatic!!! The base has always been at bit one note-ish down low, but was playing some tunes and noticed that I am now experiencing much more detail. More det
  2. Great photo. I was looking at the moon earlier and thought it was exceptionally bright this evening.
  3. @Lenehan Audio What is going into the crossover of this prototype? Is it a no hold barred design like the Limited's? Or normal, PlusR or Reference? Or something new entirely? just been thinking how nice those copper accents will look once painted!!!
  4. Item: DAC Price Range: To Borrow Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hi All, Had to put my DAC in for a service. Anyone living nearby willing to lend a DAC for a week or two whilst it is at the shop? I live in Loftus near Sutherland in Southern Sydney. Thanks, Adam Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  5. Agreed Cardiiii!!! @Lenehan Audio would love to see some current photos of the speaker!
  6. @Bill125812 How was the big weekend of making cables? All caught up?
  7. If someone is in need of advice they should contact @adam hutnik I have been on the hifi upgrade journey for a while. Buying and selling, getting advice here and there. But mostly buying off looks and reviews. Could only afford the second hand stuff, so not much chance to trial at home, but at the second hand prices you can take a chance and off load easily if not to your taste. Was happy with Solid State and hadn't ever had a chance to listen to tubes. I guess the main thing was just ignorance, afraid of buying something that was crap. I bought a Pathos HiDAC Remix
  8. Hi @Bill125812, Put mine in the 'to do next weekend' basket please. I don't mind waiting. Would rather you not work all the long weekend! Thanks Adam
  9. Look no further...he can make bi-wire if needed...send @Bill125812 a PM.
  10. Jebus!!! When your collection gets to say, a third of what it is now, ( or even sooner ) do you start to catalogue what you have?
  11. These lyrics fit the bill, but not from Eskimo Joe...
  12. Further information: PICK UP ONLY - LOFTUS, near Sutherland in Southern Sydney ( The Shire ), as I do not have any of the original packaging. Needed cash so sold my Mofi Ultradeck and picked up this as low cost replacement. Has a brand new Orotofon 2M Red cartridge, only listened to a few albums, so no more than 10 hours max. Works well but just don't find I have the time to listen to LP's. The phono stage punches well above it's weight!!! Photos:
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