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  1. If you have an inkling to hear the Lenehan sound, these are a great ticket in and at a great price! And a bonus : Chris is great to deal with. Here is a picture of the crossovers.... The bass that comes out of these standmount speakers is amazing!!!
  2. Something about this just speaks to me...
  3. Just wondering why the Chord Qutest DAC seems to sell for 1.7 to 1.8k in the second hand market, but the 2Qute goes for around the 800 to 900 mark. I must be missing something and it has always confused me!!! THe RRP isn't as far off eachother as the second hand market is.
  4. Was just reading up on the voucher and they can be used anywhere there is Eftpos - but up to store if they will or not. Was hoping a hi fi store that stocked isoacoustic was located in a Westfield.
  5. Spent a bit of time Googling over the last couple of days to no avail. Hoping someone on here may know of one.
  6. Hi All, I got some Westfield Vouchers for my birthday and was wondering if there are any Hi Fi shops located in any Westfields in NSW? I am very aware that JB HiFi are in most Westfields, but they are not what I am after. Thanks, Adam
  7. Yeah, it is something I like to check every now and then. Wonder when it will come back????
  8. Further information: These came with an amp and I have just upgraded the tubes so these are no longer required. The tubes are three months old, so about 100 hours - so plenty of hours left. Two have the marking of 02 10 and two have 02 11, but was told they are matched quad. Pick up in Sutherland in Sydney. Photos:
  9. @bhobba So the original foam baffle design has been but aside. So too the ML2 like larger box by the sound of it. What is the design of the closed box? Similar to the ML2 again or back to the foam baffle?
  10. Hahaha. Funny lead in! Will have a look, but might be too exy. I say might, with mighty optimism! It is too.expensive sadly.
  11. Item: Passive Preamp Price Range: 300 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: anyone have anything out there. Over spent on DAC, so had to sell my TVC ( wife's orders ). So looking for replacement Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  12. Thanks Lord Vader, I disconnected it from my system to take the photos and then set up the system without it and it is pretty amazing the difference of not having it in the system brings, just doesn't sound anywhere near as good. I need the cash, otherwise I would keep it. I am looking around to see if there is anything else to sell instead!
  13. Further information: I am selling this transformer volume control (TVC) from SAC Thailand as it is no longer required. This is a passive "preamp" with three inputs on RCA connectors and a single stereo output on RCA connectors. On the front panel one can select 0 dB or +6 dB of transformer gain. The input select and stepped attenuator are high quality Seiden switches from Japan. This unit uses the same transformers (OEM from SAC Thailand the SILK STA-522A Transformer attenuator (info Click) ) as the highly regarded and extremely expensive Thrax Audio Dionysos and others. A f
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