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  1. Will include 4 of Bill's Boutique Silver 75cm 75 ohm if asking price plus $75 dollars is paid ( plus postage if needed ). So the Stereo Coffee LDR, plus 4 x 75ohm, 75cm Bill's Boutique Silver cables for $575.00. Upgrade your pre and interconnects for $575.00, That is four cables for the price of one!!
  2. So the guy who I bought this off is a close associate of Elson and he said that Elson said to him to not sell this amp for anything less than three thousand due to that is what the cost of the transformers is alone! I didn't hear this directly from Elson, but was told this is what he has said about this amp.
  3. Sorry @Joe Rasmussen Not 100% on the amp details just know it sounds awesome!! Was described to me as a SET. So just a Fully Differential Amplifier? Or, if not, could you expand?
  4. Further information: Hi All, For sale is my newly received Stereo Coffee LDR. This thing is phenomenal at retrieving detail! If you haven't heard about this product do some googling. This was delivered to me in March, 2021. It is the latest Model with all the latest boards and Chris called it the 2021J Edition - The J standing for JFET. It is remote controlled and is a one input, one output. I found with my previous passive preamps that there was some very slight cross talk between inputs. So wanted to keep this a pure as possible. Before it was sent to me I had
  5. Further information: Up for sale is my Cymer EL34 Power Tube Amp by Elson Silva, upgraded by @Joe Rasmussen . This is a very special tube amp. Point to point wiring thing of beauty! Bit of history... It left Elson Silva as a specially made to order Push Pull Class AB about 10 years or so ago, and was upgraded by Joe to a Pure Class A SET Fully Differential Amplifier. Running at about 24 Watts per channel and weighs about 25 kilograms. The transformers were made by Bruce - sorry cannot remember the last name - and are considered 'best in class'. Will come with
  6. Hi All, Quick bonus, will chuck in 4 of Bill's 75ohm Boutique Silver cables for $75 if asking price is met. They are all 75cm long - all RCA to RCA. So the Stereo Coffee LDR and 4 RCA cables for $620. Upgrade your pre and your cables at the same time! Thanks for looking!
  7. Hi All, as always I am open to offers, but please no more lowballing. 🙂
  8. Hi All, as always I am open to reasonable offers. Just no more lowballing please 🙂
  9. Hi All, I am open to reasonable offers, but please no more low ballers.
  10. Further information: Up for sale here are my Diapason Adamantes V speakers. These are exceptionally musical sounding speakers. These speakers look better in real life than they do in the pictures. They truly are something to behold. They would be under two years old and I am the second owner. I have the original packaging, so shipping will not be a problem. Specs... Frequency response 38/20.000 Hz Bass Driver Ø 170 mm Direct Drive Polymetylpentene Tweeter Ø 19 mm treated silk soft dome Efficiency 91 dB/W/m Fre
  11. Thanks for the kind words guys. I think it is Bruce Linscomb. The heavy weight of his transformers is what makes this a whooping 25 kilos.
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