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  1. Keeping my ears busy while doing housework. Pioneer SC-LX58 Orpheus loudspeakers on all 9 channels. 2x Vonyx 18" subwoofers. Belkin PureAV SC14 power console. Best I could do on a tight budget but it sounds amazing. The Pioneer PL-50A turntable is currently being repaired so I can start a vinyl collection.
  2. I've recieved the last parts I needed before I start repairing the turntable and making a new plinth for it. Last piece needed to get my media server running is also on its way. I have priced up all the materials to make the new speaker enclosures and it adds up to just shy of $400 without taking the price of tools into consideration (I needed to buy those anyway). I'm also looking at taking one of my spare audax tweeter faceplates to a friend and having him spin me up some aluminium replacements on the lathe that keep the dispersion profile but don't look so... 80's/90's.
  3. Took a few days of setting up but finally done, I had to pick up some new cables and what not to get it all connected. Ran calibration and then tweaked it by ear, watching Thor: Ragnarock is amazing now.
  4. New couch was delivered on thursday, not bad for $250 on marketplace. Decided to throw the whole system back together while I wait for the supplies for the new cabs to be delivered. Have also decided that Ill be moving in 6 months, so things may slow down a little until then. I know my placement isn't ideal, but there is very little room, once the subwoofer cabinets are replaced I'll have a little more space to play with.
  5. Found these 1200x600x18mm dark acacia panels from bunnings. Will be making the face panels out of this, rest of the cabinets will be mdf painted black. Cabinets will be finished with redleaf for the orpheus logos and then black candy clear over the lot. The wood grain and redleaf will look amazing through the tinted translucent finish.
  6. Everything lined up and ready for restoration. Not included in this picture are the Nexus 1.5 being delivered tomorrow morning. New cabinets, some drivers need new surrounds, dust caps, diaphrams, faceplates, or straight up replacement. CS28S for my music system. Nexus series are all for my home theatre speakers. That Apollo based Syntax 5 channel surround set are being reworked to become my Atmos ceiling speakers (they are very cheap, practically worthless in resale but sound good enough for their destined purpose, not much worse than the real Apollo's). Last of all,
  7. I have some Audax TW025M tweeters I need to repair or replace for some Orpheus speakers I am refurbishing. I am wondering if it is possible to replace the plastic faceplates with the aluminium pieces that are currently available, and if anyone knows of any replacement diaphrams for an AW025S1 titanium dome. Have been googling this on and off for a while with no concrete info.
  8. You're not wrong. The new enclosures will have as minimal frontal area as possible.
  9. The designers from Orpheus and Richter are actually quite good friends 😉
  10. Managed to scoop up a pair of Orpheus Nexus 1.5 on ebay today, they'll be here on Sunday. They have some swelling in the mdf cabinets, same as pretty much every speaker from the Nexus range I have managed to get my hands on. I now have everything I need to start the build on the new cabinets for all my speakers. For the Orpheus the main construction will be identicle to the originals with a few changes to give them an updated look, and I will build some accessories to go with them to make the installation a bit cleaner. The Syntax speakers will all be rebuilt to be used as
  11. So the Audiolines sound absolutely terrible. The upper bass drivers are wired to run full range configuration from the factory resulting in a very harsh sound and there is zero accoustic insulation or bracing inside the cabinets. After some investigation I've also discovered that the tweeters are non original jaycar titanium dome tweeters. As both bass drivers were already running parallel I rewired the upper driver to piggyback off of the lower driver which resulted in a drastic improvement but sound much flatter than I would expect from such large speakers. More gains c
  12. WARNING!!! This post is purely for the shits and giggles 😂 These monstrosities appeared in my marketplace feed for $60 today. I couldn't help myself, I wanted them purely because they are ridiculous. Who knows, maybe after some mods they might actually be bearable.
  13. I picked up a Syntax 5 speaker surround package today. Syntax is a budget focused brand from Brad serhan, but they still sound great, Im using the towers and bookshelfs to expand to 9.2 surround. All I need now is to MacGyver a pair of ceiling speakers of some kind and my full 9.2.2 channel atmos will be complete. The Syntax center will be kept as a backup for then the Orpheus gets a restoration. Ignore the mess, Ive had to move absolutely everything to get the chair on axis and I'm also waiting for my ex housemate to collect the last of his furniture.
  14. Housemates finally moved back out, I am in the process of setting up back in my living room. I bought 4 Ikea lack end tables, threw 2 of the tops down on some isolation pads and put the reciever and power console in place. I have some copper isolation spikes on the way, then I'll cut the legs and do this a little better. Record and blu ray players will go on top.
  15. Well, I just missed out on a pair of Duntech ambassadors, all because the seller decided at the last minute that he DIDN'T want to deal with freighting them after all, despite stating he would and even naming his chosen courier in the item description. I'm suitably pissed. Looks like I'll have to wait another 10 years.
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