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  1. Cables for Avantgarde speakers

    I have used Kondo KSL-SPz, Shindo silver cable & gryphon silver/gold cable, all these cables work well with my Trio, cheers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I have a difficulty to donate some $ to SNA, could someone please tell me any other ways to do it? It seems an issue to access Donation by iPhone/iPad, it appears as following photos.
  3. Item: Klipsch Forté Price: SOLD Condition: excellent 9/10, Location: Western Sydney, Reason FS: not in use. Shipping: pick up These speakers are 98db & easily handled by 8w tube amp. Welcome for an audition & you would be surprised how nice these speakers sound.
  4. High end integrated amps

    Hi, you indicate price range $6k-$20k, do u mean retail price or cash price, if cash price, I guess these amps are still within your range except Ongaku. You should know Gryphon Diablo has over $20k RRP.
  5. High end integrated amps

    Which one is not good? Ongaku or Koda? Will you sell "not good" one? I guess I need to start saving now [emoji4]
  6. High end integrated amps

    I used to own MBL pre&power, this mbl drove my B&W802D2 impressively, I still miss it now. MBL just releases N51 integrated amp, it should be nice I guess. Have anyone listened to it? Appearance is quite good.
  7. High end integrated amps

    A friend of mine lends me Technical Brain TB-Zero integrated amp currently, what I found: - detail, clean, fast, wide soundstage, very well control of 88db Mcintosh speakers, I believe it would drive most of speakers at ease (unsure about MBL speakers at around 80-82db). - Downside: it's too powerful for my 109db horn speakers. I used to own Musical Fidelity KW250S, I found I downgraded my system so much when I moved from Mcintosh C220/Mc402. I'm not sure how current MF amps sound.
  8. Item: brand new white wavewood x2 pieces & used Varibase x2 pieces. Price: $500 for both items. Condition: wavewood is brand new in box, varibase 8/10. Location: Sydney, Reason FS: I bought 2boxes & these are left over, over bass trap for my room. Shipping: prefer pick up or buyer organizes own courier. Photos:
  9. Sale pending payment.
  10. SOLD, Moderator, Please remove ad, thanks.
  11. Shipping to interstates wound not be any issues with expert courier.
  12. Sale pending payment.
  13. Acrylic cover would keep it away from dust [emoji4]