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  1. Oh yes, indeed it is. Have to say that like my avatars I also prefer my up arrows squared. Still, you get what you pay for.
  2. Not of much use if you're halfway down the page and want to return to the top. The fact that it's predecessor appeared as you scrolled was much more useful........ Aaah, I see. Very cunning, a white arrow on a white background (WTF?). Is that Zen, or something?
  3. And the square avatars. I've been waiting for the square avatars to come back since day one of the circular version. Unless you have photo's which were taken with a circular camera you ended up chopping stuff out, so please, keep the square from now on.
  4. Item: Martin Logan Vantages Location: Wollongong Price: $3750 o.n.o Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Upgraded/Taking my wife on a cruise Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer, COD Only Extra Info: When I purchased these I always thought that they were going to be my last ever pair of speakers. Had I not had the opportunity to get my pair of Expression ESL-13's I would still have been as happy as a pig in s**t with the Vantages. I am convinced that most of us in this audio world have never really heard anything close to real bass from our speakers. Until the Vantages arrived I was in that majority, with them you really do get a very good idea of what is going on down there. (I have a brother-in-law who has been listening to The Beatles on a daily basis from when they started, he's a super fan. After listening to Sgt. Pepper's through the Vantages he told me he had never before actually heard what McCartney was playing.) Add to that the legendary capabilities of the electrostatic panels in the mid and high frequencies and you have a superbly musical and revealing speaker system on your hands. If you're interested and would like to audition the Vantages please PM me to make the arrangement. Regretfully, I no longer have the boxes that they arrived in so if you want to whisk them off to one of the far flung corners of Oz we will need to arrange a quote from the shipping company of your choice. All such costs to be paid by the buyer. I am able to deliver them anywhere within a day's return drive from The Gong for the cost of fuel there and back. Pictures:
  5. Was this place choc full of ME gear in the early 90's They may also have carried Musical Fidelity.? I was on a visit to Sydney and ended up in a hi-fi store in a Westfield but haven't ever been able to remember much more that that. It was run by a then middle aged fellow, grey hair and beard who took great delight, it seemed to me, in rubbishing products that he didn't stock.
  6. This is a, Is it me or is it everybody?, sort of question. I control my Aries via the Lightning app on my iPhone and an iPad which has, until now, been absolutely fine. In the past I have occasionally had a problem with the iPad seeing Tidal but was able to solve the problem by disconnecting the power to the Aries and then reconnecting it. After this Tidal would once again be accessible from the iPad. As of the end of last week this no longer works. Has anyone else encountered this problem and if so how have you solved it? If you have, that is? Fellas? Ladies? Tech Nerds?
  7. $20.99 just now in my local Aldi. One left when I walked out.
  8. It only seems like yesterday that I had these in my system. Always lusted after their big brother, the C-O5/M-O5 combo. Tell me again why I got rid of them?
  9. The good news is that series 3 of The Expanse is available to watch on Prime Video. The gooder news is that series 4 is in production. And......the latest book, number 8 in the series, is due out in March I believe.
  10. Cannot wait to start watching the new series. Fantastico!!
  11. Many fond memories of 78's. Forty something years ago it was a weekly point of pilgrimage to see what was new and wonderful in music. Originally upstairs in Forrest Place it was their second premises adjacent Her Majesty's Theatre that lives long in my memory. Thanks guys.
  12. I have a combination of various shades and mixtures of of black, silver, grey and white components. I did this. In the daytime it's too dark to see them and at night all you see through the glass is the differing colours of each component's display. When the lights are all out the blue glow of the power leds on my Iso-tek power boards provides a nice blue back-light - useful when I am having to take the dog outside for a nature call at three in the morning.
  13. A mate of mine replaced his Naim pre/power set up (a much more advanced combo than yours) with a Perreaux 250i and has been in heaven ever since. The 250i has recently been replaced by the 255i. Not sure about current pricing but you might be able to get a deal on an as yet unsold 250i. I can also highly recommend my Arcam FMJ A49, also now discontinued, as an alternative. Perhaps one of Melbourne's Arcam dealers has one left that they are keen to move on.
  14. See if you can find an Arcam FMJ A49 to try in your system. They've recently been discontinued so with luck you might find a dealer who is willing to do a good deal to remove one from his inventory. These days Arcam and Revel are stablemates at Harman Industries so you would be keeping things in the family.
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