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  1. I had one of these in my very first proper system, along with a Kenwood KP-2022A turntable and a pair of JBL L26 Decades. That was a long, long time ago. Compared to my current system it's pretty blah but, like most things in life, you always remember your first, mostly with affection. This looks to be in showroom condition, too. GLWS.
  2. Report post Posted 2 hours ago That would be me on 23 jan 2018. First time I’ve ever been called an ‘extremely cultivated individual’ 😳😳😳😎😎😎 cheers mick Bask in the glory my friend, bask in the glory.
  3. Happy to take the Bee Gees if you will PM me your details.
  4. Looks like they're limited to use by celestial mechanics.
  5. I have found that whilst Spotify has the better library when compared to Tidal,Tidal has the better overall sound. Regardless of which DAC I have used (an NAD M51 first, and now its replacement, the T+A DAC8 DSD) Tidal always seemed to come out sounding better. In the end I unsubscribed to both of those services and, with the help of a VPN, I have a subscription to Qobuz up and running which gives me a better music library than Tidal with equally as good sound. I think that a better DAC will result in better sound whichever streaming service you choose but, yes, Tidal is better than Spotify in that regard.
  6. Lark's Tongues' in Aspic by King Crimson My all time favourite album. The cover art just grabs your attention and hints at what's on the inside. Close to the Edge by Yes. When you listen to the music your mind's eye sees it all in that shifting sweep of green. Chunga's Revenge by Frank Zappa. I've always thought that he looked like a Mexican bandit in some cheap Spaghetti western, just zoom out and he's sitting astride a horse, a tequila bottle in one hand. And the music has a red border around it too.
  7. It seems that I have the stamina to trawl through the entire thread, and so far I am up to about page 30. I haven't seen this one yet, so if it's somewhere in the last 48 pages I apologize to the extremely cultured individual who posted it first. This is a great song, a truly great song, sung by a fellow who should have been bigger than Ben Hur, but there's lots of those around aren't there? It's also just about my all time favourite music video of all time as well. He's American but the video was done in London I believe. Enjoy!!
  8. Optical output from the TV into my DAC, and from there to the amp. Have never felt the need for more than two channels.
  9. Like many of us on this forum, I run my TV sound through my 2 channel music system. After all, who wants to listen to the crappy little speakers that they fit into the ever thinner chassis's of current flat screens? One thing that I have noticed is that the production values of some TV shows is particularly good,some is quite reasonable and some are execrable. My favourite for the quality of the sound, especially the title/background music and the sound effects for a long time was Silent Witness, on the ABC. There was some truly good work being done in the sound production on this show. Sadly, as of the last series that went to air recently, that seems to have become a victim of the bean counters. Whereas previously there was depth and a real spread of frequencies from the bottom to the top in the opening music, now it's as tinny as a cheap transistor. Sad really. Has anyone else come across such a decline in production standards with a favourite show? I know that most of the big movies have a production budget that ensures at least acceptable SQ but it seems that TV productions are not as well blessed in some cases. Another particular favourite of mine is the opening music to Star Trek: Discovery, especially the plucked strings near the end.
  10. @vong, As the extremely happy and satisfied owner of the Arcam A49, the integrated amp upon which the amplification circuit in the 850 is based, I can tell you that you would have to spend way, way more to get anything that comes close to the SQ of the top Arcam components. For me it would be a no-brainer to get the 850 if the decision is based around the sound delivered.
  11. But it is an audio only Blu-Ray? 13a's are fantastico, simply fantastico!
  12. Is that Thick As A Brick SCE an audio only Blu-Ray? Whatever it is, can you tell me where you got it please?
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