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  1. Holton Zero Five Zero Introductory Offer!

    You need to talk to Wylie Coyote at Acme Products, he’s all over that sort of thing.
  2. Holton Zero Five Zero Introductory Offer!

    The ancient method, used for millennia, is to get closer to the speakers if you want it to be louder, or move further away if you want it to be quieter.
  3. Greetings from the UK

    I have very fond memories of Gales HSB, a particularly delicious beer that we had on tap. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gales_Brewery
  4. Greetings from the UK

    No, only two.
  5. Lifestyle Store $2m Sale

    I think that we’d all like to think that we bring a full sized organ into every room we enter, wouldn’t you?
  6. FS: Free Sonos Bridge

    Should things go awry with that, can I be second in the queue please?
  7. Vincent bargain time is here.

    Might not be lost, @Luc . Anyways, it's Christmas. You can be your own Kris Kringle.
  8. Vincent bargain time is here.

    I would hate to count up the numbers for either of them that I am responsible for over the years. I used to manage pubs in the more remote north western corner of Oz and I had a Penfolds rep whose strategy to get me to buy lots of their products was to come to the pub for dinner and get me drunk on multiple bottles of red, followed up with a bottle of Grandfather port. Or two. He'd also pay for the dinner. I have to say that, as a strategy goes, it worked extremely well. Bert Penniment, you were a legend.
  9. Vincent bargain time is here.

    Wonder if he would go to a bottle of St Henri, or a Bin 389?
  10. Vincent bargain time is here.

    Steve loves us. http://www.duralhifi.com.au/blog.htm
  11. First time that I have ever understood the lyrics. Not sure it was worth the effort.
  12. Volumio vs Daphile sound

    I really don’t know if the last few posts are serious or if they are extracting the urine. Either way, I have absolutely no idea what language is being used. I do know most of the words, it’s just the order that they’re in that I cannot fathom.
  13. Vincent bargain time is here.

    It's probably more a situation of the old distributor clearing their stock and hoping that the majority of it survives the warranty period. I suspect that Vincent themselves would provide some accommodation to the new distributor to shield them from undue warranty exposure anyway as, after all, the public just sees "Vincent", they care not one bit for who the middleman is. This helps protect the brand name and the cut price selling is a clinical way of taking the old distributor out of the equation entirely.
  14. Vincent bargain time is here.

    I wonder if it's worth hitting up Steve Neill for a spotters fee for any sales generated off this page?
  15. Talent is the last thing that a record company wants to deal with. It's so much easier putting pretty faces to mindless drivel churned out in bucket loads by the Drivel Machine.