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  1. After a few years of kicking tyres in "the other store" I finally made good and one day spent some reasonable money in there. I have to say that they were always accommodating whenever I went in, and then left, without spending anything. I'd rate them above a couple of the Sydney stores that I have been in, one of which left me feeling a bit "why did I bother?", after splashing the cash and discovering that after sales service hardly bothers their conscience.
  2. I am willing to bet that if that ever happened people would be bringing them back because, "My Aldi soundbar sounds better than these do."
  3. Waiting for every Big W in Oz to start stocking run out Infinity IRS Series III, personally.
  4. Pat actually came to my home to set up my LP12 when I was newly arrived in Canberra. Lovely fellow.
  5. I remember walking down the stairs into Impact Records for the very first time, again in 2003. It was sort of like coming home. For anyone who used to frequent 78 Records in Perth when they were next door to Her Majesty's Theatre it would have brought on a sense of Deja Vu.
  6. The last time I went in there, about three years ago, I overheard a young sales fellow taking to a late middle-aged couple. When asked by the couple if turntables provide better sound he replied that that had been true up until the emergence of MQA. He then went on to heavily promote MQA without any explanation as to what it really is or, given the fact that it was still a new-ish thing at that stage, how widespread or accessible it was. The couple looked increasingly confused. The shop itself, on that day, looked no different from how it was on the first day that I ever stepped foot in t
  7. I had one of these and it was wonderful, until that moment the first Mrs JukKluk2 did some dusting and rendered the cantilever in a vertical configuration. A bargain at this price. GLWS
  8. I was given one of these for Christmas. Haven't been game to use it at all. I'm addicted to breathing.
  9. You'll only end up wishing that you had gone if it turns out that he never comes to Oz again. Can you really take that chance?
  10. There's a "Live in Melbourne '21" out via Bandcamp today, if you're interested. Downloads in 48/24 resolution. Recorded in February in..................no, I'll leave it up to you to find out.
  11. Hi @MusicForever, I went up to the Vitus RI-101, with the streamer/dac board.
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