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  1. Firefox - Getting Google back

    Also, I have just found out that my data usage has more than doubled in the last week when I haven't been doing anything to cause it. Seven gb in the last two hours!!! And I was away from my computer for most of that time. Related?
  2. Firefox - Getting Google back

    When I go to Add Ons and click on Extensions there are two items there, neither of which is letsgosearch; Safe Browsing Version 4 (temporary add-on) = that's one, and SearchAssist Incognito. I notice that two Trend Micro extensions are turned off; Trend Micro BEP Extension. which has the word "legacy" in a yellow box after the name, and Trend Micro Osprey Firefox Extension (disabled). is what it says. Turn that back on?
  3. Firefox - Getting Google back

    Guys I have been at that page and have cleared everything from the search Engine options except for Google. I tried clicking between the magnifying glass ans the search box and all that showed up was Google. Is it relevant that each time I try to search with Google the search first goes to letsgosearch.com and then on to the Yahoo SE? Is there something else pernicious at work here do you think?
  4. Firefox - Getting Google back

    No, the only thing in there is Google under both Default Search Engine and One Click Search Engines, otherwise, nada
  5. Firefox - Getting Google back

    It's still not playing ball I'm afraid. I think that I will have to follow @Snoopy8 s advice and do that big, scary uninstall thingy, Have I ever mentioned that I hates computers?
  6. Firefox - Getting Google back

    You gave me hope there @Tweaky but when I click on those three bars I get a box of possibilities but there is no Search to click on at the far left.
  7. Perils of focusing too much on gear

    We're possibly arguing over expression here @Eggcup The Daft . The point I've been trying to make, badly it seems, is that it is "my music" because it is inseparable in my mind with the events of my life. Each and every piece of music I own evokes an emotional memory response from me. I can tell you where I was, what I was doing, who I was in love with and what my aspirations for the future were at the time with every song, album. The music was instrumental (couldn't resist, sorry) in shaping the man/boy-child I am. It's part of me. That's my arm, that's my leg, that's my music.
  8. Firefox - Getting Google back

    It's being hijacked to Yahoo that I object to. If I wanted to use their search engine I would choose to do so. I used to follow the Yahoo news feed a few years ago but stopped doing so when they made some changes that were an in or out choice (can't remember what, now), and I chose out.
  9. Perils of focusing too much on gear

    It's "my music" because it is insinuated into the very fabric of who I am. I don't seek to change it's flavour by introducing veils of my own. I do seek to know it better though and each and every upgrade is an exercise in seeking a greater knowing. It is not an attempt to distort the truth in any way, shape or form. As the veils are removed the only glasses that I am wearing are the ones that help me to see more clearly. No tint on these babies!
  10. Firefox - Getting Google back

    @Snoopy8 I think that I will wait for the morning. Want to be clear-headed when I begin. Will post my success or lack of tomorrow. Cheers!
  11. Firefox - Getting Google back

    Is that dicking around with the registry? The last step restores the bookmarks? If I swap to Chrome can I transfer my bookmarks? Really do appreciate your assistance, and please pardon my hesitancy, I'm not that good with computers.
  12. Firefox - Getting Google back

    Still a big NO.
  13. Firefox - Getting Google back

    And I would have to re-save all of my bookmarks?
  14. Firefox - Getting Google back

    How do you clean up a folder if you have deleted it?
  15. Firefox - Getting Google back

    Done that. No change.