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  1. According to Shazam it's "The Most Mysterious Song On the Internet (Remastered)" by The Very Unknown Band. Problem solved! 😂
  2. Jeez, Dazzle, you seem to be intent on separating me from my money. Are you on commission, or what? 🤣
  3. British Fidelity. Isn't that the name originally used in the USA by Musical Fidelity, because that name was owned by someone else operating in the States?
  4. How about this from 1981? Artist: Pierre Moerlen's Gong Album: Leave It Open Track: Leave It Open Almost 40 years old and as fresh as the day it was recorded. I only discovered it last year.
  5. Welcome @Tag4000. I think that the answer to that is, lots and lots.
  6. That's how Joe stays in business. I wonder if he has put in an order for a custom built planet from the forges of Magrathea?
  7. That's an awful lot of moolah riding on a hunch/wish of better things, but I know what you mean. In this day and age getting out and spending time doing an audition is perilous at best, plus, when you get to this level of quality it's impossible to meaningfully do an audition unless they bring it to you and leave you alone with it for at least a month. And that's not going to happen, is it? There's just not enough dealers out there any more to allow for that to happen. I suppose the upside is that, in many cases, the dealer is also the importer, so the chance of getting a deal where the buyer gets a decent discount while the business still gets a margin that ensures their longevity is pretty good. Either that, or like at least one big name, they offer value added services like specialist installation around which the customer and the business can both feel that the deal is a good one.
  8. Shutting yourself off from the family whilst maintaining a wall of decibels that is nigh on impenetrable doesn't do anything for family cohesion, quite the opposite mostly. Having the music system where the family lives makes for a much better time for all. You can't always play what you want, when you want it, or at the volume level that you'd like, but that's fine. There are times when you can. I remember one of my sons-in-law stopping in his tracks one day as I was playing Abbey Road. He turned to me and told me that he had been listening to this album for years but, just now, was hearing it in a way that he had never heard it before, and that he totally got why I have the system that I do. You never get those moments if you're locked away in another room and the people who are your life are wary of venturing in.
  9. Holy jumping catfish! Or, even more to the point, as one of my nieces put it, more colourfully, Holy snapping ducksh*t!
  10. Wowsers! @Yamaha_man, just wowsers!! Is the phono stage the board, the Sonett, or the Legato?
  11. I saw Hawkwind at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester in '76, when Robert Calvert was in the band. Never drank so much Newcastle Brown Ale in a single session as I did that night.
  12. Item: Marc Hunter - Big City Talk, Communication / Richard Clapton - Glory Road Price Range: What ev's Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: If it's a reasonable price, I will pay it. Happy to pay for a copy of these discs if you don't wish to part with yours. Richard Clapton Found Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  13. As the owner of an Arcam A49 I can happily tell you that when it comes to sound quality the A49 is superb. At $4k it's a bust a gut bargain! In fact, that price is closer to a 60% discount on the RRP. Never used the HT bypass as I am happy with stereo sound when it comes to watching TV.
  14. Welcome to SNA Swinging Beef. Hoping to learn what has changed since the 1980's? Geez, you've got your work cut out for you, haven't ya? What do you want to know?
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