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  1. I know what you mean. I was passing through Mogo yesterday and happened upon a shop that had quite a bunch of second hand vinyl, but some of it was so expensive. Would you pay $10 for a Donny Osmond LP, the one with Sweet and Innocent on it? I was thinking of buying it as a joke/gift for a friend of mine, but not for $10 for an album that sold to teeny-boppers when I was young and (tragically not) hip almost fifty years ago. Ye gads!!
  2. Coming from a rehab hospital to be rehabilitated, that makes sense.
  3. Currently listening to the United Progressive Fraternity, the other spin-off from the ashes of Unitopia, the other being Southern Empire. I seem to be about five or six years behind the times, at least, when it comes to these post-Unitopia outfits. Both are excellent. I don't know what the two main men are up to these days, but I hope that they are still making music because they are both worth listening to.
  4. Thomas Blug (pronounced Bl-oog, not bl-ugg) I really can't say what genre he fits into. Great guitarist, who writes great tunes, and has a great backing band, which includes Thijs van Leer, who are all as equally adept as Blug. The music is packed with melody, emotion and has a real sense of buoyant enthusiasm about it, not to mention a sense of humour at times. It's definitely NOT a technically adept technician just showing off. He released his first album in '96 and is still working. I bought his Best Of album over seven years ago and it still gets played at least once a week,
  5. And I can throw this into the ring for your consideration:
  6. DO NOT sell the T&A DAC8 DSD!!! Not under any circumstances. Ever.
  7. That comes as no surprise to me @progladyte, if anyone was going have him in their collection it was bound to be you. I have seven of his, plus a Best Of (Postcard from Bali) and a collaboration with Tohpati. Interested parties can find a lot of his work on Bandcamp, where the already mentioned Best Of is a free download. Just remember though, that it is mixture of sample/bit rates; if your system can only go as far as 44.1/16 (CD quality) you won't be able to play some of what's on there. And yes, he is a straight out freak (in the nicest possible way).
  8. The worst offenders were the Sex Pistols, a marketing strategy from beginning to end (and everyone fell for it). Never Mind the Bollocks has four good songs on it, the rest is trash, pure f*%#ing trash. The real tragedy there was that it ended up costing two naive young people their lives, just so bags of money could be made.
  9. So, how many Balinese guitar virtuosi do you have in your collection? Especially ones who have shared the stage with John McLaughlin? Try Dewa Budjana.
  10. The early '70's had some wonderful stuff, y'know. It was a time when there were far less labels on music than there is now. Lots of experimentation coming in from all over the place. Heavy Metal was years away, coming, in my opinion, with the second wave, the stylistic bandwagon jumpers, those who recognised what furrow they wanted to plough only after someone showed them the field in the first place. Anyway, from that time before the handy labels, the title song to Uriah Heep's second album, Salisbury. It's long, it's jazzy in parts, it has an orchestra and, most importantly, it has an
  11. I was hoping that someone would point that out.
  12. As someone who has barely heard much of Gallagher's output I was wondering which album(s) would fall under the heading of "Must Have". Any thoughts, folks?
  13. I once had the James Bond theme as my ringtone but, after one day looking in the mirror, I got real and replaced it with something from my phone's menu.
  14. Not quite as exotic, but I once spent three nights in a hotel right next to Disneyland. Had my first ever Subway while I was staying there.
  15. If you were to put $2 coins under your speakers, rather than the $1, your speakers would sound twice as rich.
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