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  1. They look like they could be used by fairies to play horseshoes with.
  2. Just take the photo and post it, please. The more you write the hazier things are becoming.
  3. O is for Oldfield, Mike. His bestest, bestest, bestest ever?
  4. Let's see if I've got the hang of this: D, for Doors, The A most under-rated and largely neglected album.
  5. Never even saw that that was happening. My apologies. How about, Q for Quintessence.
  6. My Dad introduced me to Pavarotti. If he did nothing else for me in my life that would be enough, but that was one among a myriad of lessons that he taught me. And if nothing else, he didn't shut me down when I was listening to my, as he put it, "Train Crash Music".
  7. A couple of years ago I brought my record playing system up to its current level, just because I could, not because it was getting a lot of use. Was a time where it was almost the 90% go to device, but no longer. I think you're dead right, at some point we all, consciously or not, work out which is our format of choice and set out on the next part of our journey. No one is right or wrong when they make their decision, it's whatever floats your boat. After that it's simply polishing the equipment and maintaining course until the next change of circumstances.
  8. Well, @blakey72, I have been using my NAS as my prime music source for a number of years now. I see that, like you, many people claim that they prefer the sound from their CD players, but that's not something that I can agree with. I originally began using an Apple Airport Express over a decade ago, running the digital output to an old Cambridge ISO-plat DAC. My CD player at the time was a Linn Ikemi. When one day I deciphered the backing vocal (as I was passing through the music room, just listening casually) on Steely Dan's Showbiz Kids as "Going to Lost Wages, Lost Wages", and not as I had always heard, "Going to Las Vegas, Las Vegas", the die was cast. That was a $6k CD player up against a $250 DAC. Haven't looked back ever since. The recent introduction of Roon to my system has delivered another step along the path to musical Nirvana, too. Using the Lightning app that runs my Aries G1 I was pretty happy, but now with Roon, the integration of my two streaming services (Qobuz and Tidal, which in many instances have Hi-Rez versions of my favourite artists on tap) with my NAS means a far more complete experience. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't tried it for myself. The NAS as source was damned good,but the way Roon delivers the music to you takes it up into the realms of wonder. Really at a loss to describe the nuts and bolts of it all, just recommend that you give it a trial run so that you can see for yourself. As to what are most people doing? I don't know, but I do know what I am doing and suggest that you give it a whirl.
  9. I suspect that you may get an answer (if you get one at all) talking about copyright protections being different in the USA and Oz as being the reason that they can't offer a download. If they tell you that US customers can do it but not Australians then a VPN could solve that problem, as long as they accept PayPal. Geo-blocking based on credit card numbers may still be an obstacle. The use of a VPN is what allows us Antipodeans access into the likes of Qobuz and HD Tracks. That new service, ProStudioMasters, doesn't do PayPal, so unless you have a workable overseas based credit card, they too are out of reach.
  10. I recently purchased an Ultra Sonic Record Cleaning Machine from a member of this forum. It works wonderfully well using de-mineralised water, a drop of dish washing liquid and isopropyl alcohol. When I took delivery of the machine I placed an order on E-Bay for 5 litres of the stuff and it was delivered to my door. All up cost for it was about $20 delivered. It was a fixed price item. Looking to get some more, in these Covid 19 times, I went back to E-Bay to do another purchase. Phuq Me!! It's all at auction now, at stupid, stoopid prices. A 20 litre container was being advertised for $4050!!!!! A 60/40 Iso/water solution is a very effective antiseptic solution you see. Go to E-Bay and search isopropyl alcohol to see how much humand greed there is in the land. Happily, I have most of my original purchase so I don't have to worry for quite some time.
  11. The Australian pressing of Meddle was praised by The Absolute Sound in a comparison of LPs from about five countries. This was about thirty years ago, but that LP probably is one of them.
  12. I'm having no problem with PayPal and a Hotmail address. My browser, Firefox, has a VPN engaged, but I stream Qobuz through Roon now anyway, into my Aries G1.
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