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  1. JukKluk2

    Will Tidal Continue

    I don't know if it's just me but even though I subscribe to both Spotify and Tidal I hardy ever use either of them. The common assertion is that they are great for discovering new music which, for me, isn't the case. I use them to preview recently released albums from artists in which I have an interest and a few that I see discussed in these fora, as well as those reviewed in the Hi-Fi magazines. Beyond that, I am wondering if I should cancel and drink the five or six cups of coffee that is equated to the subscription price*. A new head unit in my car means that I can now access them when I am driving, and I do, but it is early days so I will see how much data it is using in the next few months which will be the basis upon which I decide to continue, or not. *Standard candles for mass understanding. Olympic Swimming Pools for volume, Football Pitches for area, Cups of Coffee for subscription rates.
  2. JukKluk2

    SOLD: FS: $150 Yamaha AX-497 Integrated Amplifier

    Geez Louise, much more of this and you'll be taking on other peoples debt just to find it a new home. p.s. I loved your performance in Philomena.
  3. Looks like this and the Technics CD player you have/had were from the the same industrial designer.
  4. Made in Japan has in my lifetime, depending upon when is "now", been a damning indictment and the most fulsome of praise.
  5. Jeez, how long has it been since AC/DC were really an Australian band? If you are still counting them in then you must be open to allowing albums recorded by Australian artists in overseas locations onto the list, otherwise the list would come to a grinding halt somewhere in the mid sixties.
  6. JukKluk2

    When did Yes stop being Yes?

    I think that it could be successfully argued that the span of releases from The Yes Album through to Going For The One is their true contribution to the world of music. The Yes Album, because it crystallised their sound and lyrical imagery within the public mind in a way that the first two albums didn't. Going For The One, because it proved that they could still write and record songs, not just epics, plus it gave us Awaken, their last true long form work with what is commonly held to be the most creative line-up of the band. In between we have Fragile, Close to the Edge, Yessongs and Tales From Topographic Oceans from Wakeman's first tenure, and Relayer, the breath of fresh air that showed that they didn't really need Wakeman, to deliver the goods. Whenever the topic of who the number one keyboard player for them is it is always Wakeman who comes out as the preferred option, there is no denying that. I, however, would really have liked to have heard a second album with Patrick Moraz in the band. His work on Relayer is outstanding which was, when you think about it, boding well for the future since he was drafted in late in the piece for what was going to be a Yes album without keyboards until the very last moment. We know how the avenue taken turned out but I have always been intrigued by the thought of the other possibility. That I want the track Close to the Edge to be played in full at my funeral indicates the high regard in which I hold the album as a whole. It could easily have been side three of Topographic Oceans, The Ancient, but that would probably be a bridge too far for my nearest and dearest. Unless of course Howe volunteers to come play it when I go. As for the rest of their output? The Rabin years were great, but they weren't really Yes. The Buggles band produced Drama and, like a second album with Moraz, I would love to have had the opportunity. Drama is very good actually, not quite their best but close. The rest, as they say, is history. Up until they gave Jon Anderson the flick they produced a fairly enjoyable body of work, with the exception of Open Your Eyes which is abysmal, truly abysmal. Post Anderson they haven't really kept the fires burning. Nowadays they are more and more a parody of their previous incarnations, but I touched on my thoughts about this in my original post.
  7. Yes have been my number one band for the best part of forty five years, but I have ask, "When did Yes stop being Yes?" There is no longer an original member of the band in the band these days though that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Over the years they have had, at least, four guitarists, five keyboard players, three singers, two drummers and, due to the death of Chris Squire, we're onto a third bass player. Many of the changes in the line-ups were to the benefit of the music, which is not something that is always a given, but currently.......they seem to have lost the very core of their collective existence. Well, I think so. Trying to pin-point the exact place and time is difficult but, after listening to the last studio album (Heaven & Earth) and the two recent live albums (Like It Is: Live at the Mesa Arts Center, and Topographic Drama - Live Across America) there can be no doubt. The arrival of Jon Davison is likely the dividing line between the continuation of a collective spirit and them turning into their own tribute band. Heaven & Earth isn't a bad album, it's just not a Yes album. The two live albums show how they've gotten lost in a most saddening way. The playing is what you'd expect from Yes but Davison is no Jon Anderson, hell, he's not even a Benoit David. Tragically, the spark has well and truly been extinguished. I remember watching an interview with Chris Squire where he said something along the line of that he hoped that the band would still be going in fifty or sixty years time as it was a way of doing things, a whole greater than the collective individuals who make it. That it barely carried that beyond his demise is unfortunate. If Steve Howe (who it seems is the driving force behind the band these days) could regain the frame of mind he had when first he joined the band things could improve. The first thing to do would be to get rid of Davison. I'm sure that he's not a bad singer, but it's time for Howe/Yes to realise that they shouldn't always be looking to fill the singer's position with an Anderson clone. They need to find someone who can sing well but has their own style, one that the band can adapt to as a means of refreshing themselves. Australia's own Mark Trueack, formerly of Unitopia (who deserve your attention if you haven't heard of them) would be a good fit, but I doubt that Steve Howe is going to be phoning me up to seek a recommendation. So, there you have my thoughts on what was once quite possibly the best band in the world. Anyone share my viewpoint, or disagree vehemently with it?
  8. JukKluk2

    G'day, people of Stereonet

    Hopefully tomorrow.
  9. JukKluk2

    Help Needed

    Hi folks, Is there such a thing as a HDMI pre-amp? One that converts the digital output of my Blu-ay players to PCM so that I can feed it, via HDMI cable, to my NAD M51 dac? I just want to get the full audio out of my Sony UBP-X800, not the restricted to 48khz optical output that comes from going through my TV. The M51 is a great dac but at around 6 years old it is not fully compatible with what is current in the A/V world. It's only two channel listening as I have never cared for surround sound in any way, shape or form. I could I suppose buy an A/V receiver but I would be blowing a lot of money on features that I would never, ever use, i.e. amps and surround processing and every other bell and whistle under the sun. So, is there something out there that gives me what I am looking for? Any thoughts and suggestions considered with great appreciation.
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    Watch out for Mr McGregor.
  11. JukKluk2

    G'day, people of Stereonet

    Involvement is where the fun is. It makes you feel as one (Om.....) with the community.
  12. JukKluk2

    My System this morning

    Charcot's Arthropathy, followed by two Talectomies.
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    There's peace of mind for any SNA member in the Osterreich.
  14. JukKluk2

    My System this morning

    Sorry folks, I almost forgot to include the obligatory "feet in front of the system" photo. Here ya go:
  15. JukKluk2


    Well, you haven't said, No, so I live in hope.