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  1. thanks mate. probably need to strike a deal with deephzaudio to test their big and small subs in my room. heard they are pretty helpful in these things. Plus i don't want too man big subs in the room as i'd like to keep them a bit understated for the room. let's see how things go
  2. thanks all for the inputs. i think I will try going with mutliple subwoofers as a first choice. i think PSA is what I will target initially.
  3. hey good options - thanks will be looking into these.
  4. Well peak spl would be around 70-90 on normal days. My Submersive f2+ didn't have any low frequency calibration, but I would to go low real low I guess. 😊 I usually use the dedicated for both movies and music. I sit around 3m from fronts and where the subs will be placed probably. The sub would primarily focus on movies and getting the lowest frequency is where I want to feel the rumble and not hear it. So to my question was, is it better to place 4 single driver subs across the room than 2 dual driver subs in the front or around the room? It's a 6m x 4.5m room, so I would consider this a small/medium room.
  5. that looks deadly! Is this worth it? looks like it has to be imported.
  6. The room is going to be a 6m (length) x 4.5m (width) x 2.7m(height) rectangular. It's going to be all closed with just few openings for windows and double entry door. Will be in a 7.2.4 ATMOS setup and carpeted. The S1811 specs: Single 18" Drivers 960W RMS The S3600/3611 specs: Dual 18" 1920W RMS Hmm where can i get linear excursion where do i get? let me look around.
  7. Probably not done with the questions yet - looking at the options. Would you think its better to get 2 x S3611 OR 4 x s1811 ? If 2 - then i intend to keep both in front next to the fronts. if 4 - then i intend to keep 2 in front and 2 behind the couch's which would most probably serve better frequency response and air moving bass?
  8. Hmm - we don't get the T-18s in Australia?
  9. Sorry guys - been held up the weekend. But thanks for all that feedback. Looks like PSA's are the way to go then Planning to get the Klipsch series of speakers to match with these subs - so let's see how things pan out. Thanks all!
  10. Room size around 6m x 4.5m. dedicated home theater room. Controlled open areas. Nothing in place yet to equalize room response, probably some insulation and sound absorbers will be installed. Budget probably equal or around my current Seaton Submersive. Can go with good ones.
  11. Thanks @Quark. Yes I was actually looking at the PSA. which model would you suggest to even out a whole room?
  12. Hiya guys, I am currently looking out for 2 or more subs for a large room in a new home. I currently own the Seaton Submersive F2+ and need to look at other alternatives. Reason being Seaton finds it hard to reply or send Submersive overseas anymore. So getting rid of my Submersive at some stage and looking to get something equally awesome into my new home. Looking for all your suggestions. Cheers! AJ
  13. Damn always wanted one of these. But already invested too much into the Yamaha series. But where is this located? Local warranty available?
  14. Maybe i should consider these for my living room - the phantom or peachtree or mu-so... Where to get a demo of these beauties? Love the studio 100s, a once upon a time speaker that i wanted to get.
  15. Wow.. Nice choice of speakers to upgrade to. Have you heard the phantom devialet? Do they really outshine these studio 100s??
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