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  1. I finally pulled the trigger on the Focal Utopias after auditioning half a dozen times over the last two years.
  2. @scuzzii I thought that I would grab it, to see what the Blue note 75th anniversary editions were like.
  3. My delivery turn up well pack and all in one piece.
  4. Does anybody know what the 20% discount code is?
  5. But how do we know that the sellers on Discogs are generating more then $75k in sales a year?
  6. The other problem is the pressing dates on Amazon, some of the date don't exist on Discogs. I checked one album and it said it was pressed on 18/08/2003, the I check Discogs and it was either press in 15/03/2006 or 14/11/2001. So it wasn't even close. I know that it is possible for Discogs to be incorrect but I highly doubt it.
  7. https://m.facebook.com/groups/422489237939076?view=permalink&id=861014944086501 It's good to see Mick gives two shits about his merchandise [emoji852]
  8. The problem with Amazon is that you can't tell what's press in the U.S and press in Europe. The Sony /Legacy Hendrix albums for example, the US version is press at RTI. Where as the Euro version is press at MPO in France and in my experience the quality isn't as good as the RTI version.
  9. Good to see, there is another Hi-Fi enthusiast in Lonnie!
  10. Sorry I was meant to put this in WTB section, what I wanted to put here was if anybody knew any retailers who still might have one of these lying around?
  11. Item: The Beatles in Mono vinyl box set Price Range: $350 - $400 Item Condition: Mint / Near Mint Extra Info:Looking to buy The Beatles in Mono vinyl box set, looking for Mint or Near Mint condition.
  12. The difference is that the MK2 have a detachable headphone cable.
  13. The last pair of Klipsch have sold and so have the Denons. Only the Monster MobileTalk left.
  14. Just sold another pair of the Klipsch yesterday, now down to the last pair.
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