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  1. If you can source a used 2M Bronze you'll get a great cart without spending a tonne of cash first up. The Bronze is less detailed than the black, but is more forgiving and has a fun factor to it as well. Certainly the above recommendations are worth a look also, just depends on the direction you wish to go soundwise.
  2. I have one of these, except mine has an original (inferior) Denon DA307 tonearm. So this table would sound next level I bet. Fantastic table, and rare as rocking horse droppings. Buy with confidence.
  3. Angie Mcmahon - Salt Debut album from this rising Aussie songstress. Wonderful, surprisingly deep and mature sounding voice. The future of music is in good hands with artists like Angie coming through. Limited edition Blue vinyl.
  4. The Gomez reissues are starting to become available now. Loved Liquid Skin back in the day, and on first spin of the new reissue it sounds very nice indeed.
  5. I have a DP75 which I picked up for a reasonable price a bit over a year ago. It was a one owner original from a deceased estate. It has a DA307 tonearm which apparently isn't the best, but mounted with one of the late Duc's wood bodied 103R carts it sounds really nice, media quality not withstanding. I can only compare it to my Technics 1200Mk2 with a 2m black cart. Two different beasts really. I like em both.
  6. Was using a 2M Black on my 1200mk2 for a while before I acquired the Denon DP75. It sounded really, really good. Different to the 103R on my Denon of course in the typical characteristic way of the black. A bronze would probably be the sweet spot I think, more fun and rocky, warmer with slightly less detail than the black.
  7. I certainly wont be moving my DP75 on any time soon either!
  8. Hehe, yes got mine from AV Concept in Toowoomba. Warwick is great to deal with and I never pay RRP 😉
  9. I often wonder if there would be much difference performance wise between the PHO8 and my GS Communicator with PSU1, although I'm keen to explore a tube phono stage, so the PHO701 holds some interest for me.
  10. So these were the ceiling mounted ones Zip? I figure if you're not asking too much of them they'll be fine. We used ours just to get audio from the TV into the kitchen so the wife could cook etc whilst having the TV audio right there instead of trying to project the sound right across the living area.
  11. Hi mate, yes have had some experience with their in ceiling and outdoor speakers. Got some installed in our last home, fairly modern brick block home, low gyprock ceilings. For the money they were very decent I found, with my local Hifi supplier recommending them over their Yamaha counterparts. Had them running solidly most days for about three years before we sold the house. I can't remember specific model numbers etc though sorry.
  12. Haha, I'd forgotten about CD's, how silly of me! I just don't use them any more, even though I've about 500 or so in storage.
  13. One take on this is that it is somewhat of a rebellion against the 'playlist' mentality, which still has a place in music listening I think, especially in more social situations. However, for personal listening, a proportion of us, and lets face it its probably the shoppers with more disposable income, prefer to listen to a full album. It would be interesting to see the age demographic of who is buying records. And of the younger customers, are they buying records to listen to an album in its entirety? Or is it more so just for collecting's sake?
  14. Lots of options available to you really, depending on budget of course. The Hana carts have always been reviewed favourably and I would love to acquire one someday to try. The late great Duc supplied me with a wood bodied DL103r and an inexpensive SUT to run into my Graham Slee MM phono stage. Probably not quite as detailed as my 2M Black, but has a warmer sound (for want of a better expression). So getting into MC could be something to look at as well. Which ever way you go don't forget to report back. I love to hear how the journey progresses for us punters!
  15. Thanks Steve. I just checked the specs against the PHO 701 and it seems very similar as well. Similar price point to the 701. I think I'd rather the tubes myself
  16. Aye, at more than twice the price of the PHO-8 it would want to bring something new and better to the party. Have any other gurus here had a look at the specs and can they shed some light on where the price difference might lie?
  17. If you could get hold of a good used 2M Bronze for your Debut Carbon I think you'd be happy for a bit. Did this upgrade myself and was very pleased with the result. Really made my system come alive.
  18. I'm a fan of the 2M Bronze myself, if you can pick up a secondhand it's good value, musical and fun.
  19. Forgot to mention that the original boxes are available should shipping be required.
  20. Item: Project Classic w/ Ortofon Quintet Bronze Location:Toowoomba, Qld 4350 Price: was $1650 now reduced to $1250 ($50 donation to SNA upon sale) Item Condition:Excellent suit new buyer Reason for selling:Was traded for new RP6 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only, others upon request Extra Info: Selling on behalf of a friend whom owns a HiFi shop locally to me. He is selling this turntable on consignment, and as a favour I've offered to help him out as he is too busy to pursue other avenues to sell apart from just displaying it in the shop. Basically he sold the table brand new to a client whom used it for approx. six weeks after which he traded it in on a new Rega Planer 6. The cart would have no more than 100 hours.The lid does appear to have slight scuffing as per the photo. Happy to share his number via PM for any serious buyers/interested parties for further details. This represents great buying as the cart alone retails for $800-$1000. Donation made to SNA if sale successful. Table is now just over a year old, but as stated above has only had six weeks of actual use.Represents stellar performance at this price point! Pictures:
  21. I guess the proof would be in the listening then 🤔
  22. I just got around to looking at Brian from Decibel Hifi in Brisbane's newsletter. He is stocking these new (to our market) Jico stylus' for introductory prices. Could be worth a look for those in the market for a decent mid range MM? http://www.decibelhifi.com.au/jico-sas-moving-magnet-cartridge
  23. Sounds like we're talking about a rather wider portion of the corporate spectrum here.. don't get me started on Trans multinationals lol 🤬
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