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  1. Sorry, been out of the loop for a bit so have only just seen your question. Have been running one of the late Duc's wood bodied DL103r's. Sounds very nice. Touch wood, no issues whatsoever with the table. I think if you ran a decent tonearm with the table you'd have a formidable combo. My arm is only so-so. Good luck with your purchase, hope it works out for you.
  2. Yeah ditto. Slightly off topic, but I really wish that On the Night would get reissued. Buying a second hand copy is exorbitant. Hell, I'd be satisfied with a Back to Black copy....
  3. Yes, Pick Withers was a criminally underrated drummer imo. His jazz leanings gave the music a subtlety that subsequent drummers didn't quite emulate.
  4. I've been a DS fan since my teens, so I'll be very interested to hear the MOFI treatment on these classics. Love Over Gold especially should shine I think, tracks like Telegraph Road and Private Investigations which have quiet passages as well as powerful explosive parts particularly pique my interest. There is a part in Telegraph Road which sometimes, still after all these years and listens, brings a tear to my eye haha.
  5. So has anyone received any of these new MOFI DS titles yet? Curious to get some feedback...
  6. Can't imagine its $1500 better than my pawn shop and subsequently refurbed MK2. I could whack a Jelco arm on her and still be ahead I reckon. Such is the scale of economy I guess. Happy to see the return of Technics in Aus tho for sure.
  7. I'll let others comment on whether this would be a suitable match for your current system, but wowsers, Earle's tube amps are something else...poetry in motion...
  8. There are some awesome second hand tables for sale around the traps. My local hifi guy still has a Project Classic with an Ortofon Quintet Bronze with no more than 100 hours on it, the table had six weeks of use and came back cos the guy had upgraditis...$1200 for the package. Can't seem to move it. I'd grab it if I could justify three tables lol.
  9. Yes, have read plenty of glowing reviews of BIA in MOFI version. I doubt the new DS titles will disappoint either. I only have a couple of Japanese pressings, and mostly they don't disappoint either.
  10. Slightly off topic re the Japanese pressings....but it would be a hoot to compare the Maxicut Love Over Gold press to the newly released MOFI version....Have yet to read any reviews of the new MOFI Dire Straits cuts.
  11. I can vouch for the Debut Carbon albeit modded somewhat (as you do in this game) with an acrylic platter and 2M Bronze cart. Sounded fantastic, although I can see the sense in investing up the food chain. Just my 2c
  12. I'd suggest you email Geoff @aurealis directly and let him know your specific requirements. His service is amazingly refreshing.
  13. +1 for the Wooden bodied 103R from the late Duc, whom also supplied me with a little Dynavector SUT. Sounds very nice on my DP75 with a DA 307 tonearm. I couldn't comment on how the 103R would sound on other tonearms, I suspect compliance matching would be reasonably critical-apologies if this is a no brainer statement lol. I assumed (wrongly) that a 2m Bronze/Black would sound killer on my tonearm, only to be quite disappointed. The 103R is a much better match.
  14. If you can source a used 2M Bronze you'll get a great cart without spending a tonne of cash first up. The Bronze is less detailed than the black, but is more forgiving and has a fun factor to it as well. Certainly the above recommendations are worth a look also, just depends on the direction you wish to go soundwise.
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