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  1. https://www.wyndhamaudio.com.au/products/gsp-audio-accession-mc-phono-preamp-enigma-psu1 Give Keith a shout out for the Graham Slee loaner program perhaps...?
  2. Dire Straits MOFI collection sorted! Last record to be sourced (shout out to Blair at Sound Station). Wonderful SQ.
  3. Even "At the Shops" I get nostalgic just looking at the cover 😅 Lead singer and guitarist Ash Naylor has been a regular in Paul Kelly's band for some time now, and more recently as house band guitarist on Rockwiz.
  4. My first ever concert seeing them at Brisbane Entertainment Centre for this tour. MK was an idol of mine as a teenager, and to see him in the flesh was absolutely surreal. Hope your copy has less noise, pops and clicks than my original copy has
  5. Our only dedicated record store in Toowoomba closed down early last year. Their pricing was a bit hit and miss, but I guess it was dependant on them being able to keep the doors open. I miss being able to just pop on in and browse. Much preferred to shop with them when I could than JB, but in saying that, they have a pretty good record section now. Just prefer the independent music store vibe like most on this forum I imagine. BTW, for anyone looking for MOFI, Sound Station here in Toowoomba has an excellent range. Blair is the proprietor. I imagine he would do posta
  6. I had friends in Albany Creek who had a music store (media, not hardware) called Simply Music. I think they kicked off in the very late 80's very early 90's. Did OK until rent hikes and competition from HMV and Sanity etc sent them packing. I did some work for them on and off for a couple of years. Was a great job, my friend/boss really got to know his local customer base and would order in CD's for customers after becoming familiar with their music tastes. We'd sit them down with a cup of coffee and half a dozen new albums, headphones on and leave them be for a while. Proper service.
  7. For anyone who is on a limited budget, it is a costly hobby. You are fortunate to be one of the more insightful music lovers whom has kept their records. Agreed, it is demoralising to walk into a shop and see the price tag on some of the new vinyl, however some is still reasonably priced. I had a conversation a few years ago with a friend who has been involved in the music industry for a long time now. He stated that it still cost the record companies a lot of coin to produce vinyl, even though it may seem that the presses are pumping the titles out, working multiple shifts six days a week in
  8. The height of sophistication in my house 😂
  9. I say go for it. Did it come with the 2M Silver cart? Not a bad starter cart, but the 2m Bronze will really make it sing, so I guess thats something to shoot for when the budget allows.
  10. Appears to be an Australian 1986 Capitol Records ST.240555. There are two of these on Discogs, not sure which one mine is tho...
  11. Just A/B comparing the self titled debut and the remaster. I'm not familiar with most audiophile terminology, but a layman observation would be... The original is a bit looser in the mid range, possibly a bit crisper in the top end. Bass is nice and tight. The remaster is tidy, polite, not as in your face, but lacking somewhat. Certainly listenable. To quote my wife, the original is more fun, makes you want to get up and dance. And so we did. Hope this helps a little. Edit- the original projects the left over craziness from Split Enz much better.
  12. From what I've read online (researching for a friend whom has not long bought a P2) the Exact cart gets good wraps, so perhaps a good used Exact might be had for around the $400 mark. I like the idea that you don't have to bugger around with shims etc...the Rega cart should be an easy fit and set up.
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