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  1. +1 for Paradigm outdoor speakers. Very happy with mine.
  2. I also have a Les Davis mat. Different artwork.
  3. I'm no turntable guru, but my advice would be firstly to double check the alignment, connections, vtf etc, and also your cabling. Also, your new cart needs time to break in before it sounds its optimum. Give it some time, say 50 hours give or take.
  4. The newer Hana MH is 2.0mV output. Sneaks over the $1500 by a little way though.
  5. One thing to consider with the Denon decks is that due to their age, some components can go kapput and apparently are next to impossible to source. I took a punt with my DP75, and have absolutely no regrets as it sounds pretty damn good in my modest setup, however it's something to allow for. Getting it for a relative bargain didn't hurt either though. I also have a Technics SL1200MK2 that I got cheap at a pawn shop. Once I got replacement parts and a service done, it probably only owes me $600, and paired up with a 2M Bronze/Black, it sounds very good indeed. You're probably not going to go too far wrong with any of your vintage choices that you've mentioned. Probably comes down more to price, condition and the aesthetic of the table matching your gear.
  6. I would suggest perhaps listing the individual components and their specs to assist fellow members with your enquiry.
  7. +1 for the Graham Slee loaner program thru Keith. If you haven't yet tried a dedicated mid/high end phono stage, it could be as simple as this. Not saying you should limit yourself to GS products, but it's a relatively risk free way of experimenting with a really good phono stage to see if it comes close (or not) to giving you the sound you want.
  8. From memory mine was a direct replacement for the metal platter and sat on the sub platter. That's disappointing you got sent the wrong one.
  9. I had exactly the same combo. I doubt you'll be disappointed.
  10. Sorry, been out of the loop for a bit so have only just seen your question. Have been running one of the late Duc's wood bodied DL103r's. Sounds very nice. Touch wood, no issues whatsoever with the table. I think if you ran a decent tonearm with the table you'd have a formidable combo. My arm is only so-so. Good luck with your purchase, hope it works out for you.
  11. Yeah ditto. Slightly off topic, but I really wish that On the Night would get reissued. Buying a second hand copy is exorbitant. Hell, I'd be satisfied with a Back to Black copy....
  12. Yes, Pick Withers was a criminally underrated drummer imo. His jazz leanings gave the music a subtlety that subsequent drummers didn't quite emulate.
  13. I've been a DS fan since my teens, so I'll be very interested to hear the MOFI treatment on these classics. Love Over Gold especially should shine I think, tracks like Telegraph Road and Private Investigations which have quiet passages as well as powerful explosive parts particularly pique my interest. There is a part in Telegraph Road which sometimes, still after all these years and listens, brings a tear to my eye haha.
  14. So has anyone received any of these new MOFI DS titles yet? Curious to get some feedback...
  15. Can't imagine its $1500 better than my pawn shop and subsequently refurbed MK2. I could whack a Jelco arm on her and still be ahead I reckon. Such is the scale of economy I guess. Happy to see the return of Technics in Aus tho for sure.
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