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  1. Been chasing these for a while, especially Boggy Depot.
  2. Yep, was in store earlier today and the girls behind the counter had no clue at all....must be just online also...
  3. After receiving my BTB copy of On Every Street yesterday, gave it a spin this morning. Have to agree with Kelossus to some degree about the vocals. I wonder if they weren't remixed a little to make them sound a little more 'sultry'? At any rate, personally it doesn't detract too much from the enjoyment of the album on vinyl. My system is relatively modest in comparison to most SNA members invested in records, so perhaps it's not as noticeable to me as it would be to someone with a much more resolving/detailed system. My copy was flat, silent and reasonably dynamic. YMMV
  4. I've been using Melody Mate from Melbourne for years now, first manually, then in a Knosti, and now in a Project VC-E. No issues what so ever. Edit: Mind you, it's early days with the Project....
  5. BIA was the first album I ever bought with my own money back in '86. I was so excited. And then I heard how quiet it was, and the excitement fled a little. All these years later its now that I appreciate how those dynamics were actually meant to be, not compressed like most albums would later become with the loudness wars. I wonder who would have had the final say in making that happen? Neil Dorfsman? Bob Ludwig? Certainly not the record company I'd imagine?
  6. Interesting comment Chris, not one I've heard yet re the B2B reissue. I've got the original CD from 91 the first week of release, so perhaps I should dig that out once I get the record delivered and do an A-B comparison like you have. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. Just pulled the trigger thru Discrepancy Records on the 2014 reissue. Looking forward to it, I do love this album.
  8. Sorry, should have been more specific, I have the lates MOFI releases, so just chasing the best version of On Every Street now. This latest version seems to be a bit noisy, from the comments given.... https://www.discogs.com/Dire-Straits-On-Every-Street/release/17051211
  9. Thanks. I did read some of the Discogs reviews of the 2020 reissue which the negative comments suggest quality control was a bit hit and miss
  10. I'm now on the hunt for a 'definitive' copy of On Every Street on vinyl. I have an original '91 copy that is noisy as heck, which from reports is not uncommon. Anyone have a Back to Back 2014 press copy? If so, how do you rate it? To roughly guote someone off Discogs, there are no bad DS masters, just pressings..
  11. If you are dead set on keeping the P1 for the time being, then I'd invest in a cartridge you can easily transfer to the P3 when the time comes. If it was me, I'd go the Exact, simply for ease of install. Mount the Carbon back on to the P1 and move it on. Some good experiences here with the P3 and Exact match up https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/opinions-on-rega-exact-cartridge.753048/
  12. I did some research for a friend recently who purchased a P2. I was surprised how good it actually sounded compared to my Denon DP 75 with 103R cart, but he is running it in conjunction with Paradigm speakers and Cambridge Pre/Emotiva power amp. The Carbon cart fitted to his P2 holds its own admirably. However, looking at reviews online of the Elys2 cart, things don't look so great. Didn't find a lot of love for it, where as for the money, relatively speaking compared to Ortofon 2M Bronze etc, the Rega Exact seemed to fare a lot better. I haven't actually heard the Elys2 or Exact c
  13. A pre loved Primare R32 would be a good one to throw in the mix too I reckon...
  14. I'm sorry to hear you were affected by the fires mate. So just to clarify, you found the Tube Box to be superior in sound to the regular Project Phono Box?
  15. Thanks for this aussievintage. The Project (I imagine) obviously has features that the cheap unit does not, ie loading switches on the front for ease of use on the fly, plus the ability to connect two tables at once. But it certainly comes at a price difference as you pointed out.
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