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  1. I guess the proof is in the pudding. Of course bypassing with different sizes can result in a pleasing improvement. This may not necessarily be neutral or ultimately natural. That is my goal I cant imagine there is anyone that has been more extreme in trying to learn the interractions and subtleties of bypassing and electrolytic application to power supplies . My comparisons and cap mods number in the thousands over 20 odd years . I only do one change at a time and burn in before making final review. The only way to judge your success is to compare it to the very best . So I took my Marantz cd 94 mk 2 which was built on these principles , over to Stevenvalves for a shootout with the famed killerdac . Steve loved it that much he did a rave review on the KD site and said it went neck and neck with the killerdac The 94 probably has dozens of bypassed caps carefully chosen . The bottom line is that capacitors and how they are implemented are the single most important component that can hold back even the most exotic gear from achieving its ultimate potential. Some discoveries i have made do contradict conventional wisdom . I now build ultra high end small value custom caps . Small value caps have been ignored probably because people dont think they would make much difference. They most certainly do but unfortunately there is very little top shelf caps available in pf sizes forcing me to push the envelope One day i may do some specific posts on ultimate power supply upgrades
  2. Mkt is mylar . Mkp is metallised polyprop Mkc is polycarbonate I personally wouldnt use them but i am a cap nut too. Actually the little ero bakelite electrolytics in the bottom right corner are nice inpower supplies . If on a budget get the miflex copper But all the copper foils are very good . And if u got the money get the duelund Only bypass with a .01uf ( .02 for the miflex as they dont have a .01 ) The 10% rule doesnt work . Bypassing with caps between around .02 and 10uf film caps smears. the worst sizes are between 0.2 and around 1uf . Actually 5 uf films arent good bypasses either I always replace this size with a .01 copper foil or auricap . The result is always much more natural and only outlaying for small .01 is much cheaper .
  3. I love this Japanese cost no object stuff . The little green caps are actually copper foil pps caps for audio made by panasonic , the parent company of Technics . I was lucky enough to get some from Japan but cant recall seeing them in commercial gear before . At first glance they look like your average film cap . Just goes to show the refinements that these top Japanese audio products incorporated but go underappreciated .
  4. I Have moved on a bit since these posts . Once i hooked the amps up stock i have to say i was underwhelmed . Unfortunately I was remembering the sound of my da100 that were well modified with top shelf caps . Over the last year various caps were tried in different positions . Auricap bypasses added , silmic 2 decoupling caps installed . Much better but still not there . Jupiter copper foils to input filtering , better again . I then modified the filtering to a simpler filter . Too long winded for this post why i did this . Now really getting somewhere . Now the jupiters are replaced with the Toichi T-cap copper foil polypropylene from Japan . These are fantastic . They will be staying now . After all that i have to say these amps sound phenomenal in every area you can think of with the exception of pure power output . They are only 50 w after all but up to that limit its as pure ,sweet and dynamic as can be . And detail to die for . Here is a pic of the Toichies installed .
  5. Adding to that , whether its due to different time constants or other issues ,bypassing power supplies is also fraught with pitfalls . If you choose the wrong value to bypass it will have a negative affect subjectively . Choose the correct value and the improvement can be amazing . And it is very simple . A 0.01 uf is the perfect bypass . Even Duelund agrees with this as their touted bypass cap is .01uf . It doesnt matter if you are bypassing a 22000 uf cap or a 50uf cap a .01 is seamless assuming the bypass is reasonably neutral and decent quality. Even going to a 0.1 is not as natural . Bypassing with anything between a 0.1 and around 20 uf will ruin your sound and a big mistake . Some manufacturers went through a period using a 1uf bypass in their amps . This really messed up the sound adding more midrange but causing soggy smeared bass . Basically unbalancing the sound . Some cd players used 0.1 bypasses in their power supplies . While more subtle it did add a bit of brightness which overlaid vocals etc . And when you got a bright cd it would tip it into the unlistenable box .
  6. Yeah thats right george . I was just referring to the electrolytics in power supplies . Cheers .
  7. Hi CCallil . Coupling caps are important but i seriously have to point out that power supply and filter circuit capacitors are just as important to the sound quality of a piece of equipment . In fact I have found input filtering on some equipment to have a more dramatic affect . Unfortunately the best sounding parts are also commensurately the most expensive . For electrolytics . Elna Silmic 2 are the very best but to get the best out of them they need to be bypassed with a super quality 0.01 film foil capacitor preferably a copper foil . But it all comes down to budget. I speak from much experience having performed hundreds of capacitor upgrades comparing countless types and values . If you need any info let me know . Cheers Brenden .
  8. Hi Marc . ( Marc has been a great mate of mine for many years 😊 ) Glad to see you are now joined up. Some of the best audio i have heard have come from Marcs system . The Nakamichi set up in the big room was my favourite. I always enjoy heading out fòr a get together with another audio nut. So welcòme from me to Stereonet mate .
  9. The Stax is an extraordinary masterpiece. . One day i hope to bring the Stax C-AX and the Stax power amps and set up a full Stax system . The dac x1t is built like nothing I have seen . Congratulations on getting hold of one . I am very envious. 😊
  10. Hi Arthur . I have one of those amps . I have modded mine and the improvement is substantial . Unmodded still very good . I used many rare and exotic (very expensive ) capacitors etc Now sound as good as anything I can think of. The power supplies are a tour de force. An amazing base for a rebuild or mod .
  11. I am glad someone snapped these up . I was so tempted .
  12. Thats all correct Aperalim. I pulled one apart many years ago. ( just curious )I have a couple of sets and they worked really well under my cd94 mk2. And they look great .
  13. The Sovereigns had a big impact on me partnered with the ME 1500 and 850 at Junction hi fi in Newcastle many years ago .
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