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  1. Bypassing any electrolytic with a .01uf is easily heard . Not only that the better the cap the better the result . I am speaking from extensive experience and my modifications to equipment has been very well recieved by audiophiles . I have also run many experiments to ascertain how small a bypass can be heard . I got down to 10 pf and could hear the effect . This is like one thousanth of a .01uf . I didnt like the result but the point was you could hear it . This was bypassing a 0.1uf film cap around a tda1541 dac chip. A .01 uf is the only size to bypass with . Moving away smaller or larger results in subtle but less natural sound . Quality is paramount and one of the reasons why bypassing is not always liked . I now only bypass with a top copper foil like Jupiter . But the auricap .01 1500v is special too and yes the 1500v cap is better than the 600v auricap .dont ask why . I dont know . I just finnished a Marantz cd94 mk2 for someone else and the result was amazing .Very close to my own machine . This was mostly due to extensive bypassing with the best caps available . Unfortunately there is no free lunch and lower quality caps will not get you to nirvana . If they did I would use them . I have tried lots .
  2. The plinth is fantastic . My 301 will eventually get this treatment . Your 401 looks very well priced for this quality work by the way . There is countless hours of obsessing goes into projects like these .
  3. I reckon you should ķeep it till i get down so i can hear it 😊 Surprised you are selling. Are you looking for another vinyl set up or has the new drive converted you ? .
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