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  1. I Have moved on a bit since these posts . Once i hooked the amps up stock i have to say i was underwhelmed . Unfortunately I was remembering the sound of my da100 that were well modified with top shelf caps . Over the last year various caps were tried in different positions . Auricap bypasses added , silmic 2 decoupling caps installed . Much better but still not there . Jupiter copper foils to input filtering , better again . I then modified the filtering to a simpler filter . Too long winded for this post why i did this . Now really getting somewhere . Now the jupiters are replaced with the Toichi T-cap copper foil polypropylene from Japan . These are fantastic . They will be staying now . After all that i have to say these amps sound phenomenal in every area you can think of with the exception of pure power output . They are only 50 w after all but up to that limit its as pure ,sweet and dynamic as can be . And detail to die for . Here is a pic of the Toichies installed .
  2. Adding to that , whether its due to different time constants or other issues ,bypassing power supplies is also fraught with pitfalls . If you choose the wrong value to bypass it will have a negative affect subjectively . Choose the correct value and the improvement can be amazing . And it is very simple . A 0.01 uf is the perfect bypass . Even Duelund agrees with this as their touted bypass cap is .01uf . It doesnt matter if you are bypassing a 22000 uf cap or a 50uf cap a .01 is seamless assuming the bypass is reasonably neutral and decent quality. Even going to a 0.1 is not as natural . Bypassing with anything between a 0.1 and around 20 uf will ruin your sound and a big mistake . Some manufacturers went through a period using a 1uf bypass in their amps . This really messed up the sound adding more midrange but causing soggy smeared bass . Basically unbalancing the sound . Some cd players used 0.1 bypasses in their power supplies . While more subtle it did add a bit of brightness which overlaid vocals etc . And when you got a bright cd it would tip it into the unlistenable box .
  3. Yeah thats right george . I was just referring to the electrolytics in power supplies . Cheers .
  4. Hi CCallil . Coupling caps are important but i seriously have to point out that power supply and filter circuit capacitors are just as important to the sound quality of a piece of equipment . In fact I have found input filtering on some equipment to have a more dramatic affect . Unfortunately the best sounding parts are also commensurately the most expensive . For electrolytics . Elna Silmic 2 are the very best but to get the best out of them they need to be bypassed with a super quality 0.01 film foil capacitor preferably a copper foil . But it all comes down to budget. I speak from much experience having performed hundreds of capacitor upgrades comparing countless types and values . If you need any info let me know . Cheers Brenden .
  5. Hi Marc . ( Marc has been a great mate of mine for many years 😊 ) Glad to see you are now joined up. Some of the best audio i have heard have come from Marcs system . The Nakamichi set up in the big room was my favourite. I always enjoy heading out fòr a get together with another audio nut. So welcòme from me to Stereonet mate .
  6. The Stax is an extraordinary masterpiece. . One day i hope to bring the Stax C-AX and the Stax power amps and set up a full Stax system . The dac x1t is built like nothing I have seen . Congratulations on getting hold of one . I am very envious. 😊
  7. Hi Arthur . I have one of those amps . I have modded mine and the improvement is substantial . Unmodded still very good . I used many rare and exotic (very expensive ) capacitors etc Now sound as good as anything I can think of. The power supplies are a tour de force. An amazing base for a rebuild or mod .
  8. I am glad someone snapped these up . I was so tempted .
  9. Thats all correct Aperalim. I pulled one apart many years ago. ( just curious )I have a couple of sets and they worked really well under my cd94 mk2. And they look great .
  10. The Sovereigns had a big impact on me partnered with the ME 1500 and 850 at Junction hi fi in Newcastle many years ago .
  11. Here is a peek inside the da 12 dac . The blue caps around the dac chip are very important to the quality of the sound . Marantz used very high quality caps in their flag ship player .
  12. It was very difficult to let this one go . It sounds so right . Not many people get the chance to listen to cd replay from a player of this calibre . When you do ,you just sit , listen and enjoy the moment ,as there is nothing to criticise . You will get many years of real musical satisfaction from the cd12 . Here is one of my photos .
  13. Also George , where the three solder joints are at the bottom of the picture , the three traces need to be cut .I used a small drill further up the traces to cut them . This is fiddly work .
  14. Here is a photo showing the Dem capacitor . The small black cap next to the tda1541a This is a small 680 pf cap in this case . I replaced the cheap cap with a copper foil polystyrene . This is much better quality and from memory improved the noise floor and detail . I could also try a copper foil pps , but the polystyrene worked nicely . You can also change the value.Some cd manufacturers used a 470pf here but i havent fiddled too much except to replace an inferior part with a top notch part . This is a nice simple and cheap upgrade without changing the circuit in any way . A cheap alternative would be a fkp polypropylene film and foil pulse type from wima or similar a good quality polystyrene .
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