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  1. Hi Folks , Looking for good tube amp specialist near Melbourne maribrynong (inner west suburbs). Thanks in advanced
  2. My pleasure ! Sure will , so far I've been quite impressed , I even tried powering my power hungry ATC scm40 , seems no problem controlling it.
  3. Yes it does! Slightly chinglish but can still understand the gist
  4. Just a quick update, received the x7 yesterday ! seller took awhile to dispatch(aprox 1 week) , but after dispatch fedex took 5 days to get here. some photos from my phone , overall the quality & feel more superior than Willsenton R8 , internal guts looks very tidy , signal tubes are JJs(not shugang or beijing) , beautiful illuminated va meter , remote feels more quality(less noisy), even the IEC cable are thicker and more quality. still burning in at the moment , so not doing any serious listening / compare. Overall pretty impressed for the built quality alone .
  5. @BobbieBeat Reason for selling: Trying something else I got offered
  6. It reduce resonance and vibrations transfer that itself has definately tighten up the bass and made listening to bass heavy music more enjoyable
  7. @MattyW this "oldchen/laochen"(in Chinese it translate to an old guy with surname "Chen") had definitely been through some amazing journey along the way , so many stories and upgrades ,I'm sure it has its own unique character and cant be compared to normal "virgin" chi fi out the box! cant wait to listen to it !
  8. Sure thing , likely in a couple months i'll share my views.
  9. @Atmaj thanks for the advise! I was just trying for a couple minutes just to ease my curious mind , i've since reverted back to the stock 6SL7 . I was hoping that I could use it as a "pure" power amp with my Musical paradise MP701 , looks like it wont work well with the R8 . I have a muzishare x7 coming , will see if that has similar design or not.
  10. @2Dculture I just tried swapping out those 6sl7(with tungsol 6sn7) and the buzz seems to have reduced quite abit , so I suspect might be the stock 6sl7 quite noisy ? Will wait for some quality 6sl7 to arrive and report back my findings .
  11. @Atmaj It might be bypassing the 6sn7 ,not the 6sl7? as I found using the R8 via aux/cd, the sound stage is unbalance , bias toward the right speaker , as soon as I use my tube preamp via the pre in the bias is gone , the singer is smack bang in the middle . Does yours have any hiss when using cd/aux and the volume around 11 o'clock ?
  12. @2Dculture Thanks for sharing ! Sorry I meant pre-in , if you have nothing attached to pre in , are you getting any hiss or hum from the speakers ? It comes out from both speaker so I think is something to do with the amp itself . As I do not have any other sources connected . Might just be the pre in has too much gain , so amplified all the noise from the tube ?
  13. @pretender Thanks for sharing , did you also notice when in CD or other source , when the volume is up to around 10 o'clock the hiss is becoming more evident ? I wonder if they are coming from the tubes , what known as tube rush ..
  14. @Atmaj @2Dculturedid you notice any hissing/buzzing/humming when nothing is connected to the pre out terminals on the R8? I tried with or without preamp connected the hiss and hum is evident when I'm about 1meter away from the speaker , not overly loud but enough to make me want to trouble shoot what's going on.
  15. @2Dculture Yea , I noticed that too, I think it is refection from the street , I shot these using extended exposure(5 seconds) so prone to picking up some ambience light.
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