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  1. purimpat

    SOLD: FS: DAC - NAD M51

    PM sent
  2. purimpat


    PM sent with intent to buy
  3. purimpat

    SOLD: FS: Brand New M2Tech Young DAC

    PM sent with intent to buy Frank
  4. purimpat

    SOLD: FS: Naim Nac speaker cables

    PM sent with intent to buy
  5. purimpat

    FS: Sonus Faber Concertino Domus Speakers

    PM sent with intent to buy Thanks
  6. PM sent with intent to buy Thanks Frank
  7. purimpat

    SOLD: Rotel RCD 991 audiophile edition

    PM sent with intent to buy
  8. purimpat

    SOLD: FS: ATC SCM11 Speakers - Black Ash

    PM sent with intent to buy
  9. purimpat

    SOLD: FS: Rotel 1090 preamp

    PM sent intent to buy Thanks
  10. Magnet is product from Thailand http://www.magnetaudio.com/เครื่องกรองไฟ_Und_Power_Und_Line_Und_Conditioner_Und_Stabilizer:!เครื่องกรองไฟ_Und_Power_Und_Line_Und_Conditioner_And_Stabilizer FYI Frank
  11. purimpat

    SOLD: Perreaux 80i integrated amp

    I will take Moon 100D dac PM sent Thanks
  12. purimpat

    SOLD: FS: ATC SCM12 bookshelf speaker

    Will take them PM sent
  13. purimpat

    FS: Dynaudio Focus 140 speakers

    Beware this member is scammer I lose $935 for this speakers. No response from him when he got money Frank
  14. purimpat

    FS (SYD): Rel T-5 subwoofer

    I will take it Pm sent