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  1. Tron Legacy, basically the whole movie is a bass fest but where Sam is "sucked into the grid" from his dad's arcade is one of the hottest, the light cycle scene is also good Tron Legacy Peak vs Average graph The second grenade in WWZ,around the 1hr04min mark it's like a sine wave drop in frequency from 60Hz down to nearly 10Hz Hand Grenade scene The War of The World's scene is where the first pod comes out of the ground with all the people standing around Pods
  2. @Primare Knob I just played back the scene you are talking about several times, adding to the MV each run through, the last time was at Reference Level with subs about 3dB hot and I didn't find it a particularly difficult scene to play back and there was absolutely no audible distortion on my end, it was definitely louder than I would choose to play that scene at, but I wasn't sweating bullets or jumping for the remote either. I probably wouldn't attempt playback at that Master Volume with World War Z hand grenade scene, Olympus Has Fallen Washington Monument scene, Wonder Woman bracele
  3. Frozen 2 is fairly bassy, but it's nothing extraordinary, Deep Water Horizon,though not super deep has far more bass. First Man has almost zero deep bass. What about the really heavy hitters like The Incredible Hulk, War Of the Worlds,Tron Legacy etc? Do they cause distortion? What subs do you have? Crossover point? this graph shows the bass (look at the dotted line)
  4. Yeah the budget seems to have run out when it comes to the CGI in parts, there's a section where you can see people jogging on the deck of an aircraft carrier and one of the little CGI men hasn't been finished off, looks like the liquid metal T-1000 from T2 doing laps on the deck (running much faster than everyone else too so maybe he was a T-1000....) Hope I didn't talk it up too much @betty boop leading to some disappointment. Movie of the year so far for me has been Knives Out , check it out if you haven't already, I watched twice within a couple of days, which almos
  5. Warn the neighbours before you start! lol The Velo's will get a workout! I watched it after midnight so had to really keep a lid on the MV, probably around -22dB for most of the movie, will go back for a 2nd viewing at my normal -10 to -12dB MV very soon! Here's a graph showing the bass! Keep in mind, anything on these graphs over the -20dB line is considered fairly loud
  6. Watched this tonight, I enjoyed it - decent movie (no worse than Pearl Harbour) Total bass fest and arguably some of the best use of the surround channels I've experienced in a while Al - you'll like this one!
  7. We have a little saying around here: "you mess with the Paul, you get the horns"
  8. Be careful asking Paul that...some Folded Horns may be in your future!
  9. I would build a pair of VBSS (Value Buster Subwoofer System ) designed by Matt Grant from AVS forum and DIYSG All the info is in this thread https://www.avsforum.com/forum/155-diy-speakers-subs/2226642-v-b-s-s-diy-subwoofer-design-thread.html Including Port tune options,cut list, and even the inuke DSP setting needed to shape the response. An Inuke 3000DSP can drive up to 8 of these!!!! Get the Drivers from here http://www.theloudspeakerkit.com/dayton-audio-pa460-8-18-pro-woofer You can use precision ports or slot ports if you want to save some coin
  10. Hey glad you liked it Al, I lent it to a few mates and all have thoroughly enjoyed it, and agreed the action scenes are great, definitely a sub workout, some of the visual effects have a very distinctive style too, sort of a blend of the matrix and cut scenes from a computer game (hard to explain I guess lol)
  11. Surprised this is still here! This is literally THE best value for money investment you can spend on your system, takes so much guess work out of system setup and problem solving I've had 3 different mic's and the umik-1 is the easiest to get going with REW
  12. Wow! that looks awesome! When seated in the MLP are they aimed to fire in front of the listening position or directly on axis?
  13. Ge I guess it depends how loud (and what) you like to listen, dual Cap4000s put out 126dB at 20Hz (more in-room) and close to 135dB above that. Wouldn't be surprised if 2 of these hit 120dB at 10Hz in a room , this setup is used for home cinema too and movies go several octaves lower than 28Hz. From memory the owner had previously had 4 x SVS SB16 Ultras in the room and was bumping against their limits down low, so obviously they like it loud!
  14. Any pictures of the final (for now) set up in the church? Perhaps adding a few "small" subs to boost the low end could be a future upgrade as this fellow Sov owner did
  15. I'm not usually one for amp porn, but God damn - that's a good looking rig!!!
  16. The general consensus on AVS was that any of those would be adequately braced - without eating up too much internal volume. Obviously access to a CNC machine some intricate designs are possible. The first bracing drawing using dowel was recommended by Bill Fitzmaurice. The really large ported boxes are 27cu ft boxes tuned at 15Hz, each loaded with 2 x LMS 5400 Ultra's, the owner claims there are no box resonances at all
  17. The ones designed for me were quite a bit larger than that, larger cabinet gains more low end efficiency These were kindly designed for me by LTD02 (John) from AVS forum, bracing will need to be added. In his notes John added "Bracing would be up to you. Just brace it to be rock solid!" Check out the "Marty sub" thread on AVS forum for ideas on bracing This one is tuned just a smidge under 20Hz and would be "pretty flat all the way down to that point." This one is tuned at 17Hz,and would be a great match for the Type-R's!
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