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  1. Yeah, I'm not inclined to believe that there would be an audible difference between the 1-5 watts from my AVR and a power amp, no matter the cost, as I'm just nowhere near the amps limits. Even 50 watts would put me well over THX Ref Level.
  2. Whilst I definitely agree regarding Flea amps, an amp with 3-10 watts certainly won't leave a lot left over for headroom, but with my Denon X-4000 having around 100w available with 5 channels driven, I won't be bumping against its limits till around 10dB over Reference Level, which is about 20dB louder than I listen
  3. IMHO there is likely no audible difference between the power amp and AVR - as long as the AVR is driven well within its limits. If you are someone who likes to occasionally push the Master Volume up, and your speakers are fairly inefficient , and you're in a big room -- watts can add up fairly quickly This calculator is also handy http://myhometheater.homestead.com/splcalculator.html In my case, my LCR are 8Ohm 98dB @ 1w/1m and my surrounds are 95dB 1w/1m and all speakers are crossed over to multiple subs at 80Hz. At my usual max listening MV of
  4. My Seatons have a similar function. It's usually recommended to run Audyssey with the dial set to Medium, and move it to Large if you want to add a House Curve (rising response under ~40Hz) after running Audyssey If you run Audyssey with it set to Large you will probably have a rising low-end response (due to added room gain) - which most people prefer over dead flat, Audyssey will then use filters to flatten this out
  5. Wow ...some very nice drivers in these too, looks like ScanSpeak Illuminator woofers, with Seas Excel tweeters (?)
  6. Looking very nice in there mate Good choice on the Martin Logan speakers and sub, the Balanced Force 210 are nice units Am I correct in assuming the ML's are used for Home Theatre , and the Osborn Interlude's are for Stereo/2 chan only?
  7. These are not music tracks,but these will really test your subs and whole system, they are recorded by Tom Danley Danley Sound Labs I really like the "Fireworks Finale Short" and "train starting up" tracks Here is the warning on the site https://www.danleysoundlabs.com/tom-danleys-mic-recordings/
  8. No mate, leave the distance setting as is (unless you have a calibrated measurement system to verify that the AVR got it wrong). The distance with subs can be affected by the plate amp having DSP,High-pass filters etc built in - all of which can add milliseconds of delay. So I'd leave the distance as is The " -10 to -6" range is referring to the subwoofer trim level (volume in the AVR) you want it the negatives - ie. aim for a post-Audyssey Subwoofer trim of around -8dB (negative 8dB)
  9. Yes the gai Yeah mate, the gain/volume dial on the subwoofer. It's a balancing act, I just run the first 1-3 measuring positions of Audyssey and save the calibration and check the Subwoofer trim level, aiming for around -10 to -6 range. You may have to run this a few times, just keep adding or subtracting small amounts to the sub's gain dial till you get in this range. After you have it set up correctly you shouldn't need to touch the gain dial again , all adjustments can be performed via the AVR in the "Speaker Levels" menu
  10. No worries, I had the Concept 20s when they first came out and absolutely loved them (should have kept them for bedroom setup!) A VERY easy to listen to speaker Bet this all matching setup would be outstanding for Blu-ray concerts! I noticed a huge difference when moving to matching speakers all round.
  11. This! x 2 ^^^ turn the gain up on the subwoofer and re-run Audyssey as you are likely clipping the signal Even if this isn't causing the problem, it's a good idea, ideally you want to be well into the negatives (but under your maximum which should be -12) I aim for around -10dB sub trim post Audyssey, which gives me some room to add to the subs when needed, - while still staying in the negatives. I personally wouldn't recommend going above -3dB *edit* should have read the whole thread,sounds like you're on the right track!
  12. I have 3 x Seaton SubMersives, easily the best sub I've ever heard, and they can output THX Reference Level bass to under 10Hz in my room.They are awesome! But the wait times are looooong and after sales service does leave a bit to be desired. That said I would still buy again. If going Seaton you probably won't get the Master/Slave option unless you insist on it, as Mark appears to be steering more towards his new 2400w amp for 240V/International customers I'd recommend you take a hard look at the Rythmik Audio FV18, close in performance to the JTR 2400, tonnes of tuning options b
  13. Oh yeah, an oldie but a goodie! Though not particularly "deep" bass, the drums at the start are great
  14. Mine are boring - I use 2 x of my Seaton SubMersive subwoofers as speaker stands - so just huge big black boxes A friend in the US had these custom beauties made
  15. I would go with the design shown in this video
  16. For your frequency response graph, can you change the vertical dB axis to something that shows a bit more resolution? Something like 60dB to 110dB should work, and give you 5dB spacing. Using -180dB to +180dB really doesn't show you much. For full range sweeps you can probably change the horizontal Hz axis to 20Hz to 20kHz and apply 1/6 Oct smoothing
  17. Do you mean the bunny? ......I'm looking for a hidden ninja cat in the pictures now.....
  18. Yeah I sold mine on here for $300,they are still an awesome AVR if you just need 5.1 (or 7.1), if you can get one cheap I'd jump on it
  19. Oh ok then...seems weird though… even brand new in box you'll probably take a big hit selling the ML Dynamo 12" right now, it's a shame they won't let you trade it towards a PB-2000Pro at a $$ amount that works for both of you
  20. I'm sure you'll be happy, lot's of good gear there to work with That said... as previously mentioned by myself and others, I would personally not try and mix those 2 x subs. Mixing ported and sealed (or 2x ported subs with different tunes) can cause havoc with your bass response - as in make it WORSE than just running a single of either due to phase cancellations, and the Yamaha's auto room correction (YPOA) does little to nothing in the bass region (Audyssey,Dirac,Anthem ARC are all much better here) If you're set on the Dynamo 1100 in the pack, I'd enquire about swapping th
  21. What kind of ballpark $$$'s are we talking here? If it was me, I would look at something like these Centre https://www.selby.com.au/brands/krix/krix-vortex-mk2-centre-speaker.html Left, Right and Surrounds https://www.selby.com.au/brands/krix/krix-equinox-bookshelf-speakers-pair.html Subs http://www.deephzaudio.com/Specials.html Don't get me wrong, the PB2000 Pro is a very good subwoofer, but the PSA 1500 for $1650 is a no-brainer !!!
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