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  1. 1 hour ago, Steffen said:


    They contain transformers, right?


    I used to love signal transformers for audio back during my tube days (some 30+ years ago), but lost sight of them and grew to distrust them for whatever reasons. The recent addition of a TVC to my system rekindled my love for them. The TVC solves this very same problem (balanced/single-ended conversion) for me as a side effect.


    I can only encourage people to give this Jensen device a shot. In terms of elegant simplicity and sheer transparency those transformers set the benchmark for balanced/single-ended conversion, IMO. Isolation is the cherry on the cake.





    Yes transformers inside, flat response down to 3Hz too!

  2. On 21/05/2019 at 9:18 PM, betty boop said:

    that does come with xt32 which is good.... but again... Id if possible go the older 3 series ... 3400h :)  get a good step all around to a $2k AVR and will pay not much more on run out or 2nd hand vs the 2500h 


    dont have to go for latest and greatest.


    the yams have their fans, but just be aware their EQ and setup system for bass is not that flash ! 

    I think the 2*** series Denon's only have Audyssey XT - not XT32 (which I agree IS a necessity if looking at Denon/Marantz) 

  3. Audyssey aims for a FLAT frequency response - to most people, not listening at THX Reference Level - a flat FR in the bass region  will sound anemic. 

    I would turn the subs up 3-6dB (or more) in the Channel Level section of the AVR.

    Are you using Dynamic EQ ? - it may also help 

    Make sure Dynamic Volume and Audyssey LFC are both OFF

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  4. Agreed with others, needing to add  +16dB means something is likely up (IMHO anyway)


    Most auto room correction systems aim to set the subs and speakers to 75dB (ie. flat ) - unfortunately most of us listen well below THX reference level,  at lower volumes our ears are much less sensitive to bass frequencies, so "flat" can sound a bit anaemic.  Audyssey has "Dynamic EQ " to help solve this. If you don't have something like that, most  people seem to prefer adding around 3-6dB to their subs. Adding 15dB+ is not unheard of, but it's at the extreme end - even for bassheads

  5. 6 hours ago, Marc said:

    Ridiculously good price. I paid not far off that for just one of the newer models of those LCRs recently by the time US shipping was included.

    This is serious home cinema if you're in the planning stage for a dedicated build

    Agreed...bargain pricing.

    And I'd add that this would make for a serious small commercial cinema build  😂 lol


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  6. Item Condition: Excellent/Near new
    Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.
    Suburb or Town: Brisbane 4502
    State: Queensland
    Payment Method: Preferably pick up + cash
    Reason for selling: Not used

    Further information:

    Literally hardly used, plugged in once and had a play with the settings, but just don't have the time anymore to tinker with my set up. Comes with the optional remote, would just need to buy the $10 plugin from miniDSP.com

    MiniDSP didn't send me an AU power adapter, so I bought a suitable aftermarket one over here










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  7. Cheers...and so am I!!

    Without a word of exaggeration, the remote was probably used 5-10 times max. Was put back in its box,....got it back out last year when I updated my AVR for her to have another go at it...and it sat in its charging cradle and was never touched...so back in the box it went. The only cosmetic blemish I can see on it is the gloss black on the charging cradle has some swirl marks from cleaning the dust off it

  8. Audyssey's "after" graphs are only a "predicted response" so you have to take them with a huge grain of salt, also the resolution of the graphs is horrible.


    Of the graphs shown I think you have a smoother response with 1 x sub, but gain a bit more low-end output and extension with 2 x subs (probably why it sounds better) 


    IMHO, perhaps even more important than a subs only response is a graph showing the phase response of your subs and speakers in  the crossover region, something Audyssey (and most other room correction software ) often messes up - because it never measures the subs and speakers together, which is fine for the LFE channel - but not so much for bass managed speakers.

    Depending where you crossover is to your LCR speakers, that large sharp dip at ~60Hz in the "2 x sub graph"  may be filled in by your speakers


    I would buy or borrow a Umik-1 and measure your actual after Audyssey response

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  9. Item Condition: Very Good
    Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.
    Suburb or Town: Petrie 4502
    State: Queensland
    Payment Method: Paypal, EFT, Cash on Pickup (cash on pickup preferred)
    Reason for selling: Almost never used

    Further information:

    Bought to stop Mrs whinging about all the remotes, but she never took to it

    Photos: ( apologies for low res images, was the only way I could get the correct orientation) 















    • If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item
    • If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved
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  10. Properly integrated, the doubling of identical powered subwoofers will add 6dB overall. So going from 1 sub to 2 adds 6dB, going from 2 to 4 subs adds another 6dB (.....and so on)

    This is actually a pretty dramatic difference in the bass region, and will allow you to play louder, with much less distortion...and with a little work - obtain a smoother bass response,with better seat-to-seat consistency 


    I'll go against the grain and say look out for another Pb13 or PC13 Ultra or grab a PB-4000 (very close to the PB13U) . Get a Umik-1, miniDSP 2x4HD and download REW and get to work

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  11. Have a good read of this guide



    For full range speaker sweeps I would limit the horizontal axis to 20Hz to 20kHz and (IMHO) use 1/6 Oct smoothing and the vertical axis from 50dB to 110dB which should give 5dB increments. For sub sweeps I would use something like 10Hz to 200Hz on the Horizontal axis and no smoothing. Sometimes you have to play with the resolution setting when saving the screenshots to maintain 5dB increments


    Evidently something is up with your dB levels (soundcard/ mic calibration?) , because measuring at 20-30dB would be well under the room's noise floor (unless you live in an anechoic chamber? lol) 


    Here's an example of how to show your graphs, this is just how I do it, but will give you some ideas



    Fullrange measurement  (dual subs + Center speaker crossed at 80Hz with 1/6 Oct smoothing







    Dual Subwoofer measurements, no smoothing














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  12. 18 hours ago, bryansamui said:

    I've had these Custom order 825sq for a few months now.. Completely unfatiging at High Volume.. Absolutely no " Ice Pick in the ear" so Polar opposite to Focal, Monitor Audio, B&W, Horns Klipsch etc.. These are ideal as High Volume if that's what you are looking for.    These saw a $8500 pair of Martin Logan Electrostatics 'The Door' because while the Martin Logans were incredibly revealing,they were too demanding to listen too for long periods. These Ascensions are not far behind in detail retrieval and do i suppose lack the ultimate speed on transients (Being a box speaker) but i still ultimately prefer them.. Better more tuneful Bass, sweet detailed mid, Wider sweet spot, no fatigue with that tweeter.. I auditioned speakers up to $4000  and none were as good probably because at $4000 you couldn't expect SB acoustics NRX drivers which these have.. Also Edward is a " Master of the Transmission Line" which few manufacturers attempt because of the complexity of the design, opting for the lazy designers way and use the simple (and highly profitable) bass reflex design . Calling Edward "An Average speaker designer" is like calling Michelangelo "An Average Painter" 



    Damn! They look lovely!!!! Congrats!


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