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  1. NSD

    Ha you beat me by a few seconds....http://legacyaudio.com/products/view/classic-hd/ Lovely speakers ,congrats
  2. Seriously - jump on these quickly! For $1300 these are the biggest home theatre bargain I've seen in a long time
  3. MultEQ results

    Which model Marantz? So its just MultEQ - or is it MultEQ XT or MultEQ XT32? Looking at the big gains in the SW FR compared to the LCR I'm guessing it's either just the base MultEQ - or if it's XT or XT32 there may have have been a *less than ideal* calibration I have found these positions to work well (positions 3 and 4 are raised 3")
  4. MultEQ results

    Hi Which flavour of Audyssey do you have? The results seem ok to me, how does it sound? The After graph for the 5 speakers looks like you may benefit from some reasonably thick (10-20cm) acoustic treatments. I added a bunch of panels and it helped my response above 150hz a lot. The After graph for the sub looks much better, most people bump their AVR Sub level up a few dB after Audyssey. Using REW and a U-mik1 I've found Audyssey (XT and XT32) set my subs around 74dB and my speakers around 76-77dB. So I manually reduce my speakers till they all measure 75dB and set the to 77dB. Please have a read of this guide at Hometheatershack to help get the most out of Audyssey.
  5. Wonder Woman

    Agreed! I rewatched this a few days ago and thoroughly enjoyed it again. The first time she does the "bracelet block" is one of the better bass scenes in recent years. I had the MV at -7dB the first time I watched this and I was jumping for the remote!
  6. Home theatre room, need help.

    I've dealt with Aussie HiFi on a couple of occasions and their service has always been excellent. Sunnybank HiFi are also great
  7. Home theatre room, need help.

    I would get this pack from Selby (that is on special at the moment) https://www.selby.com.au/brands/q-acoustics/yamaha-rx-v381-q-acoustics-3010-5-1-pack-900552.html Sell the QA subwoofer and grab an SVS SB-2000 from DeepHz (usually can be had for $1350ish delivered) This would be great in a small room
  8. cheers thanks Bill We have previously exchanged pms, but at the time I was looking at getting XLR to RCA but the new amp I'm now looking at getting has RCA input as well as XLR - so I would probably get RCA to RCA
  9. Hi Bill Would this cable be suitable for an RCA to RCA subwoofer cable in a home theatre set-up (AVR to sub plate amp)? Looking for something with excellent noise/hum rejection cheers Jamie
  10. Yes just noticed the weight! Weighs the same as my much larger dual 15" Seaton Submersive!
  11. haha mate I bet they could shake the neighbours house as well. What a set-up - would love to see that one day! I actually didn't know the Sub25 sat between the Sub1 and Sub2 in the product range. Must be a beastly 15!!
  12. ....wait....what?...a Sub2 AND dual Sub1's..woah...Beast Mode : engaged!! GLWTS
  13. Polymax Absorb XHD 100mm batts

    I recently bought a pack of the Autex Greenstuf 100mm thick Polyester in Black and although not as rigid (same density at 48kg/m3) as the Polymax XHD pack I bought a few years ago, it was cheaper and looks waaayyy better (IMHO). I wrapped the Polymax but the Autex looks nice enough that I'm not going to bother
  14. wow - bargain, mate you always have the best stuff for sale! Can only imagine how much a commercial design using these drivers would fetch
  15. There's a guy in Brisbane that makes them. Maybe he could ship some? https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/oxley/other-musical-instruments/broadband-bass-traps-sound-absorbers-new-price-list-2018-/1121130043