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  1. Damn! it would be tough to get a better Centre speaker for the money I think. Bargain. GLWTS
  2. Just looking at the Krix specs online (no experience with this particular model) and having previously owned the PB-1000 (and several other SVS subs) I would personally take the PB-1000 hands down if the use is primarily home theatre. The SVS's much larger cabinet will provide a fair bit more efficiency down low , giving much greater output under 30hz,the tuning of the Krix looks to be a fair bit higher too The Pb-1000 lists an anechoic/groundplane freq. response of 19-270 Hz ±3dB with room gain you may get a little under 19Hz The Krix only lists an "in-room " frequency response of 22-200Hz with no +/- given (maybe -12dB??) According to this review, the Krix was 30dB down by 20Hz - and that was in-room https://www.avhub.com.au/product-reviews/sound-image/krix-seismix-3-v60-subwoofer-review-438075 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Krix seismix 3 v6 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The SVS PB-1000 measures much deeper These measurements are taken OUTSIDE (so no boundary reinforcement other than the ground) with room gain and boundary gain you should get flat to at least 20Hz https://referencehometheater.com/review/svs-pb-1000-subwoofer-review/ and from SVS
  3. The bass is a fair bit better in the 7.1 DTS HD track (about 10- 15dB louder bass under 30Hz) This will be most evident in scenes like the stadium landing. The Atmos track looks to have a pretty steep filter at 30Hz ( the DOTTED lines are the tracks on the discs, the solid lines are after adding EQ filters to boost the low bass) 7.1 DTS-HDMA (dotted line) Dolby Atmos (dotted line)
  4. Yes (by coincidence ) @Mr_Gadget and I both have the Denon 4311! Though I could've sworn this setup had in-ceiling speakers and was an Atmos setup, didn't notice the 4311 till you pointed it out! IMHO the DTS HDMA track on the Blu-Ray is reference quality , and agreed, the stadium and Library scenes are stellar and definitely demo worthy
  5. I "think" the 4k has the Dolby Atmos track, both will have excellent surround tracks, and obviously the Atmos track has overhead effects, both were graphed on AVS forum and the Atmos track has the bass neutered
  6. The 7.1 DTS-HDMA on the Oblivion Blu-Ray is vey good
  7. wow mate, love this room!!! Those Krix worked out great
  8. Wowsers! love it!! and clever idea mounting the Atmos speakers like that. I see you have 3x subs listed ,but bi can only spot 2,where's the 3rd hiding?
  9. Oh wow, this is an insanely good price ! almost "buy 2, get 3 free" Are there any Aussie pro-audio forums with classifieds sections? I would imagine some low mileage Genelec's would go quick there
  10. It was soundinmotion.com.au https://soundinmotion.com.au/product/alpine-sws-15d2/ but they are unfortunately discontinued now You could contact peter at DeepHz.com.au and see if he still has any of the PSA 15" woofers he was selling for $200, one of the forum members here found the T/S parameters to help design the box too
  11. You can pick up Alpine type S 15"s for reasonable money over here too. Avs sub design guru Ltd02 designed me a low tuned vented box using dual type S 15s
  12. No worries mate, those are large ported boxes, tuned around 20hz Google Marty subs, a full Marty or mini Marty with a 15" solo-baric would be an interesting build! Check out some of Neo Dan's "easy button" builds https://www.avsforum.com/forum/155-diy-speakers-subs/1093893-easy-button-end-table-max-26-5-x-24-x-37-5-hwd.html
  13. The Kickers should work fine, there are some very good (and big!) Horn subs on AVS using the Kicker CVX woofs. The Solo-Baric's are a solid design The box design will play a HUGE part in getting good results
  14. Which brand/model exactly are you thinking? Most of the better quality JL's, Alpine, image Dynamics, Boston Acoustics etc should work fine, if you have the TS parameters someone should be able to model it for you in winISD etc
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