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  1. jamiebosco

    Italian car-fi

    Hi Steve, Love the install. I heard your old set-up in the Honda Odyssey several times at MEASQ comps. It was great. That Infinity sub is such a beast, could never understand how a single 10" could produce so much bass! From memory you where running a much loved Phoenix Gold amp before? The JL Slash amps have always had a special place in my heart, I sold my 300/4v2 to a mate a couple of years ago and often ask to buy it back. Do you ever hear from Adam (JDF)? cheers Jamie
  2. jamiebosco

    Atmos Speaker Build

    haha. Well don't tell Sue that..... I won't be welcome back!
  3. jamiebosco

    Atmos Speaker Build

    Looking good mate! I reckon these changes will take the room to the next level! Looking forward to seeing more
  4. wow!! They look gorgeous in silver! - though I think I'd have to take that sticker off GLWTS!!!
  5. I did exactly what you're considering. 2xPB-2000s to 4 x PB-2000s, all on the front wall. I already had a flat response (after Audyssey XT32) with 2, so adding 2 more was purely for more SPL and lower distortion - as I was occasionally approaching the limits of 2. In my room 2 could fairly comfortably handle around -10dB MV with 3dB added to the subs. 4 easily handled everything I threw at them, with reference level capability from around 16hz and up Here's a REW graph showing 4xPB-2000s with no smoothing
  6. jamiebosco

    From the Sofa ...

    Agreed! Looks great, more info please!
  7. 100% definitely no To really affect bass you would be looking at 4"-10"+ thickness, and the panels would be much denser than foam (something like polyester, fibreglass etc)
  8. jamiebosco

    System sounding crap

    What frequency are your Speakers crossed over to your subs? And how are they crossed over (AVR, Speaker level inputs)? With the sub and speakers playing together you have decent null (20+dB) at 55-60hz, If you are using your AVR for crossover you may also benefit from the sub distance tweak
  9. jamiebosco

    System sounding crap

    You really need to change the limits to show 5dB intervals 50dB to 105dB should be about right You also look to have a problem with your mic calibration, there's little chance that those sweeps are reaching 107dB at 10hz
  10. jamiebosco

    System sounding crap

    Yeah umik and REW should let you know what's going on Is the seating in the middle of the room? I'd have a play with moving the seating forward and back and experiment with toe-in
  11. jamiebosco

    Hiding Rear Speakers

    Haha yes Jedi knight Obi Wan Seaton
  12. jamiebosco

    Hiding Rear Speakers

    great work mate, can't wait to see what you do with the new speaker build!!
  13. wonder if it's a SpeakerPower amp similar to what's used in the Cat12s? SpeakerPower provide plate amps to many of the big ID companies in the US like PSA, Seaton, JTR,DSS and RBH Sound
  14. jamiebosco

    Star Wars: the last Jedi (8th instalment)

    Mate you didn't even make it to the worst part! The ending was ridiculously bad
  15. jamiebosco

    Star Wars: the last Jedi (8th instalment)

    haha yeah Suicide Squad was a major disappointment as well. The DC animated movie called "Batman: Assault On Arkham" was MUCH better