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  1. Yeah I sold mine on here for $300,they are still an awesome AVR if you just need 5.1 (or 7.1), if you can get one cheap I'd jump on it
  2. Oh ok then...seems weird though… even brand new in box you'll probably take a big hit selling the ML Dynamo 12" right now, it's a shame they won't let you trade it towards a PB-2000Pro at a $$ amount that works for both of you
  3. I'm sure you'll be happy, lot's of good gear there to work with That said... as previously mentioned by myself and others, I would personally not try and mix those 2 x subs. Mixing ported and sealed (or 2x ported subs with different tunes) can cause havoc with your bass response - as in make it WORSE than just running a single of either due to phase cancellations, and the Yamaha's auto room correction (YPOA) does little to nothing in the bass region (Audyssey,Dirac,Anthem ARC are all much better here) If you're set on the Dynamo 1100 in the pack, I'd enquire about swapping the SVS for another one of them, it's not as good as the PB-2000Pro, but getting 2 x matching subs to work together will be much MUCH easier!
  4. What kind of ballpark $$$'s are we talking here? If it was me, I would look at something like these Centre https://www.selby.com.au/brands/krix/krix-vortex-mk2-centre-speaker.html Left, Right and Surrounds https://www.selby.com.au/brands/krix/krix-equinox-bookshelf-speakers-pair.html Subs http://www.deephzaudio.com/Specials.html Don't get me wrong, the PB2000 Pro is a very good subwoofer, but the PSA 1500 for $1650 is a no-brainer !!!
  5. Tough for me to say mate, speakers are a very individual choice, what 1 person likes, another may dislike. Subs, on the other hand, can be judged more objectively - will it meet the performance metrics you require? Personally I would NOT get any of the packages that include a below average subwoofer. Bass is soooo important to Home Theatre!! I would ask for a package deal on the speakers you like best, and go get 1-2 of the best subs you can afford ,either from them or from somewhere else Of the choices provided - I would much rather save the $3000 - get the Paradigm SE package - without the sub - and use the extra money to get dual PSA V1500's from DeepHz http://www.deephzaudio.com/Specials.html PSA was started by Tom Vodhanel - who is the V in SVS (Stimpson Vodhanel Subwoofers) Performance wise these are up there with the PB-4000 - so a HUGE jump up from anything else you're looking at
  6. No one technically NEEDS even 1 subwoofer, so no you don't need another. BUT (as I said before) if you are willing to put some time into setting them up, then yes you would benefit from duals. I had dual (and then quad) SVS Pb-2000s and managed to get a pretty smooth response - much smoother than when I only had a single
  7. Just typed out a huge reply,but your other thread was deleted, so I lost it 1.No, but it will help get a smoother response if you put the work in 2.PB2000 Pro. 8-10dB more output than the SB2000 Pro under 35Hz 3.Sell the V12. They are really below average for a ported sub in this range No Passing CEA result at 16 and 20Hz ? That's rubbish for something in this range 97dB at 25Hz at 25% distortion?? and only 102dB at 31.5Hz at 28% distortion?? ( The PB-2000 produced 108dB and 110dB at those same frequencies with less than half the distortion!!) The older PB/PC2000 has way way better performance numbers compared to the V12 - and the new 2000 Pro models are apparently a significant step up from them again. The PB-1000 is around the same RRP as the V12 and handily beats it across the board (PC2000 numbers - performed by same reviewer with same equipment) I would sell the V12- get a PB2000Pro and get another one when funds allow
  8. I would recommend getting one a bit longer than you need right now, to allow for future placement flexibility. Adding a ft or 2 now will only add a few dollars to the price, but may save you having to buy another later on because it's not long enough. I'm not sure what your budget is for this, so $75 may seem lot for a subwoofer cable - though compared with some other brands , it's actually a minuscule amount- but this cable will last a LONG time. I've owned one of their older model cables for well over 10yrs and I've gone through probably 8-10 subwoofers since then (God help me!) I purchased 3 of the newer models using their LC-1 cable a few years ago and all have been perfect. BJC is also excellent to deal with and (IMHO) a great company to support (a small, family run business)
  9. I would get a Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 subwoofer cable, the best quality cable I've had . Hand made in the USA and absolutely top shelf customer service. The connectors are clones of the Canare RCAP connectors and are excellent quality and give a very solid connection. No snake oil, ground unicorn horn or pixie dust, just a solid product at an affordable price (due to the extensive shielding - they are not overly flexible though) https://www.bluejeanscable.com/store/subwoofer/index.htm
  10. have you measured the response with the panels in and out? I'm not sure how a couple of relatively small panels cause such a noticeable peak in the response
  11. Damn - what a bargain! Always thought these where a very interesting design, they've got a lot fans in the US GLWTS!
  12. Move the plant Couch forward as far as allowable (avoiding the dead centre of the room) Put subwoofer behind couch .... something like the JTR Cap 4000ST (Sofa Table) 😄
  13. *Just a heads up* I would think twice about that if it's the 1850s on GT, another member bought some of the Krix commercial surrounds off Gumtree, and they didn't work
  14. Yeah, a true bargain here, had a PB-1000 a few years ago and they are super impressive for their size!
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