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  1. Thanks for posting this BB. I loved this movie (generally I do NOT like horrors) and I actually enjoyed this more than The Shining. I have the regular BR, is the UHD a big improvement on that? If so it's a "must buy " for me
  2. I have a variety of materials in my room - Polyester (both Autex and Polymax) and Fiberglass (from Swamp Industries, Primacoustics and TomTom/Verbox.) The Polyester has no smell. The Swamp Industries fiberglass panels had a little smell when first opened, but it went away quickly The TomTom panels had no smell at all The Primacoustics panels had a very strong smell that has lasted a pretty long time, I had to let them air out in the garage for a few weeks - I read somewhere that Primacoustics use a very dense fiberglass in their panels , so that may be why (?)
  3. Contact Tom from TomTom Acoustics (now called Verbox) and order as many P200's or P200T's as you can afford (discounts for multiples and free shipping over $1K) They are Australian made, well-built and look nice, and he offers excellent customer service. They can be stacked to go floor to ceiling. Start with 4-6 panels, and add a few more down the track as funds are available
  4. Nah... It's way way better than the original cut (which is an enjoyable enough, popcorn movie)...anyway, I really liked the Snyder cut, will be a day 1 buy for me if it comes to Bluray /4k... each to their own though...
  5. No worries mate, If no locals contact me I'll PM you, and we'll organize freighting down to you. It's the same physical dimensions as the X3300 so will fit perfect in that box Cheers Jamie
  6. Further information: Selling my Denon X-4000, I bought it from here several years ago in mint condition. I only used it for about 8 months before finding a discounted X3300,so has sat in my cupboard since then. Worked flawlessly for me when in use. it's still in very good condition, always used in a ventilated cabinet,with AC Infinity cooling fans on top. Only used for a few movies/week, it's fair to say it had an easy life at my place This AVR has Audyssey XT32 with subEQ HT (2 x independent sub preouts). Comes with remote, Audyssey mic and power cord. I don't have the o
  7. I have a Samsung Note 9 and used the Audio Tools app that is available on both platforms - not free though. works well enough. Not as good as a umik-1 with rew though
  8. This x2! This room is similar to mine, though it looks larger and more open than mine. I also had significant flutter echo and while a large plush rug and large fabric sofa +ottoman helped a little, there was still much to do I have gradually added panels over the last few years (diy and commercial) I started with these 1" beveled fiberglass panels,they look quite nice and will help tame some of the slap echo. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/4x-Fibreglass-Acoustic-Treatment-Panel-Black-Colour-120cm-x-60cm/114720253561?epid=0&hash=item1a
  9. I think the redspade av8s will be your best bet in Aus now that PSA isn't available here anymore. Paul offers a few DIY options too that will help lower the price compared to buying a completed speaker...flat packs,drivers with assembled crossovers or just the drivers/ CO parts and cabinet plans, and you do all the cutting,assemling and finishing... depends how "dirty" you want to get... I have the high sensitivity 10" PSA speakers all round, and they really handle the dynamics in movies and music well
  10. These are pretty good. It's the X900H but settings are the same Being a long time Plasma user - I preferred the Brightness around 7-10 and Gamma at -2 or -1 I also dialed the contrast and brightness back when in HDR (defaults to max) as it can be a bit much for me in a pitch black room
  11. Agreed, I sold my 4311 for $300 in 2019 and kinda regretted it (purely because it was such an awesome bit of kit - it feels like you're giving it away), but looking back - I still wouldn't have found a use for it (I only need 1 setup) and would have likely sold it for the same amount eventually, so someone else may as well be using it. If you can find a use for it somewhere else (garage system?) I'd hold on to it - you won't be able to replace the quality of this for anywhere near this price.
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