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  1. Nice buying here! I have the previous model (507XDA) and it's still going strong 11 years later!! my daughter uses it as a monitor for Xbox One games. This would be perfect for the kids/man cave /shed TV for sport - as the sound from the stock speakers is very good (better than most soundbars!)
  2. jamiebosco

    My System this morning

    Outstanding set-up you have there!!! Love it!
  3. jamiebosco

    Polymax Absorb XHD 100mm batts

    Agree with @bjc - very nicely done! Do you have a build/showcase thread on here? Any info on what speakers/subs are in the pic ? I put 2.4m x 1.2m x 20cm of black QuietStuff polyester insulation (Autex equivalent of Polymax) behind my speakers and subs to help with SBIR as well, worked very well
  4. jamiebosco

    Acoustic Basics of my Room

    Hi @Celts88 Are any of the graphs you've uploaded here of speakers + the Sub1? Or all just the ML5's? (if just the ML5's they certainly dig deep!) Now you have some space in the front left corner I'd try the sub there. Do the Paradigm amps have delay or phase adjustment?
  5. jamiebosco

    Surround Speaker Placement for potential 5.1

    Do it! surrounds DO make a huge difference with movie soundtracks I agree with everything Al said. The Monitor Audio Silver FX are great in that they can be used in Dipole or Bipole config (I'd probably stick with Bipole but try both) Or a pair of angled surrounds like the SVS Prime Elevations or Krix Dynamix Mk2's on either side of the window would work great as well http://www.krix.com.au/dynamix-mk2/ https://klappav.com.au/products/prime-elevation-speaker-piano-gloss-white The Elevations come with an excellent mounting bracket for a few different mounting options
  6. jamiebosco

    SVS PC 4000 subwoofer

    Downsizing? footprint wise or output? The PC4000 is roughly equivalent to the PB13U ....so PC4000 will have about the same out put above 30hz, substantially MORE output between 16-30hz and less output under about 12hz
  7. jamiebosco

    Atmos Speaker Build

    wow looking good mate! That's a very stout looking coaxial driver too, these should blend perfectly with the Catalyst's
  8. What subs do you have? I'm guessing they have external amps? Or are you wanting to check the AVR's SW preouts? If you want to make sure they are being used within their limits you can easily do compression testing with a laptop, REW and a umik-1
  9. jamiebosco

    Atmos Speaker Build

    I'm sure it will mate! Got a new DTS:X setup demo here for you next time you come by, I think it'll be useful when fine-tuning the system
  10. jamiebosco

    Atmos Speaker Build

    wow mate! This is one of the most "full on" in-ceiling speaker installs I've seen! I'm sure all the extra work will pay off big time the first time you watch something in Atmos!!
  11. Oh wow, they look amazing in the ebony tiger!
  12. jamiebosco

    Italian car-fi

    Hi Steve, Love the install. I heard your old set-up in the Honda Odyssey several times at MEASQ comps. It was great. That Infinity sub is such a beast, could never understand how a single 10" could produce so much bass! From memory you where running a much loved Phoenix Gold amp before? The JL Slash amps have always had a special place in my heart, I sold my 300/4v2 to a mate a couple of years ago and often ask to buy it back. Do you ever hear from Adam (JDF)? cheers Jamie
  13. jamiebosco

    Atmos Speaker Build

    haha. Well don't tell Sue that..... I won't be welcome back!
  14. jamiebosco

    Atmos Speaker Build

    Looking good mate! I reckon these changes will take the room to the next level! Looking forward to seeing more
  15. wow!! They look gorgeous in silver! - though I think I'd have to take that sticker off GLWTS!!!