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  1. Oh trust me, I still think the movie really sucked, but - at least for me - there is no part of Attack of the Clones that I particularly like to rewatch. I can watch the pod race every so often. It's actually a scene that a few people have requested to see when demoing my rig
  2. We picked the same except I chose Attack Of The Clones as the worst. At least The Phantom Menace has the Pod Race and Darth Maul.
  3. Budget room treatment foam

    The only stuff I'd recommend on ebay are these http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Fiberglass-Panel-Studio-Acoustic-Treatment-Beige-Sand-Fibreglass-120x60cm-/311749135681?hash=item4895b24d41:g:UaAAAOSw6ShZXK-7 They are 30mm fabric covered fiberglass, they come in red, beige and black. I have 10 of these in my lounge room and IMHO they look very nice, MUCH nicer than the cheap acoustic wedge foam. The beige colour shown on the ebay listing looks better in person (less pink), almost perfectly blends with my vertical blinds. These really helped reduce any "slap echo" in my room. I also have 6 x Polymax XHD panels in the room. The difference room treatment makes is pretty dramatic, even at my modest level.
  4. Can't believe you're selling it! For those that don't know, this would have the output of 3-4 SVS SB16 Ultras between 10hz-80hz GLWTS!
  5. Hiding Rear Speakers

    cheers,I had a look at your "folded horn sub" build thread and saw how you assembled the grill frames. I should be able to work it out. Where in Brissy do you get the magnets from?
  6. Hiding Rear Speakers

    Who does your printing on the grill cloth? The Titanic ones came out perfect, must be extremely hard to get the picture not only centred, but also without creases. I'm going to have a crack at making some large,plain black speaker grills soon and would love to get some tips, as I'm almost certainly going to butcher them lol
  7. Hiding Rear Speakers

    Wow, very nice work and really creative! The work in your window block-out thread also turned out spot on! I'm actually surprised I've never seen this type of thing before on any other AV forum cheers Jamie
  8. Anthem AV Owners Thread

    Ha, it's not just this site (or even just this hobby) Upgraditis is real - and contagious
  9. Anthem AV Owners Thread

    haha...don't listen! You seem (mostly) happy with the Anthem, now sit back and enjoy the system mate.
  10. Twin 15" subwoofer

    Yeah one of the main things that held me back from building DIY subs was the amps. The more affordable rack amps have fans that sound like hair dryers. The fan in my old media player bugged the absolute crap out of me (mrs couldn't hear it) Never again!
  11. Twin 15" subwoofer

    Curious, did you go for the same dimensions/cu. ft. of the PSA XS30?
  12. Twin 15" subwoofer

    Agreed ! More please
  13. Spectacular Speakers!!

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ IMHO those speakers most definitely fit this thread!
  14. 1 x SB13-Ultra vs 2 x SB2000

    I have definitely come around to this way of thinking as well, and the volume needed to "feel" bass in the 5-15hz range is so high (around 110dB at 10hz) that it's hard to achieve unless you have a smallish sealed room. Would be very difficult in an open plan/multi use room like my gear is in. A lot of the really enjoyable bass heavy scenes for me seem to be in the 25hz-60hz range. Movies like Interstellar, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Pacific Rim, Transformers, Oblivion, The Avengers etc have the "meat" of their bass in this range. Even the famous "Pods Emerge" from War Of The Worlds is mixed way hotter in the 20-50hz range