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  1. He refers to "Dennis" (and Carbon panels) in the video, so I'm assuming he's talking about Dennis Foley from Acoustic Fields as the guy overseeing the build - he knows what he's talking about when it comes to listening room and studio designs https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu6Bjebk4fuye46VRG5Y83A
  2. Blu's (these 3 are by far my favs) 1.Hans Zimmer: Live in Prague (this is a must have!!!!!!) 2.Eagles: Farewell Tour live in Melbourne 3.Eagles: Live At The Capital Centre - March 1977 Nine Inch Nails : Beside You In Time Adele: Live at the Royal Albert Roger Waters: The Wall The Police: Certifiable (Live in Buenos Aires) Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense From iTunes Taylor Swift The 1989 World Tour 2015
  3. Sorry - MV = Master Volume ie. how loud do you like to listen?
  4. What is your usual playback MV? 2 x SB-1000's "should" be plenty in an apartment , especially if you're someone who is conscious/considerate of not disturbing your neighbours.
  5. Holy moley!!!! what a bargain, this won't last long at this price!
  6. Damn I'm sorry (and shocked) to hear you have been getting some criticism/crap via pm, especially about your room -, it's definitely among my favourite on SN. I hope you don't mind me adding my 2c Personally I'd contact Paul at RedSpade ASAP. Get a umik-1 $(120) and a DSP unit from miniDSP and cheap windows laptop off gumtree (if you don't have one) Paul will be able to tell you the EQ filters to add and the type, position and quantity (if any) of acoustic treatment you may need Good luck mate Jamie Edit*** I see Paul has weighed in here now. Id really consider hiring Paul to do a room analysis, I've seen and heard his results in a friend's place up here in Brisbane, and it sounds fantastic
  7. In your (gorgeous!!!) room I would place the speakers in the positions that provide the best imaging/soundstage/listening experience - get a few subs - a pair of SVS SB-2000 or SB-1000s or better yet - these and I'd get a miniDSP 2x4HD + umik-1 ....position the subs to fill the massive gaping null - use the miniDSP to integrate the subs to the Sovs and pull down that peak centred at 50Hz. I would also personally use 1/6Oct or Variable/Psychoacoustic smoothing on graphs and 5dB increments on the vertical scale Most prefer a generous amount of bass,with a rising response as the frequencies decrease,so I'm not at all surprised that they already sound very good
  8. Agree with previous posters, with some boundary gain these would be completely untouchable from 25Hz and up for the asking price (probably 3x $$) I've heard a pair of Paul's 20Hz horns in a dedicated cinema and the bass was incredible Get a second-hand pro amp off ebay/Gumtree and you'll be rocking with just a few hundred watts! GLWTS! (someone snap these up)
  9. I always verify Audyssey's calibration using REW and a calibrated mic - and adjust levels accordingly, and I (and a few others on AVS) have found Audyssey sets speakers 2-3dB hot (so around 77-78dB) and subs usually a dB or so low. I have personally checked this with 3 different AVRs (1x XT, 2x XT32) and 5 different Audyssey Mics (purchased some new ones from Aus distributor and eBay) and using 3 different calibrated mics with REW (1x Dayton , 1x miniDSP umik-1, 1x CSL calibrated umik-1) Probably not necessary in the grand scheme of things, but I just like to know that when I'm watching a movie at -5MV that I'm actually -5dB from Reference Level.
  10. Damn,what a beaut!! I'm not one to normally comment on amp porn...but wow.... that's a goddamn classy,good looking amp!!
  11. Speakers look absolutely fantastic! The wood stands look made for them! For those after the Omnimic from Muzza, LSK sell the Omnimic V2 at a very good price (cheaper than the US price converted to AUD)
  12. haha. she's actually pretty good with this stuff....more function over form...hence the upgrade to the simpler to use (for her) X4000. Actually looking at adding a third SubMersive to the lounge room (if the stars align) and she's fine with that too lol
  13. Hi Guys Thanks for all the PMs, there are few interstaters interested, if no one local shows interest today it will go to the first in line. Guessing post will be $40-50 (it cost $48.50 from Perth to Brissy when I bought it via Aus Post) Really sad to see this beast go, can't believe how much heavier this unit is compared to the X4000! cheers Jamie
  14. Item: Denon AVR 4311ci Location: Brisbane Price: $300 Item Condition: Very Good - 8.5/10 cosmetically and 10/10 functionally Reason for selling: Upgrade of sorts Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Up for sale is my Denon 4311. I'm the 2nd owner, it arrived to me in absolutely mint condition from @pmunger (John) in late 2017, and it has been absolutely flawless in operation since. Only gets used for 2-3 movies/week , in a well ventilated cabinet with 2 x AC Infinity cooling fans on at all times of use. My PSA speakers are 98dB/1w/1m efficient , so probably putting out 3-5 max at any time.So a fairly easy life. Comes with both remotes, Audyssey mic (XT32) ,power cord and manuals. Literally only selling because I "upgraded" to the Denon AVR-X4000 - and only because my wife can't get used to the menu system on this, and prefers the one on our Denon X-1000, so I got this to make both of our lives easier This is a high quality AVR,made in Japan and pretty heavy at around 19kgs. Pickup is much preferred, but I can post at buyers expense if no local interest (Freight: box dimensions Hx 29cm Wx 56cm Dx 54cm Weight 21kgs) Specs 140 wpc x 9 (full bandwidth) discrete amplification Apple iTunes AirPlay support (Coming Fall 2010) Ethernet connectivity PC streaming Pandora/Flickr access Dolby True HD, DTS-HD Master Audio 9.2 channels with independent subwoofer outputs and other assignable configurations Audyssey MultiEQ XT32 room correction Dolby Volume HDMI 1.4a with full 3D support and Audio Return Channel Blu-Ray compatibility HD radio Discrete power amplification system 7 HDMI inputs 2 parallel HDMI inputs Anchor Bay Technologies VRS HDMI clock control Dimensions: 17-3/32” x 6-47/64” x 16-19/64” https://www.audioholics.com/av-receiver-reviews/denon-avr-4311ci-fl Cheers Jamie Photos: (please excuse my poor photography skills, thumbs in pictures and dusty remotes!)
  15. Hi Sally Please accept my condolences to you and your family on your loss. I can only add to what others have stated, your husband had very good taste in gear That amp is truly incredible! A real work of art IMHO the speaker/equipment platforms are absolute bargains at those prices , as is the aluminium roller/bearing isolators! Any info on the platforms? Regards Jamie
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