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  1. This x 2 ! I use the "monitor/bookshelf " version (MT-210) of these for my LCR, and the single 10" version (MT-110) for my surrounds in my lounge room HT setup With dual high efficiency Eminence 10" woofers and a compression driver (+wave guide) and 98dB/1w/1m @ 8 Ohms, you won't need to worry about compression, distortion or needing much power. Mine play over THX Reference Level with an AVR. Honestly the MT-110s would really be enough (with some subs) for all but the most insane listening sessions. They most definitely need subs though
  2. Favourite marvel character would be Captain America, least fav would be Iron Patriot/War Machine/Rhodey
  3. Each to their own I guess, but ranking stinkers like Black Panther and Captain Marvel above GotG Vol 1 & 2, Endgame, CA:CW is odd to me, and Dr Strange as the worst?
  4. Yes an SVS SB3000 would be a great choice, the PSA S1500 would probably still be my top choice, but either will be about as good as it gets in the price range IMHO
  5. Ballpark budget? There really are no free lunches, to get similar performance as a largish ported sub from a smallish (I'll assume sealed) subwoofer, you'll really need to go up the food chain a bit, (driver size, driver quality, amp power etc). I would suggest looking for a 2nd hand SVS SB13Ultra (or new SB-4000), and the previously mentioned PSA S1500, both of these will beat the PB12-NSD above 30Hz, where most content is anyway, and though they wont beat it under 30Hz, they will still hold their own
  6. No, Peter (DeepHz) is the only PSA dealer in Australia, absolutely TOP bloke, honestly as good as it gets. He is also a member here ,there aren't too many people/companies that I can wholeheartedly recommend - but Pete/DeepHz is one The MT-110's are a very neutral sounding speaker and very good value (IMHO), as far as high sensitivity speakers go, they are pretty hard to beat in Australia, maybe something like the EV ZX1-90 - but they will have even lower WAF.
  7. Depending where and when this is (my work schedule is crap), I could potentially help out by bringing my measurement rig (CSL calibrated Umik-1 microphone and laptop with REW) Even if you didn't want to run FR sweeps, REW's tone generator, SPL meter and RTA may be useful. I also have a 1 TB portable HDD with 100's of 1-3minute movie scenes and music with uncompressed HD audio which makes demoing very quick and easy
  8. with an $8K budget, for primarily home theatre usage, I can whole heartedly recommend getting 5 x PSA MT-110 (95dB/1w/1m) for $4250 (delivered with 5Year warranty) and I'd add a PSA S3000i subwoofer (very, very similar subwoofer to your SubMersive) for an additional $2599 http://www.deephzaudio.com/Specials.html for a total of $6850. This is essentially what I have and can't fault it in any way This setup - in that room - would handle pretty much anything you could think and of at extreme MV levels
  9. uuum ok,why? I always prefer nice curves over wrinkles lol Centre channel + dual subs for the 20Hz -20Khz Just the dual subs for the bass response (REW output 4 - LFE channel) Average of main 2 seating positions Mini-DSP Umik-1 (individually calibrated by Cross Spectrum Labs down to 5Hz) + REW + Windows7 Laptop Speakers are Power Sound Audio MTM-210 for LCR and MT-110 for surrounds. https://www.powersoundaudio.com/collections/speakers/products/mtm-210 https://www.powersoundaudio.com/collections/speakers/products/mt-110 Subwoofers are Seaton SubMersives https://seatonsound.net/product/submersivehp/ AVR is Denon 4311ci with Audyssey XT32 EQ
  10. Here's my 5-200Hz bass response with dual Seaton Submersive's with no smoothing applied And here's my 20Hz to 20KHz frequency Response with 1/6Oct. smoothing applied
  11. would be a sin to not at least consider these if they somehow haven't sold already
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