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    One sub or two.

    REW is free Umik-1 is about $140 or the Dayton UMM-6 is $160 from LSK in Australia ...and you need a laptop or PC nearby. so it's not THAT expensive to get a measurement rig up and running I'm sure it's possible to get a nice flat bass response at the MLP just using your ears, but I'm also sure the process would be 100x quicker (and more accurate) with a calibrated mic and REW.
  2. They are not a "one man show" like JTR and Seaton Sound. They have distributors throughout the world, so they are arguably more like SVS (as a company) They also offer a similar level of CS as SVS by all accounts Output wise ,compared to the PB16 Ultra this would be around 6dB stronger at 12.5Hz, similar between 16Hz to 30Hz, and then like 3-5dB+ stronger between 40-100hz, so these are a steal They are an interesting company, they have several ranges of speakers from Audiophile (with Accuton and high-end Seas drivers) To their THX Cinema series, which remind me of MK Sound Sorry for the OT Marc , but it's not often this company pops up on stereo.net!
  3. here it is compared to the VERY highly regarded JTR Captivator 1400, very close all the way down to 12.5Hz!
  4. I don't want to go too far off topic, but IMHO (and from experience in my last 2 rooms) around 20hz and up is enough to get 99.99% of the experience, under that adds a weight/pressure feeling to the room - my daughter said she feels the really low stuff in her eyeballs lol. It also (unfortunately) massively added to the room rattles. 10-20hz shakes my windows so bad they sound like they are about to pop out their tracks
  5. I think this must be often misunderstood, as I've seen it posted before My room is around 2400 cu. ft. (20' x 15' x 8') and I have output down to around 5Hz with my Seaton's , 5Hz is something like a 225ft. long wavelength ,this should be impossible if your theory was correct And this just isn't something that is measurable but not felt, when 5-10hz content is actually in a movie (rare as it is) you can definitely feel the weight/pressure from this. The 10hz Tone at the beginning of Edge Of Tomorrow shakes my house apart
  6. Alright man! Now your talking! 2 x in 15hz mode may be more than enough, but always good to plan ahead - bass is addictive
  7. Yes! They are a very good driver
  8. I think it has the Adire Audio Tempest X
  9. haha...maybe a little I think in general most manufacturers are fairly honest, but when they write "20hz response" - that really means nothing - if it's -3dB at 20hz that's fine, but it could be 10dB or 20dB+ Look at Def Tech, they consistently claim extremely low extension from their rather small subs, but when tested they usually fall short Def Tech claim the SC-4000 has 16hz extension here's some measurements from S&V looks like it's like 30dB down at 20hz
  10. From what I've seen (online and IRL), with ported subs you don't really get any extra extension by adding additional units, definitely has the potential for much smoother response though. You could add 12 more of your current subs and still wouldn't have useful output at 20hz,it's too far under port tune For under $1000AU you could probably build a pair of these https://www.avsforum.com/forum/155-diy-speakers-subs/2226642-v-b-s-s-diy-subwoofer-design-thread.html which will easily outperform anything close to that $$ Everything is listed in the above thread, including the EQ needed https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Behringer-INUKE-NU1000DSP-PA-Amplifier-1000W-DJ-City-Australia/163321351323?hash=item2606b60c9b:g:4CIAAOSwHhRbyBQ-:rk:1:pf:0 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Dayton-Audio-PA460-8-18-Pro-Woofer/221532309110?hash=item33945ac676:g:BH4AAOSwxCxT-4CW:rk:1:pf:0
  11. Yes, had insane output and smooth response down to the teens. The PB-1000 is no slouch though, duals would keep all but the biggest idiots (me) in bass heaven!
  12. The problem is you still may not get any meaningful output at 20hz and under with the Aaron subs - which I the reason for upgrading yeah? The good thing about SVS is that they provide honest and accurate in-house measurements and most have third party reviews with measurements, so at least you'll know what you are getting. Here's my bass response with 4x PB-2000s
  13. So you want to use the speaker level inputs on the subs? IMHO it will be tough to integrate your current subs ,which appear to have a tuning frequency somewhere above 30hz, with a single (or pair) of low tuned subs Personally I'd sell them and put the money towards either the SGR or grab a single PB-1000 now while on special, and save up for a second one down the track I would also check with the seller of the SGR sub if they know what the port tune is, or email SGR and ask them.
  14. This is a genuine bargain for near new subs! These are neck and neck with the 18" JTR Captivator 1400!
  15. Thats what is needed for big bass though The only problem with that sub.... will be finding a matching one later