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  1. God God yes,agreed 100% I wouldn't imagine this lasting long at this price, especially on this site! These subs are designed with musical accuracy in mind
  2. jamiebosco

    Different Centre speaker to Towers

    Honestly I think you're on the right track with mounting the TV higher, getting the Centre speaker on top of the TV unit will also help with horizontal panning effects, because the tweeters of the LCR speakers will be much closer to the same height
  3. jamiebosco

    Different Centre speaker to Towers

    @gemini07 's suggestion of pulling the centre speaker forward and angling it up (if needed) to have it directly on axis when seated at the MLP is also my suggestion, it costs nothing to try and if that's the problem, it should be immediately apparent. Doing this made a significant difference in my setup. From memory, the tweeters used in these speakers (ribbons??) can have poor vertical dispersion, I've read that the highs can drop off significantly just by standing up (hopefully more knowledgeable member can confirm/deny this) If this IS the case, getting it directly on axis when seated may help here. Do you have an SPL meter? or better yet,a Calibrated mic/REW/measurement rig? I would confirm that Audyssey is setting your levels/distances correctly, even a free SPL meter phone app should be able to tell you if the levels are the same (relative to each other). They should be all set to 75dB using the AVRs internal test tones in the "Manual speaker settings" area. With Audyssey (or any room correction) it's always a case of - "Trust..but verify" As a matter of personal preference, I always set my centre channel 1-1.5dB above the Left and Right speakers (and surrounds) as I find it makes dialogue easier to hear when watching movies at lower MV's @Lawagetas can you possibly post up some quick pictures showing the LCR setup?
  4. jamiebosco

    SOLD: FS: Lenehan ML1 Speakers - Mint

    wow! what a steal
  5. jamiebosco

    Subwoofers down to 20hz for $600

    wow man, you certainly do go all in ! Nicely done That SGR sub looks to be a beast, you scored one hell of a bargain there IMHO
  6. Have to agree with previous comments, this is very interesting, thanks for sharing! I think the large null at 60hz would be best filled with some strategically placed subs, and then the response eq'd after that. Even something like these Would easily cover that range and could hopefully be tucked away somewhere inconspicuous I also think if you change your REW graph dB scale to the more commonly used 10dB or 5dB increments, it won't look quite so bad Thanks again for posting
  7. jamiebosco

    Blade Runner 2049

    Oh wow! I thought the audio on the Blu-Ray was arguably the best release of last year! Different strokes I guess https://www.avsforum.com/forum/187-official-avs-foruma-blu-ray-disc-reviews/2948674-blade-runner-2049-ultra-hd-blu-ray-review.html https://bluray.highdefdigest.com/52343/bladerunner2049.html https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Blade-Runner-2049-Blu-ray/189833/
  8. jamiebosco

    One sub or two.

    REW is free Umik-1 is about $140 or the Dayton UMM-6 is $160 from LSK in Australia ...and you need a laptop or PC nearby. so it's not THAT expensive to get a measurement rig up and running I'm sure it's possible to get a nice flat bass response at the MLP just using your ears, but I'm also sure the process would be 100x quicker (and more accurate) with a calibrated mic and REW.
  9. They are not a "one man show" like JTR and Seaton Sound. They have distributors throughout the world, so they are arguably more like SVS (as a company) They also offer a similar level of CS as SVS by all accounts Output wise ,compared to the PB16 Ultra this would be around 6dB stronger at 12.5Hz, similar between 16Hz to 30Hz, and then like 3-5dB+ stronger between 40-100hz, so these are a steal They are an interesting company, they have several ranges of speakers from Audiophile (with Accuton and high-end Seas drivers) To their THX Cinema series, which remind me of MK Sound Sorry for the OT Marc , but it's not often this company pops up on stereo.net!
  10. here it is compared to the VERY highly regarded JTR Captivator 1400, very close all the way down to 12.5Hz!
  11. I don't want to go too far off topic, but IMHO (and from experience in my last 2 rooms) around 20hz and up is enough to get 99.99% of the experience, under that adds a weight/pressure feeling to the room - my daughter said she feels the really low stuff in her eyeballs lol. It also (unfortunately) massively added to the room rattles. 10-20hz shakes my windows so bad they sound like they are about to pop out their tracks
  12. I think this must be often misunderstood, as I've seen it posted before My room is around 2400 cu. ft. (20' x 15' x 8') and I have output down to around 5Hz with my Seaton's , 5Hz is something like a 225ft. long wavelength ,this should be impossible if your theory was correct And this just isn't something that is measurable but not felt, when 5-10hz content is actually in a movie (rare as it is) you can definitely feel the weight/pressure from this. The 10hz Tone at the beginning of Edge Of Tomorrow shakes my house apart
  13. Alright man! Now your talking! 2 x in 15hz mode may be more than enough, but always good to plan ahead - bass is addictive