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  1. jamiebosco


    wow, agreed - this is a steal!! Would also say GLWS, but don't think you'll need it
  2. jamiebosco

    SOLD: FS: KEF LS50 Black Edition

    Definitely my favourite colour these come in!
  3. jamiebosco

    DIY - HiFi Racks - Stands - Cabinets

    wow that looks fantastic! contrasting wood colours really sets it off, well done!!
  4. jamiebosco

    FS: ARCYDIS EB2's aka EB Acoustics

    Specifications: Cabinet: Composite closed box. Drive Units: 170mm bass unit and 25mm soft dome tweeter. Dimensions: 450mm tall, 225mm wide, 296mm deep (310mm with grille). Impedance: 8 ohms nominal, 5.9 ohms minimum. Sensitivity: 87dB@ 2.8 volts@ 1 metre with pink noise. Frequency range: Useable from 45Hz to 20000Hz. Finish: Natural, Black and White Oak Veneers. I think they look gorgeous, Good luck with the sale!
  5. jamiebosco

    DIY audio: what are you building?

    @hyper wow!!! That is stunning, as good as any commercial sub I've seen
  6. jamiebosco

    SOLD: FS: Revel B112 Subwoofer

    Damn, if there's ever been a sub with WAF ^^^^^ that's it!
  7. jamiebosco

    Solo: A Star Wars Story

    The audio is flat and boring. I watched A New Hope straight after watching this and the audio on ANH crapped all over Solo - like 10x better
  8. jamiebosco

    SEAS 10" semi-DIY sealed sub project

    ..oh man I walked straight into that one haha
  9. These are a truly fantastic media player. I recently replaced my ancient WDTV SMP with a Shield (also purchased here second-hand) and it was one of the best things I've added to my set-up - ever! Sooooooo fast compared to the WDTV, currently using SPMC and kodi for movies, tv and music and its been great.
  10. jamiebosco

    SEAS 10" semi-DIY sealed sub project

    haha.cheers. looking good on a sidenote I like the look of REW with the Dark theme. I might start using that!
  11. jamiebosco

    SEAS 10" semi-DIY sealed sub project

    Great work. looking forward to seeing a picture of the sub as well Any chance of you uploading a graph showing a bit more detail of the FR? using the 10hz to 200hz range (click the tab at the bottom right of screen) , and click the "Limits" tab (top right of screen) to change the vertical axis (dB) to something like 30dB to 80dB to get 5dB increments?
  12. jamiebosco

    SVS Subwoofers 3000 Series

    Haven't heard anything of a 3000 series yet(other than rumours that may be the name if they update the discontinued Plus line) Did you mean the 4000 series? If so, its the update on the 13Ultra line, adding the display, amp and DSP features of the 16Ultra line + an extra 20w of power. Performance is close to the outgoing 13Ultra (from Ed Mullen : Director - Technology and Customer Service for SVS)
  13. These are an absolute steal at this price, and look to be in at least as good condition as the Wilson's your considering (and cheaper to boot)
  14. jamiebosco

    My System this morning

    Very nice, and yes, the occasional "home alone" time is lovely isn't it? ...and I don't even drink alcohol, and reckon that beer looks delicious! wonder if it's available in Qld
  15. jamiebosco

    B&W DB1D vs REL Subwoofer

    It's definitely an odd thing for the guy to say....usually the only real criticism of the JL's is in regard to price/dB (VFM)....and perhaps their decision to use a HPF @ 20hz on a sealed sub. Their hardware (driver/cabinet construction/amplifier/DSP are all regarded as absolutely top shelf. I think the fact that JL are primarily a car audio company may rub some "high end" audio people the wrong way *edit* just thought I'd add that personally I'd take (or at least audition) 2 x of the (also excellent and well reviewed) JL Audio E112's over a single F113 https://data-bass.com/data?page=system&id=104&mset=116 https://www.audioholics.com/subwoofer-reviews/e-sub-e110-e112 just my 2c good luck, really no bad choices at the level your looking at jamie