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  1. Item: Bowers and Wilkins 603 S3 floor standing speakers Location: Melbourne Price: $600 firm Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal These most excellent sounding speakers will reward the listener with a bit of power behind them. They were recently bumped from the main stage by a pair of Mission's which after much comparison just seemed to match it a little better (at least to my ears) than these through the Sansui AU-517, but nonetheless these were awesome, and I'd hang on to them if it were my call (alas its not). This model made in England. A few imperfections - looks like little fingers from a previous owners curious child may have reached the lower dust covers. Some of the sockets for the covers have some minor deterioration but the covers still hold well enough (I didn't use them though) and the stain on the top of one of the cabinets from one of those wretched cleaning clothes you used to get with a new iPhone. Suit a slightly larger room and an amp with plenty of power and headroom. Pickup in Yarraville , Cash on pickup preferred Pictures:
  2. Hi, very interested if still if for sale. I’m in Yarraville- can pickup over the next few days if you’re not to far away or the weekend some time Regards Stephen
  3. Good God I’d forgotten this old original post but just saw it now and as chance would have it snared that TD 160, recently serviced at the time by speakerbits I think, from a departing Asian student, for $230... it had with it an original receipt from its original owner bought at none other than encel stereo in the early 70’s… about the time I was 4... for around $200 ....and now it’s mine ...
  4. DjB, thanks ! Looking at a vintage option but don't really want to go over 350-400. Am extremely envious of a friend who happily informed me he picked up a nice Dual 1229 for 39 bucks and a 1019 for 75. I think those days are gone however . I'll head on over to TT and see whats going down.
  5. Hello Possible false start there overlooking an intro email, but here I am.... Continuing the pursuit of the warm sound of vinyl, and nice loud speakers with a budget controlled by a hostile senate. First system, something from Encel back in 1988.. had just found out the aforementioned hostile senate was expecting, rushed into the hifi shop, spent pay cheque (god it actually was a cheque back then still...) It was second hand no name speakers or near enough A Rotel Amp A sound research Lp IV TT Which is just about what leads me here Believe it or not that TT is still rolling. However I'm looking to ditch it - I'm pretty sure there's better things going and am interested in the Vintage options. By way of a starting point, I thought I'd research the old "sound research" but all records of that TT appear to have been wiped clean, perhaps by the wrath of god. You'd think it had never been built, by a company that never existed. I did pull it apart many years back, sans-Interwebs (umm not that that would have helped, it has since transpired...) to fix a spring that was dissing with the cueing arm... and man I nearly died of plastic poisoning. This unit has a LOT of plastic going around. Anyway, as I said.. wiped clean, by the wrath of god. But it still plays records, not to badly, but its time for something new, ... or old. Like an old Thorens TD-160 or its non unionised mexican equivalent. Adios for now... looking forward to much advice...
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