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  1. absolutely agree thank you Shane
  2. on a hot summer night, would you offer your cookie to the reindeer with the red nose secret answer: you took the words right out of my mouth - meatloaf
  3. i have believed this to be the way to go forward for quite a while, as two larger stereo, properly imaged speakers can do a much better job than one piddly (by comparison) centre channel have spoken many times on the subject ... the only advantage a dedicated centre channel has is that it is directional and makes the sound appear central to the room, but a well imaged pair of stereo speakers with effective midrange can do much better ... Orpheus Aurora II FTW ... almost as essential as an Alfa Romeo (at least once in your life) ;-)
  4. there is no wrong side of the Adriatic the whole Adriatic Coast is just perfetto To where? born fee? now you to ?
  5. are you going to push your luck and jump inside ? owner could be one of those Ascari wannbees Beretta or a Glock alarm system i would say, my money is on a Beretta
  6. rhythm is a dancer rhythm of the night - corona
  7. nope, not sarcastic at all, those are the facts as stated previously Ferrari/Sergio/Brawn/NASCAR yep again, yours is purely speculation, wildly theoretical, opinionated, BIASED and well basically ... wrong
  8. @Rob181 please insert another coin
  9. where have all the cowboys gone - paula cole
  10. you would need a 175 incher to make Manly come up big
  11. There would be no Formula 1 without Ferrari its Ferrari first, and then the rest come along for the ride dont discount Sergio, if he believes Ross Brawn is selling the sport out, then thats the way he will jump ...
  12. cheers SH and to you and yours maybe some fireworks in Habana on NYE ...
  13. yep, nudge nudge wink wink, thats code cock? that would be Billy Slater a doodle ? has to be Cameron Smith and a doo-doo ? of course, Cooper Donk while the rest of the team got peanuts?
  14. Sergio threatens to quit International NASCAR http://www.theage.com.au/sport/motorsport/ferrari-could-lead-teams-to-f1-alternative-if-things-dont-change-20171218-h06w5p.html
  15. yeah, at 1800 wide its as wide as my bathroom you could hide a small car behind that tele, it could serve as a room divider and make an extra bedroom and increase the value of the house if you ever wanted to sell on a clear night it can be seen from the Space Station ... but yeah its a great tele at that size ;-)
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