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  1. Poor Costa. Goes all the way to FNQ for a bit of R&R and some Evil C shows up and ruins the tranquility.
  2. Don’t claim to know a lot about the new Outback but I have never met an unhappy owner of an Outback or Forester. They just do what it says on the label and keep on doing it year after year. The wife’s Forester just clocked 250,000k and drives like a new car.
  3. It saddens me that such a wonderful one man business, someone who spent their working life perfecting his own unique speakers, passes into retirement with no fanfare. Magnificent, underrated Australian Speakers. They sell on the second hand market for far less than their quality sound deserves. They have bought an awful lot of pleasure to an awful lot of people. My old friend Geoff sold heaps of the original 1400’s from his house in Adelaide. Once people heard them they were beguiled by their lovely musical presentation. The later models can dish up dynamics, impact, sound staging ,tone and sweetness in an aesthetically pleasing package. If you get the opportunity make sure to hear a pair, they may well be the sound you have been waiting for.
  4. You need to cut down on the medication old mate.......
  5. Oh my, what a combination! I have been searching for the perfect partner for my Ambience Reference 1600’s, 96 dB version. (See “Rocking the Granny Flat”.) Now that would do it, 16 x 6550’s!!! Can only imagine the results of that match. What are the subs you are running?
  6. Wow, is that a CAT JL2 driving them? These speakers will tell you everything about the character of your amplifier. They demand an amplifier with plenty of current and as Alltheambience says create an absolutely fantastic sweet, detailed and dynamic soundscape with depth, width and focus when correctly positioned. They are hugely underrated Australian speakers and these would represent 30+ years of ongoing development by Tony Moore. Fabulous speakers.
  7. Get those lovely girls well out into the room, backing them up into the walls does not increase bass but rather the opposite, they love having room to breath. Then shove every last Watt and reserve of current you have up ‘em. They just eat power.......they ate up 600 Watts at Tony M’s the other day.
  8. One of my favourite underrated Aussie movies currently on Channel 44. Ben Mendelssohns break through performance and the start of Claudia Karvan’s career. Do yourself a favour!
  9. What a great buy. A life time of research, design and Jim Thiel’s quest to build the best speakers he could. An absolute give away bargain. Would love to hear them with a Bryston 4B3 attached.
  10. Good grief, what an absolute BRUTE of an amp! This thing reminds me of watching George Foreman working the heavy bag when he was undefeated. It just wants to break things in half. Me, my speakers, the house..... The bass is prodigious, heavy ,deep. Stuff is rattling around here. Real thump. What it would do on the end of a pair of 12 or 18” drivers I hate to think. Not all the detail, overtones and stuff others produce but pure rock ‘n roll weight. Not one note I hasten to add, just not all the Audiophile filigree. Not at all grainy ,hard or sharp. It also doesn’t fall over itself when things get complex, it hides detail in those situations but doesn’t become a mess, just deals with the meat and gravy while ignoring the chopped parsley. Mids and treble don’t ‘glow’ but again it gives you the story, it thrusts it on you. It doesn’t explode stuff at you, again it is a heavy weight that just breaks your jaw with a hook instead of jabbing you three times on the cheek. It lacks the tonal complexity of the Pass Labs but where you listen to the nuisances of the snare with Counting Crows on the Pass it just smacks a snare hard in the living room. Those 60 Class A Watts sound like four times the power the PassLabs rather than two. Switching to class A/B things are not as good. The sound thins out, looses the sheer weight. No lack of juice in Class A with my speakers however, I fear I would fry my ribbons, ears or mind before it gave up. Given the price point Vincent sell this amplifier at it is remarkable value. Anyone tired of insipid sound and a lack of bottom end should do themselves a favour. Personally I think Vincent should produce a pure Class A 60 to 100 Watt amp at the same price. Do away with the ultimate power of the A/B section and invest those funds into refining what they have already achieved. I think that would be a very distinct amplifier that would find a lot of friends. Need to spend some time in the garden, I feel like I just got beat up by something three weight divisions above me.
  11. Once again the generosity of the SNA community shines through. With many thanks to @Hazzzy (Rob) another heavy beast has arrived for audition. This time a Vincent SP-994. 60 Watts Class A, 300 Watts a/b into 8 Ohms and 600 into 4 Ohms. Well known to punch above their price point this should be interesting with double the Class A of the PassLabs and the a/b output of the 4B3 Bryston that worked so well. Review to follow, haven’t managed to plug her in yet!
  12. Is it the triple pack? A quick search and I can’t find one for sale, seems like a good sign to me. The value of his stuff might have taken an understandable serious dive in recent times however.
  13. Well worth checking. Rare cassettes have recently shot up in value due to the ‘tape revival’. Rare ones tend to be very rare as there were less to start with. Worth checking discogs......then again they might have given one away with every Hungry Jacks meal deal!
  14. Did you buy the Emitter 11 that was for sale recently? I must say there was more than one very interested party here in SA counting their pennies and having a long hard talk with their wife. That is a truly impressive interior.
  15. Fabulous Eagleeyes. Hope it ticks all the boxes you are hoping for. Did you pick up the Esoteric DAC and Transport from the NZ based add? Must say if I had the required budget they stood out as the perfect digital engine for a long, long relationship. Never read a bad word about the high end Esoteric gear with a build quality second to none. Nice to have a transport that you will never have to doubt the engineering prowess. That is one serious system!
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