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  1. May I add that it is Tony’s Pass Labs currently residing in my rack on extended loan whilst I search for my next amplifier. Many thanks Tony. As always I am very thankful for the generosity and friendships that we have formed here in Adelaide due to SNA. It is in my opinion that greatest asset of this site, the ability to connect people with a shared hobby to enjoy each other’s company. We have constant enjoyable GTG’s here and I have learnt more from our shared systems in the last few years than a lifetime prior mucking about with hifi.
  2. I see you lurking there @Tony M. Figuring you might need a Mangus to stick 300 Watts up your Gales!
  3. Oh no , the screen lines of death. I got a great laugh from a work mate of my wife who referred to that coloured wheel that used to spin on Apple computers while they were having a nervous breakdown the ‘spinning wheel of death’.
  4. You are a good man to get some perspective from Gremrock. If my memory serves me correctly you had some Ambience Ribbons back in the day. Not sure if they were Reference or standard series. I know you found the Magnus to be superior to a number of big name amps you have owned. Did you ever mate it with the Ribbons? Given your experience is it a pairing you would be confident with? Would appreciate you contacting your friend, he can only say no and I can only find a different path! Cheers Amigo.
  5. Strange the odd orphan you have never heard of that sneaks through. @Gremrock recently sold a Magnus Ma300. I had never heard of it, not a piece of audio jewellery by any means, purposeful would be the best description. The member he sold it to just happened to be a 4B3 owner. He also sported a Halcro DM 38. In his words it bested them both across the spectrum, including bass weight, speed and tonality. Further investigation showed it is a rare and rather special, beautifully engineered piece of kit. At $5.5k second hand a bit of a bargain. Strange how the wheel turns, genuine interest in Brystons, Gryphons, Hacros, Krells and Magnususes is not something I would have ever expected.
  6. Would love to hear them all David. My problem is I am fishing at a lower price point, I have Blue Fin Tuna tastes but a Mullet budget! 6K second hand is about as far as I can travel and even that might include selling my beloved Audions. I fear hearing some of the truly hi end amps because Audio memory can be a terrible thing, I often forget people’s names whilst shaking their hands but I never forget great sound!
  7. Ah Clive you Evil C! I made the offer old friend, my fault for being impatient. Very glad it lived up to expectations, would have been very disappointing if it had sucked. Which CJ’s did you try? If offered a straight swap for the SS version would you take it or keep the Bryston? Was there a standout amongst them?Looking for ‘the one’ so no use stepping sideways. Was the Gryphon a better thing or just swings and roundabouts? I was thinking of you only yesterday, saw that Allnic preamp and thought, ‘maybe Clive will buy it and I’ll grab his CJ!’ I still think you have the best moniker and avatar on SNA, you truly are an Evil C!
  8. If you have one Neuroscience I recommend a road trip to SA. Take in the sights, drink some wine, reminisce about Don Dunstan, check out the Southern Freeway now it runs both directions. Any one in particular in your mind? Hope it’s not the second hand one with a 90k price tag..... Anyone in SA sporting a Gryphon they would like to lug over to Crappy Valley?
  9. And the winner is........actually none of them. I love my Audions but this is a bridge too far. Via the 2 Ohm tap they do some wonderful things. Pull the speakers way out and you can walk through the sound stage. Stuff like 10CC’s ‘I’m not in love’ just cascades around the room. Again with Lou Reeds ‘Take a walk on the Wild side ‘ the girls march forward 10 feet. I am yet to hear a SS amp that nails this stuff properly. The tiny nuances that express vocal phrasing and great singers is there, not to the point of the PSE Silver Nights but delivering the wonders of the 300B. However, the demands of the load down low are just too much. Bass lacks bounce ,drive and leading edge. The 14 BSTT Bryston is getting on. Obviously not lacking in wedding tackle but it is just too slow. Plenty of mid bass weight but no speed down low. Sounds a bit lazy. The 4B3 was a different kettle of fish, lightning fast with awesome bass control , detail in spades and true sparkle up top with no edge. That Bryston made electric guitar explode from the speakers. Bad mistake selling it. Now the Pass Labs. It does so much right but just not enough. It treads the middle ground with out quite being wonderful. In the end it doesn’t do anything amazing. Great balance top to bottom but lack real sparkle up top, just plays it too safe. In my opinion great treble sits just on the correct side of getting ‘sharp and pointy’. It needs true zing, great treble has to shimmer. Bass is very good, lots of bounce and boing, fat enough and fast enough but falls short of what these speakers can do with a 4B3 and possibly shaded by a Yamaha B2. Soundstage is wide enough without extending walls like the Audions but not quite deep enough for me. Midrange is smooth and detailed but again not quite as detailed as the Audions and 4B3 are, in different ways, to me great valve detail and SS detail are capturing different parts of the equation. So where does this leave me? Well I have heard these speakers do EVERYTHING I want a speaker to do. Just not all with one amp. I have the correct speakers, they dig deep < 30 Hz in room. They can be lightning fast , weighty and tonally correct down there. The mid range can seduce and capture the true essence of great vocalists, guitars can show the wood and nylon of acoustic and sheer explosive fury of electric. Treble can sparkle and shimmer. They image and soundstage with the best of them. A big heavy hitting valve amp, Conrad Johnston comes to mind, might just do it. However a boat load of power valves can be a burden and the desire to continually roll valves, just to be sure, gets expensive. I wouldn’t bother with less than a hundred Watts, probably want 200. VTL? However, had a friends big Ayre blasting a pair of Gales last week and it was rocking. Hopefully get it over soon and give it a whirl. I have a sneaking suspicion it might come pretty close to doing the business. As always, you just don’t know till you plug ‘em in.
  10. For a small outlay, all things considered, I would be replacing the valves in the preamp. Worst case scenario it sounds the same and you have a spare pair. Very possible one or both are on their way out for whatever reason, far from unheard of regardless of hours.
  11. As you are in Melbourne Rick I would be contacting @cazzesman post haste and checking out his SGR Cx4f active speakers, bargain priced and you don’t even need to worry about the speaker/amplifier question, all in one box! Costs nothing to find out if they will rock your world!
  12. These are rather large amounts of cashola you are looking to invest Rick. I would be listening to every combination you can at the given combined price of amp and speakers. Unfortunately in our new economic structure there are less hifi shops in Melbourne but I would be visiting every one of them. You may stumble across something that suddenly changes your desires. I know a number of shops still carry some traded gear that might let you step up a level or two at the same price point. Again given the level of investment being considered jumping a cheap flight to Sydney and hearing some further alternatives may result in an even more enjoyable combination. Second hand at this price point and given the crazy low prices being realised for great gear on SNA the world is your oyster. Obviously however this becomes more a game of throwing darts at a board if you have not previously heard the likely contenders.
  13. The right amplifier for your speakers is paramount. I happily spend more for the correct amplifier than speakers. The difference an amplifier that has the right synergy with your speakers can totally transform a speakers performance. Get it wrong and many a good speaker is sold on with the owner blaming the speakers performance. Just last night we partnered a pre/ power combination worth about 15k new with a pair of old Gale 401 c’s you can pick up for about $1,100 to produce a sound that happily competed with a pair of Avant Garde Duo’s. Where you spend your hard earned in the chain is not the important question, the end result is what a system is judged on. You just don’t know the end result until you try different speaker and amplifier combinations. The absolute best thing you can do is make lots of friends on SNA, hold and visit as many GTG’s as you can and haul amplifiers around to try in different systems. Here in SA we are lucky enough to have a mob of us who do this regularly and it continues to produce surprising results on a constant basis.
  14. Just watching the original Storm Boy on NITV. Makes you proud to be a South Australian.
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