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  1. My friend runs a pair of 802’s. He has a Bryston 14BSST (600 Watts into 8 Ohms) and a Bryston 4BSST2 (300 Watts into 8 Ohms). He finds the 4B underpowered to properly control the bass.
  2. Hi Couj, If your local hifi shop is a very helpful one (ie good one!) and you are contemplating buying a new product from them I would take your whole system to the store. Then you can try other amps with your speakers, but also other speakers with your amps. You might end up keeping the amps and selling the speakers. Stereo Knight were always well regarded and beautifully built. Or you can lug your speakers around to different dealers, give them a price bracket and ask to hear them with their most suitable amp. Conversely take your amps and ask to hear their best suited speakers in your price range. The theory only ever gets you so far, the BS stops though once you hook stuff together. If you are looking to buy second hand things get more difficult.....
  3. Fairly sure the Duets have front facing drivers. 2 x 6 “ Sea’s woofers and a tweeter with a small wave guide if my memory still works. I paid $2.2k for a new pair back in the early to mid nineties. I figure that equates to about 14% of the original price before adjusting for inflation! Aussie designed and made beauties.
  4. Thanks for the information Tony. Having recently been hugely impressed with the seamless quality , tone and weight exhibited by Ayon’s DAC and analog pre amps I have no doubt their amplifiers would be magnificent. Off to read up about that heavy hitter! Figuring you might not require a heater in Winter.
  5. Magnificent. What a buzz to be running a pair of unique custom built speakers. No doubt wonderful to have them singing at home after such a long gestation period. It appears you have a pair of OTL amplifiers , are they running the Apogee’s punishing load? Is that 12 KT150’s per channel , what are they?
  6. I couldn’t pick anything with less street cred, but they are tight.
  7. Just what the doctor ordered thanks Darren. The R2R is a ladder DAC so varies from the Sigma Chip type found in yours. How different they sound and which each person/ system would prefer is the great unknown. As you say the Ayon pre sections in these DACs are something special. Cheers Amigo,
  8. I think you are just the man I need young Darren. I am looking high and low for an Ayon CD5S. Very fine thing in my opinion. Shows my AudioNote M5 , Rega Saturn R a clean set of boots. Only becomes an affordable option using it as a preamp/DAC/CD player. (Flog my pre and player to lighten the cost).This works because the Analog pre stage is so good. It runs their R2R DAC. I believe you previously owned the Sigma DAC prior to the Stratos which is also a Sigma DAC but uses the analog preamp section rather than a digital volume control which the Sigma DAC uses. Are you using the Stratos direct to your power amps? I am guessing the analog output surpassed the digital of the original Sigma. Did you get to compare the Sigma DAC to their R2R offerings? I hope all, or even some of that makes some sense! The Ayon line up is not an easy one to figure out.
  9. Did you get a chance to hook the Ayre preamp up to the LM Matt.? That would be a very interesting exercise. To give some context, Matt’s Ayre preamp makes my AudioNote M5 sound broken....it is an absolute beauty in my opinion. Anyone in Adelaide with a big Audio Research or VTL power amp? Given your listening preferences and power requirements I figure they might just hit the spot. Then again we all know that in the end @Tubularbells just needed a shed full of SS power!
  10. A guilty pleasure for me is watching Kenny and Dolly singing Islands in the Stream live on YouTube. Two artists at the height of their ability’s. Perfect pop/country. Better still is to see the admiration they had for each other. Wonderful.
  11. Hi Paul. Tony retired about a year ago. I would also be most interested if anyone knows who will be able to fix and source replacement ribbons for his speakers. The concept of these speakers becoming built of ‘unobtainium’ does not appeal at all. I am guessing the ribbons are obviously built by another manufacturer, does anyone know who they are and where spare ribbons can be purchased? If you do get in contact with Tony could you ask these questions for us as a community? Should you be successful I would love to purchase a spare set of ribbons for my 1600’s from Tony or a secondary source. Cheers, Hugh
  12. Only on SNA. Tony takes 4 pairs of Warfedales, stacks them into the tower of power 2 meters high with custom stands. Hooks them up to 4 identical stereo amplifiers, a mile of wiring and everyone only has advise on the most suitable glue! Mad basta#d!
  13. Luckily for Matt he has access to lots of amplifiers, thanks to the Hills Gentlemen’s Society, some real heavy hitters too. However he has not met a speaker that he truly loves amongst the plethora hiding in our various abodes. Personally mate I would be wheeling in all of the big boys, 14BSST2, ME 1400 and making sure that ultimate power doesn’t do the Dyn’s what it does to the Gales. Once that question has been answered if ‘balls in a vice’ rock ‘n rolla can not be achieved it is time to change speakers. Strangely I think @Grizzly monster Energy’s he sold might have come close. Nice fat easy sound, plenty of mid and upper bass, we never did hear them with a million watts of control.
  14. Hello tma, I am an extremely happy owner of a pair of Reference 1600’s. You can follow my trials and tribulations in the ‘Showcase your System’ thread under ‘Rocking the Granny Flat’. They come in many flavours but the best IMO utilise the twin upward facing woofers. These produce really excellent bass that digs far deeper than you would expect. The ribbon is quite exquisite, strings and vocals sing in the best way. Although they naturally start to fall away past 16k there is no lack of treble information and it treads the fine line between sharp and dull, instead it is sweet and sparkling. The bass to ribbon integration is seamless, an amazing achievement by their designer and builder Tony Moore. They rock out and have exceptional transient speed and attack. Partnered with a Bryston 4B3 in a 5mt x 3.5mt room the speed of and thrust of acoustic and electric guitar along with snare ‘crack’ was as good as I have heard. They are very particular to room placement, many an hour can be consumed getting rear and side wall distances perfect. I have found having the ribbon about 1700mm from the rear wall the best. They highlight amplifier signatures better than any other speaker I have owned. Don’t be fooled by the high efficiency, these babies suck the juice, they eat up current with a nasty 2.5 Ohm dip. I have ended up jamming a Bryston 4BSST2 up them. 300 Watts into 8 Ohms, 500 into 4. With my PSE 300B monoblocks (18 Watts) you could walk through the soundstage but they lacked the coconuts to drive them properly. A big push pull 100 Watt valve amp would be better suited. PassLabs 30.5 is a great tonal match but again just underpowered. At the throw away prices they are offered at I think these speakers are a huge audio bargain. I will leave comparisons to Maggie’s and Martin Logan’s to others.
  15. Great choice Conrad, fantastic speakers, even with the efficiency they love current.
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