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  1. I would recommend contacting a car upholsterer or furniture restorer. They should have the experience in making that type of vinyl sit and stay where it should.
  2. Absolutely try the big ME, it is a known working solution with Duntech’s. However, unless your friend has a matching ME preamp to couple it to then chances are you will have an unpleasant time. Very annoying but ME amps simply demand the matching preamp to show what they are capable of. Another alternative is a monster Bryston 14B. An arc welder and warmer sounding than the ME, also much more preamp friendly. The later models are better than earlier ones, SST2 would fit the brief and budget perfectly if you can find one. @christosd can expand with his experiences runn
  3. Absolutely, they think it is the greatest thing ever. They definitely have their favourite artists, just like us. Unfortunately mine have a taste for Whitney Houston which has led to some household tension......
  4. Absolutely love them. All my best recorded musical memories came from tape. Recording the ultimate mixed tape was an art form. Jamming it in the car tape player connected to those old plastic speakers in a box screwed to the rear parcel shelf was nirvana. All my mixed tapes got a title , ‘Turn it off I’m going to hurl’ , ‘What is this Sh#t?’ and ‘Absolute Ball Crushers’ just a couple of an endless plethora of winners. I remember long journeys off caving with Super Tramp on repeat play because it was the only tape we had. Owning a Walk Man was like winning the lotto, your c
  5. I think getting rid of the rack is a brilliant idea. Removes visual clutter and on a concrete slab intuition suggests it should provide better isolation than sitting up in the air. I also like the line of components centrally located. Nothing messes with the mind more than gear slightly off centre, the eye seems to effect the brain and the central image follows the line of sight. Having the preamp up front and amplifier at the rear may also fool the mind into believing the sound has greater depth. I only keep my rack because the boys jungle gym sits on top and they would b
  6. Even cheaper than it appears, you would probably have import tax and freight to add on top if purchasing new direct from the UK.
  7. Speaker, amplifier synergy. If that is wrong , nothing will fix it. You can pair hyper dollar amps and speakers together, if they don’t feel the love you are in a world of pain. The right combination will hide the weaknesses is a plethora of other components, soft ware or mental state of mind.
  8. A Croft micro 25 brand new from the builder can be yours for 700 pounds. Simply a great valve preamp that does everything well for a very low cost, includes a MM phono stage which may be excess to your requirements. For only 400 pounds you can have the Micro 25 basic. Not one I have listened to but Croft build great preamps at extremely low cost verses sound quality. It may well change your listening enjoyment in a very positive way. A valve pre into a solid state power amp can be an absolute revelation. http://www.croftacoustics.co.uk/micro25.html
  9. Glenn Croft has been building wonderful valve amplifiers since the dawn of time. No fancy million dollar casework with two dollar circuits inside, just good honest circuit design. Has never sought publicly or pandered to hifi magazines, just done his business and continued to thrive whilst others came and went. He never lost the faith during the dark years when valve amps were completely out of fashion. I have recommended his preamps to numerous friends as the absolute best sound for your dollar entry to valves. He also always responds quickly to any queries you may have regarding h
  10. To my knowledge Grizzly will make them anyway you like them, tall, short, fat or skinny. His workmanship is second to none and anything he packs and freights will survive a nuclear bomb. Powder coated in fancy colours if that fits your decor. @Grizzly has packed lots of delicate hifi gear for me and it has been beyond reproach.
  11. Micrex was early Supratek. To my knowledge this was his first mainstream amp, used to cost $2.5k back in the early nineties, but was in production for quite some time. A lovely little hybrid with Mosfets doing the heavy lifting. I thought it was the coolest thing ever when I bought one, my first foray into valves. GLWS
  12. Man has invented three great things. Bluetak, cable ties and Duct tape. With these you can build a rocket ship and travel to Mars. The wheel is just so overrated.
  13. Might fit the bill, leaves room to tube roll the input valves as the stock ones tend to suck.
  14. Absolutely legendary speakers. If you are new to the game, setting up a second system or on a tight budget these are a no brainer. Colin Whatmough sold a shed load of these because they sounded right. These are the later models with the Focal Kevlar inverted dome tweeter rather than the original metal ones. Both great tweeters.
  15. Welcome Fabkiw, you might have missed an i on the end of your username! Enjoy.
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