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  1. A million monkeys at a million typewriters...... The sheer level of photography since the dawn of the digital age is quite phenomenal. Most people rely on the hundred shot theory now. Click the button 100 times and one will be a winner. When it cost a truck load of cash and time buying film, having it developed, going through the negatives, developing the good shots, people took a lot more time and effort in choosing each frame. Now even if the end result is not perfect it can be manipulated on the computer prior to printing. This is an art too, just like lighting effects, filter choices, any manipulation of the ‘absolute’ truth. I think most people wish their photos to actually be a bit better than reality, PanaVison as it were. The true art of photography has been lost in this new age but is still relevant and sort out by those who care about such things . Digitally enhanced photos always stand out like a Hollywood Botox and plastic celebrity, it just doesn’t look natural. Strange how a Black and White photo can catch a greater sense of mood than colour so often. Audiophiles seek out natural sounding recordings . We do however also enjoy all that modern manipulation of sound has bought us. From before Sergeant Pepper music has been ‘enhanced’ in the studio. The majority of the worlds most popular tunes are somewhere between average and crap recording. For most casual listeners that is fine, they just like the tune. Same for art, same for wine, photography, furniture design et al. However, those with an interest, with a passion, with a love, can spot a good photo, a great recording, a fine wine from a mile away. They will always be in the minority but great photography will always be appreciated by the connoisseur.
  2. I have the standard silver oval speaker cables and they are fantastic. Sweet , detailed, fast and full. The big oval is said to be an even better thing. If they are long enough for your needs this is an absolute bargain at the price.
  3. As has been alluded to by the other respondents this is not really an either or question. The very first question to answer is if your amplifier/ valve of choice is suited to the speaker it is being asked to drive. That synergy is the most important question. A 2A3 or 45 SET produces a tiny amount of power. It can only show what it is capable of with a tiny percentage of speakers. If your speakers can not be effectively driven by the available power then just about any more powerful valve amp will make a far greater change to the quality of sound than rolling in the greatest valves ever produced to an under powered amp. The speakers capable of being driven by a 45 SET have their own signatures and limitations. An SET 300B amp is good for about 8 Watts. That will still only effectively drive a very small percentage of speakers. If your speakers are suited to that type of power and a very benign load then the audible differences in quality valves are very noticeable. However......often even greater changes to the perceived sound signature of the amplifier can be achieved by changing the input valve. Has the personality of the 300B changed? No, but the personality of the amplifier has changed. As always it comes down first to the requirements of the speaker being driven. Once those criteria are met then the valve/amp options available can be considered. Then the variables in the construction, implementation and valves will come into play. Once the best candidate has risen to the top then valve rolling is worthwhile. There have definitely been comparisons between push pull 300B amps and Parallel Single Ended 300B amps by the same manufacturer. Those comparisons have always found the PP to have a little more bottom end control but the PSE to be a far more magical experience. I certainly found that to be true of Audion Silver Nights in those two differing implementations of basically identical amplifiers. When owning Cary 805 Anniversary amplifiers I found the use of the 211 output valve far superior to an 845. For me it was far more detailed, taught and realistic. The 845 sounded a bit ‘wet’ in comparison. I then headed down the 211 route till I ended up with Elrog 211’s. I never however heard the equivalent Elrog 845, maybe my decision might have been different if I had. There are a million variables, definitive answers are hard to quantify. An amp with the correct underlying power / current abilities , quality of design, build and synergy with the speaker being driven is what is required. Answering all those questions keeps the classifieds full of gear.
  4. Great service and smart business. If you own a pair of Cary 805’s this is nirvana. These are expensive valves and represent a very large investment in an item with a finite ‘wear’ life, like the tyres and brakes on a car. Having owned Elrog 211’s once an Audiophile hears the difference these valves make it will be impossible to go back to any standard valve. For owners of more exotic, price competitive valves, the ability to compare valves of this quality is a rare opportunity that may result in future Elrog sales. Great stuff , I hope it is an outstanding success.
  5. Welcome Chakkapan, Great to have international members.
  6. PS. In this configuration I personally would include a good powered subwoofer.
  7. If you want an unbiased opinion on 300B’s running into NS1000’s read this. If Gremrocks amplifiers have not sold and you can afford them buy them! Fantastic price from someone who appreciates great amplifiers.
  8. Gremrock has excellent taste in amplifiers. Parallel Single Ended 300B amps are in my opinion the most useable way to enjoy the sonic joy of an SET whilst capable of driving a much wider range of speakers. These are amplifiers that can totally realign your concept of listening pleasure.
  9. Hi POV, I think your post brings up a number of important points that resonate with lots of listeners. Music by it’s nature is designed to be a shared experience. Being an Audiophile is by it’s nature is a singular hobby. It tends to revolve around a single ‘ special’ chair, in an isolated, removed room. It always surprises me the dichotomy between these two aspects of our hobby. Sharing the experience, the joy and emotion with your wife, or friends, is surely a better idea. Often difficult due to reduced impact caused by seating positions or opposing tastes in music! A less finely tuned system , or one that also excels off axis is often helpful in this situation. Owning gear above your financial position is a stressful proposition in my opinion. That feeling of RELIEF which you mention is one I have experienced with both hifi and vehicles. When I am over invested AND dissatisfied I find it very stressful. No longer owning a hot car brought me huge relief. I no longer have to worry about it blowing up / being damaged and landing me with costs I would struggle to meet. If I have too much invested in hifi it worries me, what if it goes BANG, big bills to repair. If dissatisfied the potential financial losses in changing equipment when over invested is again a stressful situation. My enjoyment of my system has just recently increased markedly. The reason? A couple of budgerigars in the room. They love music and react differently to each song, some they love, some less so. I get to share the experience with them. Intense, highly focused, critical listening has it’s place and can be very rewarding. Less critical , more social listening with your wife and a good dog by your side sounds like a better use of life to me.
  10. Lots of comparative reviews on the net. I was recently searching at the same type of price point and ended up with the Bushnell L series 8 x 42. Very similar, same magnification, ED glass, Rain guard, fog proof etc. All I can say is that having never enjoyed high quality binoculars before they are a revelation. I am sure you will be very happy with your purchase, certainly the best magnification / lens size / body size for bird watching.
  11. Last one I promise. This XW explains why I don’t play around with old cars anymore. I always owned one car. They were all daily drivers, cars exist to drive. I would make them perfect and always loose a bucket of money. Unfortunately they all started to become assets, business men bought up all the spares and started adding zeros to the price. ‘Experts’ would criticise the paint colour used on the grill because it wasn’t correct for a production date of 7/69.... This girl was pin straight, a perfect body. Here I am trying to roll the inner rear guard to stop the tyre touching. Too many logs in the boot! Off camping. It is a Falcon after all, well a Fairmont.
  12. Talking of putting old Fords on gas...... This was one of my XW’s. Built for pure gas when it cost 1/3rd of the price of petrol . With a Research Octane Number (RON) of 110 you can build in insane compression ratios. Triple mixers and dual pumps it was set up like an old tri-carb system, potter about on the middle mixer but when you hit the loud peddle everything opened up. Integrated power steering, 3.23 LSD, 4WD, Tremec T5. The front end was heavily modified and the 302 Windsor chosen specifically to keep weight off the front end. That girl went where you pointed her.
  13. Absolutely stunning Analysis, still running the original Golden Dragons! Some further history, debuted at the first High End Show, 1993, RRP of $9K by 1995!
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