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  1. These babies were the bomb back in their day. Power to spare, heard them driving Klipsch Corner Horns at quite insane volumes. Tough as a box of hammers.
  2. Ooogh

    Making donations

    Hi guys, trying to make a donation but I am sure I am doing something wrong. On the page that comes up I put the amount and then direct debit. Then it goes to the next page. I never put my details in anywhere, bsb etc. Can someone walk me through it? Cheers, Hugh
  3. Hello G-Dubz. That is how they got to Adelaide. Exchanged at Nhill for a pair of Spendor SP1/2e. Willing to do another Nhill road trip if the South Aussies don’t snap them up. Find a buyer for the matching turntable and we can have a SNA fiesta at the Nhill Apex park, whilst transferring bulky items between vehicles.
  4. Certainly a different presentation. My ribbons are the 1600 HE so have the twin woofers. With enough Watts up them they have some kick. The NS100’s are a monitor , very revealing and accurate. Thousands of pages written on their presentation just on SNA. They are very dependent on their relationship with the partnering amplifier. No postage due to difficulty in packing, known problems caused by harsh handling misaligning magnets etc.
  5. Item:Yamaha NS1000 & stands Location:Adelaide Price:$1,700 Item Condition:Excellent Reason for selling:Car Repairs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: A great pair of NS1000’s. Operationally perfect and cosmetically excellent bar one unfortunate (repaired) chip. Grills in great condition. I built the stands and they give a nice monolith look. Little roll around stands as well. Health checked by Adelaide speakers, the usual terminal upgrade done at that time. Local pick up only but will meet Victorians half way. Pictures:
  6. Item: Yamaha pf800 turntable Location:Adelaide Price:$900 Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: car repairs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Stunning pf800 belt drive tt in rude health. Everything operating as it should. Cosmetically beautiful for age. Has dust cover but not hinged. Spare head shell included. Running Ortofon MC 20, getting on but still sounding good. Factory 240 v. Has the correct clamp. Some U- beaut cartridge on spare head shell. A lovely thing, you will wait a long time to find a better one. Local pick up only but might meet a Melbournian half way. Pictures:
  7. Sent you a message that might just bring temptation just a little closer Evil.
  8. Ooogh

    Karaoke preamp

    You cold pick up a pair of second hand KRK Rokit 5 active monitors on Gumtree for $200 and add a Behringer mixer and still be under budget. Protect your stereo and you will be shocked how good these little monitors sound for absolute peanuts. If the kids kill them just find another pair.
  9. Ooogh

    Show us your tubes

    Simply fabulous amplifiers. Here are some early push pulls and PSE (first pair in Australia)
  10. How about one of these, 4B3 has balls of steel and detail in spades. How about an XB Fairmont Darren, 351, C4 , 4WD, 3.5 LSD, white and black interior. Sold it for 6k.........
  11. Indeed I did Mr Addicted. Ended up with a Bryston 4B3. Lots of grunt. Unfortunately between it arriving and the borrowed 14B ST ,which sounded biblically good ,departing, we removed all the walls in the lounge room. Since then I have been unable to recapture my sound. I took the 4B3 over to my friends house with the 14B Bryston and the 4B3 was a far superior amplifier , way more detail and speed and no sign of being only half the power of the 14B when driving his B & W 802’s. We we will shortly get the big Bryston back for a shoot out at my place, see if it was responsible for the superior sound. Synergy is the be all and end all in my opinion, all will soon be revealed.
  12. 255 Watt output CD player! That may be a little to much for the input of my preamp I think. What a beast, makes my 2V output seem very puny.
  13. Ooogh


    Great little valve preamp. They were built forever, often under licence in Australia through Audiophile in Melbourne and branded as Amber. Retailed for $2.2k from the shop. Came in a number of guises, earlier ones sported 6sn7 valves and the later ones 6992/e88cc/6dj8 valves. Very obvious changes in sound when rolling valves. A great introduction to valves and an and an inexpensive way to try some valves in front of a SS power amp.
  14. Item: IKEA Stockholm Coffee Table Location:Adelaide Price: $100 Item Condition:Excellent Reason for selling:Too Big Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Basically unused. Large coffee table., 1800 mm long, 590mm wide, 400 mm high. Walnut finish. Price new $299. Save $200 and you don’t have to go to Ikea! Take off the legs and use as a surfboard. This is the super jumbo one with the shelf underneath, not the cheaper nesting ones. Local pickup only. Pictures:
  15. Ooogh


    Interesting one the Klipsch. I had a great friend who owned numerous pairs of the classic range, four pairs of Corner Horns over the years! We were fortunate enough at the time to have access to my Audion Silver Nights (18 Watts PSE) and a friends Audion Golden Nights (9 Watts SET). The Golden Nights simply could not drive them properly, even though 101dB efficient. The Silver Nights however were sublime, best amps we heard on the Corner Horns. Still not my sound, I have never really warmed to Klipsch. My friend however wouldn’t own anything else. Just a week ago listened to a pair of La Scala’s with the Silver Nights and was less than impressed. Then again we had been enjoying Avant Garde Duos before hand so pretty much anything would disappoint. Now that is a pairing that works! Failing winning the lotto other choices are the AudioNote UK range AN /k-j-e. Personally I would go for the early ones that do not require corner loading. Very, very rarely seen up for sale second hand in Australia. DeVore, again expensive, some ProAc, some Triangle, again early versions. Most of these are more suited to PSE amps. I have very successfully driven Yamaha NS1000’s with push pull 300B’s. Now the only speakers I heard truly work with a 9 Watt SET were my friend Bob’s concete horns. 3 way Horns at the front of the room the the entire back wall dedicated to 20 tonnes of folded concrete horns driven by a pair of 12”drivers. Only time I experienced ‘bass bounce”. Softball sized flaming balls of bass that physically assault you, hard to describe. Anyone tells you 300B’s can’t do bass hasn’t heard this system. I like 300B bass with the right speaker, it has a fullness,it is plump and resonant. Bongos and large drums sound wrong with most other amps in comparison, in my opinion, you hear the skin and the vessel. Driving a SS plate amp via the high gain inputs in a subwoofer can have excellent results, the control and pulse of the plate amp but the bloom and overhang of the 300B. Listen to a bass player live, it is not just a thud, the note has bloom and overhang. It is a hard road to travel , speaker choices are limited , often expensive and the pairing can fail miserably! I bought a pair of Ambience High Effeciency 1600’s with their 96dB rating to match my Audions, absolute disaster. Ended up driving them with a 300 Watt Bryston 4B3. You simply have to hear the combination together , the rest is just educated guess work.