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  1. Hello Ratbob, We have a very active Hills brigade here in Adelaide. Between us there are loads of amps to hear. We get together on a regular basis and it is a great opportunity to hear a plethora of options with none of the time constraints / pressure associated with dealers. A great way to distill your choices and find what floats your boat. Given the insane savings to be had on SNA at present a little patience , listening and research might give a result that will exceed expectations and save you plenty of cash. Also given your role as a carer it is a great social outlet, they are a terrific bunch of guys. I will drop you a PM when we have our next rendezvous.
  2. I have had the pleasure of hearing this player in a number of systems. Big, full , robust sound, gave my Rega Saturn R a real run for the better overall sound. Simply sounds right. An absolute steal at this price and will work well in a myriad of systems.
  3. When it comes to auditioning, I listen at the types of volumes I usually listen at. I play music loud, but I don’t play it LOUD!!! Maybe I have never owned a system capable of playing truely earth shatteringly loud without beginning to show it’s limitations, very few systems have this ability. Even very capable systems have a point where they start to feel the strain. One thing I do know is that when a system is right I want to keep turning it up. When it is wrong I just want to turn it down. In my opinion most systems have a sweet spot where power, current and efficiency meld to produce the best reproduction. If you usually listen a lower levels then you want the system to reach this point of synergy at those levels, no use if it starts to boogie way above your usual listening levels. Conversely it is useless if it sounds sweet at a lower SPL and falls apart when it reaches the levels you enjoy.
  4. Personally I would be taking a hundred photos and contacting the distributor/ retailer and the manufacturer before doing anything. Once you have attempted to use any type of cleaning/restoration method it may have no effect or worsen the condition. Being a pessimist this may result in the manufacturer/retailer claiming you caused the damage. Failing this I would talk to a woodwork/ furniture restorer and get their advice prior to proceeding as it is very easy to worsen the situation. It is possible the defect is in the finish itself and not caused by the wrap.
  5. Too many drinks! It sounds better if you face the other way!
  6. WOW doesn’t do it justice. I am sure this would redefine what we believe is great sound. I am so envious of his ability and absolute dedication to building his dream system. Now that is what I call an Audiophile!
  7. Might be worth opening a new PM thread. Some of my threads have stopped being able to be viewed by the recipient but when I open a new one they are able to see it. Worth trying just incase he thinks you are avoiding him. Make it long with an indistinguishable opening few lines and you should have your answer.
  8. I absolutely loved the original design Sergio, if they hadn’t been stolen I would probably still be listening to them today. Never ceased to amaze me how a 3x2x1 box with an 8” paper cone and a fairly normal tweeter could sound so exquisite. Demand the right amp though, took me awhile to find my original Audion Silver Nights which was resulted in just beautiful music. When I finally got the new design that demands corner loading I just couldn’t get them to sing. I built false walls, tried every conceivable configuration and a load of rather expensive amps. Even with Cary 805 Anniversaries I just had no magic. I have resisted hearing the big DeVores because I fear I might fall in love and they exist in a pay grade well above mine. Has anyone ever seen a pair come up second hand in Australia? This always speaks volumes to me.
  9. What? It was like that when I got here.
  10. Hugely difficult thing this Internet. Although we all share the same hobby it certainly doesn’t mean we all get along. Some people have difficult personalities, some are abrupt, some lack social skills, some (but not many) are simply trolls and ars#holes. We have lost some highly technically gifted individuals from this forum who could be highly opinionated, even rude and belittling, but their technical knowledge was often invaluable. Balancing the often fine line between open debate and outright hostility is a nightmare I am glad I do not have to moderate. I am happy that I do not have anyone on my ignore list but as others have suggested I think it is a valuable tool to stop those that grind your gears from sending you into white hot rage. I was an Outback guide for fifteen years. People would always say it must be a dream job. My response was that line up ten people and I am sure I will detest one of them. Stick them in a Troop Carrier for two weeks in the blinding heat and you need the patience of SoIomon. I take council from that wise old sage Bill Murray who advised the groundhog, “don’t drive angry”. I always try to remember not to type angry. As others have suggested we all need to show each other respect and tolerance, not always easy when you don’t feel it is being bestowed on you.
  11. They sold an absolute truck load of these in the early nineties. They were THE affordable upgrade for cheaper CD players. Originally supplied with a wall wart I think the upgraded power supply was worth almost as much as the decoder. My old mate used to buy them six at a time out of Melbourne and sell them in Adelaide to CD owners looking for an upgrade path. They use a Phillips bitstream DAC and have optical and RCA inputs along with an I squared S bus. If you are starting out with an affordable system this is a steal at $75. One thing to remember is to power off before you go pulling interconnects or other duties. They were susceptible to damage if connections were pulled out on the fly.
  12. You should be an attorney audiofeline. “My client is an audiophile your honour, he has simply been experimenting with the damping properties of different grades of heroin. He believes however that ice, due to the refractive qualities of the crystals is an even better form of absorption”
  13. @Tony M could fill a Christmas Catalogue, although he would claim it is all used occasionally. Luckily for the Hills Gentlemen’s Society it means when something goes bang in our systems he has a choice of five replacement loan items from which to choose, more if your speakers snuff it.
  14. Welcome Shpong. Plenty of guitarists, some even sell so beautiful ones, on SNA. I even think there is a tennis thread as well. Enjoy.
  15. Too late! Picked up a 4BSST2. I can’t comment on the pre as I have not heard one but the 4B3 is an absolute weapon. Magnificent bass, speed, detail and fantastic dynamics. Vanishingly low noise floor. Unless you have unbelievably inefficient speakers you will never be lacking for power. @evil c just loves his. 19 years and four months warranty left!
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