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  1. I do not wish to imply that the build and finish is anything but world class, both the speakers and turntable appear to be to the standards set by their instrument building arm, beyond reproach and I am sure in the flesh they are items of great beauty.
  2. Indeed, no doubt we are picking up on specific styling features, our eyes drawn by specific cues. Needless to say they are retro inspired designs.
  3. I have not heard any of the latest offerings so I can not comment on their sound per pound qualities. I do however find it disappointing that stylistically they are simply rehashing the golden era. The amp is to all ends a B2,the pre a C-4 or 6, speakers NS1000’s and the deck a pf800. Rather reminds me of a new Mustang. Now we are talking about Yamaha, a world production powerhouse releasing a statement product at a very high price point. These items should set design high water marks. The best, brightest young designers should be creating the look of today. A new benchmark that in 20 years will be revered for styling nuances too advanced for the average punter to understand at the time. This is what great design is, something that only in hindsight reveals just how magnificent it is. The retro rod look is an easy, lazy way to gain acceptance. I find it disappointing that a company with such talent at it’s disposal have not taken a risk and pushed the boat out on this series. Maybe today’s consumer is unwilling to embrace something new and exciting and the finance department needs to know a specific set of sales parameters can be met before signing off on the range. A great pity, I can understand a small company afraid to take a risk, but this represents such a tiny fraction of Yamaha’s business I would have expected better.
  4. We live in a modern global economy. This comes with benefits and loses in many forms. Affordable all types of things that improve our standard of living but often to the detriment of other global citizens. $5 t-shirts are usually the result of others working in appalling conditions. By the same token, the industrialisation of developing economies can pull entire generations out of poverty, unfortunately often with catastrophic environmental costs. Our economy has seen a dramatic change from manufacturing to service based products but on the whole we have enjoyed low unemployment, low inflation and an improvement in our standard of living. Forces I don’t pretend to understand may mean the present generation may never be able to afford a home to put them in. Now what has all this to do with HiFi? Most of us have our purchasing choices primarily dictated by cost. We all search for the greatest sonic return for our dollar. I feel that in terms of return for investment locally produced speakers can compete very favourably with any product from the world market. A completed speaker is often a large, heavy ,awkward load to transport, therefore expensive to ship prior to the inclusion of import duties, distributor costs and other “middle men”. What a humongous Osborn Speaker imported from the US would cost landed I would shudder to think. We are fortunate to have a number of world class speaker manufacturers, Krix, Osborn, Ledgend,VAF, Ambience, Whatmough. The ability to be able to have the manufacturer service your speaker , answer your questions, help with installation are valuable assets in and of themselves. I was was fortunate to be able to gain lots of valuable information from Tony Moore the designer and builder of Ambience Speakers ,even when buying second hand products. Dr Rod from Ledgend sent me spikes for my Kurlo free when I inquired what size was required, again on a second hand unit. I purchased these products purely on sonic and economic grounds but benefited from their local production. We must also be honest with ourselves. I don’t think any local manufacturers build their own drivers, even though they may be built to their specifications. The same is true of the components used in their crossovers, they may or may not be of local manufacture but more likely sourced from an international company. The wood used may or may not be Australian grown. We benefit from the world economy enabling a local company to build an affordable, world class product. I don’t comment on local amplifiers as I have had little experience with them but once again I am sure some, most ,of the components used come from all over the globe. If they meet your sonic, cost, needs then grab them with both hands and support an Australian small business. The ongoing success of Weston, Cymer ,et al show that we can compete successfully with international brands. The most important thing is not to ignore our local manufacturers. Make sure whenever possible to hear this great equipment, it might just end up being that you buy a local product because it represents the best sound for your money and at the same time you will be supporting a small business.
  5. Ooogh

    Hi from brisbane

    Greetings Tom, No doubt your simple set up providing plenty of music for the family which is the whole point. Keep an eye on the classifieds, something to fit your needs might just pop up.
  6. Ooogh

    Hi from Melbourne (another one...)

    Welcome Ben, Best of luck reaching your goals, hopefully you find plenty of relevant information and maybe bag a second hand bargain or two to assist your journey.
  7. Ooogh

    Hi from perth

    Welcome Matthew, I trust the SNA bus will deliver you to your desired destination. Then again your user name might refer to the dog, in which case I hope you win the race to audio satisfaction.
  8. Ooogh

    Hi from Melbourne

    Welcome Geoff. A great local Adelaide company Krix, they do indeed build very fine speakers and numerous Cinemas in Adelaide are decked out with their great sounding speakers. A number of times I have been impressed with the sound in varying Cinemas only to look up and notice Krix speakers on the walls. A great place to shop on a budget, the number of bargains that appear in the classifieds is amazing and usually fabulously maintained.
  9. Ooogh

    Hi form Melbourne

    Hello Long B and welcome. No no shortage of topics and debates, hopefully you will find plenty of information of interest to you. Enjoy.
  10. Ooogh

    hi from Melbourne

    Greetings Brookcheister, hopefully it does prove to be a cool time indeed. Welcome.
  11. Ooogh

    Tube + solid state amp in one case

    Magnificent, you should be justly proud of what you have built, a one off, personal hot rod. I hope it gives you years of pleasure and one day your grandchildren can proudly show off what grandad created.
  12. Item: Dynavector P-75 Phono Stage Location:Adelaide Price: $320 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling:Need funds Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: DV P-75, great little phono with a million internal switches to match your cartridge. Great reviews, punches well above its weight. Comes with wall wart power supply. Pictures:
  13. Item: Yamaha pf 800 turntable Location:Adelaide Price: $1,000 Item Condition:Excellent Reason for selling:Got sold a Patrol with a cracked head Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: A lovely belt drive pf800. Beautiful physical condition, everything works as it should. Dust cover but no hinges. Has the often missing strobe/clamp (real plastic!). Comes with a spare head shell. Running an Ortofon MC 20 Mk 2 but that may be entering it’s twilight years. LTD 200 of unknown quality on the spare shell. Only selling to fund vehicle repairs. Local pick up only, not an item to put in the post. No box, users manual or overhang protractor. Would go great with my NS1000’s now reduced to $1,800. (Shameless plug) Pictures:
  14. Ooogh

    Yamaha NS1000

    Price dropped to $1,800, bought a second hand Patrol only to discover it has a cracked head so they need to go.
  15. Great speakers, wonderful open sound. Very easy to live with, simple makers of music. Made Vandersteen’s name, they sold a truck load of them for good reason.