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  1. A very highly regarded amp in its day, however be careful. They do not have a huge reputation for reliability. As others have noted they run hot, properly hot. Known to fry in their own juices as they are a little short on heatsinks able to cope with the heat they produce. Being in Australia that problem is only increased due to our ambient temperatures. If operating tickety-boo it would appear to be a fair choice. Always good to stretch the budget as far as possible, of course we all have a cut off point. Easy to chew up the cash buying and selling early on and moving sideways or backwards! Where ever possible find a local seller, drag your speakers over and plug them in, the only way to actually access if they work well as a team. Fine speakers, worthy of quality partners. Don’t forget you will need a built in phono stage or a seperate one to run your TT.
  2. Totally agree. Always used to return to a dealer years ago just to hear them. Simply a lovely, balanced speaker. If you just enjoy listening to music these are an absolute bargain at this price.
  3. Indeed Darryl. It took some intense training, basically I followed the whole Clockwork Orange therapy doctrine.
  4. Must say I like the handles Clive, adds a bit of panache. It looks rather demure next to the PassLabs. Strange how attractive a seemingly bland box can be. Really good industrial design. Everyone seems to want black though!
  5. Been sending you messages old friend, we might have the problem we had before that they aren’t arriving for some reason. @elcamry loved the 4B3 as much as me and is a hard man to impress!
  6. A big box arrived today. Full circle we go. Fabulous. Nothing I have heard does bass, dynamics and detail like Bryston. Treble has sparkle, so rarely heard. Not as completely translucent as the 4B3, the new input section is just cleaner with an unbelievably low, non existent, noise floor. Found a keeper. If you own Ambience Speakers, you simply have to hear their synergy with late model Brystons.
  7. No help for a valve retailer in Sydney but those are mighty amplifiers. To my knowledge only available to repeat Canary customers and direct from Canary Audio. 80 Watt 300B based amplifiers live in rather rarified air! Enjoy your holiday.
  8. Hi anewmisson, terrible thing to have your home violated. As others have stated I hope you are insured. If so take your time to list all the items stolen, it is surprising what you can forget. Hopefully you have photos of your gear, invaluable when dealing with insurance companies. The difficult part is often being paid out on the value of a CD and record collection which they try and under value. Should they drag their feet waste no time in contacting the insurance Ombudsman. These guys are like God to insurance companies. Once a complaint is lodged they must act in a very short time period. Record all the times, dates and personnel you deal with at the insurance company and a short summary of what was discussed. Do this from your first contact as it is easy to forget later if the going gets tough. Try not to focus on conspiracy theory’s. There are no end of professional thieves. They case area’s, send young members around to look in windows and strike at the right moment. I have caught people at my front door with huge sets of keys, 100+, in the backyard pretending to pick fruit and crowbarring tin off the sides of sheds. Suspecting people you know is very bad for your mental health and most likely incorrect. Hopefully you will have a helpful insurance company and be able to rebuild a better system distill your collection to the important material and hopefully gain some new exciting music. Along the way it may even be enjoyable re-evaluating your system. It is a terrible thing to endure but as cliched as it sounds better to have been absent and all the family safe. All the best.
  9. What type of exorcism did @frednork perform? Sounds like it has worked. Excellent news mate, very happy for you.
  10. Good Lord, that is an abomination, made it to 39 seconds.
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