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  1. Grab one or two of these, they take up next to no room. https://www.amazon.com.au/Artiss-Storage-Adjustable-Display-Bookshelf/dp/B07YMLMQJC/ref=asc_df_B07YMLMQJC/?tag=googleshopdsk-22&linkCode=df0&hvadid=341774294791&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=5562513504860593076&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9070905&hvtargid=pla-834740516584&psc=1
  2. I am a complete computer idiot, I didn’t even own one till eleven years ago when I met my wife. Took me another bunch of years to work out how to surf the web, eventually I discovered SNA. A little later I attended my first GTG here in Adelaide, met some folk and we started doing the rounds of each other’s houses. In the old days meeting fellow enthusiasts was via chance meetings at hifi shops or shows. Fast forward to today and the Adelaide ‘mob’ are in constant contact, endlessly enjoying each other’s equipment. The real value however is in the friendships we have f
  3. I hope the Roadrunner is OK, never good news when he has to visit the Vet.
  4. That must be a mighty sound you have there Arthur, those in the know absolutely rave about the Magnus an iron fist in an iron glove. If you ever loose your mind and want to sell it......... Personally when it comes to speaker placement I usually pull them as far out into the room as my speaker leads will allow and then start inching them back. Usually gives a rough indication where the sweet area is, then start playing with proximities to side walls, toe in etc. The sealed Gales I have been using are actually further out into the room than my ribbons.
  5. Mother Fu#kers! Just taken delivery of a pair of Gales sent from WA. Were absolutely pristine cabinets, really well packed via Pack and Send. These have been hit really, really, hard. Both cabinets are severely damaged. They have survived in pristine condition for 45 years just to be destroyed. Angry just doesn’t cut it!
  6. Welcome Tony, Merry Christmas mate. I am sure you will find plenty of interest on the site. You might have to put up with a few jokes about white Ferrari’s and shoes without socks though! Enjoy.
  7. Old Bob certainly did receive some bad press over his Christmas album. I think he was quite upset when people asked if it was a joke!
  8. Dear Ooogh, Strangely people often think Christmas is a bad time of year for me, nothing could be further from the truth! Torturing shop assistants with relentless turgid Christmas Carols playing 24/7 is one of my secret pleasures. Watching the dead eyes of poor souls looking for a parking space in the 6 acre parking lot of IKEA fills me with unbridled joy and that is before they have the last vestiges of life sucked out once they actually enter that god forsaken place. I bought up big on IKEA shares just to twist the knife. A real highlight however is when children dis
  9. Dear Ooogh, I must confess to being rather disappointed that @Tubularbells has not contributed seeing as our musical tastes are so closely aligned. I was hopeful that he might be able to help me set up a killer PA so those languishing in the Pit of Despair don’t miss out on my latest tracks. The acoustics down there are just terrible. Anyhow, I must get back to trying to wreck Christmas , such a busy time of year for me. Hope you are not well, Big Red
  10. Firstly congratulations on choosing one of the greatest speakers ever produced. Although the ‘C’s are not the design icon that the ‘A’s are in our experience they are superior sounding, due to the chrome caps not covering half the woofers and far easier to work on. As others have stated you need power and current and LOTS of it. Bryston is the best match we have found. You might find a very old 4BST in your budget. 300Watts into 8 Ohms, 500 into 4 so they have the required grunt. Beyond that I think given your budget it would be well worth contemplating some pro gear. Ch
  11. You are just trying to curry favour Rodney. You know he loves being called the Big S! He might let you listen to a bit of Neil Young if you keep this up.
  12. Not our Lucifer, he loves this stuff! Nothing better than watching bands sell their souls to advertisers. The cherry on top is destroying the song for a generation of fans. The big red one calls this a ‘win, win’ situation. Lots more laughs to be had watching old people cry when their cool stuff shows up on Supermarket soundtracks and in elevators. It also brings a smile to his face watching Roger Federer sell pasta. Just knowing he is throwing another million on his pile of spondoolies to feed his ego whilst wearing his own branded clothing gives him hope that humility i
  13. Foreigner are not music Evil. I don’t know what it is, but it isn’t music.
  14. Wow, I have just received an email from the dark lord himself! Dear Ooogh, Absolutely loving the suggestions! I am presently compiling a play list for our ‘Welcome to Hell’ bus tour where we show all the new arrivals around the place, the lack of facilities, points of torture , hell’s furnace etc. I will burning them all to MP3 and playing them via my new custom Bose set up on the tour. Unfortunately English people actually like some of this stuff but due to the total lack of beer down here I think even they will be annoyed. Send my regards to @evil c and tell him I l
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