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  1. I only wanted two records; Eric Clapton's One More Car, One More Rider and Elvis Presley's Live At The International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV August 23, 1969 . Luckily I was able to snag a copy of each at the second store I attended, Hum in Netown. I was tempted to get a couple of other titles, however I decided to stay within my budget and not face the wrath of the missus. I'll give them a spin later tonight.
  2. Wow! Your system looks amazing, I'm sure it sounds better than it looks.
  3. Bummer...... Would have bought this
  4. Great photos, I'm impressed with the the packaging of these headphones. GLWTS
  5. I would but I'm $2700 short, good luck with the sale. I'll let myself out....
  6. I had some free time to review this process again, guess what? It was easy to work out. I orginally struggled to fine the IP address of my Oppo player, the I remembered I could find it via my routyer setting. I just finished ripping my first SACD, Pink Floyd's Wish You were Here. Now I need to find my other two three discs. -Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon -Dire Straits - Money for Nothing and -Elvis Presley 24 Karat Hits Looks like I'll also be on the lookout for SACDs
  7. I'm using the M3i to power my Kef LS50s, they are a great combination, $1100 is a bargain. It is solidly build and has enough power to run the Kef LS50s.
  8. @jakeyb77 do you have another wifi router to test? It might be a compatibility issue with the router. I had a similar problem with my raspberry pi, I turned wifi off on the raspberry pi, and forced the traffic to my fixed network. I'd also try turning off all other devices on the network and see if that resolves the issue. I had a similar problem, I had too many devices on my wifi network. I patched as much as I could to free up the wifi network and it solved most of my streaming issues. I hope you sort out this issue soon.
  9. I reckon these are at $100 underpriced. An absolute bargain. I own a pair and I don't plan selling them any time soon. GLWTS!
  10. Get an air vent holder, I bought this one for $3.00 works like a charn
  11. Tell us what you really think.....
  12. I was hoping for the full 20% discount, there's something I have my eyes on that's RRP $3500.00
  13. Did the app on the phone work? If so, go to options add new speaker/device then press the single or volume up and down together button on the connect. The light should blink on and off and it should be recognised by the app.
  14. @Sime V2 can the fans be run independantly? I only need one fan to keep my router cool.
  15. These are great headphones and I was hoping to buy these off you on Gumtree. I will be buying a pair of these as soon as I can save some money. GLWTS
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