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  1. Beautiful watch, if I hadn't moved to smart watches, I'd be all over this. GLWTS!
  2. At that price I would cancel in a heart beat! I still question my sanity every time I see the monthly $24 deducation. A price increase might be the motivation I need to cancel this non essential service. I'm not allowed to cancel Stan, Netflix, YT or Amazon Prime.
  3. Check out Target online. I got mine through them not long ago
  4. Discrepancy Records have them, with 2 to 3 weeks shipping. Although they are not cheap.
  5. I had the same issue, I was lucky to get an instant swap. Although it didn't slip in store, it was warped. The replacement was skip free.
  6. As a Dire Straits fan, shouldn't you get every release? I bought the MoFi's and they sound amazing. They need to release On Every Street to complete the studio set. I had no idea that they had another box set had come out. I might check it out.
  7. You should give Preacher a go, also created by Garth Ennis. He also wrote a lot of the Punisher in the late 90s early 00s. His run heavily influenced the Punisher TV show.
  8. It's great to see other A&K owners here. I've owned the AK100, AK100mk2, AK120, AK240 and I currently have an SP1000m. You could say I love their sound and interface. I use mine with a pair of Andromeda's. I have been lazy lately and only used my phone to listen to music. I used my SP1000m today and was blown away at the difference of quality. I mainly listen to my ripped CD and sacd collection. I occasionally stream Tidal and Tune in radio.
  9. You can set the second router as an access point, however you will need a physical connection. You could always upgrade to a mesh system, this will improve your wifi throughout you home.
  10. Have you tried assigning a fixed IP (on your router) to the Node? This stopped my Aires from dropping of my network on an intermittent basis.
  11. check out Aurealis Cables, one of the best Aussie cables. I've had his cables in my system for a while and they're going nowhere https://www.aurealisaudio.com.au/ Geoff is great to deal with too.
  12. You've had the best IEMs for sale for a while. You are knee deep into this hobby!
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