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  1. Agree with rf1963 100%, make sure you get a OTG usb cable.
  2. I was tempted to reply the same, but hey, I've got time to answer questions on line
  3. You can set it up on your mobile phone, you do not need a monitor (in the traditional sense). However the GUI will be via your phone/tablet. Reading between the lines, I'm assuming you do not have a PC with local music. That is fine. You can use Tidal, Spotify, Goodle Music (and many more services, too many to list) or music stored on your phone. As a bare minimum you will need a wifi network. These Sonos products do not use Bluetooth.
  4. I've recently noticed that not all releases sound the same. I have a redbook rip of Tina Turner's Private Dancer and it sounds significantly better than Tidal's two versions. If you can be bothered and a/b your favourite records or tracks you'll probably come to the realisation that you'll need to mix and match your sources for the best version. Just my 2c
  5. Buy him a used phone or a cheap prepaid one. As long as it has a 3.5mm jack it should be fine.
  6. These are my end game speakers, when I win the lotto I'll buy myself a pair. GLWTS!
  7. Ok, now it makes sense. You are on the right track. Do you have have an old router lying around? Plug the router (wan port) into the NBN box. Then plug the switch into one of the router's ports and plug the Orbi into either the (old) router or the switch. Make sure you set the Orbi up as an AP. It should look like: NBN >old router>switch>Orbi It is important that the router is the 2nd device in the network as it needs to assign the IP addresses.
  8. On the main Orbi there should be four available ports, use one of those ports and connect it to a switch. Connect the required devices to the switch. You can daisy chain switches. I don't know if this slows down the network. I have the below config Router > switch 1 (TV, Sonos, PS4) >switch 2 (Mac book) >switch 3 (TV, Oppo, Auralic, Xbox, Sonos). The three switches are 8 ports each.
  9. I've been with Aussie Broadband since mid Feb. I've had the same experience too, I couldn't recommend them highly enough
  10. Are you sure this is a Curious USB cable? Looks like an Audioquest Crabon to me.
  11. I am toying with the idea of getting Giia III for my TT. Placing it on the granite.
  12. I think the granit weighed more than that on its own. I was using five squash balls. I'm only using four pads at the moment, I'm starting to think I should add a couple more just in case.
  13. I've been using them for a while under my granite slab where my TT sits on. I have no idea if they make an improvement, they replaced the squashballs that were completely flattened by the wieght of the TT. I've also used them under my bookshelf stands. I'm tempted to do an A/B test on my speakers to see if they change the sound in any way. Best $8.00 I've ever spent.
  14. These would put almost every other IEM at the $2200 price point to shame. I had a chance to listen to the U12t and they blew my mind. Great price and great IEMs, GLWTS!!
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