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  1. dolphy

    WTB: Cheap phono stage

    Where are you based? I have a Graham Slee Genera that I'm about to list. Punches well above it weight. It sounded better than the inbuilt Phono of the Anthem and Yamaha AS1000 amps
  2. Madonna has a couple of bass heavy tracks; Erotica, Fever, Music. The Erotica Album is bass heavy in general. Jennifer Warne's opening track from the album The Hunter is spectacular. Any of Hans Zimmer's sountracks will please. The Man of Steel is phenomenal. The Fifth Element Soundtrack, by Eric Sierra, is great too, especially the opening track and the Diva's concerto. Eric Sierra also did the Goldeneye sountrack, lots of bass there too Gorillaz' Feel Good Inc is great too Snap! Has good bass on their albums too. Mary had a little boy comes to mind. I could go on forever as I've been a huge fan of bass since the 90s.
  3. dolphy

    Amp for Grado headphones

    I found that the Grado PS500 sounded significantly better with my Chord Hugo than directly from my Ak240.
  4. dolphy

    SOLD: Speaker Jumpers

    I'll take them
  5. Looks like the sale has already started, 20% off has already kicked in.
  6. Me too, it's not designed to be moved or to be plugged and Unplugged on a regular basis, it's should be treated as a fixed product
  7. dolphy

    Gieseler Power Supply owners thread

    I'm not sure if this has been asked before, would there be any benefit in replacing the PSU of an external hard drive with a LPS? I'm using an Auralic Aires
  8. dolphy

    SOLD: FS: Curious Usb cable 0.8m

    Is it usb a to usb b?
  9. Link for the lazy, I would make an offer, this has been listed for a long time and they might be keen to move it on. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/VPI-TNT-V-5-HR-Turntable-JMW-12-5-Tonearm-and-Power-Supply-Used/262326159403?hash=item3d13db882b:g:8T0AAOSwMmBVpLLA
  10. dolphy

    SOLD: FS: Rega DAC V1

    Still available....
  11. dolphy

    FS: Oppo PM1

    Still available....
  12. So, who has already bought their tickets? I'll be seeing the 1:30 session on Wednesday, can't wait!
  13. dolphy

    Moving from iPhone to Android - advice

    If you are going to get a Samsung device, their Smartswitch App is great. I made the change six years ago and I haven't looked back. I do get the even numbered Galaxy Phones.
  14. I did not see this coming, the Oppo 205 was on my radar for my next upgrade.