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  1. I would recommend that you do a side by side comparison. If you're in Sydney you could go to either Addicted to Audio or Minidisc. Both stores are great to deal with and they will not put the hard sell on you. I did audition the M11 recently and I was impressed by sound quality, I think these provide great sound for the money your paying.
  2. Thanks for the replies, I finally settled on Astell & Kern's SP1000M. I managed to snag a great deal. It's the 4th Astell & Kern DAP I've owned, I've previously had the AK100mk2, Ak120 and ak240. I guess I like their sound signature and interface. I did audition Fiio M11 and Sony WMZ1. It's the perfect size and with a 400GB micro sd card, I have most of my preferred albums loaded. It plays Tidal and I can save albums for off line play.
  3. As a frequent buyer/seller here at SNA, I've always been upfront when I'll make payment. When terms have been agreed upon, I'll consider it bought/sold. I have only been guzumped once after terms were agreed upon, my replay was "not cool man" and moved on.
  4. I don't recommend leaving the iPhone plugged in 24/7. you will eventually experience a problem with a swollen battery. You'll be better off docking it when you are using it.
  5. great little streamer, I've had one for several years.
  6. Have you thought of unblocking everything and process the update? You can always add the filters back on afterwards.
  7. Only a few days left before Christmas, this would make a perfect gift for your young ones. My contract is up on Friday, so you better get in quick. I have received confirmation that these iPads will receive 12 months warranty (upon day of activation) directly from Apple.
  8. I have been using three CC's, two 1st Gen and one 2nd Gen. Occasionally I am required to unplug them from the power source, I also unplug it from the HDMI port on the TV. This resets the entire signal path and maintains optimal performance. Once powered back on, they run like a treat. Resetting the router and modem may updating the CC's.
  9. Slightly OT: Reading this thread is one of the many reasons I love SNA. So many helpful people here providing great advice. I have been thinking about getting solar power for several years, however I need to replace my roof, my house is 80+ years old and the corrugated iron is in desperate need of replacement. I have been quoted $30K to replace the roof. Just as I was about to pull the trigger, I was made redundant. I'm about to finish a 3-month contract and I'll be looking for work again after December 20. Hopefully this time next year I'll be able to replace the roof and install solar panels. I'll bookmark this thread.
  10. My copies should arrive today or tomorrow, can't wait to give them a spin. If they're anything like the BIA, it'll be a great listening experience.
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