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  1. Couldn't you whitelist the Node's Mac address on the router and restore your firewall settings? I'd hate for you to lose all of your sensitive data due to lowering the firewall settings.
  2. Nice upgrade there! Do you have two VPIs?
  3. +1 for the Blackvue. I've been using the 2 channel 750s and battery pack. Highly recommended.
  4. You obviously didn't read the first post, this is a little out of the $500 budget.
  5. @A J what HAT are you using with your Raspberry Pies? I used a 3b+ straight out from the USB to my Hugo and it was OK. I have three Pie that are gathering dust in my drawers. I've demoed Roon twice and I loved it both times. Too bad they only offer up front payment terms. I would buy the lifetime subscription if I could pay over 12 months.
  6. @Tivoli Hi-Fi received the cables this morning, thanks for the prompt service and delivery.
  7. This leaves the seller in full control of what he/she is willing to sell. I've done it several times. I've received OBO offers of 25% off the original price, this is why I sell my items with a firm tag.
  8. I really liked this album, I'd hate to think how much it will cost locally, I reckon around $250
  9. I sold my Ak240 and I am unsure where to go next. I'm thinking of just using my phone as a source and buying a Mojo. Ultimately using this combo as my permanent solution. What source are you guys using? I'm also considering buying the Astell and Kern Se100 to replace the Ak240. I'm of the mindset of using a DAP as this would be a standalone solution. I have two IEMs; Shure se846 and Andromeda Campfire and the Focal Clear.
  10. Do the headphones have an option to use a wired connection instead of Bluetooth or do you have access to another source? I'd try different source just to rule out the headphone limitation.
  11. I picked up a pair of Focal Clear from Minidisc on Friday. I'm amazed by how easy they are to drive. I've been using my Ak240 and my Note 9. My Chord Hugo has recently been sent back to the UK for repairs. I'm waiting for them to get back to me with a quote, hopefully it's only the batteries that need to be repaired. I'm sure that they will sing with the Chord Hugo. I'm tempted to buy the Chord Mojo to as a tempory solution. Wing at Minidisc is great to deal with.
  12. If you have a Mac you can use XLD to rip your CDs, it's free ware. It's the only reason I use my Mac Mini, otherwise it would be in landfill.
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