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  1. I picked up a of Prince's RSD release today. Went to two didn't records shops in Newtown Sydney. The Hub still had multiple copies left. They also had Sign O the Times Peach version too and reasonably priced too. Picked it up too.
  2. What is your source? I would consider trying to pair with the source. I use Andromeda and they are very efficient, you won't need an amp to run. I personally prefer open back headphone. Closed back headphones sounds too claustraphobic to me. I would also consider Focal Clear, you should be able to get a 2nd pair for around $1000. I would then try getting a Chord Mojo between $400 and $500 and use it with your phone or pc. I also own a pair of Focal Clear and I run them directly from my dap or via my phone + Cobalt Dac amp. They are very effic
  3. Easy to deal with and they called me when they thought I made a mistake in an order. I would happily order from them again.
  4. Hans Zimmer is the new John Williams, his soundtracks are identifiable and you're instantly transported to movie as soon as you hear them. It took me a while to warm up to his soundtracks. Now I love them.
  5. I use the Jabra Evolve 40 at work they are decent and have a mic. Not audiophile but will get the job done.
  6. @Marc I'm not sure if this is unrelated, I haven't received any emails since this hack happened, I'm following the classifieds. Can you check this? I have confirmed that the correct email address is linked to my account and I have checked the spam folder.
  7. Are you a mind reader, I've been doing research of this product, it gets great reviews online. Did you notice any significant improvement?
  8. This would have to be the bargain of the century, I'm tempted to buy this just for the cart and on-sell the table.
  9. What's your source/streamer? The amp and speakers are great. I'm guessing your weakest link would be the Dragon Fly red and I'm assuming you're using a PC/Mac to stream.
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