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  1. Yes, they did. I never used it. I use BubblePnP to conrol the Aries. Best money I spent.
  2. Welcome to SNA! I am also a coffee and music afficionado. @crtexcnndrm99 give these guys a try. I reckon they have the best coffee in Sydney https://colombianconnection.com.au/#mulecofferoasters
  3. I forgot to mention: back up, back up and back up!
  4. what are the specs? It's a pretty big upgrade, if you have the licenses and install files, it is always recommended to do a fresh install/upgrade. Whether or not you have issues is pretty much a 50/50 bet. I must admit I haven't done one of these upgrades in a long time. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/deployment/upgrade/windows-10-upgrade-paths
  5. Have you checked the mute button on the remote? I can't recall it havinig one......just a long shot
  6. Use a VPN and it will work. I bought Tool's Fear Innocullum without issue. Just re-read your post, I'm using Torguard. Make sure the VPN is running when making the purchase and when you download the file. Hope this helps!
  7. Just making sure that you know that you'll only get the redbook layer to the Qutest. I'd rip the sacd and stream the dsd file to the Qutest for use of the DAC.
  8. I found that the 600 series really love lots of power. I went from an avr to a 2ch integrated amp and it was a night and day difference. I reckon anything over 100wpc would suffice.
  9. Wow, beautiful photos. Great value here, good luck with the sale.
  10. Does this help? https://www.getprice.com.au/buy-best-asus-rt-ax88u.htm
  11. Must. Resist. Temptation. I've never had a chance to listen to Dynaudio's. But all of the positive feedback makes me curious. Do you have any idea how these would compare to my Paradigm Studio 100 v5? I knew it's a long shot of a question.
  12. This was/is the Rolls Royce of HD DVD Players, I remember HDDVDUSER from the DTV Forum days, he would provide firmware updates. Still a great machine, I have mine with over a 100 discs, I can't bring myself to sell. GLWTS!
  13. Hola Mauricio, Nice to see another Chilean here, although I've lived in Australia all of my life. Bienvenido amigo, everyone here is friendly.
  14. This a great offer, however, I have no idea how to place the panels in my lounge room for maximum impact.
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