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  1. dolphy

    Sonos Connect help

    Did the app on the phone work? If so, go to options add new speaker/device then press the single or volume up and down together button on the connect. The light should blink on and off and it should be recognised by the app.
  2. dolphy

    Great system cooling fans

    @Sime V2 can the fans be run independantly? I only need one fan to keep my router cool.
  3. These are great headphones and I was hoping to buy these off you on Gumtree. I will be buying a pair of these as soon as I can save some money. GLWTS
  4. I tried to use Moode and I couldn't get it running, maybe its because I haven't installed a HAT yet. Volumio lets me output via the USB and HDMI. Back to Volumio, now Bubble PnP doesn't work......grrr
  5. What do mean by "pri active"?
  6. How about DACs, what are your current preferences? I'm curious
  7. Bought a Pie 3B + and set it up using Volumio. I used the on board usb to Chord Hugo. It sounded ok. I wanted to get a feel for the interface. Volumio works a treat with Buble PnP Media player on my Note 9 (Android) I'm about to pull the trigger on a Hifiberry Dig + Pro, is this the best value in this price range? I'm tempted to buy the Allo Signature Pro. Are there worthwhile Hats I should consider?
  8. dolphy

    Bluesound Node 2i

    dBpoweramp (windows) and XLD (mac) are pretty easy to use. both are freeware (I think). I've used both, if I can do it, anyone can.
  9. dolphy

    Bluesound Node 2i

    I think the Vault has an inbuilt ripper, its an expensive storage and ripper.
  10. dolphy

    Bluesound Node 2i

    Why don't you just buy the Node 2i and RIP the CDs to a HDD and attach it to the Node?
  11. I jumped on the band wagon too and grabbed two.
  12. I'll have to look into the UltraRendu
  13. dolphy

    Chord Electronics service experience

    I had a minor issue with my Chord Hugo a couple of years ago, luckily for me the fix was to replace the a/c adapter. Wishing you all the best and for a speedy return.
  14. Thanks for the response, I should have mentioned a budget, somewhere around the $2500 mark would be the sweet spot. $5K is a little out of my budget