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  1. +2 You will need to pay twice as much for anything in the current market to get this level of quality. I have one of these units and I do not intend on selling it anytime soon.
  2. You can use Buble PNP to play music. It also allows for music services like Tidal, Spotify etc
  3. This is an amazing DAP, one of the best I've ever demoed. Wishing you the very best with your health, good luck with the sale.
  4. Saw it last night and I loved it, the score had my heart pounding for most of the movie. Brad Pitt carries the movie quite well. His last two roles (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) have been nothing but great!
  5. Anyone have a coupon for Discrepancy? I might have to pull the trigger.
  6. Crap! I might have to jump on these too. @LuzArt Please post your review as soon as you get them.
  7. $400 for the bundle, ouch! Don't get me wrong, I'm a massive DS fan....these better be good. Are they limited editions?
  8. Oh man, too bad your not in Sydney. I would have picked it up already!
  9. Looks quiet nice, I’ve never heard an Ayer CD player before, too bad you’re not in the Sydney area. GLWTS!
  10. @Hydrology how much solution are you using for each record? I've cleaned around 50 records and used around 3/4 of a litre
  11. They better make a good difference, because they are fugly!
  12. I feel like there's a Mojo 2 around the corner. It's s a good buy at $599!
  13. I've been using the same combo and I'll probably buy the Kirmuss cleaning system when funds permit. It was recommended to me by a Sydney dealer over the Audiodesk cleaner. The Kirmuss bloke does come off as a little eccentric, this is not the first time I've seen him in action, they are a couple of Micheal Fremer youtube vids online.
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