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  1. on a 4x4.5 sized room the dip will always be there no matter the sub position from what I tried
  2. @jgunner the room was built planned as listening room/office. Wall and ceiling was insulated with soundshield bats and I've got absorbtion panel that handles 120hz and up. Planned to put some diffuser panel on the wall behind speaker. Was thinking to get bass trap but has never have problem with boomy bass. I think the insulation between the drywall and bricks handles that already
  3. @jgunner that would be decided after I get my DSP sorted. But raw power wise T1 which is the old version T9 just trumps t7i massively it's quite a bigger and heavier sub also this is the three of them together
  4. It's acos lustre 510 mounting distance is 222mm
  5. Just doing measurement now with one more sub (REL T1) found one locally for decent price so why not. and I decided to sell the small T3 this will be the last chance I can do any sort of comparison First Up Rel T7i black VS REL t3 purple on the corner T7i edges the t3 a bit it's slightly noticeably better punch but if you don't do side by side you won't be able to tell in a 4x5m room both on this setup do feel more punchy compared to the next setup second setup middle of the room 1.7m from the wall and only 1m infront of listening possition (using this value because REW room simulator shows this is the most balanced freq response for the room) this is where the t7i shines much more balanced and still having loads of authority with bigger driver and more powerful amp sure it's less thumping than corner position but because of the the dip between the peak and though of the freq response it felt much more neutral the graph might be not that clear but in the corner t7i top to bottom dif difference is 25db where in centre position top to bottom difference is 20db Now the new comer the T1 in the centre does have an even more balanced frequency response and also feel more natural and even though when spl matched at 80hz it is less punchy at the bottom end compared to t7i which kinda shows in the graph. To me this T1 sub is even better candidate to use with room correction because the swing in frequency is even better. It also has the most power reserve, driver size and cabinet size. @jgunner this might interest you yesterday when I said t3 can't keep up with t7i I forgot to say in which condition, if the planned position in your room will be in the corner yes it can keep up with t7i just fine. not as good but not that far behind either
  6. Just make sure you read how to wire the sub properly if you use high level input that's all. If you use line level not an issue at all you can't stuff up the low level input connection
  7. @lenticularis what's the blue PCB for? Is it new muting board.
  8. Further information: Personally think this is better than the current t5i because this has dual 8 inch driver one active one passive other than the one driver in the t5i. Has scratches but works as it should. Pretty sure it's the cheapest out of any recent rel T3 subwoofer listed recently in SNA. No box so no posting Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  9. Thanks @almikel after I recently changed my speaker to Yamaha ns1000 it somehow pick up noise from my minidsp even when using ifipower so I have lost the ability to eq my sub until I get a better power supply. I've simulate different multi sub using rew the current position is the most smooth response. So look like other than using minidsp my options are quite limited
  10. Just an update I found a decent price Rel T3 locally which is spec wise is similar with t5i but with 2 driver (8 inch 1 active and 1 passive) which I reckon match the t7i better. Can't help myself to try it out. surely enough the lower Rel is nowehere near T7i here is the comparison Green is T7i and purple is t3. Apologise for the db differences was doing the measurement in a hurry but you can easily see the differences in slope under 50hz. The t3 just doesn't dig low enough. with the similar spec I will think the t5i would be the same so pretty much as other member stated Now what is interesting is the blue lines. this blue lines is using 2 subs with the position in the below diagram (note I found that position is optimal corner position and any position closer to the wall result in worse freq response) it boosted 50-150hz response but the dip at 40-80hz is still there. Is this just room effect that I can't ever beat? so no matter what I do I can't boost the dip? or is this something you fix with room treatment like bass trap? but on more interesting note look how the dual sub actually improve the flatness of 600hz up to 20k I wonder why it affect the higher frequency like that
  11. Not an issue IF you read the manual. Check how you're supposed to connect the negative wire. Do it wrong it may ruin your amplifier. I personally think they should out this as a massive warning signs of things to check before connecting the speakon cable considering more and more class d amplifier are in the market
  12. @andyr I've heard issues if it's with class d. yeah I think REL need to really make this warning apparent which they do in their manual but not prominent enough. Amp with floating ground should not be used with the speakon cable. Actually I reckon The issue is not with high / low level cos svs also has high input options. The actual issue is REL proprietary cable uses 3 cable for 2 input rather then 4 cable where all other manufacturers uses 4 cable for high level input
  13. @andyr care to share links to the REL owner woes?
  14. yeah since your flooring is smooth I thought if would vibrate when playing. I guess the weight is enough to keep it in place then
  15. How do you ensure the roller is stable when speaker is playing?
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