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  1. Awesome. Really tempted to get. Does it have a removable arm board it is it suitable for sme only?
  2. mloutfie

    Marantz 7 phono clone?

  3. mloutfie

    Marantz 7 phono clone?

    Hagerman sells it prebuild now
  4. mloutfie

    Marantz 7 phono clone?

    Try Haggerman Cornet 3. Great sounding phono
  5. mloutfie

    McIntosh MC275 valve substitutions

    My favourite 12ax7 is psvane http://psvanetube.com/wordpress/store/products/12ax7-tii-pair-or-single/
  6. Not a good idea following an older circuit. As far as I know the board keeps getting revised and you're much better sticking with the manual
  7. mloutfie

    Plinth making

    Progress update. Turns out most place in Melbourne doesn't have ready stock of laser ply so need to order. So I couldn't try cut another version. Luckily my mates has a leftover laser ply so we cut a top plate for my MDF plinth and couple of ply arm board. So top layer now a ply and one arm board had 3 layer of ply and one arm has 2 layer. Laser ply is a much harder material to laser cut because of possible of thick glue in between layer so post cut work so if this point has good sound quality I would not bother making a whole new ply plinth. Secondly I've been digging more the resonance property of MDF. Found a chart that MDF boost lower miss bit this property is known to disappear on heavy base. So hopefully with the extra ply top and thick ply arm board should remedy this issue for now.
  8. mloutfie

    Technics sl1200GR or Pioneer PLX1000

    Or just do what I did recently was considering on getting SL1200 and putting in all KAB upgrades. I ended up just taking a plunge and getting a technics SP10 mk2. Best decision ever
  9. mloutfie

    Thorens td150 MkII restoration/Mod

    Gorgeous Well done 👍
  10. mloutfie

    Technics SP10 mk2 remote

    Good tips will give it a go thanks
  11. mloutfie

    Technics sl1200GR or Pioneer PLX1000

    It's not just a small gap in price it's 3x the price if you have a good cartridge and good phono then get the technics. If not spend money on a $1k cartridge and $1k phono and get the plx1000
  12. mloutfie

    Technics SP10 mk2 remote

    It's because of my new plinth. I want to rotate the orientation of the deck so the button would be at the back. This is because the possition of my main arm
  13. mloutfie

    Plinth making

    Too bad you're not in Melbourne
  14. mloutfie

    Plinth making

    Do you do CNC?