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  1. mloutfie

    Catman's Analog Musings

    what catman seems to find is tracking lighter and it sound more solid so it's opposite. My consistent experience is tracking too heavy will always collapse the sound stage
  2. mloutfie

    Headshell shortage

    What's the original headshell?
  3. mloutfie

    Luxman PD-350 - Whats it worth

    That's a TA-1 much less desirable compared with ma-505. I used to have one and If that's my turntable I would replace the tonearm
  4. mloutfie

    Luxman PD-350 - Whats it worth

    It's not worth much you better just give it away to me it's one heck of a table if it's using ma-505 tonearm for quite a bit above $3K if it's in excellent condition
  5. Also make sure you get the correct spindle to pivot distance before you even start drilling
  6. I definitely thought I had enough clearance when I cut the arm board but turns out it was still tight
  7. A but tight but I think you're fine. the reason I say tight is because of the hex nut the jelco base uses (The three screw). depending on how much clearance you can work with under the arm board it's really tricky to hold it in place. I had exact same issue couple of months ago with the jelco with a larger arm board mind you and I ended up filing a bit of wood on the arm board holder to fit it in. So you always have that option of filing some wood to make it fit at the bottom
  8. That arm board looks a bit tight for a jelco base
  9. mloutfie

    Linn Sondek Mose + Hercules Power Supply

    Mober tech wise looks pretty solid to me. Good maxxon motor with speed controller that uses optical scanning for speed accuracy and adjust speed real time. As long as it uses a good clock and it uses fast fpga it should be really good. Compared to offering from company like origin live it should be above it in performance
  10. 85cm wide is massive that can't be right
  11. mloutfie

    Brilliant new digital microscope

    And the type of stylus cut might also play a big factor also in light dispersion
  12. mloutfie

    Brilliant new digital microscope

    Not always. You can get it see through but it is hard to do and need to be lighted on an certain angle. I've managed to get some see through shots. I think the led is too focused. I might try some light dispersion to see if it makes a difference (it should technically)
  13. mloutfie

    Brilliant new digital microscope

    It actually weird that the diamond turns black in a certain light source angle
  14. mloutfie

    Brilliant new digital microscope

    the one I'm using is adsm201. Here's a new picture of another boron cantilever with a triangle elliptical stylus of nagaoka mp-30 beautiful cartridge this one.
  15. this is coming out from the tranducer/pickup? it should have a black box that comes with it. If yes how low are we talking here? maybe something a 1:2 transformer can fix