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  1. Also this is not a variable speed drive. It has an oscillator for its frequency generator
  2. I think when I counted the parts cost it was around under $200
  3. It is not simple luckily kits are available. It out is 12vdc with output 115v/230v and 50hz/60hz configurable. Its in silicone chip magazine in 2016 and looks like kits are still in stock. I actually was considering to make one a while back. Here is the link of the parts and original article http://www.siliconchip.com.au/Shop/8/3420 http://www.siliconchip.com.au/Issue/2016/May/230-115VAC%2C+50-60Hz+Precision+Turntable+Driver?res=nonflash
  4. mloutfie

    Show us your Turntables!!!

    To be honest I'm really impressed with the build of the sp10mk2 it is really built like tank. I mean the power supply itself its massive and heavy. Heavier than some complete turntable. It's also much bigger in person that in pictures. I guess not having an arm in most pictures makes it looks small but it's so big I can't put the turntable and the power unit in the same rack
  5. mloutfie

    Show us your Turntables!!!

    The isoprop springs are under the bamboo board. The drive and the plinth bamboo board are glued in with blue tack so it stays in place and immoveable but still pry-able in needed for servicing. The arm pod however is glued in with wood glue.
  6. mloutfie

    Show us your Turntables!!!

    Great success with my new mono setup upgrade. Mounted a Technics sp10 MK2 into a bamboo board naked style paired with a grace 707 mounted anmdf arm pod glued onto the bamboo board. At the feet of the plinth using isoprop spring isolation feet. Really with the result.
  7. I've seen a 110 step down with its own frequency generator. There should be a 230 step up schematic somewhere
  8. mloutfie

    Streaming using chromecast

    I consider it once but reading this put me off it and get a proper streamer (raspi/squeze touch) instead https://darko.audio/2016/07/not-as-the-artist-intended-google-chromecast-audio-w-tidal/
  9. I paid $28 dollar for an aftermarket stylus of ebay. That sounded fine but for anything more than that AT95E is only $49 bucks is worth having more
  10. mloutfie

    Pass Amp Camp Amp

    Did you purchase the meanwell? I was looking for it since the shipping was too expensive to get it from them and found the cheapest is from mouser https://au.mouser.com/ProductDetail/MEAN-WELL/GST120A24-P1M?qs=%2fha2pyFaduiiEL5gg2bVEnOBZvyzC0kGl%2f6UVAJTbViP5NLyjeoRdw%3d%3d PS add some random item for $3 and shipping is free
  11. mloutfie

    GT-1000 or Pioneer Pl-50L11?

    What's wrong with that seller?
  12. mloutfie

    Pass Amp Camp Amp

    It's just an iec power chord so yeah just pretty standard swap.
  13. mloutfie

    Pass Amp Camp Amp

    It's an amp so it would be one expensive LPS. The meanwell upgraded npower supply they are selling now are meant to be really low noise
  14. mloutfie

    Clearaudio daVinci v2 cart rebuild.

    Last time I asked him he might be getting more cantilever option so maybe in the future
  15. mloutfie

    Clearaudio daVinci v2 cart rebuild.

    Joseph is good but I wouldn't recommend him for a DaVinci. He replace the whole cantilever in his process so not a retipping . Good for cheaper cartridge but not something like this. I pluses his service for cartridge that uses ordinary aluminium tube cantilever not something exotic like this.