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  1. I found sandwiched MDF and ply to have good results. With ply at the top of the plinth.
  2. Can you share the link in lenco heaven?
  3. Or shipping forwarder company should be able to used when buying us only item
  4. https://hagerman-audio-labs.myshopify.com/products/cornet3 best kit phono preamp especially with LPS. you might be able to get kit by contacting him directly. I still use it as my main phono. another one is bottlehead reduction https://bottlehead.com/?product=reduction-1-1-phono-preamplifier-kit but I recommend to get the integration upgrade. I found bottlehead amp without Camille Cascode Constant Current Sources to be too warm
  5. the pivot spindle distance of 270mm seems short for 12" arm my jelco 12" has 290mm pivot to spindle distance
  6. Best way to ship it is to take off tonearm and platter. Then bubble wrap them separately then it's only a matter of finding a box to fit
  7. Had great fun with this albeit quite buggy driver on windows
  8. I don't think that's normal. But if that happen normally you will have loud buzz rather than no sound
  9. This table is not the same level as planar 3 let alone 6. I have both 3 and bd2(suspended) in the past. I didn't like the small platter for one there is an inch of record end just hang without support. It's a decent starting table but that's about it. Now back to tonearm project lower end model I think has 200mm pivot to spindle distance (8.6 inch arm) https://www.henleyaudio.co.uk/products/Replacement-Tonearm . You might need to do a bit of work with the chassis to fit the mount but doable. For cartridge I suggest go to a more basic cartridge like om10 it at95e. Dl103 would be to low compliance and ortofon jubilee would be way overkill for this table not to mention it's really expensive
  10. You might have to put it outside the plinth for other tonearm. That original tonearm has quite short spindle to pivot distance. If I'm not wrong it was under 210mm it's definitely a short arm. You can verify this by measuring the distance. A grace 707 would be 222mm pivot to spindle distance
  11. In my experience Thorens pair well with rega arm. Value for money also it's great
  12. What arm is on it? Pictures? Is it the the model with suspension? is it the one bolted on a plinth?
  13. @andyr from the picture that arm board collar seems to have a Pilar screw to adjust vta
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