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  1. mloutfie

    Phono MC Stepup loading modification

    @VanArn my goal is actually to increase the input impedance preferably around 300ohm. That's why I'm thinking to change the first resistor after the input to 47k and make some resistor loading plug
  2. Hi All I've recently Ortofon MCA-76 phono stepup that I plan to do modification to have a flexible impedance loading. This phono preamp has a fixed loading of 75 ohm and below is the circuit of the preamp I'm considering to put a 47k resistor in place of the 47 so I can put a parallel resistor to do proper cartridge loading. Firstly the spec and the circuit seems to have a difference in input resistance (spec 75 and schematic is 45) not this is the only online schematic I could find that has a resistance value so consider that also. Main question is would this work secondly would the change impact the gain of the circuit?
  3. mloutfie

    Cartridge recommendations?

  4. for portable try addicted to audio in kew, jaben in the city or noisy motel in south yarra
  5. mloutfie

    To clamp or not to clamp?

    I used a aluminium sub platter I forgot what brand and it's the same short spindle
  6. mloutfie

    To clamp or not to clamp?

    Yes for my previous rega. For rega you need to get a clamp that support rega's short spindle. Mitchell sells a rega specific version. the normal clamp can't be used on rega
  7. mloutfie

    To clamp or not to clamp?

    I've used that also but not as good. its clearaudio souther clever clamp that comes with my clearaudio emotion. From what I remember I had a better bass note definition with the michell clamp. the clever clamp barely made any difference compared with not using it
  8. mloutfie

    USB to SPDIF/I2S converters

    Can you share the comparison of scrystek and NDK performance because I always thought NDK are still below crystek. Singxer actually uses NDK in their lower priced c1 usb ddc and keep crystek for top line f1. There is also one other clock used in their midline converter which is Accusilicon AS318B which I believe sits between NDK and Crystek
  9. mloutfie

    Catman's Analog Musings

    it's just the build quality is good enough to justify the extra expense. but regarding sound improvement depending on if you do have noise issue in your old cable (buzz or hum) from shielding problem in the old cable. either way it's cheap enough to test it yourself and you can make up yourself if the new cable make a difference
  10. mloutfie

    To clamp or not to clamp?

    I always clamp I actually got clamp for all my table now I have 3 clamp at the moment (different spindle height). My favourite clamp is the michell turntable clamp because it also flatten slightly warped record also
  11. mloutfie

    USB to SPDIF/I2S converters

    Actually this doesn't like it uses crystek femto clock which is a big deal for ddc reclocking
  12. mloutfie

    USB to SPDIF/I2S converters

    I've seen this board a while back. The layout looks like it heavily copy singxer su1. Without a dedicated power supply and a lvds HDMI i2s
  13. The DAC I uses 8 chip pcm1704uk (audio GD nos 7) good to know the newer discreet are up there in performance. Cos I tried yggy and personally is not as good as the audiogd nos7
  14. mloutfie

    So a 9" or 12" arm?

    9 and 12 in an sp10 MK2 and the 10" is on a well tempered turntable. I planned to put in a third arm on the sp10 one day. Already have an arm to put on it
  15. mloutfie

    So a 9" or 12" arm?

    I'd focus more if the compliance of the cartridge you're going to use fits the 9 or 12 better. Bear in mind the savings on choosing the 9 inch might gives you more money to upgrade the arm. I uses 9, 10 and 12 inch arm but from different manufacturers