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  1. As a transport my experience is it makes a difference but not a big as a difference in upgrading DAC. The other side is in all dac I tried coax is always better optical so PS3 Optical out is not optimal for me.
  2. Try early gen ps1 with RCA out
  3. Isn't that a lot for an elliptical retip? I would thought $400 is shibata or micro tracer retip
  4. How much was it to rebuild and retip the karat? looks like a great job
  5. Also monitor ebay uk there are many good ones from there if the seller is willing to ship
  6. It varies alot depending on condition. And fully restored would depend on finish. The cheapest would be used from Japan. You can get one for around $1000 un restored
  7. I've tired both plinth less and plinth. I can see merit in both of them.
  8. Simple to use but a pain to restore or maintain though
  9. Getting something used for $500 would be heaps better an at120. If you want new for that price of suggest looking at project debut carbon
  10. Anyone willing to post this for me? long shot
  11. Isn't ruby stylus the stuff Chinese oem cartridge uses?
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