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  1. Yes but you have to get the tread size right. Generic screw might not have the same thread
  2. I've been enjoying the older model Titan (ones with focal tweeter) thinking if I can do upgrade on the crossover component. Anyone can comment on experience in this? Was the crossover component used all metal film cap? I would hope no electrolytic used in speaker this level
  3. Romours Pallas pressing is from the original master tape. The 45 rpm version especially sounds amazing.
  4. Yeap made in EU ones are not good you want pressed at Pallas ones
  5. With a step up specifically designed by the same manufacturer for the exact cartridge. At the moment I would say yes. But a non exact to spec transformer to some other cartridge Paris would win hands down
  6. Further information: Tubes included 2x psvane 12ax7tII and psvane 12au7tII I've rolled quite a few tubes and this is the best combination I've tried without getting crazy expensive Ultra rare NOS This is the longest phono I've had in my inventory. Its mm phono but paired with aksa Paris it took me so much more money to upgrade from this (goldnote ph10 plus power supply). Even that I've been tossing whether to upgrade the capacitor on the cornet and sell the goldnote. Since even though goldnote is an upgrade it cost soo much money. Power supply won't be sold
  7. Sure it doesn't have the resolution of a higher end phono stage but there is always something special with using a step up transformer and tube phono preamp #supex #haggermanCornett3
  8. I don't think I hear that. but this definitely have an amazing dynamic range and the pressing quality is really good.
  9. A good full auto or auto stop mechanism is hard to do and few does it well in the 80s like denon, JVC and technics but if you're looking for new Thorens pretty much the one I know. I used to own Thorens td190-2 around 3-4 years ago. And that can compete with a debut carbon. But for that budget is get a used higher end Japanese 80s automatic turntable from Denon or victor
  10. Shameless plug the rega tonearm I'm selling will cross a few in that upgrade list with a better arm base and FTA ability https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/338866-fs-price-drop-fully-modified-n-rewired-rega-tonearm/?tab=comments#comment-4706559
  11. no shouldn't be like that. I previously have one. Good thing is it's the same cartridge mount as at95 so you can get a replacement stylus just need to operate on it a bit
  12. Further information: Great modified arm. The best rb250 ,rb300 based arm in my system and I've gone through a few. For anyone who wants an easy upgrade to their planar 3 or other RB250/rb300 this is a drop in replacement sell your old arm and this will be a bargain of an upgrade. this modification including incognito rewiring, underslung counterweight and metal arm base with vta https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/181107697338 http://lpturntables.blogspot.com/2010/08/counter-weight-upgrade-for-rega.html?m=1 http://lpturntables.blogspot.com/2016/10/new-vta-adjuster
  13. That's one of the best one I've seen. Is the back plate custom made? I've also been looking for the foam wave guide keen to get one if you know where to source one?
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