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  1. I've been experimenting for more than a week now using an outboard non 100k pot and it is not that straight forward. Impedance matching is definitely a key aspects on the performance. First issue the volume pot definitely control not only attenuation of the source. It also control the gain of the preamp so having the volume wide open is a no go since will really increase noise floor. Second issue driving it with an external passive volume has problem with the volume setting I set (the original plan is to replace the pot with a single resistor in the path). Setting it lo
  2. Pretty much what I did. at one stage I have up to 15 cartridge even now I still have like 6 that I regularly uses. Just try to find some in a good used condition rather than new so the cost doesn't add quickly. The combination of compliance, tonearm/table quality and loading of you phono makes it hard to narrow how the cartridge will behave in your system compared to other.
  3. I would actually thought it would be downgrade. I'm actually keen to know how good is the G1. Where are you located? Maybe after the lockdown over we can arrange a comparison session
  4. Just an update after looking at some input switcher. I found this beauty https://m.aliexpress.com/item/4000775878742.html?spm=a2g0n.productlist.0.0.2cc4721fmZS0qI&browser_id=4111f308829a4d08b865204123174bc7&aff_trace_key=57dc5f04c20f48c29437929b3f3c0d98-1620128053716-09641-UneMJZVf&aff_platform=msite&m_page_id=eepwgfkdfracatg51799163d648f2f53cde2327a6d&gclid=&_imgsrc_=ae01.alicdn.com%2Fkf%2FHaf017272d49b4edc9ec63f960c75749bv.jpg_640x640Q90.jpg_.webp It's remote controlled input selection with a relay based 128 step resistor shunt remote volume. With the pric
  5. I've seen worse example. Albeit not in Australia. In Asia there are many countries where the business norm is no equipment demo. Customer can only hear after they purchase it and selling a device within a week is not uncommon because of that there. The other Part of the market also market of people spending $100k on a system without any research. Those people do exist. Some of them come to a shop telling the salesman their budget and ask to get delivered something that will fit their room nicely. Some doesn't even come to the shop just give a call and paid the invoice.
  6. Nice sounding McIntosh tube preamp clone actually with a tube power supply
  7. Thanks will give it a go with the volume pot in first. Might do a try first with the Alps remote on a test case I guess to see how it sounds. I just not sure if the 10k to 100k will have any sort of frequency rolloff. Doesn't have any way to confirm
  8. If my existing 10k motorised Alps pot is not a good idea. My plan is to buy a remote controlled relay switching resistor shunt volume control. With needing to add extra box size won't be an issue. This is the current case there is no room for any kind of input switching or remote board. Did a rough measurement my existing Alps remote would be tough to fit
  9. Circuit wise it's as minimal as it get just a pot on the RCA input section. It gets tricky when the case doesn't have enough space for a remote controlled pot and its power board. I guess you can get a bigger chassis but that would be more work
  10. I thought about that also but I wasn't sure with the ldr output impedance value. Secondly kinda want different flavours in my system. Using the ldr clearly great sounding. But having a tube is good experience too especially I moved from tube phono to solid state recently. This way I can have 2 preamp. But with your suggestion just put 100kohm both in RCA input leg and the ground leg?
  11. Recently got a mcintosh c22 diy circuit wit the following schematic. A nice sounding preamp but only have one input and no remote volume. I was going to straight swap a remote 100k volume pot but I found a 10k remote volume pot now I'm thinking to keep the existing pot and just max up the volume and have the remote 10k pot to feed the attenuated signal to it. is that a good idea? if it's a bad idea and I am putting a remote 100k instead I will need to make this an outboard volume (since there is no space in the case) should I put in 100k loading resistor in the input of the preamp i
  12. Love the ph10. Plus it's much less than 3k used
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