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  1. Cheap phono stage

    don't think you can go cheaper than that
  2. Dual 1237A cartridge upgrade.

    if you're already looking at 2m red have a look at om10 it's basically the same thing but half price
  3. Is there such a device for pi or is this compatible with the pi? allo doesn't seem to sell just the bridge
  4. There is no such thing as priority. Since you're using 2 integrated the signal will go through a volume pot twice there is no around it. I suggest only use the Marantz for phono and put the volume as max. And use the volume control in the tube amp. Any other connection get connected directly to the tube amp. That would be the best option
  5. Check your Marantz spec for pre out voltage and your tube amp maximum input voltage. As long as the preout doesn't overdrive the amp input you would be fine
  6. Max post preamp RCA run and alternatives?

    I suggest try to run eternal cable with the same length and approximate location on where you want to put wall cable in. It's all depend on how much interference you have in that area eg power cable . Mind you even post preamp the output voltage of most phono preamp is still low normally under 1V lower say than most output voltage of a CD player.
  7. advice about tube phono preamp

    There are 2 good value all tube mm phono preamp that I have used hagerman cornet 3 and yaqin ms12b lesbox modified. And both around $700 and under. Both are good stock but great upgraded. Cornet 3 with a linear power supply and ms12b with the lesbox modification. They are now permanent part of my phono stable
  8. SOLD: FS: vacuum record cleaning

    Just checked my order email yes it is mk3
  9. Item: vacuum record cleaning Location: Melbourne or noble Park North Price: $150 Item Condition:as new Reason for selling: upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: https://squeakycleanvinyl.com landed price around $230 because of cost of shipping. It's been rarely used I don't have that many record I've only cleaned under 50. Moving to ultrasonic cleaning so need a vacuum that suck from under the record other than over it. Vacuum cleaner not included obviously but I've been using with cheap cleaner from big W. As long as the vacuum can handle water spillage it will be fine. don't bother with other manual record cleaning (spin clean etc) this is another level for the same price. includes liquid spreader (the green one) Pictures:
  10. Finally got it 1.5 months later
  11. Is this warping typical?

    Yeah they are really good flattened all of my record. just don't loose the felt ring
  12. FS: HIFI & HEADFI assorted items

    That 3.5mm to 3.5mm is norne draug 8 strain pure OCC cable
  13. Well Tempered Lab Amadeus TT GTA

    Damn..... That is tempting
  14. Technics direct drive suggestions

    Care to share your experience with the JVC? comparison with sp10?