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  1. There's no spring in my running ones but there are springs on my spare motor
  2. Actually you can actually 3d print LP but it sounds horrible 🤣
  3. I'm having rattling noise issue when the turntable is running. I think I narrow it down to the iddler wheel. I reckon the belt is not giving enough tensions that causes this rattle. Anyone have experienced the same?
  4. Social distancing has given me time to kick-start my open frame Orpheus Silex project. Still a lot of work to do need to put some new belt and trying to sort out some rattling wheel noise. Tonearm is grace unipivot. The plan is to make this my mono turntable
  5. like the others said looks like you use too many matt. I found using this is easiest to check VTA https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Acrylic-Tonearm-VTA-Cartridge-Azimuth-Ruler-Tool-With-PU-Case-72x45x10mm-AU/333540070427?hash=item4da889941b:g:0aEAAOSwxD1eZeb1
  6. Bring it out from the bench dynavector karat 17d2 such a relaxed but really detailed cartridge. Running on sp10 mk2 with a highly modified rega rb300. Still one of the hardest cartridge I have to setup
  7. New arm also for it. A fully tricked out rb300 with incognito wiring, an underslung counterweight screw vtf adjustment and metal arm base with a really granular vta adjustment. Sadly my vtf scale ran out of battery so have to install my good cartridge some other time
  8. Vinyl wrap my sp10 MK2 not showroom quality but making it much more presentable
  9. That's the stock mat for JH Formula turntable. a TT Manufacturer that used to be base in Melbourne
  10. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Pro2-Phono-Turntable-Stereo-Audio-Line-Preamp-pre-amp-Pre-amplifier-Adapter/111691436437 This one is a surpricingly good cheap phono based on a cloned toshiba 2SC1815 JFET. Using battery seems to help it's performance rather than using cheap switch mode power supply. I've been using for more than a week now and quite pleased with it's performance. Good enough for my office listening setup. It's dead quiet when nothing playing, no hum or hiss whatsoever. https://www.mouser.com/datasheet/2/68/2sc1815-1149989.pdf https://www.mouser.com/datasheet/2/68/2sc1815-1149989.pdf
  11. You can get EAR - 834P clone and get some good tubes. I really like my haggerman cornet 3 with teddy pardo LPS those combo cost between $1100-1200 depending currency conversion and postage option, then you need to spend extra 1-200 for some nice tubes. But not sure how it compares with the Quasar
  12. a >$2k turntable with your run of the mill project debut carbon tonearm and at-3600L? Sure............
  13. We'll see how it goes then. I've oreded the vivid line stylus. I don't know how many hours is on the nude elliptical stylus I have but as long as the vivid doesn't perform worse I would be happy I guess
  14. I think people is arguing nude has less weight. But surely the weight difference is minimal
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