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  1. http://www.analogueartisan.com/A1.html get this will solve any vta issues. You will get other issues though like medical complications after selling a kidney 😂
  2. get a mac mini with m1 processor much faster even compared to last year i7 or i9
  3. Hi all doing the final size check before ordering the parts I notice 2 of the CPAs has some sort of copper shielding on them. What's this?
  4. Thanks for the comparison. Those are some nice phono youre comparing to the stellar there
  5. What is the Officeworks gum method?
  6. Unless it's for nostalgia reason I can't see why that would be good. I do use mono cartridge for mono source but all with 80s turntable and modern electronic. I always have some random old records that I don't know that I try out to see if it's a hidden gem but that's the purpose of it to find something good.
  7. 4 years ago I had a fully modified p3 with ttpsu upgraded subplatter, bearing and belt even a Delrin subplatter. It was having problem beating a clearaudio concept then I hear rp8. No contest rp8 wins. Sold the rega for parts after that cos that's worth more and went looking for rp8 until I got sidetracked with a well-tempered turntable. On the same note there is a well-tempered turntable for $1000 in the classifieds a real bargain and I personally prefer it over rp8.
  8. Same here as long as the music is good and the pressing is decent it will always be a good listen to me. Unless it's too much surface noise then I won't bother
  9. @vivianbl @qik_shift psaudio stellar looks like a great phono. Been following the development and definitely been an interesting one a fully discreet phono with good loading flexibility. It is definitely on my list to try. What other have you compared it to btw?
  10. Bargain alert. You won't find better 1k turntable. And I definitely know since I've gone through multiple 1k turntable before settling on this
  11. That look like an awesome system already. I'd put money in room treatment or maybe extra dual sub setup
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