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  1. mloutfie

    Turntable headshell

    A 3d printing company might be able to clone it if you have samples
  2. Just make sure it's a retip and not a new cantilever. Last time I chat to Joseph he only do new cantilever
  3. Now I know who to ask if mine fails
  4. Thats actually a big difference in power supply. The old supply only accept DC. Looks like he must added a new ac To DC power supply n regulator
  5. Don't think I've seen another TT with counterweight under $200 so that's a good start. I would still recommend used 70/80 starter table for under $200 over this
  6. Item: Thorens td150 turntable with rega tonearm w/ litz wire new cartridge Location: MELBOURNE/NOBLE PARK NORTH Price: $500 $450 PRICE DROP $400 Item Condition: good used condition Reason for selling: To many turntable Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Great sounding setup you definitely on the same league with turntable priced much more expensive turntable. Tonearm is Rega RB101 Cable has been rewired with litz wire and ground cable added but quite short around 30cm so extension cable might be needed depending how far you put the preamp. I put it on top of preamp so no problem. Tonearm antiskate magnet slider tends to slide so I put a small blob of blue tack to stop from sliding. Minor issue and doesn't affect performance. Speed selection know snapped so to change speed you need to take of platter and pull lever manually easy 10 second job. Has original Perspex Cover but has big cutout on it to allow previous tonearm put on it consider this as extra
  7. This is actually the spec for benz SL ace Benz Ace SL Specifications Output: .4mV Stylus: 5x120µm Impedance: 12 ohms Loading range: >100 ohms Weight: 8.8g Compliance: 15cu Tracking force: 1.6-1.9g The minimum loading for benz is actually only 100Ohm. As a good rule of thumb the phono impedance should be at least 10x the cartridge resistance. so as long you can adjust your phono loading between 100 to the maximum in your devialet phono of 460Ohm you would be fine. having greater phono loading flexibility is good for sound tuning but as is your inbuilt phono should do the job just fine
  8. For that price I'd get benz micro sl
  9. For $900 that would not be my first option but from your list I reckon the Nagaoka is the best
  10. This if you can actually get it for $400 that is cheap. where is that from BTW?
  11. mloutfie

    Help - Distortion when playing vinyl

    Based on the chain of events I would suggest checking the phono. If it happens again try unplugging the phono for a couple of minutes and try again
  12. mloutfie

    New TT Advice?

    I would definitely bet the simplex be better than the project 2experience but if you get simplex plus 2m black you need to stretch the budget to $3.5 k
  13. mloutfie

    Magic Eraser pictures

    Yes I have I used it for the worse stubborn dirt where magic eraser fails. I've ever only used it once and really gentle on dabbing the stylus.also just use a small flattened blue tac.