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  1. If you use prime you get expedited delivery. It's 1 week delivery
  2. Rega used to use a suspended rubber belt to hold the motor. I guess a double sided tape speed up production time
  3. Great work. How do you secure the new base to the tonearm? I use the Michael Lim adjustable vta base myself which is quite similar to yours. That one has a screw that hold the Pilar to the base
  4. Demo unit but this is $750 from RRP$1299 https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/collections/turntables-accessories/products/thorens-td-203-manual-turntable TD203 has unipivot tonearm and it has dc speed controlled motor. Only catch is pretty sure the cartridge it comes is a rebadged AT 3600 so will need upgrading. There are some cheaper from hifi clearance in ebay but I would prefer to stick with a well known shop
  5. @Spider27 if you don't have anyone you know next best thing is youtube video and watch loads of them. Reading I find helps but nothing beat learning it visually in regards with electronics. And always safety first.
  6. That is actually too high. 50 millivolt would be the max you should tolerate IMO. remember DC kills voice coils. Just a multimeter won't cut it to figure out where's the error. you need oscilloscope to test the signal at input gain stage first and see if that's all good then test the output stage. Secondly please don't test this through a wall socket, take the power supply out and test the circuit with current limited DC power supply. you also need to have load resistor while testing. But my suggestion find a friend who knows what their doing to teach you. I assume you're doing this as more of a learning things and doing it alone is not a good idea. this can go wrong really easy if you're just guessing what to do. I learned that the hard way.
  7. If you're getting to high voltage out of the DAC that cannot be handled by your amp input. You can fix it easily with a simple voltage divider circuit. I did this long time ago when my DAC keep overdriving my minidsp
  8. For a budget Bluetooth plus streamer plus DAC check this one out https://www.amazon.com/Preamplifier-Multiroom-Radio-Arylic-S50-Pro/dp/B083ZR4SKR it has quite an impressive features and a killer companion app
  9. This is actually a really spot on description on how the sound have changed. My 2018 board has been a wall of sound that is nicely detailed but sometimes quite busy with multiple instrument sound sharing the same place. with the 2020BT it's a really black canvas until an instrument suddenly jump out out of nowhere it is quite an experience. Combined with my new amp that makes a huge sound stage out of my NS1000m I think I'm almost ready to jump out of the upgrading rat race and be content with my setup . Saying almost since I just waiting for a replacement 2020BT+ since the first one I receive has power issue and Chris is sending in a replacement. But another big upgrade to me is the the remote control board. anyone using this preamp should get it. It is soooo good and has so many step that is good enough to slightly change attenuation between different track loudness. Even with small volume range that I can use in the pot with the many step on the remote I can really change the volume so much more precise over the standard volume pot. and because I can adjust the volume ever so slightly it is easier just to go that extra pinch of loudness where with the standard pot it would go ok to too loud too easily.
  10. this is a proper usage of magnetic levitation https://www.tiger-paw.com/tranquility
  11. This is the inside of my class D AMP. no SMPS in sight. And yes it's good enough to run my main speaker. Class A gain stage and class D output stage. And this is one channel
  12. Not all class A is good and not all class D is bad. Have to be open minded. I found as a generalisation amplifier from big brand kind of priced according to performance a $5000 class d perform in the same level with a $5000 class AB or class A with a different gear matching suitability. As a hater of class D sound for such a long time only recently I see what high quality class D can do. And I can say there is a place for a class D amp now in my system
  13. Its the easiest way manufacturer to save money and it's not visible from outside. not many manufacturer don't cheap out on crossover caps
  14. If noise is constant and the distortion is better at 1 watt I would think the thd+n at 1 watt would be better than thd+n at 50w. Again I might just miss understood what all the graphs mean or how to read it
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