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  1. I really don't believe that mod is required at all. Woo has been making the WES for almost 10 years now and I haven't read a single case of it actually causing damage to the drivers. If there was a known issue, and something as simple as changing the ballast resistors, it surely would have been fixed in the 2nd Gen.
  2. Further information: Hi all, I’m selling my STAX SR009 + Woo WES (2nd Gen) amp combo as I no longer have the time to listen and am therefore looking to downgrade. What can I say, this setup has been a dream to listen to and I’m very reluctant to let it go. It’s been extremely well treated over the years and the headphones have been kept either in their wooden box or under their dust cover when not in use. There are a few very minor cosmetic scratches on the amplifier. No marks on the headphones whatsoever, they’re in pristine condition. The pads look th
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