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  1. John Darko's review of the NAD M33 has a good section on Dirac. Worth a look if you're even remotely interested in this unit. Dirac seems to be much more powerful and capable than I had previously thought.
  2. I've been enjoying their Hefe's for a while but only recently discovered this. Pilsner Urquell has long been my favourite pils and desert island beer, but this gives it a serious run for its money. I like the 500ml bottles also, feels properly European.
  3. Not sure if it will work on the main drivers, but here is a process I've used with success before on tweeters. Take a cardboard tube just larger than the dust cap (or tweeter) - a core from a paper towel works great. Then take a piece of Glad wrap about 30cm square. Fold it into about 8 layers, then cut out a hole smaller than the cardboard tube. The wrap works like a rubber washer to create an air tight seal. Then place the wrap and tube over the dust cap, create a seal, and gently suck. The vacuum created should pop out the dust cap. I had a pair of those Missions, can't remember if they were 753 or 754, but they were brilliant. Good luck.
  4. In addition to Blu-tak, I use adhesive velcro. The Blu-tak handles the vibrations and helps prevent movement and scratching. The velcro was for when the kids were small and I was worried about them bumping speakers off the stands, but I still use this method as it really does help hold the speakers to the stands and if someone bumps them then there is a much better chance they can grab the stand and prevent the whole thing going down.
  5. Great thread. Most discussions on streamers, DACs and digital get too technical too quickly. My experience moving from a simple DAC (built into the Parasound P5 pre-amp) to a better DAC (Schiit Gungnir Multibit - which is R2R), was a revelation in terms of soundstage, depth, more organic voices and timbre. I have also moved from a PC streaming into the DAC to a dedicated streamer, a Raspberry Pi based Allo Digione Signature with linear power supply. This too made a massive difference. So I agree with all those who suggested Evil try a streamer first. Reducing glare and noise in a digital front end makes a massive difference, and I'd wager there are many on this forum with expensive amps and speakers missing out as Evil is (was). My big gripe now is that 99% of my listening is with Tidal and I'm too tight to shell out for Roon. I also don't want another PC running full time just to serve Tidal to the Pi. This means I'm paying $50/year for a "My Volumio" subscription to play Tidal. It has been bullet proof, so kudos is due there. But the interface is clunky and functionality limited. I believe there are other options on Pi flavours other than Volumio, but I just haven't been bothered messing around with it all. The other annoying part is that Volumio integrates nicely with Spotify, so you don't need to pay the subscription to use that as a streaming service and can control with the app on your phone (like I used to do with Rdio!). The alternative seems to be a commercial streamer like the Lumin or Auralic. At that level of expense the Roon lifetime subscription somehow starts to make financial sense. If Spotify would just hurry up and add a high-rez tier, that would fix everything.
  6. I think the question was focused on whether it was your dac/amp/cables in the repairer store, or theirs. If it was theirs, then there is a chance it is something further up your chain than the cables and speakers.
  7. I think many people underestimate what is possible with AVRs that aren't current models. This unit plus some decent inexpensive speakers will blow away any soundbar under $1500. You don't even need to use the HDMI, just run an optical cable from your TV. The other main use case which many gloss over is that AVRs have built-in DACs. Compared to what you'd pay for a new integrated of similar power specs, these things are bargains. This one isn't massive either, which can be a problem with some AVRs.
  8. It looks like a pretty decent DAC, so I can see why you'd want to stick with it. What other digital inputs does it have? If it accepts SPDIF into an RCA connector, then a USB to SPDIF connector might be a simple, inexpensive option if you're happy to keep using your main (new) Mac.
  9. Hi Craig, Pretty jealous of your $5k budget. If it were me, I'd spend $1k on a sub and $4k on good standmounts. I have an SBS SB-2000 sealed sub, which go for less than $1k second hand and integrates nicely with my speakers. But you could go a smaller one if space is an issue. For $4k second hand, you might get some Dynaudio C1's, which would be high on my list. The other one I'd love to try would be Lenehan ML2. There are some Dynaudio Contour 20's in the classifieds which could also be a good option. I like the Dyns as they sound good with most equipment but reward good gear as you go up the scale. Produce more bass than most standmounts, and go loud if you need. Full disclosure though, I only have the Focus 160, so haven't had the pleasure of the more expensive models.
  10. Welcome Craig. Like me, there are usually plenty of people happy to spend someone else's money! What's your budget? That Uniti Star isn't cheap, so deserves a decent partner. Also, are you after bookshelf speakers or floor standers? I personally prefer bookshelf speakers, and my room is probably double yours in volume. The main reason is that you can buy a much higher level of model for the money. You can also add a sub for more, betterer bass. Cheers, Corey
  11. I still love mine. I bought it based on all the rave reviews, including John Darko's here: https://darko.audio/2016/01/zesty-and-sweet-the-stunning-schiit-gungnir-multibit-dac/ I especially relate to the soundstage comment from that review: "The Gungnir’s talents with spaciousness echo a visit to a Planetarium. With imaging thrown wide and deep and with (seemingly) endless detail, music is drawn as a fresh new universe, ready for the listener to explore. The Schiit decoder is one of those products that’ll have you rediscovering your digital audio library anew for months, years even."
  12. Saw this on Twitter this morning. https://www.whathifi.com/advice/which-2019-lg-oled-tv-should-you-buy
  13. I have a 55" C9 and can't fault it. I don't remember specifics against the Sony now, but all the reviews I read leaned towards the LG. My wife doesn't love the wand-like pointer from the remote, but we can all navigate fairly well now. I'm not sure where you need the extra processing power of the CX over the BX, but if you're into sport and have a decent 4k feed it probably can't hurt. My father-in-law is looking at the 55 BX or CX, so if anyone finds a good reason for the CX over the BX, or the Sony over the LG, it would be helpful info.
  14. Very interesting reading here for me - I have an 11yo daughter also looking for headphones. She is hell bent on wireless though. A couple of options: 1. Sony WH-XB900n. The little brother to the all conquering WH-1000XM3. I probably would have bought a pair of the 1000's by now if I was still communiting. Instead I've hung on to my chipped V-Moda's. I had a colleague who bought the 900's on my suggestion and he loves them. Can be used wired, but also wireless and ANC. Decent styling and come in a range of colours. RRP $299 but you should find them below that before June 30. https://www.sony.com.au/electronics/headband-headphones/wh-xb900n 2. V-Moda M100. I'm onto my second pair of these. I love the sound signature - big and open, warm and a little bass heavy but still clean. Available in a wireless model, but these are wired. $239 in white, normally $389. Also available in red, and you can change the plates on the side, if you want to get artistic. https://www.storedj.com.au/v-moda-crossfade-m100-over-ear-headphones-white-silver?SearchId=8220860&SearchPos=2 I know the ATH M50 are popular, and probably not bad value at $150, but I've listened to them a couple of times and they just seem a bit lifeless with bloated bass to me. Just my $0.02.
  15. How long ago was this Christopher? I held the same view for quite a while, and when I tried ANC myself I always felt pressure on my ears, even after a minute or two. From what I've read lately, today's ANC is much better and avoids this. I can't remember where I read it, but worth doing some searching if you (or anyone) wants to learn more before excluding ANC.
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