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  1. Ridiculous value. I love mine and can't believe someone could own these for $1200!! If you're shopping, don't be put off by the low price, read some of the reviews. They sound good with most gear, but keep rewarding you as you move up the ladder. I recently added a good DAC and couldn't believe the speakers were capable of such amazing sound. Cool stands too. GLWTS.
  2. I didn't look at the length. I figure I'll just add an extension lead if need be. I don't believe it needs the Thor board. Check out the Thor site for more info - I did about 10 secs research and hit buy! I like the idea that it can fit in the wall behind my TV, which the boards won't.
  3. Just grabbed one 8 plug, one 4 plug, and one of the single Smart TV units to go in the wall behind the TV, thanks OP. Will shortly figure out why I need another one. @getdisdude Cheap way to start down the power improvement path?
  4. Even easier: Toilet roll or paper towel roll. Get a piece of Glad wrap about 30x30cm. Fold into 1/4 size. Cut circular hole just smaller than diameter of the roll. Place over pushed in tweeter (creates a seal) and suck gently. I've used this to good effect on a few old speakers.
  5. Thanks for your response Ess. From your input, it sounds like I do need a PC running as well. Would love to hear from some Pi owners using Tidal to see if that's true. One point you raised did catch my attention - the list of supported devices on the Tidal site. No mention of any Pi systems, although it does mention Squeezebox and Logitech Media Server (LMS), which I believe one or more Pi OS's support? Anyone care to share if they use this method? The Tidal site also mentions Auralic and SOtM. The SOtM instructions look fairly convoluted, and I do recall reading that Tidal via SOtM was not so convenient - so would love to hear from Auralic or SOtM owners on their Tidal set-ups and how user-friendly they are.
  6. A little guidance required. I've read great things about the Allo Digione on Raspberry Pi and was just about to pull the trigger on one, but wanted to check something first. I listen to 99% of my music via Tidal. My preferred set-up with a Pi would be to have the Pi connected to my network via Ethernet, plus connected to my DAC (via SPDIF). Then control the Pi using my iPhone or an iPad. Volumio seems to be a commonly used operating system, so I started reading up on it and found that it appears I need another PC or server in the mix. I.e. a PC would act as the server, Pi as the renderer and iPhone as controller. I'm sure I have the terminology wrong, but the real question is: Can I run the Pi as a streamer without a PC/server running also? Obviously I'm chasing the best quality, so I'm not interested in streaming via Bluetooth or similar. If anyone is running Tidal using a RPi, could you please share some (layman's terms) guidance? And, what set-up would you recommend for my desired outcome? Cheers, Corey
  7. I thought the show was great. Exhibitors happy to let the gear play some tunes, but also happy to chat if you were. Seemed pretty quiet for a Sunday though, hope there was enough traffic to keep it running in future years. For me, the Kii3 was the stand out. I’d heard they were good, but they really were in another league. Loved the Maggies too, couldn’t believe they were just the 1.7’s. I’m a sucker for a big soundstage and you could just swim in either of them.
  8. @Rantan Would love to hear what would be on your short list for a speaker in this size and price bracket?
  9. Cheap!! Such a great opportunity to get into the Parasound sound.
  10. I’ll bet Spotify and Apple Music have the ability to spin up the equivalent high-rez service within a software dev cycle or two, but in terms of ROI and customer requests it hasn’t made it to the top of their list yet. Hopefully, this will get it across the line. However, if it flops it could also kill it off for 5+ years or more. On another note, hopefully it will bring down the price of Tidal.
  11. For me it was value and flexibility. I could buy standmount speakers one or even two series higher for the same price. As someone mentioned earlier, for the same money, the smaller speaker will always be higher quality. I also run a sub which relieves the amp of lower end duties, meaning you can buy a higher end but lower powered amp. I’ve also read that floor standers can be very tricky to get positioning right for good bass. Standmounts with dsp controlled sub are pretty flexible and image fantastically. I do acknowledge that big floorstanders move more air and provide a feeling of ‘authority’ to music. On balance though, I’m very happy with the path I took and will probably stay on it, although heading towards powered speakers and more digitally controlled goodness.
  12. Love my P5/A23 combo, but would luurve one of these...
  13. The reviews are amazing for this price-point. Makes me want to get some easier to drive speakers so I can mix and match some of these great amps that don’t weigh 50kg and dim the lights. GLWTS
  14. Thanks Snoopy. Not exactly sure if I contributed, but today it started to work properly. I did wake up the pc last, so that might have been it. For the record, I mainly play music from the Tidal app on Win10 and didn’t adjust any settings there. Cheers, Corey
  15. Set-up is: Old desktop PC (Win 10) > USB via Uptone ISO Regen powered by linear power supply > Parasound P5 (USB into DAC on P5) > power amp > speakers. I was borrowing a friend's Chord 2Qute DAC(thanks Luc!) until today when I needed to give it back. To use the Chord DAC, I had installed the Chord drivers (Hugo drivers, if that matters). When I tried to revert to my old set-up (as listed above), the PC doesn't see the DAC any more. I uninstalled all the Chord drivers, but that didn't help. I rebooted the PC, tried connecting in the order recommended in the P5 manual (PC then USB then P5), but no success. I then took the Regen out of the chain and the PC sees the P5 DAC again. Put it back in, no longer visible. The frustrating part is that this exact set-up with exactly the same cables, power supplies, everything, was working before. Which makes me think that by installing and uninstalling the Chord drivers I've somehow deleted/lost an old driver. Seems extra weird that the PC still sees the DAC without the Regen, when the Regen isn't supposed to cause any problems. Any suggestions appreciated, thanks.
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