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  1. Thanks for the interest. I already had a previous enquiry via DM, so I'll put you 2nd and 3rd in line. I'd still prefer local pick-up in anyone in Melbourne is interested?
  2. Further information: Apple iPhone 6 16GB Silver. Original battery at 92% capacity. No charger, ear buds or cable. Unlocked. Would prefer pick-up, will consider mailing at buyer's expense if it doesn't move in a week or so. Photos:
  3. Looks like Volumio are already trying to make this happen. It isn't clear how much effort this is, or how high on the priority list, but actively asking Tidal for approval is a very positive sign. https://community.volumio.org/t/adding-tidal-connect/42022 Two days ago: "We are waiting for an answer from TIDAL for our request to integrate TIDAL Connect . Now we shall be patient, as everyone is struggling to cope with this pandemic and remote work might increase response times We will keep you posted"
  4. Yes, similarly with Volumio, they won't rush into it as they know they will lose many My Volumio subscribers (like me) who only pay up for the Tidal integration. On the positive side though, there are plenty of music OS's out there for RPi, so at least one of them should be motivated to work on this.
  5. Hi Pete, I like the Allo. I bought it secondhand here on SNA, it's a 3b. I was coming from an old Dell desktop with an Uptone Regen + LPS, and the Allo did seem to be a step up in terms of being more organic. Apart from an issue recently with an SD card dying (probably my fault, just pulling the plug instead of powering down properly), it has been rock solid. My only gripe is paying for My Volumio to use Tidal, along with a pretty crappy interface. Hence this thread. I'm pretty confident the audio OS makers for RPi will get there, it might just take them a little longer. As you sai
  6. +1 for Late Night Tales. I think the Trentemoller one was my first. Will try out Cinematic Orchestra. Agnes Obel is pretty great on her own - check out some of her albums.
  7. These are an amazing speaker for the money. Like most great speakers, they sound good with most gear and just keep getting better as you add higher quality electronics upstream. GLWTS
  8. I just added a comment on the Tidal Pricing thread, but I think this is pretty big news for Tidal users and deserves its own thread. https://www.stereonet.co.uk/news/tidal-connect-launches-on-bluos and https://darko.audio/2020/10/tidal-connect-who-what-why/ Essentially, it appears that Tidal have finally launched their own version of Spotify Connect, an app that any device manufacturer can add that enables you to stream Tidal to a device (e.g. streamer, AVR, TV, whatever) and use the Tidal app on your phone as the controller. This was a big gap previously, with very few devices abl
  9. Yes, you use the Tidal app as the controller. Just like I could do with Rdio (remember that one!) many years ago. Spotify has been making this easier for streamer makers for years with Spotify Connect, but adding Tidal to a streaming app has been tough for streamer makers as they essentially had to code it all themselves. That's why with Google Chromecast Built-In there is no gapless playback for Tidal (obviously in the too hard basket, even for Google). So until today, I would have avoided buying most streamers and all-in-one speakers like the Buchardt A500 as there was no gapless playback wi
  10. It's a fair observation, given the assumption "Class D is inferior to Class A or A/B" is still being held by many. I can only go by what I've read, but for me it feels like Class D is being unfairly branded as inferior due to early versions - just as early CD player reviews caused many long term views that digital audio was inferior. Being poorly implemented in AVRs probably hasn't helped its cause either. Class D seems to have caught up in terms of sounding relaxed and organic, while still retaining better overall performance specs. Again, this is what I've read, because I'm not fortunate eno
  11. Yes, have been guilty of that. Since I rely on accessing the Pi via volumio.local, when it goes missing I don't bother plugging in a monitor, I just turn it off and then on again (hat tip to The IT Crowd!).
  12. Hi Andrew, I too stream Tidal to a DAC, and it is annoying that it isn't more straightforward. The problem is that Tidal (the company) isn't as big and rich as Spotify so they don't offer the equivalent of Spotify Connect (which makes it easy to add streaming functionality for Spotify to any device). Hence, streamer builders need to come up with their own fix/workaround. Your main options as I see them: 1. Basic PC/laptop with USB out. Apart from being clunky, this is probably your worst option in terms of audio quality due to electrical noise from the PC. You can
  13. RPi 3 B+. I was a bit surprised the card stopped working, I figured they were fairly tough since they normally live in phones. Could have been a power spike, although both power sources to the Allo Digione (one regular, one clean) are plugged into a board which should protect them from such things.
  14. Thanks to all for your input and suggestions. I tried reflashing the card, but looks like it won't play along. I bought a new card, installed Volumio and once back in the Allo Digione all was good again. Had to re-sign into Tidal and choose a few settings, but all is well. I pay for My Volumio, which is about $50 per year and enables me to stream Tidal. Would be happy to choose a different flavour OS if there is an easy way to stream Tidal and didn't require a subscription.
  15. I have a Raspberry Pi based streamer, an Allo Digione Signature which I bought from SNA last year. The seller was kind enough to load up a fresh version of Volumio and it hasn't missed a beat since I plugged it in at home. Until yesterday, when I could no longer connect to it. There is power getting to it (lights on all boards), and the ethernet cable is flashing away when connected. I removed the SD card and put it in a card reader - it showed up straight away and has a bunch of volumio files, so there doesn't seem to be any issue with the card. When I connected a mo
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