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  1. I have a pair of these and they still sound amazing. Set up in a nearfield arrangement the 3D soundstage is very impressive. They're pretty rugged, so I'm sure they have years of service left. Absolute bargain at this price.
  2. Another update from Volumio. Looks like Q2 might actually be accurate. Still no word on if it will be available with the free version of Volumio, or one of their paid tiers. Good news. The TIDAL Connect integration in Volumio is completed and it works beautifully. Before releasing it, we are required to have it certified by TIDAL. So, next Monday we will send a unit to TIDAL to have it certified. We hope this last step goes quick so we can release it soon and enjoy it
  3. is that the plan? hard to argue with that John Darko suggested it may be no extra cost above Spotify Premium. I hope he's right, and they may do this as a differentiator against Apple and others. I suspect they'll charge more for it though, but hopefully it's only 25-50% more, not 100% more like Tidal.
  4. Re: Cadogan. I haven't had the pleasure before today, and I won't jump into the fray of the comments above, but to me there are two clear and complimentary business models at play here: Car broker, and YouTube audience to sell wares. Car brokers have a pretty wonderful business model. They make most of the cream that a car dealership makes, without most of their costs. They make a margin on the new car sold (yes, most make something on top of the discounted rate they source it for), a margin on your trade-in, a margin on the finance, and sometimes even charge you a fee for the pri
  5. I believe the difference in availability on streaming services (and region to region) is based on the agreements with labels. Which is why some artists come and go on different services, and what is on Spotify may not be on Tidal (and vice versa). I pay for Tidal so listen to that 99% of the time, then listen to some of the missing stuff on Spotify. This is just another reason I'd happily move to Spotify HiFi - they seem to strike better deals with the labels and have more available.
  6. It really is a versatile amp for the price, that's for sure Yep. Originally bought my P5 for the subwoofer capability. I run mine with the smaller A23 but I'm still amazed by the sound - and the A21 is another level again.
  7. https://newsroom.spotify.com/2021-02-22/five-things-to-know-about-spotify-hifi/ https://darko.audio/2021/02/spotify-to-launch-hifi-tier-in-2021/ Launching 'later in 2021 in select markets'. No details on exact timing, pricing, levels above CD quality, etc. Hopefully it is only 50% more expensive than Spotify Premium (rather than double, like Tidal), and arrives in Australia this year. For those of us battling away with Tidal or Qobuz, this is yuuuuuge news.
  8. I still like my V-Moda M100. RRP $359 but often on special and about $200 second hand. On the bassy side, but still very clear. Be sure to get the thicker sheepskin pads ($30). They sound good driven by an iPhone, and even better with a little USB DAC like a Dragonfly. I'm not a fan of the M50, I found them quite muddy and lifeless.
  9. That's really interesting stuff to learn. It's a shame that the Venn diagram of electronic music lovers and audiophiles doesn't overlap much, because it does sound amazing on a good system.
  10. Other than at audio shows, I haven't had the chance to listen to the all-in-ones - although the Kii's with BXT were best in show sound for me. I'm also watching the Buchardt story closely, as I can see a pair of those in my future. My two cents on 'punchy' bass is that is more about air movement, and not necessarily just at the lowest frequencies. I have standmounts with single 6.5" drivers, which I then supplement with a sub. I'm happy with the sound for the investment (good soundstage, speakers disappear, sub makes for a 'full' sound), but I know that single 6.5" drivers won't g
  11. Nice! The guy I bought my Audioengine A5's off in Canada 12+ years ago had big Genelec monitors on stands, plus their sub, set up in his flat. He was over the moon at the performance for the money. I still remember how great it sounded.
  12. That audiophilestyle review didn't really say much at all. Looking forward to your review @wikeeboy
  13. Great units, amazing sound quality for the price. Google the Darko review if you're interested. Pretty bomb-proof also - once they're set up (which is simple) they just keep working.
  14. Estimate is Q2, 2021. Update on the Volumio forum three days ago: volumio Good news, the first step is done. We’ve had a call with TIDAL technical team (very pleasant meeting, BTW) and we’ve been approved to have TIDAL Connect SDK. We’re now in the process of implementing it, but it won’t be quick. The implementation is quite complex and there is a certification process involved, so my best estimate would be Q2 2021
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