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  1. I was given an ODYSSEY RPX-1G tonearm by a mate,or should i say,the remains of one-armlift was missing,counter weight missing,rewired with something akin to mains cable,rusty and arm wand scratched to bits. I got in contact with John Gordon,who lives in Scotland-he designed and built them. He agreed to rebuild it for me-$700 all up,including VDH rewire. 6 weeks later,it arrived back-to say i am impressed is an understatement,the guy is a true craftsman. This one is a keeper,-one for the collection ! As the last shot shows,it is now on my table,and ready for me to fit armleads-FurutechAG12
  2. I had it mounted via the screw holes,which the photo's do not show
  3. Item: Custom built wall mount turntable shelf. Location:MELB S.E Suburbs. Price: $100 Item Condition:Excellent Reason for selling:I had this made for my LP12,which i moved on a while ago,the shelf has been in storage for a while,-tidy up underway ! Payment Method: Pickup only ! - Cash Extra Info:680mm wide x 500mm deep. Solid timber shelf Pictures:
  4. Item: ORIGIN LIVE Oynx tonearm. Location:MELB SE. Suburbs Price: $400 Firm Item Condition:Unmarked-as new. Reason for selling:NLR. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash only Extra Info:I am the second owner of this arm,i purchased it on this forum from @psychometrics in August 2018,with very light use. It comes with an SME adaptor plate,which i purchased direct from origin live. I paid $550. It has seen only light use. The arm comes with original packing,manual and receipt. Thanks for looking. Pictures:
  5. Item: LINN BASIK TONEARM Location:Melb S.E Price: Small donation to stereonet Item Condition:V.good for age Reason for selling:Spreading the lurve !! Payment Method: Pickup Extra Info:T his may be of use to someone-there is a little bit of lateral movement around the pivot point-not sure,but i think it may be an adjustment issue. Comes with circular base plate as shown-PICK UP ONLY Flippers do not apply- Pictures:
  6. Not interested in selling it to be flipped
  7. Item: LUSTRE GST-801 TONEARM Location:Melb S.E. Price: $275 Item Condition:Good. Reason for selling:NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Only Extra Info:Trimming down the collection ! Pictures:
  8. The tone arm was a MA 707-(micro) cartridges were various,but I liked and used a AT OC9 my 2 a lot sound was very pleasing-fast and detailed,but not in your face-from memory a really nice warm but tight bass
  9. Micro seiki BL91-beautiful table-wish I had not sold mine-it was in near perfect condition,went for around$2.5k as I recall,to a member on here
  10. Item: Theta dspro prime dac Location:Melb S.E Price: $275 Item Condition:V good Reason for selling:Thinning the herd ! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Only Extra Info: I bought this off another member here last year,works perfectly,i just need to move a few bits of gear on ! Pictures:
  11. Welcome to the forum @MusicLover69 has a nearly new matching svante garde power amp for sale at a good price pre/power is a killer combo
  12. Jim,I cannot believe you are moving my old sonic blocks on-such a rarity ! GLWTS mate !
  13. My current table is a clearaudio champion 2se,with a origin live arm-onyx,zyx fuji r100fx,running through a gold note phono. The stand i built myself,using solid aluminium,and perspex shelves,-very heavy! The tonearm is the most recent addition,i went for one lower down the origin range to 'test the water', i did not want to commit to a really pricey one until i had played with a cheaper one-i have made that mistake too many times !-for the record i love it, and one of their top ones is now in my sights. i have no plans to change tables-i have owned countless turntables,ranging from crap to very good - this one just sounds right Over the years,i went through long periods of being a linn fanboi,starting with a basik,then an axis,followed by 4 lp 12's in various guises with other brands in between ! My first proper t/table,when i was 17,was a dual 1229, which i kept until i dropped it during a drunken episode and smashed it to bits-ouch ! i cried a lot. My late mother introduced me to records when i was 5 years old,teaching me to handle records carefully,and operate the dansette player she gave me-thanks mum !
  14. They must do something,there are magic ,secret crystals inside-shake them and they move !
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