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  1. Jim,I cannot believe you are moving my old sonic blocks on-such a rarity ! GLWTS mate !
  2. SimonS

    Vinyl Enlightenment and Celebration

    My current table is a clearaudio champion 2se,with a origin live arm-onyx,zyx fuji r100fx,running through a gold note phono. The stand i built myself,using solid aluminium,and perspex shelves,-very heavy! The tonearm is the most recent addition,i went for one lower down the origin range to 'test the water', i did not want to commit to a really pricey one until i had played with a cheaper one-i have made that mistake too many times !-for the record i love it, and one of their top ones is now in my sights. i have no plans to change tables-i have owned countless turntables,ranging from crap to very good - this one just sounds right Over the years,i went through long periods of being a linn fanboi,starting with a basik,then an axis,followed by 4 lp 12's in various guises with other brands in between ! My first proper t/table,when i was 17,was a dual 1229, which i kept until i dropped it during a drunken episode and smashed it to bits-ouch ! i cried a lot. My late mother introduced me to records when i was 5 years old,teaching me to handle records carefully,and operate the dansette player she gave me-thanks mum !
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    They must do something,there are magic ,secret crystals inside-shake them and they move !
  4. SimonS


    sold pending pick-up
  5. SimonS


    "Sold" pending pick-up.
  6. SimonS


    Yes,interesting american spelling for sitting !!
  7. Item: A pair of original cable jackets Location:Melb SE Price: Completely free Item Condition:Unused Reason for selling:Go figure ! Payment Method: Pickup - Small donation to Stereonet. Extra Info:I was gifted these a while ago-as per the instructions,you simply wrap them around any pair of your cables,attach a wire with a crocodile clip at each end [not supplied],sit back and enjoy a massive improvement in sound-they must work ,as they have a patent pending ! As you can see,they come in a lovely lurid shade of purple,so they are visually stunning. they come with original packing,and are in as new condition-pick up only please. thank you for wasting your time reading this ad. simon Pictures:
  8. SimonS


    ITEM. Selby acoustics audio stand. LOCATION.Melb SE. -chelsea. PRICE n/a. CONDITION. As new. INFO. I bought this stand a few months ago to house a couple of spare components.i have now thinned the herd and this stand is no longer required. pick-up only-need it gone !,by order of the ball and chain.
  9. True words mendes, cheers
  10. Item: Audio note 2PSE Power amp,with external power supply Location:Melb -S.E. Price: $1700 Item Condition:Good Reason for selling:Change of direction. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, , COD Only Extra Info:I bought this amp off another member here-@psychometrics in october last year,with the intention of using it on a horn system,however,upgraditis struck ,and now this wonderful amp is now an ornament. The external power supply was developed by Clifford at Audio synergy,and cost around $2000,without the rectifier tubes,-around $1000 extra. The power supply is housed in an Audio note DAC case. The amp produces 18watts class A power. A spare set of valves is included in the sale. An audition is possible,however,you would need to bring a pair of speakers along as i now run active. Thanks for looking. Pictures:
  11. What length are these ?
  12. SimonS

    Jaffa the Great

    Yes,we can definitely assist you with spending money welcome
  13. have you considered posting your own ad ????
  14. Item: Luxman pd 277 d/drive turntable Location:MELB S.E. Price: $350 - pick up only Item Condition:Very good. Reason for selling:Deceased estate. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:Selling for a family friend,one owner,very well cared for. Lid is included,but scratched up. No cartridge. D/licence no has been engraved on top plate. Pictures:
  15. Hey mate i will take the chord i live 10 minutes from Mentone,so pick up is easy ! regards Simon