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  1. Item: VPI HW17 Location:Melb S.E. Price: $450 firm Item Condition:good-couple of marks Reason for selling:making space-de-cluttering Payment Method: Pickup - CashOnly Extra Info:I was gifted this unit from an old friend,with the intention of cleaning my substantial vinyl collection-now going to outsource that job !. I never got around to setting it up,so now for sale. It is missing the plastic drain pipe-easily sourced from VPI. I plugged it in and it makes all the right noises. No box or manual,but i see manual is downloadable off the net. A few scratches and mark's -nothing serious-see photo's Thanks for looking Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Item: Golden tube audio SE40 power amp. Location:Melb S.E. Price: $975 Item Condition:Excellant Reason for selling:Upgraded to mono -blocks Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Only Extra Info:I am the second owner of this wonderful amp-when i bought it,i had Dallas Clarke give it a full shakedown- a few new resistors and and caps replaced-8 months ago. I do not have any manuals or a box 40 watts per channel Thanks for looking. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. Ha ha !- I may try and pull something off like that yes,she does have a sister-chalk and cheese though sis- inlaw is a brunette,the wife is a blonde-just sayin
  4. We are both lucky blokes,ten years ago,the sole Li ving room was just not big enough for my audio gear and the family,so the wife said “fine,it’s all yours,just build another living room for your family-construction started after 5 weeks music room soon filled with gear,leaving me with no storage space,so the study is now also exclusively mine She has said”keep your hobby out of the bedroom “ a little bit selfish if you ask me
  5. The wife is a keeper,-been through 20+ pairs of speakers since-missus bought me a 15k pair of speakers for my 50th
  6. True story-decree absolute came through Monday wedding on the Saturday,daughter born following Friday-wedding present to my self-new speakers
  7. This one on the doorstep when I arrived home tonight Steve Cobby-hemi Demi semi quaver Steve has been around a long time,and is still producing top tunes. Check him out on bandcamp Also have a listen to heights of abraham,fila brazilia,and solid doctor-all the great mans work,with collaboration Dont ask me to describe his sound,he has produced such a wide body of work ! have a listen online-well worth the effort
  8. I now run JBL Everest clones,active although I am still a flat earther,and my naim system is still to me amazing,my Everest based system is a little bit more amazing i have kept hold of my naim in case I changed my mind,but now I am on the verge of selling it-I May we’ll regret it !!!
  9. The blown away guy was Pete Murphy from the band Bauhous-poster was taken from a brilliant t.v ad for TDK cassettes
  10. Not really being used anymore Here’s my naim system nac52/supercap 4 x nap135 1 x nap250 naxo 3/6 hi-cap p/supply naim NBL speakers (active) CDS 2/XPS p/supply -not shown-in use on my main system
  11. I always get the same initial response from first time visitors into my music room—FFS Then into my study next door,where I keep my music and audio paraphernalia,the next question is usually “what does your wife say” response ?-“nothing,that’s why I married her,and divorced the other one”
  12. Oops,thanks buddy for picking up my fail !! 500 mm wide x245 mm deep x 60 mm high
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