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  1. Item: Grace/Connoisseur Turntable with Grace 840 tonearm Location: Melbourne Price: $290 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Clearing room Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: In excellent condition. New belt and motor rubber suspension. Tone arm is worth the price alone and is in excellent condition. Will include Micro headshell and a Supex cartridge which has seen better days but is ok for older records. No Lid. Very hefty plinth. This is an excellent starter turntable and for some its all the turntable they will ever need. I can swap out the cartridge for the excellent Fidelity Research FR06se with a brand NOS stylus for an additional $180 with Reloop headshell. These are very similar to the Grace F8 in sound and at just $500 for the package will be a killer combo.
  2. Price Drop. Now $690.
  3. The tweeters as I understand were drop in equivalents from Midwest speakers in the US which are built to the same spec as the originals. They went in sometime last year as well as the new donuts for the bass woofers. The crossovers were checked but not found wanting so left as is except for whatever tweaking was required for the new tweeter. They sound amazing.
  4. Sorry no kube. Cheers
  5. Item: Kef 104/2 Vintage Speakers Location: Mulgrave Price: $800 $750 $690 Item Condition:Very Good Reason for selling:Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These were refurbished by the previous owner with new tweeters and donuts. Also re stained and present very well. They sound amazing but are just too big for where I have them. This is a regretful sale. Pick up only as they are 25kg each. Now listed on ebay at a starting price of $550. Or you beat the last minute auction madness and buy it here for $690. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/143103023591 Pictures:
  6. Dropped to $850. Excellent deal for this price.
  7. Thanks @rocky500 , its a great turntable alright. Just need space atm. I just reloaded the pics so hopefully now they are doing the turntable justice.
  8. Item: Thorens TD320 Mk2 Turntable Location: Melbourne Price: $1150 $1100 $1000 $850 Item Condition:Excellent, virtually unmarked. Lid has a few marks but presents very nicely. Reason for selling:Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This unit is in excellent condition. I have just oiled the main bearing with Thorens bearing oil and fit a new belt. It also includes an Audio Technica AT3100XE MC cartridge with plenty of life left in it. The combination with the TP90 tonearm is fantastic. The TP90 tonearm is widely regarded as one of Thorens best and on a par with the Rega RB300. It certainly sounds great with the AT Cartridge. Many believe that the TD320 is close to the TD125 in performance, I cant confirm that as I have never had a TD125 but I do know that this turntable sounds as good as my Linn LP12 with Grace 707 tonearm and marginally better than my TD160 super. It's easier to set up as well with a much easier leaf suspension system. I will include an upgraded cork/rubber mat along with the original mat as a bonus. Pick up only due to the fragility of these turntables. Pictures:
  9. Item: Technics SLP1200 CD Players Location: Melbourne Price: $300 $250 or near offer Item Condition: Not working. Both light up but not reading discs or spinning. Cosmetically they look great and the feet alone sell for $$$ on ebay as they are the same as the SL1200 Turntable ones. Reason for selling: taking up space. Can't be bothered trying to fix them Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Both power up. Unsure if lasers are ok or not as they aren't doing anything. Bought as a project to try to resurrect at least one of them but run out of time and funds. These are a bargain for the tinkerers out there as working models fetch close to $1000 each. Pictures:
  10. Final price drop before it goes to ebay