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  1. puy real sorbothane under all turntable feet and voila all your problems will dissapear.(50x50x20 millimeters thick.
  2. pink Floyd dsotm uhqr, little feat electrif lycanthrope bootleg ,pink Floyd meddle jap odeon red wax,steely dan everything must go,manolo sanlucar mundo y formas de la guitarra flamenco vol 2,supertramp crime of the century uhqr, alan parsons I robot uhqr, these vinyl originals will blow your mind at any volume preferably very loud,seriously.
  3. i use denon dl103r with graphite body and graphite headshell.this combo creates magic background silence.a chap in italy sells these at a very reasonable price.i'm 60 and i listen to mostly prog,psych rock,very very loud.graphite= very dense,stops pretty much all unwanted noise,all you hear is the stylus in the groove.
  4. denon 103r standard with graphite body and graphite headshell.works wonders
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