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  1. Big Blue

    "Austral Argo" Transcription TT

    Thanks very much for those detailed instructions kttiong! This sounds like a very good plan. Will let you know how it goes.
  2. Big Blue

    "Austral Argo" Transcription TT

    yeah the argos are tanks. The platter on them spins so freely. I do wonder if the idle wheel of the commonwealth will be inherently more quiet though. Will be fun to find out. Interesting about the slate. Shouldn't be too hard to source a big thick bit that was intended for some home application and get it waterjet cut to what I need.
  3. Big Blue

    "Austral Argo" Transcription TT

    ...and here's the pics of my Commonwealth electric that just arrived. Seems to be complete and in good condition. Just needs a clean, some lubrication of the mechanism to get that Idle wheel biased in. Idle wheel looks nice and soft and in good condition.
  4. Big Blue

    "Austral Argo" Transcription TT

    Could be quite the job. Will try to sort the byer motor out first and see where that gets me.
  5. Big Blue

    "Austral Argo" Transcription TT

    Very interesting. Yeah it's a rim drive, not idler, Rubber around the platter. Yeah the rubber is kind of hard probably harder than the sole of a shoe, definetly harder than car tyre rubber. Speed sounds ok, I'm going to get a strobe thingy to check speed properly. No means to adjust the speed. Nah reason I think the issue is mainly the motor is there is a reasonable amount of vibration comming off the motor even when not engaged. More than I think even a really soft rim could manage with. Regardless the softening of the rim is probably a good idea. There are various ways to soften rubber, I wonder if anyone has done this successfully in a rim drive?
  6. Big Blue

    "Austral Argo" Transcription TT

    Interesting. Would like to know more about the process of servicing that byer motor. e.g. what lubricant you use. Any details would be appreciated. My motors on both my Argos hummed more than I'de like. Wasn't sure if it was due to lack of lubrcation, centering of the motor spindle to ensure clearance all around, or the smoothing CAP not doing it's job. Interesting setup you have there. I can understand the appeal of Slate with such a weighty materials it would be a tough job for an vibrations to excite this thick slab and transfer through to the tonearm. Although I wonder even if there is perfect islolation of the tonearm from the motor vibrations and mechanical vibrations of the motor to platter, we must still reduce vibration to the platter as this will just get transferred into the vinyl then into the needle. I think when I experiemented with my Argos I got it to the point that there was no audible hum when the tonearm was not engaged with the vinyl (i.e tonearm isolated successfully from motor and platter). But never got it to the point where, when engaged with the vinyl, there was no hum. Interestingly the condition of the rubber rim and roundness seems to be cruical. My pair of Argos were originally A.B.C and later owned by a guy with a home studio. Several years ago he had them serviced. A man cam out to his house and painstakingly adjusted the rubber rim on the platter, stating the importance of this. As I'm sure you know any flat spots on that rubber rim would be a showstopper. i think the rims on both my Argos are pretty good. But as per my recent post I'm looking for anyone who knows how to service these things professionally. I assume you dont know anyone Kttiong? In my experiments, achieving the lightest contact of the motor spindle with the rubber rim that still maintained the speed of the record was the the key in reducing hum. Glad to find a like minded person passionate about the "Big boys" of vinyl. Will takes some pics of the Commonwealth when it arrives.
  7. Big Blue

    "Austral Argo" Transcription TT

    Yeah cool. I had similar hum issues with my Argo. Mine has a thick foam gasket about 1cm thick between the Turntable and the Plinth. That I think helped a bit. How thick is the slate you are using? Also did you do anything to lubricate your byer motor and centre it properly? And i assume you have a smoothing capacitor of some sort external to the motor like the one in my pics above? I decided the best course of action was to try to smooth the motor out a bit and try to improve the capacitor situation. Here's a bit of inspiration for your Slate plinth project: Oswald's Mill. https://oswaldsmillaudio.com/others Yeah cool I had planned on getting a 3012 Cheers.
  8. Big Blue

    "Austral Argo" Transcription TT

    Kittiong by the way...a 16 inch Byer with serial number 1? Wow congratulations that is pretty cool.
  9. Big Blue

    "Austral Argo" Transcription TT

    Hi Kittiong that's a beautiful turntable. I like how you've done the plinth and the nice clean perspex cover. What tonearm are you using? Yeah I did have one the the Argo's working just in a quick and dirty MDF plinth. But the arm I have ( an audiotechnica broadcast one) isn't quite long enough. So the two Argo's are basically the same, one just does 45s and 33s, while the other does 45s 33s and 78s. The third one I just got is a 16" commonwealth electirc. So gonna be interesting to see the difference.
  10. Keep those recommendations comming please. Just spoke to Peter (Goldenageaudio) and he's currently not able to this one on. Cheers.
  11. Cheers guys, I'll have a chat with him and see what's up. if anyone else has any recommendations I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
  12. ...Oh and also anyone that can make plinths too please. Thanks.
  13. Hi All, I'm just after some recommendations for someone who can repair some 16" transcription Turntables I have. One is a Commonwealth electric which I guess is from the 40's or 50's, and the other two are rim driven "Austral Argo" Turntables from the 1940's. All 16" ex broadcast stuff. Preferably in Sydney. Thanks.
  14. Big Blue

    Landmark Lmt-b monitors

    Awesome! good to hear you have a pair. They really are very nice sounding speakers.
  15. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has had experience with these Tube power amps? I have the opportunity to chase one down, which is in unknown working condition. The internet tells me they sound nice but are a bugger to repair. There does appear to be some dark burn like patches underneath the large tube on the pcb, not sure if you can see that in the last pic. should I take a punt?