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  1. i got to be honest. the AK120 is disappointing. i used it for one day and got it of it immediately. narrow soundstage like the AK100. crisp sound is the only good thing i hear. other than that. i feel its not worth the money to buy that. FYI i have cowon J3 and i feel its better than ak120...u can say my ears have some problems but no. im concerned about soundstage. =) im using the highest bit files from HDtracks and using a few iems to test it. IEMs - Dream Earz 8x, Rhapsodio RDB v1 Rhapsodio RDB 2v1 Rhapsodio R2L Players i own and definitely wins over the AK120 IMO - Little Dot DAP, Cowon J3, Colorfly C4
  2. i have alot of cables for IEM for sale if anyone is interested. =)
  3. if you use stock cable its fine. when i change the cable to silver. the highs are superbly sharp and the mids are too forward, as if its singing in your face, and this makes the details of the song unheard. i have changed between copper and silver cables (mainly whiplash) and i hate the fact that the highs are so sharp and not very bright sound. an advice i felt is - just stick to stock cable and u will be fine. just my honest opinion
  4. i have sold the JH16s. IMHO i think JH16 is a bad CIEM. i could get the same sound with merlin. i like the SR 71b. i have not tried A or the normal one but as i know its not much a difference. I am holding miracle now and will be bringing translucent 1plus2 very soon. but sadly im located in SA. haha haha!!!! i understand the feel. C4 is smooth and nice feeling. i have tried DX100 and i found it terrible. the player heats up crazily. batt life is worst than the C4 and it lags like crazy when u almost hit full capacity of the DX100. sound wise the DX100 keeps changing which irritates me and its thicker than the C4. overall i feel C4 as a very gd DAP. i have just ordered a Hisound Studio 3rd anniversary to try out as i felt it sounds gd and its small and portable i havent had a chance to try AK100 yet but am very keen to try
  5. haha! yea! spent alot on these. i am now with my UM Miracles http://www.head-fi.org/u/181395/chesterljh my profile =)
  6. Hi! I realise there is a lack of threads on portable audio and IEMs so i was thinking to start this up! i am a custom user myself and i have tried many IEMs so far. IEM UM Miracle Shure 535 RED UE TF10 UM Miracle(universal version) JH16 UM Zeus(10 drivers) UM Poseidon(6 drivers) UM3x RC UM3x RC BLUE UM3x UM2 UM1 DBA-02 Shure 420 UM Zeus (10 drivers) Heir Audio 3.Ai SE530x6 Westone 3 x 6 Headphones Seinnheiser HD650 Amp Used AMP-HP ALO RX PINK Ibasso D4 RSA SR-71B Source Used Colorfly C4 32GB Ipod Classic 120GB Cowon X7 x 2 Coby player RWA Imod 5.5 DX100 AK100 Cowon Z2 Cables used ALL WHIPLASH CABLES ALL TOXIC CABLES ALL PLUSSOUND CABLES Crystal Picolino These are what i owned before Hope that there would be more life in here!!! Cheers!!!
  7. Hi, I have a few cables which need some resoldering or fitting new pins. Do let me know at 0408799433 thanks Chester
  8. hi there! i am chester, i am from Singapore and am in Adelaide for my studies. I am into in ear monitors. I am currently using a rig of Colorfly C4 > Crystal Picolino > UM Miracle I am experienced in IEMs and cables to it. I have been in audio for quite awhile. My reputation can be seen here: http://www.head-fi.org/u/181395/chesterljh Chester
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