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  1. Item: Yamaha CD-S2100 CD PLAYER, Silver Price Range: 1000-1500 Item Condition: Used Extra Info:
  2. Delighted to know there is a relatively 'inexpensive' ultrasonic cleaner. I coughed up the money for an Audiodesk several years ago and have been more than happy with it having cleaned over 1,000 records to date. One of the essential elements to effective cleaning is the enzyme additive that Audiodesk sells for around $20 which is good for 100-200 records. A cheaper alternative (and just as good) is available for around USD20 with a couple of drops going a long way. It can be purchased from http://www.ttvjaudio.com/TTVJAudio_Vinyl_Zyme_Record_Cleaner_8_oz_Regular_S_p/aat0001113.htm Also, I now use "Refresh' brand pure water from Woolworths, 5 litres for $4
  3. I too have been using the Refresh Pure Water in my Ultrasonic cleaner with no discernible difference between it and distilled.
  4. Absolutely. I know first hand the benefits of ultrasonic cleaning. I have put through almost 1000 records through an Audio Desk unit and every one has benefited from a clean - especially some brand new records.
  5. Thanks Gentlemen fpr your feedback. The consensus is that both the 60's and 100's are great speakers and each would be a big upgrade to the Jamo towers I have now. I'll need to give them a serious listen back to back and make a call. Still have an 18 year old son living at home so weight of the 100's should never be an issue :-)
  6. I was recommended a repairer named Eugene who worked out of his garage in (or around) St Mary's a few years back on this forum. Used him for a bunch of repars and was very happy with his work. For the life of me I cannot find his contact details so was hoping someone can help me please. Thanks, Abe
  7. Good to know that you are enjoying your new 60's I am considering buying a pair from Steve at Eastwood Hi Fi. I've been a customer since I went to high school at Marist Collage Eastwood in the 80's and he has always looked after me. At the risk of getting upgrade-itis, can I ask if you considered the 100's at all? If so, where there any noticible improvements in teh 100's over the 60's that are worth the additional grand? Would welcome our thoughts?
  8. http://www.musicdirect.com/p-7046-furutech-demag-lp-demagnetizer.aspx?source=igodigital& DeMAG LP DEMAGNETIZE @ $2,750Seriously????
  9. I'm in West Pennant Hills area and happy to clean them for you using the Audio Desk. Work in North Ryde if that is an easier location for you to drop the records of to.
  10. I have used this service several times. http://therecordstore.com.au/de-warp-vinyl/
  11. The Sound And The Story, A 1956 Short Film That Explains How a Vinyl Record is Created http://laughingsquid.com/the-sound-and-the-story-a-1956-short-film-that-explains-how-a-vinyl-record-is-created/ "The end object is an illusion" ... Enjoy!
  12. I have had half a dozen over the years and currently run a 1200 MK3 with an Ortofon Blue - very happy with it.
  13. Looks like a thread is running for every other make and model and I am curious as to why the 1200 does not have such a devoted following on this forum?
  14. I have a Denon TT with the OEM 103 cart which was sold with a 'Step Up' transformer. This works exceptionally well with my integrated amp. However, I use the TT now with an old Proton AMP/PREAMP combo that has a brilliant MC phono stage. Alternatively, you may want to consider a different Cartridge as others have suggested.
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