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  1. I’m in Sydney. While tennis has definitely declined since I was young, there is a thriving tennis centre at Surry Hills called City Community Tennis. If you’re in Sydney drop in for social tennis.
  2. I have never watched the show but have read plenty of the books. Bosch is a fan of vinyl and John Coltrane amongst other artists. They don’t mention any McIntosh in the books.
  3. Here is what the brochure says about SE models
  4. They look like the 7.5. They could be the special edition because the special edition looks the same.
  5. All I know is that whoever brought them in will be up Schiit Creek when the AFP catches up with them 😬
  6. Great looking speakers. I’m sure they sound great too.
  7. I’m a fan. My chromecast audio works well streaming Spotify. Sad to see such a cheap product being discontinued. There are plenty of more expensive alternatives for non fans.
  8. Unfortunately bad things happen to us and it sounds to me like you are making the right decision. Better to accept it and move on and find enjoyment in other pursuits. I am sure others will benefit from whatever gear you are going to sell
  9. Hooked, Are you using Spotify premium or the free version?
  10. I agree with Thomo. I’d say $300 for the ats 5’s would be a reasonable price.
  11. I have the ATS-5. I have made a few changes as recommended on this forum. They are certainly a bargain for what you get. I like them for rock/ metal music in particular. I find the bass to be a bit too much to live with on a day to day basis so I use them occasionally rather than as my main speakers
  12. I was/am a massive fan of Chris Cornell. I hadn't heard the news and just googled after I read your post. In my opinion one of the greatest vocalists of all time.
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