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  1. So nice... I owned a 73 strat for 20 years or so. Now back with the mate of mine I originally bought it from. Bet this sounds and plays amazing. GLWTS.
  2. Further information: I'm selling my Rel S/5 subwoofer, as I've recently upgraded from stand-mount speakers (Wilson Audio Duette) to floorstanders. My new speakers go pretty low, and In my small-ish listening room, I just don't need it. It blended superbly with the Duettes, and added weight and texture to the bass. It's a little under 3 years old, and I've owned it since new. RRP was $4000. It's in excellent condition - upon careful inspection, I can't see any marks or scratches. Happy to take more photos, although it's very shiny and hard (for me) to photograph well.
  3. I run a Gryphon Diablo 300 integrated with Wilson speakers. Very happy with this combo.
  4. Mitch runs this company: https://accuratesound.ca This is the article that got me interested: https://audiophilestyle.com/ca/bits-and-bytes/a-new-listening-room-part-two-acoustics-speakers-dsp-r863/page/2/
  5. Hi all, thanks for the interest and positive comments. The amp is sold now.
  6. Further information: I've owned this amp since new, driving a pair of B&W PM1s. It's in excellent condition - it works perfectly and I can't see any scratches on it (although it's 7 years old, so if you stare at the shiny finish for long enough you'll probably find some). I've got the original remote, but threw out the box a few years ago. So local pickup only please. Here is a review: https://www.stereophile.com/content/peachtree-audio-nova125-integrated-amplifier Photos:
  7. I’ve taken countless measurements with REW over the years and used these to fine tune the position of my speakers and the integration of my sub. I’ve also treated my room using vicoustic bass traps. All this helped and agree with the point that eq comes last. I have used Dirac on and off. It always took too much away from the sound for me though. I tried tweaking the curve and only correcting low frequencies, but always ended up preferring the sound without it. The filters Mitch developed (which run in Roon) are much better than I could manage with Dirac. I feel like I’m
  8. I recently worked with Mitch from accuratesound to develop some filters for my setup. I’ve tried myself a number of times but have never been totally happy with the results. I’m thrilled with what Mitch did and have never been happier with the sound of my system.
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