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  1. The Butterfly Effect - Final Conversation
  2. Feersum Ennjin - Fishing Grounds (Feersum Ennjin is a project by former Tool bass player Paul D'Amour)
  3. Item: SOtM dCBL-U2-Cp UPOCC Copper USB Cable 1M Location: Adelaide Price: $285 Including Postage ($600 Retail) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Curious Cable Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Gift or +3%, EFT Extra Info: 1 Metre Length, Standard USB A-B Photos:
  4. ROFL 🤣 "Taylor Swift Fans Are Freaking Out About This New Band Called “Tool” A few days ago, to the surprise of absolutely no one, Taylor Swift’s new album Lover landed at #1 on the Billboard album charts. It was Swift’s sixth #1 record, recording the biggest sales week of any album since her last album reputation was released back in 2017. It was generally expected that she’d hold onto the #1 position for at least another week or two, but now she’s fighting a battle with an enemy most of her fans have never even heard of: Tool. Tool’s Fear Inoculum is currently raking in big, big numbers in its first week, and it’s predicted to land album sales of up to 300,000 in the US (according to Forbes) which would put it comfortably in the #1 position ahead of Lover, which is expecting sales of 260,000 in its second week. Fear Inoculum is already ahead of Lover on the iTunes album charts in Australia and the US, Sorry teeny boppers but swift ain't got s**t on TOOL
  5. http://www.avalonacoustics.com/models_indra.html 😀
  6. The other 3 tracks are quite short in length ~ 2- 3mins each Litanie contre la Peur Legion Inoculant Mockingbeat
  7. Invincible... My fav track so far followed closely by Pneuma
  8. Website says they also have router for recessing and V-Grooving aluminium composite http://www.cnccuttingservices.com.au/router
  9. @Batty What about CNC Cutting Services in Pooraka ? http://www.cnccuttingservices.com.au/
  10. Seems the MICHI Series Are Coming Back.... No Specific info yet, just some teaser pics and approximate $US Pricing P5 Preamp - $4000 S5 Stereo Power Amp - $6500 M8 Monoblocks - $13,000/pr
  11. Saliva - Weight Of The World
  12. Don't give up hope just yet... The band have revealed that as well working on their forthcoming album they’re also gearing up to re-release all of their previous albums on vinyl. The albums won’t just be reissued though, but all four records are set for a complete remaster as well. "We are already in the process of remastering all of our albums for release on vinyl in the near future.” Whether “the near future” means that these releases will simply be a way of placating Tool fans until the new record is ready, or whether this will come later, is definitely up for debate. Tool also uploaded new visuals to their website in May, so all this could hopefully see the records released before the year is out. I guess, we'll have to wait and see...
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