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  1. GLENFARCLAS PRICE RISE. It seems that the suppliers of GLENFARCLAS in Aus., Angove, have increased their prices for most of their GF range. Nick's have already increased their RRP. At present DM are still selling at the old prices. Some comparisons. Glenfarclas. Nick's DM 21 YO $175 $140 25 YO $225 $142.90 30 YO $499 $330 15 YO $110 $103 105 $135 $115 We like the 15 YO, 21 YO and the 25. At $142.90 the 25 is a bargain….a refined mature dram. Not a sherry bomb but has a subtle and wide range of flavours with excellent and long aftertaste. Picked up a bottle of the 25 yesterday, tasted again last night and will purchase a few more soon, as our local DM store has a good supply. Hope this helps all GF lovers. John and Christina.
  2. Peacewise, That's the one….I owe you. Thanks John.
  3. Thanks Peacewise…I don't know how to do video/picture postings…..the video of her cycling around L.A. singing her song "Odile" is my fav. John.
  4. Bit of a surprise….didn't expect my stepdaughter on this forum…..she's the blonde girl in the Nouvelle Vague video of Master & Servant at post #44. Still part of that group and does solo as well…..if your interested google her…her show name is NADEAH. Many of her male fans want to marry her. I think her mother is beautiful too. John.
  5. THANKS TO ALL FOR THIS TOPIC. At 69 years I have found sherry influenced whisky. After reading the many pages of this topic and research via the net, early March this year I purchased a bottle of ABERLOUR A'BUNADH Batch 45…..the extensive flavour and after taste was orgasmic. Rushed out to purchase last 3 of that batch from local DMs. Currently have open….GLENDRONACH Parliament 21 YO…..have to say at $60 cheaper the REVIVAL 15 YO is better…seems sweeter and more balanced. THE LARK Sherry Cask. 58%…..love it…difficult to find. GLENFARCLAS 105….OK a bit rough ….at $10 extra the ABERLOUR A'BUNADH wins..smoother and more balanced. ABERLOUR 18 YO..great…Nicks had sold out….purchased last two from Oak Barrel. GLENGOYNE 17 YO…about same price Aberlour 18….nice but seems to lack impact…intend to buy the 21 YO soon. Waiting to be tasted GLENMORANGIE SIGNET, MACALLAN 12YO Sherry cask,GLENFARCLAS 175 and BALVENIE Single Barrel 12 YO. I'm limited to one 30ml dram a night, after 2 glasses of pinot with evening meal….Christina helps out with a wee dram to keep me company. I have also found…..importance of tasting glass..prefer Glencairn. it's difficult for me to describe the range smells, flavours, aftertaste that I find in reviews/tasting notes. I usually add still water. 5 mls for cask strength…a few drops for 40/43% usually wait 15-20 mins before initial tasting….nose develops during that time and seems to open up the range of flavours. My buying range seems to within $100-$200…given our limited drinking rate bottles last quite a while. Flavours change as you move down a bottle….often initial tasting not too impressive…come back a week or so and things seem to come together. Online shopping is easy and and reliable…have used DM, Nicks, SMWhisky and Oak Barrel…usually arrive within 2 days. Thanks to Dante at Nicks…he has guided me through many purchases. And again thanks to all who contribute to this topic. John and Christina.
  6. Kietha, I currently use MF Nu-Vista Pre with 4x 6CW4 Nuvista triode valves and the MF Nu- Vista 300 power amp...the image on Len Wallis' site suggests the Nu Vistas are mono blocks...slight correction...one of the blocks is actually a PSU unit , that supplies the amp block. The Nu-Vista Pre also has it own and separate PSU supply. Like others above this combination sounds very strong having the ability to deliver 80 amps and 300 watts per channel into 8 Ohms , but with the sweetness associated with Triodes. New when purchased around 1999-2000, the Pre cost $3500 and the power combination around the $10,000 range so Len Wallis' price is reasonable. I live at Bayside Melb. and would gladly welcome you to come around for a demo. The Nu-Vista combination are quite rare as only 500 were made...maybe 5 made it to Aus. and they soon sold out in England. Regards John.
  7. Migasson, With an image like that beside your I could not find you cheeky. PM sent. Regards John.
  8. Thankyou Soundfan for your advice. I will check that the Full Music 6SN7 tubes ordered are the "gold pin version". Once again thanks....am impressed at the wealth of knowledge at SNA. John.
  9. Thanks for your responses LT and Bronal. Have ordered through Brian @ Decibel, the Icon rep. QLD, Full Music 274B/N and 3x Full Music 6SN7s Regards John.
  10. Hi, I recently purchased an Icon Audio LA 4 MK III pure valve line pre-amp. The valves include 3x 6SN7 double triode and a valve rectifier, 274B. The 6SN7 are branded Tung Sol 6SN7GTB. The 274B are branded Shu Guang. I've have also ordered from A2A a Woo Audio WA22 with upgraded valves, one of which is a Sophia Electric 274B Princess Mesh Plate Rectifier costing $199.00. If I upgraded [?] the Icon pre with a Sophia Electric would this be better than the Shu Guang? Or is it a matter of try and find out. I'm very much a novice re tube gear. Also, put simply...what is a valve rectifier? Thanks, John.
  11. I recently purchased an Icon Audio CDX1 that uses Full Music 6SN7 tubes as player for Icon Audio Stereo 60 KK III M and also for a Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista pre and amp. Previous player was a Copland. Icon player is relaxed on the ears, open and not "coloured" as some people expect from valve gear. HI-FI World and HI-FI Choice both rate this player very highly. Hope this helps. John. P.S. Brian from Decibel Hi Fi is a true gentleman....as shipping of my CD from Icon Audio England was delayed he sent down his demo model that I used for about 4 weeks before mine arrived....and I had not even paid a deposit.
  12. 1. Pat Metheny/Charlie Haden Beyond the Missouri Ski. An outstanding SOTA disc. 2. Sally Whitwell Mad Rush:Solo piano music of Philip Glass. Sally plays a Stuart & Sons piano, designed and handcrafted in Aus. [ABC Classics] 3. Ry Cooder Paris,Texas. Fav. for decades. 4. Debussy Images I/II Michelangeli, piano [DG] 5. Keith Jarrett The Koln Concert. Still own original ECM double LP. Great topic.
  13. I purchased the Genesis interconnects recently [thanks Gemini07] at a very reasonable price. They match up with the PAD Musaeus speaker cables I purchased from Peter Griffin of Grooveworks a few months ago. Peter is a great guy to deal with...have purchased Icon Audio amps/phono stage/cd player from him as well. Agree with comments above regarding PAD cables.
  14. + 1 for Pat Metheny, especially his album with Charlie Haden on Bass...my fav. for years and an excellent disc to test equipment. On good gear you an hear the closely miked finger movements of both artists as the strings vibrate and the drum brushes moving before striking. The disc...Beyond the Missouri Sky, Verve. Thanks for the topic, John.
  15. HI migasson, Where did you buy your Moon Audio Black Dragon Dual 3 pin XLR's for your LCD-2? Am I right in assuming direct from Moon Audio? If so, how was the service and the type of shipping you selected? Thanks in advance, regards John.
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