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  1. I'm thinking the same. Tweaks can cause other issues. Also being out of pocket for that much, and the amount of time with nothing to show for it is not appealing to me.
  2. I think your right @Bengineer, they would need to tweak it though which they get somewhat right. It'll probably all black with superdupont mod installed and different pads. I'd have to borrow Ben's pair and see what his sound like on my gear first but I would be interested.
  3. Please post your comparisons, would be interesting to read your thoughts. Just remember to run them in first. All Focals can be quiet "edgy" to start with.
  4. Put that Mojo on bypass and use with the Darkvoice or Bottlehead crack. Personally I would get the Bottlehead crack. I think this is great value for money with the RIGHT tubes. Will set you up well for future headphone changes too. Just be aware the right tubes is where the money is at but the good thing with either of these amps is they only use 2 tubes. I bought the best tubes I could get my hands on so I didn't use any money on tube rolling. I try to only use the tube amp at the weekends but it sounds great with everything. When watching a movie or program on the PC, where the sounds come f
  5. Tried to PM you, inbox must be full. I'm interested to buy and pick up.
  6. Personally, if you were likely to get the Jot2 amp I would get the Bifrost 2. Great dac by all accounts and they will match in looks as well. To me that's important. I was looking at these 2 dacs myself but up with a Chord Qutest after liking the Mojo. The Gieseler Kompact is also great for the money and @BlueOceanBoy rated this dac highly and I would agree with his thoughts. FYI I have not demo'd either of the 2 dacs you mention.
  7. Wow nice. I was about to get those before getting a good deal on the rca red base's I managed to get.
  8. @Odyssey after not using my tube amp over the past few weeks I have to agree, nothing competes to the right tube setup.
  9. I needed a pair of closed backs as my girl gets sick of the bleed from open backs. +1 for the Focal Elegias, I got a pair on sale. Love em. Pair real well with a Mojo.
  10. I picked up the Elegias with the recent sales. After run in wow, they are good. Would love the hear these.
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