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  1. Wow, now that's the sub to pair them with, go hard or go home alright
  2. Me too, enough room for you and your girl, time to lock out everyone else.
  3. Wow, won't take up much real estate either?
  4. They are big but totally worth it. I had the Northridge range prior to what I have now, sometimes you just can't beat size. Great dynamics and punch. For this price it's a great starter package. GLWTS.
  5. Hi Mate Welcome to the rabbit hole mate, whats your interest? Hifi, headfi?
  6. This is quite good if you like old school blues
  7. Somehow exceptional doesn't seem good enough to describe how good it sounds.
  8. I have got to get round to your place mate. I have just read my girl's rooster and have a day. BTW I'm listening to Joe Cocker, "Fire it up, LIVE". I have got to say, 3 glasses of Drambui and this spectacular tube amp a good friend of mine lent me is really getting me moving. My cat is sitting on top of my PC looking purr'plexed, get it? PURR'plexed? 😉
  9. Interesting set up. How do you find the amp with the 800s? I have the amp and dac combo and use with 660s.
  10. Also another live one for you; "The Delta Meets Detroit: Aretha's Blues" by Aretha Franklin
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