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  1. Hmmm, I'll have to check mine. I haven't updated in years and fairly sure that's the model I have. Only keep it to play CD's, sounds great, GLWTS
  2. Tarzan

    Off The Rails Cinema

    WOW! Looks great, thanks for sharing.
  3. Tarzan

    New Brisbane member

    Hey, glad you joined up 👍
  4. Doubt you'll see them in PC monitors due to the burn in issues. Great TV's though, I love mine.
  5. I think I may give the JRiver a look.
  6. Yeah i'm surprised too, I have one in a 7m x 6m open plan living/kitchen room with open space into another room and this thing is amazing. I was just thinking the other night how the hell would you need two, I have plenty of room but how could you need more?
  7. Tarzan

    FS: Tekton Design M-Lore Speakers

    WOW! Wish i had the room for a hifi system. I wanted these in a vinyl set up. Man this is a good buy, good luck with the sale.
  8. Looks great, can't wait to see the updates
  9. I've had the thought of a vinyl system with a dark voice and headphones for a while now. If only I had the room for it, and the cash of course.
  10. I've got a pair ordered as well, you see the darkvoice is up again as well?
  11. Tarzan

    SOLD: FS: Cables gathering dust

    I have the same QED cables, very nice
  12. I wish you lived closer so I could check it out
  13. Wow, are your EL-8's closed or open? Are you using a DAC and if so which?
  14. Wow nice, what are you using as an amp?