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  1. I thought they were better than the 650's. Seemed more dynamic and more punch. I liked mine, but the Focal elex from massdrop had more bass and bigger sound stage.
  2. SMSL SU8 and Woo Audio WA22. But I ran my 660s with a SMSL SH8 for a while, I found it very good.
  3. I sold my pair of 660s after hearing the Focal Utopias. I could't afford the Utopias and bought the Focal Elex instead. These are far superior than the 660s but so is the price. My set up was balanced and it did open up the sound stage on the 660s
  4. Very different imo. I had both, I think it depends on your dac and amp set up. I preferred the 660s.
  5. No I haven't heard the Clears, just the Utopias, and the Utopias were the only Focal headphone I had heard before the Elex. I think the reviews online and on Youtube are accurate. The more they run in the better they sound, they can shout a little at the start but after running in they seem better, but I shouldn't be listening at those levels anyway. I think a high impedance output amp helps with the bass but it doesn't really need it. Sound stage is good. I did pick up a used pair that was only a week old. The cables are very nice but stiff as hell and can be annoying. One thing for sure, the Elex and Utopias pair very well with a Woo Audio tube amp. A friend tried his Utopias on my WA22, he bought one the following week.
  6. I just got a pair of Focal Elex, they are comparable to the Utopias and the HD650's somewhat. I came across them by accident when looking at Utopia reviews after listening to Benjet's former pair and am very happy with them. They are running in, sound better and better. I think they are a very cost effective purchase compared to the Utopias and cheaper again against the Clears, not to mention better looking.
  7. Nice, looks like it lights up more than the standard tube. I have a WA22, love the Woo Audio gear. What are you upgrading your headphones to? The Focal range seems to pair well.
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