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  1. Great idea for a thread, will generate some good discussion I think. I could not agree more with the Focal Elegia's. A few on the forums suggested them and I'm glad I got them. Only use at work or late night but very good.
  2. I had @Bill125812 make me a pair of his hybrid solid RCA to XLR cable. This went from a Chord Qutest DAC to WA22. Prior I was using a high end rca to rca. There was an immediate sound stage improvement and after run in I'm super happy.
  3. Welcome mate, these threads may give you some good ideas, personally I love my pair of Focal Elex but some don't like the highs. AMF headphones are great too. @Indie Hi-Fi could give you some great advice on this. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/27487-post-pictures-of-your-headphone-setup/ https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/284470-general-headphone-chat/
  4. I've never really been a believer in MQA or software in general but more the DAC. Hell I used wav files till I started a sub with Tidal and more for their library and user interface than anything else. I was using Amazon but the interface is such super PITA that I switched back to Tidal, that and a few months free.... As for Goldensound,, wants to be too much like Zeos who I'm also not a big fan of. Seriously take the cam of ya head mate. TBH Passion for sound is my go to for info. And probably more so @BlueOceanBoy but he don't make vids at present.
  5. I can't hear anything from mine? Had mine for years
  6. @M.R I would pass the knowledge based questions to @BlueOceanBoy TBH. He has much more experience and great in flight etiquette. Mind you If I was to roll again with gear this would likely be my set up: https://indiehifi.com.au/collections/tube-headphone-amps/products/euforia-otl-tube-headphone-amp https://indiehifi.com.au/collections/dacs/products/qutest Focal Utopias
  7. Don't worry, my wallet took off a few months ago now. Haven't sent it since. Probably seeing the same therapist as @BlueOceanBoy's wallet by now. I wasn't certain of tubes either, but my wonderful fiance bought me a tube amp as a gift. Then instead of rolling tubes and burning money I just bought what everyone thought were the best. Easy really, not cheap, but easy. IMO solid state can't get the tonal richness or real decay that tubes can. But of course depends on what you listen to and what your experience is. If you've been a bit of a "muso" you'll know how things are
  8. Keep the headphones and buy some tubes mate, you'll never look back... @Indie Hi-Fi can hook you up with some great tube amps. I'm sitting here "working from home" Listening to John Lee Hooker on a simple pair of Focal Elex headphones, but man the tubes can make em sing.
  9. Nice, those ZMF's will pair well with the Bottlehead. You don't want to make the stretch to the Bifrost Multibit? It would stack nicely with the Asgard 3 and would be a good SS amp to back up the Bottlehead. It may give you better value in the long term as well. Or a Qutest if your not needing the balanced connections and can make the stretch.
  10. I wish my desktop looked like that. My girl would stop annoying me about filing all the paperwork on it. What DAC are you using mate?
  11. Thats a nice rack ? That pic don't do the Rimu justice. A shame it wouldn't match any of my stuff. GLWTS
  12. makes sense to me at least they have looked at it
  13. The cables are ****, do not expect them to last. They fail at the headphone connections. My set was one of the first batch. I think these were the best built.
  14. Welcome to the forums. I'm in Brisbane too. I used the SU8 for quite some time, a good unit. I like the Elex, great with tubes.
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