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  1. @Ewok209 thanks for taking the time to take photos. We here in Brisbane don't get to see that kind of range.
  2. I'll check this out tonight. I'm getting a chance to listen to more music now.
  3. The Doobie Brothers, Live at Wolf Trap. Its a very good recording.
  4. I salute your quest for individual sonic reception. Your one resourceful mofo.
  5. That's one hell of a pedal rack you got there 👍
  6. Prince, One nite alone... The after show. Live.
  7. On Tidal Masters, BB King Live from Cook County Jail 1970.
  8. MMMMM HEKV2, yummy. You think the SE model was a bigger development than from the V1's to the V2's?
  9. I tend to agree mate, I think it's the same with amps, one SS for critical and a tube for "magic".
  10. I had the same problem with the foxtel stream, I'm thinking everyone was on it, had to buffer lots of times and I'm on a fast nbn service.
  11. Audio pro speakers are great, I used to have a sub from their range years ago. They had active subs in a pair of their floor standers that I wanted but couldn't stretch that far.
  12. Well after stating all was good with mine I'm getting buffer issues. This is after I have just moved to an NBN area with 46mbs down and 17mbs up. 😑
  13. I remember the first time I helped move one, man I was surprised how heavy it was!
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